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  1. Update - The Owl Druid has passed on to the Eternal Forest - Accompanying her was Lamb Druid, Marie - And Gecko Druid Midnus Blessed be, Brother and Sisters - The Autumn Druid Nivndil stepped down from Archdruid - Snow Druid Liri was elected as Archdruid
  2. Update - Mint Druid Vivianne and Carrot Druid Bjor have passed on, blessed be. ~ Autumn
  3. Update - Corrected discrepancies between Lost & Forgotten Druids - Alphabetised all sections by Totem - The Wind Druid has passed to the Eternal Forest, Blessed be ~ Autumn
  4. Update - Updated Archdruids - Updated Druid Listings - The Caribou Druid has passed to the Eternal Forest, Blessed be ~ Autumn
  5. Update: -Long-needed changes made to Druid listings. -Still in progress so expect more changes to be made. Cheers! -Gigarun
  6. Histories of the Druidic Order 19th of The Grand Harvest, 1612. Throughout the existence of the Order, the Druids have kept tabs on major events, occurrences and changes within the Order. These happenings have been recorded into the ages by differing scribes throughout the times by varying Druids. Aegian History Post-Dream History Asulonian History Elysium & Kalosian History Anthosian History Fringe & Thalosian History
  7. Yew wood'nt be'leaf how fun remaking the thread was!

    1. mitto


      shut tf up

    2. Space


      more errors than the Republicans presidential platform

    3. Space


      and better for me to post this here than on the thread so


      Solstice Druid, Callax - The Preserver (Webles)


      also where's lillith on the hierophant list? :^)


      Oh and maybe it's like an IC thing but the Vailor history is off. First of all, missing like the first half of the map, which included the great 'Druid Pride' incident, the Druid Talent Show, and on a more serious note the Harbinger ****-- At the very least that big nuclear winter and ****, if not the Druid's role in that (for IC reasons and all that).


      Also, the Aspect Stones were found before the Felsen Grove was ungrown, before everyone moved to the Caliphate.


      Also also, petition for age added called 'The Age of Library Organization'

  8. ~{| The Druidic Order |}~ Updated: 13/01/21 The Druidic Order is a group of beings, made up of all races, dedicated to preserving the balance of nature. All Druids undergo many years of teachings and study in the order to establish a strong connection with nature. Although some have been known to walk the land spreading the teachings of Druidism, the Order itself currently resides in the Father Grove. Despite the misconception that only those of Elven blood can be Druids, the Order is indeed open to any and all races, as it welcomes all who wish to follow the way o
  9. Never gamble in the Savannah, too many cheetahs.

  10. Making fun of a tree is a knock on wood.

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    3. The Elfen Lie

      The Elfen Lie

      Not sure if I should laugh or punch you.

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      Don't worry, their bark is worse than their bite.

  11. When kissing flowers, tulips are better than one.

  12. Geology Rocks!

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      whoa i just noticed the profile background pretty cool but wtf is aeran harry potter

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      Have a Gneiss Day!

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      whenever i see a druidic order pun i know i'm cummintonite

  13. ~*~ Update ~*~ The following Dedicants have been removed from the list: Liwyn (Lahirei) Damai (jarwquin) The following Dedicants have been added to the list: Dedicant Otaehryn (FlamboyantMingo) Dedicant Indra Tresery (Morsmordre) Dedicant Cheza (Tiliena) Dedicant Milly (Haelun)
  14. ~*~ Large Update ~*~ The Following Dedicants have been added to the list: Lyeko (MorningChill) Liwyn (Lahirei) Information on Shuns: Marcy (LPStalker) is no longer shunned. Eloh'ra (ImCookiie) and Illithri Rohkea (Chamosial) have been added to the Shunned Board. Information on the Guides: Ryn (Melodystar) has stepped down from Guideship and has been unattuned upon request. Tortoise Druid Muildir has been promoted to Guideship. Information on other Druids and a Position: Melody Druid Wendy has been added to the Active Druid List. Arin (Delmodan) has stepped down from Grand Druid and r
  15. ~*~ Update ~*~ The following Dedicants have been removed: Elsiln (Skylez1) Mosswort (Thaddeus12) Floragain (flyingpanda2799) Virella (legocrazy7) Borri (Soresan) A new Dedicant has been added to the list: Dedicant Thalon (_Sug)
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