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  1. I will consider it if my demands are met.
  2. My bad, this will be swiftly amended.
  3. He understands Thanks for taking the concerns of the hard of sight into account my friend. (However I have no care for such people and will not increase the font size.)
  4. I agree, people see it too much as a crp tool and NOT as the flavor god it truly is.
  5. Only if I oocly like you, otherwise no. (I oocly like you dw :DDD)
  6. Refer to disconnection redline one I will grandfather you in for pure nepotism and no other reason.
  7. Gunsmithing The Ashen Oligarchy So you take a cannon right and you like make it smaller like much smaller like the size you could hold in your hands and it’s like really small and you could load and shoot it towards your enemies and it makes like a big boom but only some very special people can make these because unlike cannons they are small and small things are not big therefor it requires intensive knowledge and practice to make big small go boom alright? Creation How to Shoot Emote 1: Draw gun and load magazine Emote 2: Draw back top part (part on the top.) Emote 3: Aim gun at future dead person Emote 4: BANG! Redlines Additional bullets within a magazine are purely aesthetic. The gun must b e fully reloaded after each shot is fired. Does not stack with Seer of Blood magic. One persona with the feat will be randomly pk’d each elven month in order to ensure the masses do not grow too complacent. A new redline must be added each elven week to meet the growing demand for unnecessary redlines. Possessing the gunsmithing feat enforces a pk on mechanical death (falling, lava, lift signs, pugsying, ect.) as the monks abhor firearms. Must possess a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP) in order to apply for this feat. Requires an ST signature due to the extensive and complicated crafting process involved. Only Gaston Glock 17’s are allowed to be produced by this feat. Other designs will result in a lore infraction. Gunsmiths require a daily caloric intake of at least 2.700 kcal per narrative day. The Australian water-holding frog is a desert dweller that can wait up to seven years for rain. It burrows underground and surrounds itself in a transparent cocoon made of its own shed skin. The light produced by the muzzle flash cannot blind. Nature will produce horrible screams to attuned druids within ten blocks of where the gun was fired as the Aspects abhor firearms. Ologs are unable to use guns as the sound of the gun being fired will retroactively throw off their aim due to their own fear and a temporal anomaly. Death by gun is not a pk, however I will personally harass you irply and oocly until you shelve the character anyways. A bayonet (gunblade) may be affixed to the weapon. This however requires an emote in addition to the firing emotes. It must be taken off as an emote to reload. Many poisonous frogs, such as the golden poison frog and dyeing poison frog, are boldly colored to warn predators of their dangerous toxic skins. Some colorful frogs, such as the Fort Randolph robber frog, have developed the same coloring as a coexisting poisonous species. Although their skins are not toxic, these mimics may gain protection from predators by looking dangerous. Speaking old blah while firing the gun will allow the wielder to skip an emote as the spirits love guns. Upon acceptance LT is legally required to make Chery give me the kids back it’s been 5 years. Guns possess a maximum range of 10 blocks. Should one fire a gun while having potions on them, all of the potions will immediately explode. Gun bullets move at the speed of an arrow at most. CA's such as Musin, Ologs, Kha, Atronachs, Azdrazi, Demi-Djinn, Naztherak, Golems, Siliti, Tree Lords, Sprites, Epiphytes, Sorvians, Animi, Wights, the big mystic rock dudes, Darkstalkers, Draugrs, Phantoms, Frost Witches, Vargr, Archliches, Wonks, Hou Zi, ect are damaged as if they where shot by a gun. The gastric brooding frog of Australia swallows her fertilized eggs. The tadpoles remain in her stomach for up to eight weeks, finally hopping out of her mouth as little frogs. During the brooding period, gastric secretions cease—otherwise she would digest her own offspring. Morbians are immune to the piercing damage of gunfire. Behind you Disconnection Should a gunsmith wish to disconnect another gunsmith from the feat, both must start crp ten paces away from each other and, upon the fourth emote of combat, turn and shoot. The first gunsmith to die is disconnected from the feat. Cope and seethe. If you die you were just bad. Requires ooc proof that either party was not based before the crp may go ahead. I (the feat writer) cannot be disconnected due to a clause I wrote into the lore myself. I’m not telling you which one. Purpose (OOC) Me and my buddies are going to acquire this feat and then keep it among yourself for a few months before it gets shelved due to inactivity plz accept or else I will post the cords of your secret leather farms.
  8. Oh no oh my oh dear I always knew it I always did Critter is evil Critter is eviiiiiiiiiiiiil. In all seriousness I think character bleed is a very very important thing for people to understand, and I have long loved to hear Critter's thoughts on it.
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