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  1. yeah accepted. message me in skype or something and I'll get you the uniform.
  2. I have created the most beautiful skin known to man.



  3. Accepted, welcome to the company.
  4. Oy add me on skype so I can add you to the Reichwald Greatswords chat.

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    My captive turned into a nazi while I wasn't looking.

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       Norlandic power ???

  6. This is lore for my variation of craps, a simple dice game for two or more players that requires two dice to play. Wiki Page: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Cretzer_Craps Craps is that dice game you see a lot in movies - where they do that cliche thing with the dice by making the hot chick blow on the dude's hand before he rolls. It's also featured in The Road to El-Dorado, where the main characters use loaded dice to continually roll sevens. Normal craps requires a lot of rolling from each player and tends to spam the chat, so this simplified version I call "Cretzer Craps" should do the trick for a fun and simple way to win or lose your vote money on gambling. Here's how it works: Standard bet is five minas or an equivalent item if you're penniless. Each player has two dice (or they can share a pair of dice), this is represented by the number 12, for the amount of faces on each dice combined. Roll the dice by typing /roll 12 If you roll a 7 or 11, you automatically win - no need for other people to roll. If you roll a 2, 3 or 12, you automatically lose - you sit out until someone else wins (or if it's two players, you lose and the other wins.) If you roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, you don't win or lose, but must allow the other players to roll before coming back to your turn. If you roll a 1, just roll again - cause it's impossible to get a 1 with two dice. And that, my friends, is Cretzer Craps.
  7. I'd love to have you aboard but we don't hire women. Feel free to make a new character and use your alt, I have no requirements for how often you play - it can be a drop-in drop-out kinda side thing if you'd like.
  8. Accepted fella. Send me a message on skype.
  9. Be my adopted daughter again. :^)

  10. THE REICHWALD GREATSWORDS Sergeant Klaus von Krieger is in search of able-bodied and mature Waldenian men to join a superb Regiment of Renown, a Company of Cynosure, the Reichwald Greatswords. You must be at least the age of five-and-twenty and have prior experience in a military or guard force. Members must be human and male, and are required to have either a large, waxed moustache or a beard. Waldenian men are prefered but other lesser cultures are accepted. Volunteers must be in good health and know how to fight, swindle, or bully their way out of stressful situations. Gambling, drinking and whoring is permitted while not on sentry. You must be comfortable living in tents like real soldiers, instead of a comfortable, prissy fort or castle that gets abandoned after a few years of inactivity. The Reichwald Greatswords is an elite mercenary free company that distinguishes itself by its soldiers' skill with greatswords such as the Zweihander or Flamberge. Contracts and bounties may be offered by political leaders, nobility, the Church, or wealthy individuals who require protection or soldiers at their disposal. Half of the contract's agreed upon payment will be given to each soldier up front, the other half given after the contract is complete - unless a full-time arrangement is made with the contractor. Upon joining the company, a new member will undergo two months of initiation and re-familiarization with basic soldiering skills, camp routine, and the use and maintenance of various weapons and equipment. During this phase, the member will wear the same general outfit as the other senior men, but will not have the privilege of wearing a hat badge or feathers on his tellerbarett - the standard beret-like hat of the company. After the new member's indoctrination phase is complete, he will then be given the honour of wearing a hat badge and feathers, and will also be given his first greatsword, which he will train with until the day he retires or dies. At this point, the member shall be welcomed into the company as a Doppelsöldner, an official member of the Reichwald Greatswords. OOC INFORMATION Wikipedia Link: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=The_Reichwald_Greatswords Due to how busy I often am, the application process will mostly be done via skype or in PMs here on the forums until I find someone willing to help me out with recruitment. But please feel free to submit applications, comments or RP below if you don't wanna use skype or discord, or need to up your post count - I'll definitely read them and reply for the first few days! -Skype is Mullraugh -Discord is Mullraugh#9233 If you're wanting to join this, I highly recommend that you create a new character that fits the requirements set in the in-character portion of this thread there's no need to ACTUALLY have experience in other armies or guilds on the server, so long as you just RP that you do. If you do this, I will be happy to create a custom head for your character and even add some personal flair to your uniform and skin upon request, so long as it looks and feels similar to the rest of the uniforms. My goal is to have everyone look generally the same, but actually have no two skins alike uniform-wise; much like I did with the Switzers. The inspiration for this Company draws from both 15th-16th century German Landsknecht mercenaries and the Warhammer Fantasy universe (though I don't know much about it), especially the uniforms. If you're interested in either of these, this is a good place to be! The primary goal of this group is to provide high-quality, fun and enjoyable military-style roleplay with camp routine and even a bit of real life personal development classes, such as simple map-and-compass navigation and such. When there's no RP around, I plan on taking you fellows out into the woods and stuff to do basic soldiering skill exercises and, of course, Roleplay and PVP combat training! I hope to see this group succeed a bit better than my other attempts at mercenary companies - if you think you have some great mineman leadership skills and administration skills, I'd be happy to place you up in the ranks so long as you perform! Here's some screenshots and photos of the uniforms that we'll be wearing. APPLICATION OOC Username: How active are you usually?: You ok with using Skype?: IC Name: Age: Race and Culture: Gender: Social Status: Military History: Thanks folks, Mullraugh.
  11. Though I agree to an extent, I believe that Culture should be a part of a player's character card, because there are things that simply cannot be roleplayed all that well - either due to inexperience on the person's behalf, or just general difficulty. Things like accents, etiquette, verbal patterns, and such are difficult to effectively roleplay unless you spend minutes writing a large block of text for each action your character takes. While this is encouraged, most people don't put in the effort, or simply mess things up. Adding a culture to your character card would simply help others get to know your character a little better and fill in the gap that's left due to lack of effort or poor RP.
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