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  1. where is the downloads page? or is it gone?

    1. Drazker


      I'm looking for a late Anthos download, not Mirtok's original. Around the time Knox was King of Oren

  2. Don't try the Breeding Skill if you are a new player. You need a region you can build on, leads, fencing, a farm (or source of wheat) to breed them, and the animals themselves; animals that don't spawn in the wild, are scarely sold, and the GM team has said, 'no' to spawning them in. It is impossible.

    1. Lathros


      holy **** you're real

  3. I called an airstrike on the pvp tower the orcs were in earlier while they were raiding Vekaro but the modreq took too long and I died. I ALMOST GOT AN AC-130. THANKS OBAMA!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. seannie


      the pvp tower of doom, with kill counts of over 50!!!!! do not even need a ac130

    3. Eleatic


      is this the republican status?

    4. Aengoth


      Thanks Obama

  4. "Let the storm follow in my wake!"

    1. Nug


      woah there volibear clam down

  5. Drazker

    [Lore] Fairy

    I think fairies should have a capacity to be intelligent. +1
  6. Volet slaps snelf, educating him, "frost elves were the corrupt followers of Ondnarch."
  7. Why do you even care? Let them roleplay what they want.
  8. I hate the antagonists on this server.

    1. cj_scout


      Well aren't you a nice person for insulting an entire playerbase? The fact you lose does not give you grounds for hate.

  9. #EmeriickForSalvus



      this man speaks the truth, do not listen to the naysayers.

  10. The raven would, eventually, find it's way back to it's master, carrying the response on a scroll tied to it's leg. "Thank you, Cillion! This will surely serve me well by cataloging your name as a student of the Order! - Volet"
  11. The owl returns with a new letter. "Name the time and place."
  12. *A correspondence would reach Azgar shortly.* "It brings me joy to hear of your enthusiasm towards the idea of this institution, Azgar. I would surely like to arrange a meeting with you in person, as soon as possible, at your convenience, of course. In regards to your concern with my assumption of the title of 'Archmage', I have found it sticks much better in the minds of people than more traditional titles styled in the ancient language of the mali. Thus, I will continue to hold it as it serves it's purpose. Names are not some thing that can only be held by one institution or another and I would beg you to open your mind, as it will serve you well within this guild."
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