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  1. 🙂 I’m doing that thing again where I consider coming back but then I get cold feets

    1. howard


      the part of you that has cold feet is right and you should listen to it

    2. MunaZaldrizoti



    3. Legoboy7984


      Hello, Juno.

  2. Hello. It Juno. You might remember me roleplaying with y’all a few years ago. I come back to say hi often, but don’t actually play. So I’m postin’ this thingy. Say hi if you remember me. Say hi if you don’t. Might play if someone makes me an offer I can’t refuse. Need a female character in your group/family filled? I could do that. I also used to do skins and stuff, so I could probably pick that up again too. Preferably will start after new map. I prefer humans, but I might try something new. Always been a fan of orcs and dwarves. Might be some new stuff out there, idk. Anyways, Change my mind. Or argue for me to steer clear. Will hear anything. Probably won’t play if no one wants me (sad). Mmmmk. Oh also my Discord is Juno#1232 if you wanna catch up or wanna covertly recruit me into your cult, that fine. Or tell me all the juicy gossip I’ve missed. Gee wiz, can’t wait. Hope someone reads this mayhaps. K bye thx.
  3. I miss yous bruddah

  4. I miss my sheepy-smelling hubbin

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WuHanXianShi14


      i miss blind waifu. those were good ol days  ?

    3. YouKnowItsJuno


      ye man. what you up to nowadays?

    4. WuHanXianShi14


      i still play lotc but not as much as i used to, i work and study for uni mostly

  5. New favorite past time: coming back from the grave to say hi to my old buds

    1. YouKnowItsJuno


      Please tell me y’all have graduated from skype and are on Discord now... oh god please

    2. Telanir


      Oh damn look who it is, you’re always welcome back Juno! Of course we are on Discord! I pushed hard for that shit two years ago and moved all my staff. Here’s the invite link!

    3. YouKnowItsJuno


      Heyo Telanir, thanks for the nicest of welcomes ? I’m considering

  6. I forget if Gwyn knew Renee or Emelie... but hi from beyond the grave mate

    1. MunaZaldrizoti


      @YouKnowItsJuno Renee and Gwyn were the two who were friends. It is great to hear from you, I hope you might come back to us some time soon! ❤️

  7. SHADAYYYYY BABY You still here? ?

    1. Dummy_Boy02


      not really lol im on osrs now

    2. YouKnowItsJuno
  8. I like stepping on legos

  9. Larky Loo, how are you?

  10. Ah, it’s about that time of the year when I visit the forums again, relive the good old days, and then disappear into obscurity once more...


    Lord of the Craft, how I miss thee.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MunaZaldrizoti
    3. drfate786


      The community has gone downhill, don’t come back. It’s nothing like it was back in 2016 let alone back in Athera or Anthos, I’m speaking truthfully because I don’t feel like LoTC has any engagement in its players anymore.. It just feels dead.


      Edit: Even Vailor was better then now.

    4. WuHanXianShi14


      I miss my blind wife

  11. Idk what's going on around here, but

    hmu if you want someone to play a

    human female. I'll do my own skin and

    everything. :)

    1. Tsuyose


      yeah hmu on skype yayfunfunfun_6

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