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  1. Ah, it’s about that time of the year when I visit the forums again, relive the good old days, and then disappear into obscurity once more...


    Lord of the Craft, how I miss thee.

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    2. EternalSaturn
    3. drfate786


      The community has gone downhill, don’t come back. It’s nothing like it was back in 2016 let alone back in Athera or Anthos, I’m speaking truthfully because I don’t feel like LoTC has any engagement in its players anymore.. It just feels dead.


      Edit: Even Vailor was better then now.

    4. WuHanXianShi14


      I miss my blind wife

  2. YouKnowItsJuno

    [Denied]Good Guy Shady_Tales' GM Application

    This man is fantastic and has shown great leadership. Plus he's fun as hell. +1 #ShadyForGM2016 #freemyboyKincaid
  3. YouKnowItsJuno

    Renée de Aryn [Bio + Journals]

    Small updates. Journal number three will be started soon(ish).
  4. YouKnowItsJuno

    [Denied] Wiseacres' Trial GD Application

    No thank you. I don't interact much with Leslie anymore after her attitude of "I was the best queen of Oren" within the circle of noblelady rp'ers and her metagaming paranoia during the Duke's War. Refused to rp with me because she thought I was gonna off her character. She may have gotten better in those aspects (kudos to her if she has!) but from past experiences which are admittedly from a long while ago, I'm going to have to -1 this. Sorry girl.
  5. YouKnowItsJuno

    Renée de Aryn [Bio + Journals]

  6. YouKnowItsJuno

    Renée de Aryn [Bio + Journals]

    The Dove Maiden Letters Journal II Journal I
  7. YouKnowItsJuno

    Renée de Aryn [Bio + Journals]

    ((Concept Art by Selenada on DA)) Full Name: Renée Marie de Aryn Gender: Female Age: 25 Race: Human BIOGRAPHY Renée was born to Thomas and Klara de Aryn on the 16th of the Amber Cold, 1529 in Kaedrin. As a child, Renée was a very active and engaging child - she always ran about with her cousin Vivienne, played with her dollies, and enjoyed being read to. As she grew, Renée retained many childish attributes and had fits of anger. Worried for his daughter, Thomas consulted many doctors and nothing could be found physically wrong with her. Finally he decided to send her away to a private tutor and nurse who could care for her - he thought she might be stressed in their busy home and he secretly felt a bit embarrassed of his daughter. Often when the family had company, Renée had to be put in her room and closely guarded so she would not disturb the others. After a few years of living privately, Renée returned at the age of seventeen to her father’s barony of Virdain. Seemingly mostly cured of her previous afflictions, they are replaced with others, though they are a bit more inconspicuous. During this time, she also took it upon herself to write "The Dove Maiden Letters," a small series of three anonymous letters meant to be her own thoughts in a world where speaking them publicly would not be proper for her to do. She only wrote three letters, after being exposed as the Dove Maiden by Gwyndolyn Warlai. In a strange turn of events, she was baptised in Krajia and declared a Raevir. She was given the name Rozaliya “Roza” Tomasovich and had many adventures and also many close calls - such as her run in with orcs or her escape from a raid. As requested by Lord Denis de Bar, she has returned to Virdain. Now she spends her days frequenting other Houses of Oren and writing within the confines of her old manor-home. PERSONALITY Age 17: Innocent Spacey Random Religious Curious Naive Caring Age 25: Innocent Religious Stressed Curious Caring Less trusting than in her earlier years AFFLICTIONS/SYMPTOMS* Vivid dreams Obsessively writes/carries a journal. Sometimes she writes incoherent words rather than actual entries Is prone to hyperventilation and episodes when distressed Wanders and sometimes forgets why she is there Habitually only wears white dresses OCCASIONALLY laughs and cries at inappropriate times OCCASIONALLY talks about things not pertaining to the conversation VERY OCCASIONALLY speaks or mumbles to herself *She is not violent, insane, or incapable of understanding. She is a functioning human being who suffers from very mild mental dysfunctions. (AKA, she is not meant to be used as an excuse to troll or divulge important information to outsiders.) APPEARANCE Thin build, height (5’ 8”) weight (127 lbs) Pale skin Strawberry-blonde hair (curly, wild, long) Hazel eyes Only wears white dresses ART AND SKIN THEME SONG
  8. YouKnowItsJuno

    The Hallowvale Contracting Remnant

    Somewhere far, far away on the open seas, Rajiya would clutch a flier that she had found in the last port they had visited. Frowning at the paper, she crumples it into her hand and then raises her fist to her forehead. She closes her eyes, thinking of all she left behind at the end of the reign of Rovin and the disbandment of Hollowvale. Just let it die...
  9. YouKnowItsJuno

    [Accepted] Wiseacres' FM App

    Sorry, I'm going to have to agree with this one :( Been rping with some of Wise's characters for a while and have seen this. I like her, good roleplayer, but sometimes she mixes OOC with IC.
  10. YouKnowItsJuno

    Fakhiri Kharadeen (Updated 12/31/15)

    Updated! Age 10, Woo!
  11. YouKnowItsJuno

    [Accepted] Juno's FM Application

    Minecraft Username: YouKnowItsJuno (alt is Juno_Ax, it used to be my main until I switched it. The one listed is the account I'm most active on.) Age: 19 Time Zone: US Central Skype: juno_ax Have you been previously banned or warned, and if so how many times and for what?: Never been banned or warned How much time a week can you dedicate to Forum Moderation?: I'm a full-time student with a part-time job, but I'm literally scouring the forums in my free time, especially while roleplaying. In short, I dedicate a lot of time to reading forum posts. Why should you be a Forum Moderator?: I believe I should be a forum moderator because I've been using roleplay forums in general for five or six years now and I know how they are generally run. I've never been a moderator before, but I've ran my own forums (though they were short lived) and know how they basically work. Right now a lot of players do not look at the forums much due to the new layout and organization. I believe that with more attention to the players and maybe a little bit more concise forum organization will make things a lot easier for new players to navigate and for current players to utilize like the tool it was created to be. I believe I can bring that to the table. Anything else you'd like to mention?: I'm a bit OCD, so I like things neat and tidy (EX: I organized the whole Caliphate Grand Library in game and keep Google Doc records... over 400 books). I could definately help with cleaning up the forums a bit and also help new players that come in. With a bit more training, I think I could do the job well. I've been on LOTC since Anthos and I enjoy it very much - it's time to pitch in and help make it better for newcomers and the friends I've made here.
  12. YouKnowItsJuno

    [✗] The Blind Can See!!

    My own character is blind from birth. Over the years, she's tried finding a way to see, given up, tried again, and so on. The prospect of such a potion would be nice for her, but I think that it would take away from the roleplay. If you play a blind character, let them be blind! It is more fun that way, and it makes the character more unique!
  13. ---------------- BASICS Name: Fakhiri Kharadeen Gender: Male Age: 10 Race: Human (Farfolk) BIOGRAPHY There is not much to say at the moment. Fakhiri is just starting life as a young prince of the Caliphate of Khalestine. He did go through a notable phase of eating sweets non-stop and getting chubby. When he turned six, he turned things around and started running around the Caliphate and eating healthier-sized portions. PERSONALITY Fakhiri is a very mischievous boy. He can often be found running about the palace terrorizing whatever or whoever he can find. He loves to explore and make new friends. He's extremely innocent and naive, still learning the ways of this world. STRENGTHS Climbing, hiding, causing trouble, being adorable, and running. WEAKNESSES Sweets, naive, not physically strong yet, weak stomach, and following instructions. APPEARANCE The boy stands at 5' 2", weighs 89 lbs, has a dark complexion, medium-length wavy black hair, and hazel eyes. RELATIONS FAMILY Father: Arlen Kharadeen Mother: Irsia Kharadeen Sisters: Amina Kharadeen Grandfather: Caliph Faiz Kharadeen Grandmother: Arabella Kharadeen Uncles: Malik and Alai Kharadeen Aunts: Ceto and Sahar Kharadeen ARTWORK [Coming Soon!] THEME SONG:
  14. YouKnowItsJuno

    Emelie De Bar (Updated 9/29/15)

    She had a good run, but now the former queen is dead. RIP, you were a fun character to play.
  15. YouKnowItsJuno

    Emelie De Bar (Updated 9/29/15)

    Updated with her proper name now and updated some relations, mostly the addition of her new baby boy :D