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  1. shot and killed him now and the body is gone. HE DIDNT FLY SO GOOD

    heed the warning. time to leave

  2. hey its u do i know u? ur that guy i think  i see him that time in AURAWATCH. SEASON 2. EPISODE 7 and u shot the pig in the head did u find wat u need?

  3. Why. This lore doesn’t address any of the issues that the original lore had, for one. If anything this only makes them stronger. Poison fangs lol
  4. What the absolute **** are you on about??
  5. What RP have you had the most fun with on the server? Soldier, smith rp, etc etc, you get the idea. Group you enjoyed the most on the server? Why did you and Jentos decide to try and write werewolf lore, especially considering the bad rep it has from the last iteration of “”werewolves.””
  6. Any human-based groups/guilds/etc worth looking into? Taking a peep.

    1. Hanrahan


      Tons! Mages, Army, Senate, Government, Merchants! Come by Helena and inquire!

    2. Salty


      heard the azdrazi are doing good rn

    3. johnnywar


      Tons! What ucan find,JOHNNYWAR in aurawatch when its time, u can see the human survive and eat

  7. Hopefully it won’t end up in the hands of *sniff sniff *pees on your shoe druids like last time. Very neat lore, love the darker themes and the twisted devotion to God.
  8. I like this. Pretty faithful to my original work, but adds some much needed clarifications and a few neat things here and there.
  9. Nice work on the skins btw. However I think this has a very, very big chance at just becoming what morghuuls became towards the end of the last gen of Necromancy. They were pumped out like some assembly line and most necros had very little, if any standard when it came to who played them. With something like this there isn’t any gate for entry which means everyone and anyone could play one. Devalues the meaning of being undead a fair bit when they are commonplace and will inevitably be accepted in some descendant-based communities.
  10. i did not ask for these discord photographs you’re sending me.

    1. M_I_A


      I have not sent you anything, you vile serpent.

  11. 8 ******* years, wow Biggest IC accomplishment? Anything you regret not doing on the server? Missed opportunity, etc. What keeps you here, aka what drives you on to continue contributing/being staff on the server.
  12. ={ OOC }= MC NAME: Skylez1 DISCORD: Skylez#7187 TIMEZONE: CST ={ RP }= NAME: Adelhardt of Endaen AGE: Old enough RACE: Human NOTABLE SKILLS: Veteran Reiter, joined in Calais, Axios. - Cavalryman in the Battle of Jornheim Fields. - Archer in the Battle of the Bloody Road. - Cavalryman in the Battle of Rochdale. - Breacher in the Siege of Vjorhelm. - Two excursions into the damned city of Mordskov, along with the Manticore initiative.
  13. Excuse me sir?

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    2. lev


      let him die for his country in peace...

    3. M_I_A


      [Zogbot initializing]

      What do you want Parker.

    4. Parker


      The leaves rustle, the dogs whine as they are cooked. Birds chirp upon singed treas marked by the Americano bombardment.


      Oi skailaz.. wat do?

  14. With Dardonas’ permission (done with LotC for awhile) I was allowed to reformat and edit this submission as I am also working upon Mysticism for the Lore Games. Can this be denied, please?
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