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  1. good luck chairforce boy, hope you survived the first month okay!

  2. Looking for a few people to do a W40k Guardsmen vs Orks campaign, no brainlets please.

    Take a look:

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    2. Parker


      hello im a witcher

    3. Destroyer_Bravo


      can i play tau


      no seriously i’d be interested in playing wh40k

    4. Hydra


      I’d love to die for *cough Big Tiddy Eldar GF cough*  the Emperor ❤️ 
      Discord: Hydra#9812

  3. Cya LotC. It’s not worth it anymore when you’re threatened to be doxxed and you have your future career in the hands of someone else to possibly ruin.
    I’ve had fun.


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    2. bigcrazy


      did i hear correctly that your harasser is a possible team lead, and also a fan and participant of the “cuckold” field of interests? do you think these two details could be connected, skylez1?

    3. Jondead



      did i hear correctly that your harasser is a possible team lead, and also a fan and participant of the “cuckold” field of interests? do you think these two details could be connected, skylez1?

      @bigcrazy Well at least it is not Pedophilia xD 

    4. Its_Just_Leap


      @dogbewIm not ignoring the problems of LotC, and Skylez’s situation is ******* nuts, but you’re either daft or don’t look around. Servers like massivecraft and other RP servers DO have this problem. The issue with LotC is that we have a staff team that doesn’t take things like this seriously. Other servers don’t have issues like this out in the open.

  4. 30 days until BMT B )

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    2. Harrison


      dont do it

    3. The Cleaning Crew

      The Cleaning Crew

      Congrats. Don’t let your knees wobble when the Drill Sergeants address you.


    4. Travista


      Change your socks. Don’t fall asleep. 

  5. Skylez1

    [Bounty] Raide of Ashford

    Bounty Completed
  6. New notices soon dot the several bounty boards that were about the populated regions of Atlas. Wanted Raide “Butcher of Ulmsbottom” Ashes - Otherwise known as Raihan, a resilient man at his core. Raide is a lawless butcherer that is more than proficient in martial means. Something is not right with the oddfellow from his sheer capabilities alone which have been demonstrated several times over. He is unnatural, perhaps some form of undead or an alchemical mutant – bring your gold and silver. Raide bears distinct, malformed eyes that are a dead give away to all – his voice is unfittingly smooth, a contrast to his appearance. Payment upon proof of his death: Four thousand mina, as well armor and a weapon of one’s choice forged by Raymond aep Rhysten, owner of the Rhysten Smithy. Wanted for: - Assault of the Rhysten Smith, resulting in a broken arm and stolen weaponry. - Being a bloodthirsty, deranged brigand – a threat to the well being of all. - Accounts of slaughter and incurring terror within Sutica and the surrounding provinces. - Enslavement of free folk. - Being an unnatural blight to this continent. Known location(s) - A camp within surrounding outskirts of Sutica, though he is likely long gone by now. Contact Raymond aep Rhysten within Carolustadt for further information and leads. May Owyn guide your righteous blades, Godspeed.
  7. Skylez1

    The Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Application For Foreign Service Officer: ((MCName)): Skylez1 ((Discord)): Skylez#7187 Name: Raymond aep Rhysten Age: Twenty Five Race: Human Experience & Skills: A man of refined posture and tongue, though one that can easily sympathize with the common folk- I am a craftsman. Reason applying: In order to serve the Imperium beyond the scope in which I do so currently. Ave humanity.
  8. Skylez1

    Skylez1's Lore Master Application

    Minecraft Account Name(s) Skylez1 Discord Skylez #7187 How long have you played on LoTC? Since Anthos Timezone and Availability CST, I can give a few hours a day. What lore are you versed in most? Voidal-based magics (Unfortunately!) Mainly evocations and alterations, atronachs, and artificery in general. Xannism Alchemy - symbols, what potions/concoctions can and cant do, homunculi, etc. A good majority of dark magics, Necromancy, Mysticism, Blood magic, and the associated creatures. Humans - history, culture, so forth. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC AT for a few months in 2015 ET for a bit over a year under Arockstars, Squirtguns and Xarkly's tenures. ET Manager underneath the entirety of Squirgun's tenure and a few months of Xarklys. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? Yes, I have written a small handful of things, mainly revolving around alchemy. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/169197-afflicted-the-second-coming/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/156929-✗-afflicted-adversity-of-alchemy/ The Afflicted are my magnum opus and I'd like to think I have curated some amount of originality and an interesting piece. (as much as one can on a mineman server) Other than that I have written and helped with a few other things here and there, ET projects, fleshing out event lines, collaborating with other ET Actors. I played a hand, although a minor one, in the construction of Mordskov's backstory/lore. Mordskov being a relatively well known and even successful event line that was used a lot of special lore we created specifically for that eventline. Muh ritualism comes to mind. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban? Yeah one, back in Vailor for some retarded downing with no RP type deal, one week. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team? No one really, I know a good majority of the people and have no issues with them.
  9. Looking for a place to do some craftsman RP on a human, drop me a line yo

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    2. blago


      Its time to come home, Skylez. To the Empire to serve in its court. @Skylez1

    3. Cornivore


      @Skylez1I will show you the way to the Rosenyr’s 


    4. blago


      Just so everyone knows, he’s in the Empire. Au revoir. 

  10. Skylez1

    [Denied] [Pending]Dingo looks to train small green men

    Madman incarnate. When it comes to the ET and all that pertains to it I will vouch for Joel anytime. He is direct, straightforward and does not sugarcoat things, take that as you will. I am glad to have had the pleasure to learn and work alongside him. While I can not see him being accepted with the current ET management, who knows. +1
  11. Why hasn’t this man been put on the team already. You know he’s far more than capable, cmon now.
  12. Sworn into the U.S Airforce and am an E-1 as it currently stands.
    Going to basic training soon hopefully..
    Exciting stuff

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    2. Kanadensare


      @Skylez1 What do you plan on signing for though?


      I want to go Security Forces but I hear mixed reviews, hoping to set myself up for college and a federal law enforcement job after.

    3. ThatGuy_777


      Mad respect. Salutes to you.

    4. Skylez1


      @Kanadensare As with all jobs you’ll get training at a Tech School which is accredited, so you will learn credit towards a degree associated with your job. As for the job itself I know it involves gate guard duty, especially for the lower ranking airmen which ofc can be monotonous. I believe it has a lot to do with your mentality though, and if you stick with it you can become a Working Dog Handler or perhaps get Counter-sniper training. Got some good opportunities there if you prove yourself.

      I think my dream job Airforce wise is Loadmaster 1A2X1-

      If I can secure Air Transportation which is somewhat similar I’m going to try hard to crosstrain into Loadmaster.
      Others may see it as boring but I personally think loading and dropping cargo, personnel, vehicles and all from a flying C130 would be a very satisfying job. I want a physical, hands-on job.

      I recommend looking at 6-ish jobs you’re interested in and trying to qualify for those when you take the ASVAB so there will be a range of options as you will need to list 6 jobs when they show you your list of jobs you qualify for. The list isn’t set in stone and the numbers can be changed with your recruiter.


      Best of luck

  13. Going to MEPS next week.
    Any advice from those currently in the service?

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    2. Master Baiter

      Master Baiter

      if you drop the soap, let is stay on the floor

    3. Corpean


      Go to the hotel bar the first night and order a bunch of drinks. You have meal tickets so use them at the bar.

    4. Vindicant


      call your family and friends BEFORE you leave. you usually keep your phone while you’re at reception, they only take it when you get on the last bus. may be dependant on who ur DS is while u go through the motions, but that’s what they did at Ft Jackson.


      make your drill sergeants laugh, because if you make them laugh, they won’t smoke you as hard.