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  1. ** u hear a monk scream loud 

    1. Skylez1


      **covers ears and looks around like "wtf"

  2. The Virarim: Shield of the Elves

    OOC Application Minecraft Name: Skylez1 Discord/Skype: Skylez#7187 IC Application Name: Elias Race: Elf Age: 36 Previous Martial Experience: None to note
  3. ummmmmm, why is your profile picture of a known school shooter and white supremacist, samuel el-hyde?! never knew our staff was composed of bigots!!!!!!!

    1. Skylez1


      Some FUNNY FM changed it hahahahah !!!!

    2. Hyena


      TJ Lane was mine almost my entire time as a FM manager . . . /shrug

  4. Ask Me Anything

    1.) How does LotC honestly compare to Aethier? What does the server do better/worse in your opinion. 2.) Why are you a filthy Horde barbarian? 3.) How'd you end up with the username dogbew?
  5. seannie's Event Team Actor Application

    You killed Johnny Dragon. Your sins shall never be forgiven.
  6. [FA] Varikas Goes Phyrexian

    This is good.
  7. [FA] [SA] Haddock

    Senator Haddock and his Alchemical-machines
  8. [FA] [SA] Haddock

    An excellent addition to our collection : ")
  9. Thank you for your contribution of rep on this day.




    *Fat clown smiles at you

    1. fat robert

      fat robert

      send the fat clown my regards

  10. Seeking People to play children

    I played your child for 3 days before near everyone bailed, never once RP'ed with you.
  11. A nice strong man who could work for hours without stop.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Skylez1


      A knock at the door, Voron snarled, he was near finished unfurling the hat.

    3. Zhulik


      delete this

    4. grubgoth_wud



  12. yeah nah

    Take it easy brother, the boys will be here.
  13. Seeking People to play children

    I'm down, never really played a child. Discord - Skylez#7187
  14. Four Month Long Connection Problems

    Straight from Discord I have tried just about everything you listed in addition. After briefly speaking to 501 he told me that it is likely on their end and it is being looked into. Much like yourself I've had this issue for awhile now, it really makes peforming my in game responsibilities as an ET Manager hard to accomplish. I'm unsure where to go at this point.