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  1. A few handwritten notices are pinned upon boards of populated settlements within the lands of Atlas A quickly procured painting is attached to these notes, depicting a middle-aged Southeron, labeled: “Maaz Vallero.” “Well met, humans, orcs, dwarves, elves, and all. I’ll keep this short- I do not hail from this land, though I am drawn here in search of my kin, the whereabouts of them at least. I seek a man named Maaz Vallero, a relative of mine by blood. It has been some time since I have heard from Maaz, years upon years- eventually our family insisted I come look for him in person, and so I am. If any person has genuine information about this man then I plea you write back to me posthaste, or leave a note below my own writing. I’ll be checking them over in the coming days. Your information will be repaid in some form, whether it be minae, labor, or some other compromise.” - Zahal Vallero A final sketch is left upon the notice, presumably the writer.
  2. dont do this to yourself seanathan

  3. Skylez1

    Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes

    With the dissolution of Lotharignia the Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes will follow suit for varying reasons. - Adrian Richter, former member of Lorraine’s Privy Council --- This thread can be archived by an FM
  4. Skylez1

    Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes

    Adrian purses his lips, eventually deciding to pen a letter in response. "Come by Belcrest to be screened, do know this is primarily a human region." - Adrian Richter, Arcane Overseer Scratching his head from the note he'd eventually take up stationery, penning a reply. "Stop by Belcrest in order to be screened." - Adrian Richter, Arcane Overseer
  5. Skylez1

    [I] Treshure's Game Moderator Application

    Just don't get burnt out by doing both ET and GM, manage your time. I think you would do great, pretty approachable guy that seems to take the initiative.
  6. Skylez1

    Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes

    "Unfortunately we are barred from having Orcs." Adrian writes, sighing out as he sends the letter off. "Glad you've interest to keep serving the Empire, come to Belcrest to be screened." - Adrian Richter, Arcane Overseer "Good to see the Blackwoods are still around, Feremyr learned Alchemy under me. Come to Belcrest to be screened, another location can be arranged if need be." - Adrian Richter, Arcane Overseer
  7. Yeah. Stuff came at a bad time last time, got things settled.
  8. Username Skylez1 Discord Skylez#7187 Timezone CST What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Ardennes/Lorraine, though I've been around the block a few times. Staff History 2 months AT 1 year ET Actor 4-5 months ET Actor Manager Ban History 1 week back in Vailor for some questionable no RP killing. Blacklist History: Miss me with that Why do you want to join the Event Team? I found great enjoyment back when I was on the team, and believe I transferred some of that enjoyment onto others who participated in my events. I'm at the point on LotC where I've done just about everything I want to do as a player, but still want to contribute to the server in some fashion. The ET is an outlet for me to channel my writing into and provide some fun for others. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I've done this for over a year and know what I'm doing, as simple as that. I don't need additional training or mentoring from others in order to plan and perform events. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: Anything really, I like a wide variety of categories and realize that you have to be versatile in order to find success among different player bases. Not every group likes X type of events and so forth. What makes a good event? Depends really, what is a ""good event"". In my opinion a good event is where the ET and players alike enjoy themselves, sometimes simple events such as hunts and pve related things are just want a group wants and find fun in. Whatever it is, the ET and the players alike should be finding fun in it, good is a subjective term. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: Sigh, not these again. I have carried out and aided in numerous events and eventlines. I'm more than sure several past and present ET members can attest to my "possible talent and potential as an ET", as that is what this question is asking examples for. Here are a handful of documents regarding events/eventlines that I have either headed myself or played a roll in. On the Helderenberg - Led by Ebonsquire https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l8cDYHFriA7HkU5lR5kQaBY_z7xy44qkA3IRkdkBHyE/edit Assault at Mordring - Massive PvE event during the Westerlands I ran on my lonesome, first big event I hosted. https://docs.google.com/document/d/19Nss_a_QOi8cJYnCwd5v3MTkBzmN-l7g83k3qGXu1aY/edit?usp=sharing More Westerlands related events https://docs.google.com/document/d/103mr4YLNkrOsoKi5xD6R7miJqkMcIkAnjx0KtT4ujA8/edit?usp=sharing Mordskov; Conjunction of worlds - Led by oncenoeda and Lathebiosas, I played a hand in the planning and execution. This turned into a world event in Tahn. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yH4kJebbJ_sl3dbY5oMinW4bMxQ9x_iTpGrV6S8CCxo/edit?usp=sharing Eventline I had planned and written for the OSL, never completed finished. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1q1s2b3wsUPmqYCTS-OaHJhoJS7P_w2hrWL52w0NxS7o/edit?usp=sharing Bounty on the isle of Asul in Axios. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mxVco0XUUCMO1f8IX2exvvEcmRFWqIEW6McHWyc77oA/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Skylez1

    Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes

    "Good to see you'll be sticking around, come by Belcrest to be screened. Another location can be arranged if need be." - Adrian Richter, Arcane Overseer
  10. Skylez1

    Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes

    Adrian writes from his temporary office, "Approved for screening, word will be sent soon for you to come by Belcrest or another location can be arranged." - Adrian Richter, Arcane Overseer Always down for some OOCLY friendly conflict. If you have a group, etc and want to work something out I'm sure we could. Discord is: Skylez#7187
  11. The Arcane Regulators Ardennes Chapter 14th of Snow's Maiden 1684, issued by Arcane Overseer, Adrian Richter ((Credit to an unknown artist)) A patrolling contingent of Arcane Regulators Origins and Purpose Originating from the order founded by Avenel Synalli during the Fifth Empire. The Arcane Regulators are made anew underneath the Ardennes, headed by Adrian Richter, a well-learned student of Avenel, GOD rest his name. These Regulators investigate and enact the disposal of any rogue magi, ungodly creatures, and the occult, though are not limited to these three. In general, they shall be dealing with things unbelonging to the lands of Ardennes, that which is not mundane. Training While prospective initiates are desired to have a basic understanding of the Arcane beforehand, it is not wholly required. Regulators will be thoroughly instructed and schooled in the Arcane and how to effectively combat and counter that which they may find on the field; whether it be an unruly fire evocationst or a dreaded Darkstalker, and all that lies in between. Arcane Regulators will also learn extensive alchemy, another great tool that they will undoubtedly rely upon. Upon initiation into the chapter one will begin their education and usually accompany a more experienced and sanctified Regulator. When deemed ready by their mentor they shall be trialed in both their knowledge as well aptitude, and upon successful completion - be recognized as an Arcane Regulator. Authority Answering to Ardennes' privy council and Margrave Hughes D’Amaury, the Overseer ensures all Regulators carry out their duties in a proficient manner. The Regulators have say over magical matters, their duties range far beyond the simple investigation and disposal of the non-mundane. A Regulator may be tasked with educating the populace in arcane matters, investigating occult activity, creating salves and concoctions, so on. Judgement is dealt through the situation in question, requiring the Regulator to maintain consideration. If an unregistered magus were to invoke their powers in the defense of a Ardennes citizen they would given a small fine and instructed to register. If the magus in question were registered and permitted to utilize their magics they would simply be warned. A Regulator is able to revoke the status of a magus deemed unworthy, though this requires clearance from the Overseer. Impeding upon the duty of an Arcane Regulator is considered an infringement on Ardennes law, and will be dealt with accordingly by the leisure of the Regulator. Recruitment Those wishing to be inducted into the Regulators are screened for their knowledge as well aptitude. Promising individuals are promptly initiated, given a uniform, and are assigned from there. Letter may be sent to Arcane Overseer Adrian Richter to potentially be screened. Form of interest: Your full name: Race: Magical knowledge: Other knowledge or experience: (Martial, medical, alchemical, and etcetera, list anything noteworthy.) Discord (for coordination): Registration This form should be delivered to the Regulator office in Belcrest in the coming days, the applicant will then be contacted after reviewal. ((Can be posted below or sent via private means)) Magic Registration form: Your full name: Race: Magics known or aspire to learn: Purpose for registration: (Write all that apply - self-defense, study, career, unlisted: give reason) Place of residence: Creature Registration form Your full name: Race: Place of residence: OOC: The Arcane Regulators aim to focus on a variety of RP within the Ardennes region and beyond. Investigation, Alchemy, Magic, Training, Education, Events, Combat, so on. Big thanks to @The_Broken_God for laying the foundation to all of this.
  12. Skylez1

    Alchemist seeking refuge

    A quickly written notice finds its way upon a few noticeboards across Atlas, a sketch attached, presumably the writer. Simply put, my name is Adrian Richter, one well versed in Alchemy and all that entails. I seek refuge, my home as well research was compromised by the Vaeyl far down in the south. I can repay you in the form of concoctions, creations, I'm sure a deal can be brokered. Leave a reply below if you would be so generous as to contemplate housing me, I will make my rounds in the coming days.
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