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  1. Rhysten Smithy Raymond of Rhysten, owner. Klara Amsel, employee. - In the coming days new sounds soon sounds ring out from within the Capital of Man. The clatter of metal upon metal, the sizzle of a quenched project. A new craftsman took to his work within the capital, a smith of some foreign, largely unknown practices. Worker of both metal and beast. Hailing from the northern reaches of Gwynon, Aeldin, Raymond and brother, Vincent, made way to Atlas years ago in order to further refine their craft as well make an earnest living. Situated now within the Capital of Man, Carolustadt. The smithy is located on Owyn lane. General Pricing: Pricing can be negotiated as sometimes materials are more in the need than coin. Members of the Legion will be given a discount of 20%. Metals (Mina per ingot used): Ferrum - 150 The most basic of metals utilized by the Rhysten Smithy. Steel - 200 A proper alloy for proper arms and armor, pieces constructed of this refined metal is sure to last with proper care and maintenance. Aurum - 200 A relatively soft metal only truly viable as a means of ornamentation. Armaments of only Aurum are sure to falter and break from even little use. Slayer Steel - 300 An alloy suited for the likes of hunting the supernatural. Unlike Aurum, Slayer Steel sports a durability that can be likened to tempered Ferrum. Other specialized alloy - Varying Imbued Properties: Utilizing the Aeldin-based techniques of beastsmithing certain properties can be imbued onto metals during creation. Varies on availability and property in question. Finishes: Drakesmithing - complimentary A trademark of Gwynon, drakesmithing revolves around heating the tempered metal in question at extremely high temperatures for an elongated period as well some other intricacies. Drakesmithed metal appears as though the fires themselves have imprinted onto the piece, producing flame-like hues. An example of Rhysten weaponry- Finished works from the Rhysten Smithy can be identified by either a stamp into the leather grip of weaponry or a small engravement upon the metal of armor. Both simply read ‘Rhy’. (Armor orders will likely come with their MC skin representations, should time permit to make them) Orders can be placed via letter, or in person. Stop by to learn about our full stock. For any queries contact; Raymond (Skylez1) or Klara (Celebear). Discord: Skylez#7187
  2. Minecraft Account Name(s) Skylez1 Discord Skylez #7187 How long have you played on LoTC? Since Anthos Timezone and Availability CST, I can give a few hours a day. What lore are you versed in most? Voidal-based magics (Unfortunately!) Mainly evocations and alterations, atronachs, and artificery in general. Xannism Alchemy - symbols, what potions/concoctions can and cant do, homunculi, etc. A good majority of dark magics, Necromancy, Mysticism, Blood magic, and the associated creatures. Humans - history, culture, so forth. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC AT for a few months in 2015 ET for a bit over a year under Arockstars, Squirtguns and Xarkly's tenures. ET Manager underneath the entirety of Squirgun's tenure and a few months of Xarklys. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? Yes, I have written a small handful of things, mainly revolving around alchemy. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/169197-afflicted-the-second-coming/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/156929-✗-afflicted-adversity-of-alchemy/ The Afflicted are my magnum opus and I'd like to think I have curated some amount of originality and an interesting piece. (as much as one can on a mineman server) Other than that I have written and helped with a few other things here and there, ET projects, fleshing out event lines, collaborating with other ET Actors. I played a hand, although a minor one, in the construction of Mordskov's backstory/lore. Mordskov being a relatively well known and even successful event line that was used a lot of special lore we created specifically for that eventline. Muh ritualism comes to mind. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban? Yeah one, back in Vailor for some retarded downing with no RP type deal, one week. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team? No one really, I know a good majority of the people and have no issues with them.
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  4. Looking for a place to do some craftsman RP on a human, drop me a line yo

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      Its time to come home, Skylez. To the Empire to serve in its court. @Skylez1

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      @Skylez1I will show you the way to the Rosenyr’s 


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      Just so everyone knows, he’s in the Empire. Au revoir. 

  5. Skylez1

    Dingo looks to train small green men

    Madman incarnate. When it comes to the ET and all that pertains to it I will vouch for Joel anytime. He is direct, straightforward and does not sugarcoat things, take that as you will. I am glad to have had the pleasure to learn and work alongside him. While I can not see him being accepted with the current ET management, who knows. +1
  6. Skylez1

    Interactive Battlefields?

    I recall a battlefield after a WC during the Duke’s War, Vailor. Was pretty cool to see and did some small interactions with it, haven’t seen it done since then.
  7. Skylez1

    Veteran looking for work

    A few small notices dot the various boards and posts of populous settlements Well met, those of Atlas. I simply come to you as a seasoned soldier of conflicts past, looking for lodgings and perhaps a few coins. I can serve as a simple soldier, bodyguard, instructor, or whatever is desired. Below is a small summary of my martial experiences, pen a letter or leave one upon this notice- I’ll check back soon enough. Veteran Reiter, joined in Calais, Axios. -Cavalryman in the Battle of Jornheim Fields. -Archer in the Battle of the Bloody Road. -Cavalryman in the Battle of Rochdale. -Breacher in the Siege of Vjorhelm. -Two excursions into the damned city of Mordskov, along with the Manticore initiative. Sol guide, Adelhardt of Endaen OOC: Looking to get back into the server and do something mainly rp-wise, don’t mind a good clickin’ here and there. Give me a shout here or on discord, I don’t mind.
  8. Why hasn’t this man been put on the team already. You know he’s far more than capable, cmon now.
  9. Skylez1


    NAME: Adelhardt of Endaen EXPERIENCE: Senior Reiter during the group’s earlier years. RACE: Human CULTURE: Waldenian to a lesser extent. AGE: Early thirties REASON FOR ENLISTMENT: Interest in becoming a soldier of fortune once more
  10. Skylez1

    Marius DeNurem

    Good ****, great to see someone pick up where Lion left off o7
  11. A few handwritten notices are pinned upon boards of populated settlements within the lands of Atlas A quickly procured painting is attached to these notes, depicting a middle-aged Southeron, labeled: “Maaz Vallero.” “Well met, humans, orcs, dwarves, elves, and all. I’ll keep this short- I do not hail from this land, though I am drawn here in search of my kin, the whereabouts of them at least. I seek a man named Maaz Vallero, a relative of mine by blood. It has been some time since I have heard from Maaz, years upon years- eventually our family insisted I come look for him in person, and so I am. If any person has genuine information about this man then I plea you write back to me posthaste, or leave a note below my own writing. I’ll be checking them over in the coming days. Your information will be repaid in some form, whether it be minae, labor, or some other compromise.” - Zahal Vallero A final sketch is left upon the notice, presumably the writer.
  12. Skylez1

    Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes

    With the dissolution of Lotharignia the Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes will follow suit for varying reasons. - Adrian Richter, former member of Lorraine’s Privy Council --- This thread can be archived by an FM
  13. Skylez1

    Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes

    Adrian purses his lips, eventually deciding to pen a letter in response. "Come by Belcrest to be screened, do know this is primarily a human region." - Adrian Richter, Arcane Overseer Scratching his head from the note he'd eventually take up stationery, penning a reply. "Stop by Belcrest in order to be screened." - Adrian Richter, Arcane Overseer
  14. Skylez1

    [Denied][W] Treshure's Game Moderator Application

    Just don't get burnt out by doing both ET and GM, manage your time. I think you would do great, pretty approachable guy that seems to take the initiative.