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  1. What RP have you had the most fun with on the server? Soldier, smith rp, etc etc, you get the idea. Group you enjoyed the most on the server? Why did you and Jentos decide to try and write werewolf lore, especially considering the bad rep it has from the last iteration of “”werewolves.””
  2. Any human-based groups/guilds/etc worth looking into? Taking a peep.

    1. Hanrahan


      Tons! Mages, Army, Senate, Government, Merchants! Come by Helena and inquire!

    2. Salty


      heard the azdrazi are doing good rn

  3. Hopefully it won’t end up in the hands of *sniff sniff *pees on your shoe druids like last time. Very neat lore, love the darker themes and the twisted devotion to God.
  4. I like this. Pretty faithful to my original work, but adds some much needed clarifications and a few neat things here and there.
  5. Nice work on the skins btw. However I think this has a very, very big chance at just becoming what morghuuls became towards the end of the last gen of Necromancy. They were pumped out like some assembly line and most necros had very little, if any standard when it came to who played them. With something like this there isn’t any gate for entry which means everyone and anyone could play one. Devalues the meaning of being undead a fair bit when they are commonplace and will inevitably be accepted in some descendant-based communities.
  6. i did not ask for these discord photographs you’re sending me.

    1. Sonnenrad


      I have not sent you anything, you vile serpent.

  7. 8 ******* years, wow Biggest IC accomplishment? Anything you regret not doing on the server? Missed opportunity, etc. What keeps you here, aka what drives you on to continue contributing/being staff on the server.
  8. Missive on Phantoms ♬ ♪ ♫ ♪ ((Credit to GW2)) [!] A few of these missives are spread about varying settlements within Arcas, however not enough to be present in all. Each carries some minor nuances in its writing, as if they were all handwritten. --+-- Hail. I write this as a warning, hopefully I can make up for some of my recent shortcomings and prevent the shedding of innocent blood. In short, phantoms such as gravens and ghosts are out in the wilds, unhindered and uncontrolled. They number a few dozen, roughly. These are not mindless necromantic reanimations, phantoms are capable of thought, of reason, and subsequently, unreason. With the powers vested in me I had tried to keep them in check, however my tutelage was incomplete and the foundation that tended to these undead was destroyed years ago by turncoats. Overtime my phantasma grew restless and rebellious, a number of their own fell in battle when they aided me to repel barbarians from the far north - perhaps that is when they began to question me. Last Saint’s week I had met with an old compatriot of mine. During our exchange we were ambushed by a handful of my phantasma. If not for the aid of my comrade, I would have likely been enslaved and forced to make more phantoms, or outright killed. I returned to my stead to find the rest of them gone. Currently, their goals and motives are unknown. I know they wish for my death, though I am not sure who else they are willing to harm. I am beginning to get a small group together in hopes of putting down these phantoms before they can cause genuine trouble or grief. ((Credit to Jake Bullock)) No man or woman can truly control the likes of demonkin or undead, many have tried in the past, and many will try in the future. Do not let others convince you otherwise. Keep your gold close, Burn those with a tainted mind, GOD preserve. OOC: Small eventline to come soon, working with an ET based on encounters that happened IRP. More details soon.
  9. Pathfinder Act II: Hellfire and Brimstone ♬ ♪ ♫ ♪ ((Credit to David Chodrishvili)) The shunter struggled to get his breath as he braced on a knee, wobbling as coughs and airy rasps rattled through him. The incantation worked, without a doubt, there he was, a stranger in a strange world. After the aged mechanic collected himself, he looked out to survey the foreign, fiery landscape. He was on a rocky plateau, charred and withered trees dotted the scene, along with ruined structures; he believed a settlement of some sort lingered not to far from his plateau, or rather the remnants of one. Realization soon came to the foreigner: the foul winged beasts that he could barely spot in the far distance, the faint, malformed figures on the hillsides, the hellscape he found himself in, it was all cruel irony. For a man so once involved with the occult, to now be sent to this twisted realm. An unintentional laugh left him at this, perhaps to cope with the unsettling fate that was placed upon him. A hand reached around for the modified slurbow on his back, surveying the mechanism briefly as he took to a stand. Breathing in harshly he set out in an unhurried, yet cautious pace, visored view trailing from left and then right in a gradual search. Soon he descended down the plateau, shifting and weaving down the incline that led towards the ruined place. As he neared he could make out the nature of the crumbled buildings, human architecture it appeared. How odd, he thought, to have a hamlet here of all places, in a malign realm of demonkind: Inferni. “Raku kalkoth!” The shouted words forced him to veer. A vile, black tongue that he vaguely remembered, yet caused him to grimace regardless. Not even seconds later and more pursuers announced themselves; the twisted barks and loud snarls of what he presumed to be zekul, lesser demonkin. He pulled aside, hunkering against what was once a cobbled wall. A hand fell to the side of his slurbow, grunting as he pulled back the small goat’s foot mechanism to pull the cord back within the barrel. A drawn bolt was quickly chambered, one without fletchings. The dreaded sounds of slurred Ilzakarn and feverish canines only closed in, reaching within a pouch at his side, a handful of caltrops were chucked where he believed his hunters would round the corner to meet him. “Nirhk kalkoth kaaga!” ((Credit to Vladyslava)) He tenses at the spouted dialect, even if he did not fully understand whatever the hunter yelled. Kaevryn caught a glimpse of one of his pursuers, a dog-like thing with a charred hide and jagged bony protrusions along its body. It’s snout was dug in the ground near another destroyed building, no doubt trying to continue on his trail, the hunted presumed. The marksman shifts, propping the barrel against the ruined cobble. With a swift depression the bolt shoots off, digging hard into the inferni’s outstretched neck. It howls out before falling onto the charred ground with a whimper, black fluid flowing in the place of lifeblood. He dips back, already at work reloading the slurbow, gradually yielding back the lever that guided the cord within. “DIIZM!” A new cacophony of alarmed barks and black tongue erupt. Another four-legged zakul charges on as the machinist reloaded, rounding the corner before it came tumbling onto the ruined brickwork below, having rushed right into the caltrops laid earlier. It let out a short series of pained snarls and growls, though silenced as a sole came crashing down upon its skull, finishing off the impaired hound. Deeming his position compromised, he pushes on from there, sprinting for another ruined alcove to obscure himself as he pushes another bolt in the barrel. The third demon-hound caught up in little time as the man pressed for cover, leaping over the ruined wall where he was once posted. A set of twisted teeth clamp down upon a boot, right at the lower calf. They prick at his skin underneath, staggering to a knee. His own teeth grit, the hound’s maw violently shaking to and from as the beast tried to wrangle the heavier man. Shakily, a hatchet was ripped from its holder as he awkwardly twisted to get a better view on the zakul. A wild swing was sent out for the thing’s head, connecting. With a throaty whine it fell aside, letting free its foreign quarry. As quickly as he came to, the loaded slurbow discharged, lodging its bolt within the cranium of the dazed hellhound. With a slight limp he pulled himself into cover, back pressed against the blackened stones that once made a home’s foundation. A hand went for the loader as the times before, even despite the clatter of heavy footfalls against the ground beyond. ((Credit to Isaac Belt)) A Zar’ei crashed into the crude wall, flinging cobble, debris, and Kaevryn aside. The one who corralled the hounds. He felt for the ground in his throbbing daze, disarmed of his slurbow. A deep bout of laughter emitted from the olog-sized demonspawn, as it seemed to simply watch the discombobulated foreigner scramble upon the ground. He managed to hoist himself up, spying his shooter a brief sprint away. Even still the horned Zar’ei just spectated as the man did so. It did not seem to move a muscle until the moment the weapon was within the invader’s hands. The hunter broke into a sprint, chasing after the armed man with its oversized polearm in tow. Sweat rolled down his face as he fumbled with the lever, jerking it back and forth, jammed from the earlier collison. Luckily, the demon missed his swipe, carving into the ground nearby right after the engineer flung himself aside to avoid the swing. Finally he yielded back the lever, the cord finding its grove with the distinct click. He looked up, trying to keep sight on the fiendish pursuer. It was turning back, closing the distance between the two in hurried strides rather than a full on charge. A shaky hand felt for another bolt, twitching as he slotted it into the chamber and lined the stock up to take aim. The projectile hit center mass, though it did not halt the Zar’ei in its tracks. A maddened houndmaster swung out, smashing the flat of his polearm into the side of his quarry. His vision blurred after colliding into a destroyed foundation, sluggishly keeping sight on the encroaching demonspawn. A crude chain was pulled from it’s waist, and only an incoherent word was given instead of finishing off the foreign invader. “Vorhz” His vision gave way. End of Act II, Act III coming soon. Act I:
  10. ={ OOC }= MC NAME: Skylez1 DISCORD: Skylez#7187 TIMEZONE: CST ={ RP }= NAME: Adelhardt of Endaen AGE: Old enough RACE: Human NOTABLE SKILLS: Veteran Reiter, joined in Calais, Axios. - Cavalryman in the Battle of Jornheim Fields. - Archer in the Battle of the Bloody Road. - Cavalryman in the Battle of Rochdale. - Breacher in the Siege of Vjorhelm. - Two excursions into the damned city of Mordskov, along with the Manticore initiative.
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  12. Name: Siegwald Belfroy IGN: Skylez1 Discord: Skylez#7187 Age: 25 Position of interest: Scribe
  13. Name: Siegwald Race: Human Gender: Male Intent on joining (Temporary/Full time): Full time If temporary, how long do you intend to stay?: N/A If full time, do you agree to taking on all aspects of the monastic life? Yes, I do. Do you agree to follow the rules of the Monastery? Failure to do so will result in immediate eviction. Of course, they will be followed.
  14. First. We need to hang out more often. I’ll be dropping by come November-ish when my leave hits. See you on Discord until then.
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