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  1. Bls no spawn tavern
  2. Claimed. PM me on skype.
  3. Yeah
  4. I will make them all kin. In all seriousness, a mage is already weak in comparison to a warrior; sure a fighter might get absolutely wiped in an RP fight that requires physical force, but that's also because Jimmy the mage might be more competent than the other fighter and do the right parry at the right time. Let's talk about something that generates a lot of salt: Mages wearing plate armor. It ain't heavy, if inbred frail kings could wear it off horse back, then a mage can definitely wear it. ((But mages wearing overly cumbersome things (IE plate armor with thick chainmail underneath it and then a boatload of padding), wielding thick claymores and other stupid weapons is absurd, and is PG, unless there is a good RP reasoning behind it.))
  5. Avenel makes a face. "Alright."
  6. Avenel, in the distance, lifts a fist- still bitter about the decimation of his kin, Savoy. "For Ashford. May the sun smile on Philip."
  7. "I'll give you a pixie in a jar."
  8. Avenel looks to his dear friend Chef Flomp @HB_. "Your spicy meatballs will always win."
  9. "Wrong one." Avenel mutters.
  10. Sorry, should I do a ritual near you or make a DK/drain some blood?
  11. Yes. This graven will return to the living within six IRL days; feel free to review this application now, or wait until six days to review.
  12. A lone wanderer forgot the mechanics of this world, only to have it recalled by the Marshal and his group of men.