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  1. I don't think the infinite void gem makes much sense. Once the node goes poof, there's that infinite potential. Perhaps you could work around that and make the crystals found within hollows (perhaps found in large formations or on the Galvanized) simply more potent for mana gems? Just a thought.
  2. what do you think of me in all honesty what are your thoughts on the azdrazi what do you think about my howl's moving castle artifact what do you think about me writing up artifacts do you think i write lore to give myself power
  3. As a druid that practices Herblore, I am loving it! Really gets that druidic botanist feel going on. Kudos, fam.
  4. The fellow looks away after that, "Wrong guy. Damn. These ***** men scare me though."
  5. A fellow scratches his head. "What has become of my dear Caius?"
  6. An artificer, once he acquired the letter, would accompany Roland on his trip, turning his masked gaze to and from. "Memory lane, is it? Remember when this swamp was infested with massive insectoids?" More than likely a plated warrior would be given the directive to accompany ( @skylez1 )
  7. Yeah, I gave him a talking to. He's good for it
  8. Accepted.
  9. After aoke discussion, the artifact has been approved.
  10. @Vezzin Pending. Please edit the magnification, perhaps that magnifies akin to a spyglass or less than that.
  11. Pending. Please use proper Artifact format.
  12. Pending. Please make the following change: I) Define the range of its corruption and divine aura. @charlies_grimlie
  13. Denied.
  14. Artifact denied. Little has changed from the previous, you are still under blacklist, and the character is supposedly unable to make deific artifacts. P.S. Don't shoot the messenger.