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    Yeah he got it forced down his throat
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  5. hell yeah bro. im down to pvp in an event again if niggas wanna call pvp on an event creature
  6. Current Username: Niv_Mizzet, also known as Cucked_LM Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): Bokratzia #8909 Timezone(s) you mainly play: Eastern Standard. The best time, the Shake Shack time. What group/nation do you consider to be your main? None. I am a free spirit that goes everywhere but I frequent Haense and Vrakai the most. Have you held a staff position before? Yeah. I was an ET actor in the golden days and was a manager as well. Do you currently hold a staff position? Yeah. Me Grug. Grug LM. Do you plan on applying for other staff positions? I don't want to kill myself like that, sorry. Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason? Surprisingly no. What style of events do you feel you enjoy creating? (Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Quests, Dungeons, etc.) I'm all over the board, if I'm honest. I personally enjoy dungeons, exploration, and High Fantasy with big elements on Grimdark. List three factors you feel play a part in a quality event and expand upon them. - Adaptability Look, as an ET, the actor should always keep in mind what the player wants to do, and sometimes the player will want to go a completely different path. It is there where the ET's ability to work with what the player wants to do shines. This role is to entertain players for the most part, and by being able to actively work with players, it not only shows that the ET can improvise and can be fairly creative, but it also allows for more player enjoyment, as the ET won't try to block out what they're doing so long as it is within reason. - Coherency Really self explanatory, an event that makes sense always vibes well for the player and will likely keep them engaged. Work on a finite story, if not make very vague points in a doc about how the story for an event arc should occur. - The ET enjoying themselves This one might come off as weird, but the ET needs to like what they're doing. If they absolutely hate the event, then it is likely they'll conduct it poorly, and make it difficult for players. Think of it like playing a table top game with a bored dungeon master. There won't be much in element of story; half-assed explanations, maybe the person just trying to kill characters, etc. Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate and why? None. I'm not trying to copy some dude. Provide three event scenarios, in total, of the style(s) you listed above: - The Artist's muse: This was an old event idea I had in mind, but effectively: + Artisan of [blank craft] is suffering from a burn out and needs something to spark his inspiration again. He wanders around, frequenting areas outside of cities to try to talk to travelers and the like. He tells them his tale and hopes to get bits and pieces of their own. + Perhaps a traveler will catch his interest, if so -- he will ask to follow them around, proclaiming that they will be his muse. For the meantime-- should the traveler(s) accept -- they will have the artisan at their side, and if they do something interesting, he'll show intrigue, otherwise he will depart. It is only when something exhilarating happens, be it exploration, fighting a beast, contests, or something of the like, the Artisan will find his inspiration again. + He will depart, and in an hour, he will return with something of his craft for the traveler(s), something to match the event which reignited his ambitions. - Civilization's incursion: A woods somewhere, brimming with wildlife and basic fae (sprites, willow wisps, etc). Iti s a beautiful place, with areas taken by some sort of arcane nature, as though those areas are where reality and magic are one. One can progress in the woods, and they will find the life becoming more and more twisted and polluted by some sort of infection (they look almost mechanical, with malformed tissue and growths on their body every so often); it will be very unlikely these things will attack unless aggressive or provoked. More than likely, some resources can be found as one moves further into the woods, though they will find that nature slowly thins out closer and closer to the center; there are pipeworks and forms of machinary -- signs of civilization, though covered by moss and vines. There will most likely be multiple incursions, but the user will keep on progressing. Perhaps, they will find people infected by the same biomechanical disease. Some will be deranged and attack the adventurers with macgyvered weapons; clubs, modified slings, etc. When approaching players, they likely want to keep them away from the center, or possibly hope that they can cure their infection via using them for some sort of alchemy. There will be other humanoids, more sane and the like. If asked, they will give handy bits and pieces of lore regarding the areas. When finally at the center, they will find only ruin, with cogs and machinery overgrown with roots and various plantlife and harmless fauna, arcane crystals and contraptions consumed by moss, and other such technologies suffering the same fate. Within, volatile horrors (alchemical, magical, and even infected people) and corrupted clockwork also roam; making incursion both challenging and rewarding. As sad as it might be to see something like this, the life inside the ruin seems to be well cared for by constructs. While moss covers the docile constructs, adventurers can try to scrape it away to find sigils of a long forgotten nation, and should they decide to follow some constructs, the players could possibly find homes of previous civilization, getting a glimpse of what life was like in this place; even finding some interesting baubles and trinkets. Adventurers ought to be careful however, for if they try to harm the wildlife or the remnants of buildings in the city, worn construct-knights, some magical, and others comprised of cogs and clockworks, will move to defend, as they were programmed to. There is no ill-will for the travelers, only duty and love for the poor civilization's fate. There will be smithies, workshops, and libraries along the way, even administrative buildings. From here, information can be gathered this city was highly advanced, using the minds of great scientists to comprise a city of Machineworks and Magic Obscura. Through reading and even looking at the various housings, it can be deduced that living in this place -- The Avant Cove -- was relatively alright. There was issues, naturally, some malfunctioning machines or raw arcane experiments, but over-all, it seemed relatively contained and beneficial for those that lived here. Sadly, there was a catch; due to some unforeseen circumstance, a mistake caused nature to be horrific on the outside of this city, corrupting life through strange means. How it happened can be explained for another time, but it seems that many were disgusted by what they created; abandoning the city to live mundane lives, without much of their advancements. Nature would take it over, and perhaps undo the wrongs they had made. Here, players can deduce that those pipeworks and small pieces of civilization outside likely made matters worse when the city was abandoned, perhaps polluting the area more as it was untended to, or barely tended to by the infected individuals. Traces of where people went will likely be left behind, which can allow for the event arc to continue; maybe even curing the forest and its inhabitants in the end, or possibly making matters worse. - An empire from beyond the sea: Various outposts can be spotted along the map's coast, or around various mines and vegetation. Closer inspection shows that these men look like commoners and soldiers of some foreign land. Scouts will also be around, and can be tracked down. Questioning and other means can provide information about these men being part of the military of another nation. This nation is in a horrible state, with their king maddened by quicksilver, and the land torn up of all its resources and hardly used; disease and famine are also prevalent, as though matters could not be worse. The militants only want to help the people they swore their oath to, though some take advantage of this plight, and even use their military ranking for devious means. Players can decide to help the militants. be it by seafaring, or through overthrowing the king and putting a rightful ruler in charge, seafaring to find a better island for the militants to settle on and make a better land; or conquer the militants and the kingdom. Why do you wish to become an ET Actor Member? Can't stop. I have the Event Bug, and helping out in Mordskov only made it worse. What strengths would you bring to the team? + Team Player, I'll always help my brothers out if I can. + Ideas man. I'll bounce things around. + Adaptive. Yeah, I'm sure you've heard this a thousand times, but I have adapted and worked with players in events, and Mordskov can prove it. Ask any of the ET I helped during that. What are your weaknesses? - I can get too invested in ideas. - I might not always do what a player wants, sometimes making simple requests into something elaborate and possibly more interesting? - I can be seen as too cruel in DM'ing; I punish stupidity and have very little tolerance for players who think "they deserve" something or should "win" because X. Events aren't about winning, they're about the experience. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future? I'm not a fortune teller, but I'm sure I can give this a fair amount of time.
  7. [CA] [Golem] VengefulLucifer

    Please state the weaknesses of a golem, as well as explain Red Core golems.
  8. [CA] [Golem] VengefulLucifer

    Who taught Jallel Fast-Core golems?
  9. [Graven][CA] Ajax Ironwood

  10. [CA] [Zar'ei]

  11. Poll: Bring nexus back

    cheeky *****
  12. The loss of rescue raids

    A rescue raid was conducted last map to save my skin, and it was pretty fun tbh. Removing Rescue raids both make no sense; fix the rules if theyre "too vague", flesh that out dawg