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  1. Name: David Bridgehelm Age: 30 Height: 1,90cm Weight: 90 kilos Hair color: Brown Picture of David: Lore: David grew up in Petrus with his parents, he wasn't from a rich family but he was loved from his father and mother. Eddard Oakshield, his father was a soldier in the Black Swan order and he was killed in battle. Isabella Oakshield, David's mother had to work two jobs so David and his brothers can grow up a normal life like the other children of their age. When David turned 18 he decided to join the same order as his father but unfortunately the order was disbanded. Thats when he decided to create his own military order which was called "The Rangers" and became a sworn man under lord Percival Staunton lord of Eastbourne. David was not the only child of David and Isabella, he had five little brothers who were jealous of David but after their mother's death they came very close to each other. But everything was about to change. Everything started when a little half-elf girl came to Eastbourne seeking for David, the little girl said that he was her father. David suddenly remembered his accident with a wood elf when he was drunk, 6 years ago. He agreed to rise her up. One day when David returned from his daily duties he found Elina, his daughter burning alive and he couldn't do anything to help her. He also saw that Elina was not alone in the house, a dark elf was there too. The dark elf knocked down David and made his way out from the city. When David woke up, he saw his half burnt daughter screaming, unable to help her he called for the local healer. The healer explained to David that his daughter was cursed and she would suffer from burns at least once per day. David had two options, given from the healer, either to mercy kill Elina so she wouldn't suffer anymore or let Elina to suffer more. He took the risk and let his daughter to live. Years went by and they were forced, alongside with the other inhabitans to set sail away from Athera to the new lands. When David and his family alongside with his order settled up in Vanaheim, home of the Vanirs, Arthur Oakshield, David's brother had lost his mind and attacked his other brother, Jack. Jack was heavily wounded and died from his wounds while Arthur was tortured for his acts. Both of the Oakshields fell dead at the same day, a big loss for the family and the order. Two months later his daughter Elina suffered again from burns but this time it was much more painful, David looked at Eddard Ironstorm his cousin and motioned him to follow. They talked about Elina and decided that it would be the best if they mercy kill Elina, but it would be hard to explain it to Elina herself. David went to his tent after that and talked with his daughter, she agreed with her faughter althought she wanted to live and grow up like every other girl. David drew his blade, kissed Elina on her cheek and both started to cry, when David told her to close her eyes, Eddard came in told to David to go outside and wait for him to come out because he knew that David couldn't live with that. A few minutes later David heard the swing of the blade on Elina's body, David fell to the ground, crying. A day later while he was making Elina's grave a banch of soldiers came seeking to find David's other brother named Tristan. He asked the reason and the answer was: "He has insulted the king and his life must be taken" David was shocked and in the end he said to them where they could find Tristan. Another Oakshield fell dead within 3 days and Tristan had destroyed the Oakshields' reputation, that's why David and Asher, the last two brothers have decided to change their name to Bridgehelm, forget the past and live the future. Now David Bridgehelm is a sergeant of the Vydrian Order, Vanaheim's military force trying to forget his past...
  2. "The Bridgehelm forging company & Co is now open for all your ferrum needs. David Bridgehelm a veteran in the art of Smithing is willing to supply guilds, military orders and any town watch for the kingdom of Oren for low prices. If you wish to send an order all you have to do is to visit the forge on Fjordham, in the duchy of Vanuheim or send a letter to David Bridgehelm ((Glocky18)). We are waiting for you to come and don't forget, we've low prices." *Posters like this would be all over Orenia*
  3. Application to join: (Username): Glocky18 (RP Name): David Oakshield (Skype Name): dimitris-prm (Reason for joining): To serve the good
  4. MC Name: DatGreekBoy Character Name: Gloin Character Age: 150 Profession (See above): Miner and Blacksmith Appearance: 1,40 Meters tall with a large brown full of wine or ale beard. Bloodline and relation to other clan members (Feel free to contact me for guidance): None An image of the skin you intend to use: http://prntscr.com/6f19j0 Skype Name (If you have it): dimitris-prm
  5. A Stranger would say as he would see at the poster "Oi time to meet some brothers!"
  6. "You spread out war propaganda now to gather more allies, but you... you know the true reason for this war. You always wanted this piece of land for yourself. May the Creator help the peacefull citizens of Vorroupolis at this propagandist war of yours." Demetrios says as he is training his soldiers and reforms more soldiers to fight under the true side.
  7. I was also told OOC'ly yesterday that they have abandoned the fort I would actually occupy it with the warclaim
  8. Invictus were informed already at the same day when the post was made they had plenty time to make their defences, a whole week also is a lot and we already had made the plans
  9. As he is reading Dunrid's words nods, saying "Aye my friend I will send a letter to you, your help will not be forgotten,
  10. Ulfric nods as he hears the words from Lucius himself "Lucius, your presence will boost the morale of the men!
  11. Draydon's county leader, lord Dain Hanover, with Baron Greyhame all sit at the main hall enjoying their meal along with the bannermen, then suddenly one of their spies arrives upon his horse. "My Lords, he said while at the same time he catches his breath. I have news about an old enemy of these lands, Invictus company is sharping their swords and cleaning their shields once more, against you my Lords. They might be mercenaries and having contracts but I heard no such thing of a contract against them my Lords." Dain Hanover looks Ulfric at the eye and Ulfric otherwise, then Ulfric Rises his voice towards the Bannermen and Lord Dain. "Men of Draydon County it seems the enemy is planning to attack us, but this time, Ulfric raises his voice louder, I say this time! We will make the first move and make sure this time those savages will end up with no lands! For lord Hanover!” Women and men started to sing war songs. Commander Jason Blade, a man of trustness started to train the bannermen and prepare them for the upcoming siege. Ulfric was honored to lead the assault and the rewards were told to be big and mighty. The blacksmiths started smithing swords and armour. The Craftsmen started to craft bows and arrows, the bannermen where finnaly ready for the assault. OOC: WARCLAIM Type of Battle Siege (Battle via Land) Time & Date Tuesday 30th (4pm est) Manpower Attackers: Hanovers+ Allies Defenders: Invictus+ Allies Location and Boundaries: At their castle called Kythera and around their town. ((Sorry for the color mistakes and line number, its my first warclaim, thanks. ALL ALLIES AND OF HANOVERS MEET UP AT KAROVIA ONE HOUR BEFORE THE BATTLE, THANKS!))
  12. RP: What is your name friend?: Ulfric Greyhame How old are you?: 23 What blood courses through your veins? (Race): Human What is your preferred weapon?: The Bow *If you are not a fighter then what position are you striving for?* What makes you desire to bear the Crimson Tabard?: Clean the Undeads from the Human lands What do you wish to achieve (Goals)?: Free the Human's lost forts from the Undead Tell me a little bit about yourself. (Character history): Ulfric Was born by Eraborn Greyhame and Ruby Roseblosome. He was kidnapped from his mother and one of her mothers, he does not know that, Eraborn decided not to say that because he would be physically harmed. For the first years he was a happy little boy untill his father with his new wife made a little girl who would be called Alice. Ulfric was jeallous at her because she had the most attention because it was the first lady at the house. Ulfric at the age of 17 Left his house and step mother, he said at the door as he opens it slowly. "Mother, Father... you might not give me the attention I needed but I will make myself a name, become a noble man and higher tittle than you Father". Then he left the house. Months later he found Oren or what ever is left from Oren... and entered the Crow Regiment. One day he noticed that a lot of people were holding forks and pitch forks, he knew it was a rebellion... He fought at that day but nothing changed, the city of Petrus has been given to Renatus and thats how Oren fell... He looked Petrus for a last time, like he was never going to see the city again. His uncle Faramith told him about the Winchester and their plans, he decided to follow the Winchesters and they rewarded him with high rewards for his efforts. But one day a new war came... the Invictusian War, a band of merre mercenaries who think they could beat a whole County. The war ended Winchesters had the most victories, but ever since the Winchesters are nowhere to find... The Hanovers took the leads of the county and the rest Winchester lands, their cousins. Ever since Ulfric is searching for his future wife who will be loyal to him and otherwise. How would you describe yourself?: Smart, a good fighter and a fine bowman If you are not a warrior then what position are you striving for? OOC: Minecraft Name: DatGreekBoy Skype?: you have it Do you have teamspeak?: yes Timezone: GMT How often are you online and when?: Most of the day Is this character your main character?: Yes
  13. "Long Live Amoss" A voice would talk then stop talking fast...*
  14. Name: Eraborn Greyhame Race: Human/Highlander Age: 41 Title: - Prefered Role (E.g: Soldier, Builder, Farmer. ECT...) : Soldier Prefered Weapon: Sword/Bow City/Area Of Residence: Anywhere
  15. Poster: ((MC NAME)): DatGreekBoy ((Skype or teamspeak or both)): dimitris-prm Name: Ulfric Greyhame Age: 17 Reason for signing up: Wanted the experience of a Merc Weapon of choice: Sword Previous combat experience: Spar training as a Crow member Other Professions (A.E. Baking, Smithing, ect...): Wood cutter Any Questions:
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