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  1. I'm back! I apologize for my inactive days, But both Forrester and my ole' little hobbit is back! I had a moving crisis and with the Papal Visit to Philly  (for which I moved right by). I've returned in time to see the Civil War end and all! I also got a Thumbs up from the pope on City Avenue.

    #PopeisDope #PopeinPhilly #LOTCreturnal

  2. Anybody a decent shader/skin creator who is mastered in the new ways (1.8). I'm ineed of a skin for George Forrester who is aging, I need to make the squire before he is old. Please soemone out there, I'll pay you and even make a poem for you.

  3. Working on about Two poems, One for Olivier de Savoie and one to remember Dorian. There is one more spot left, if anyone wants a FREE poem, after that I'm Done. I was thinking of setting up a shop, for which I make poems for people (about their characters)

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    2. Eetswa
    3. Halsi


      Writing a poem about Olivier's sister, Camile would be pretty gr8.

    4. Jonificus


      Writing a poem about the self proclaimed merchant king? :^)

  4. This morning, I was seaking adventure for Gerold. I walked all the way to Felsen from Goodborough. The Halflings of Goodborough told me it was a stupid idea, to go on adventures. Nearly almost became a Orc's dinner. What I learned from this? F*ck adventures.

    1. MetaSolaray


      Are the halflings still at Goodbourough for the time being?

    2. Morinehtar


      Yes, till they are either forced out, or when the staff found them a suitable location.

  5. Just finished reading 'To Kill a Mockingbird' great book! I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in law. There is of course racial slurs within' the book due to it taking place in 1930.

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    2. mitto


      Read an inspector calls, it is actually a play but you can buy it as a book. It really does have a strong political, historical and moral impact it makes you think

    3. Morinehtar


      Going to read it as soon as I can, happy to see a sequel! Of course I feel bad for all those people who read it in 1960, never got to know what happened after the ending!

    4. TavernLich


      Ah… I read that just before summer. Neat book, well written :)

  6. Crap is going down, Pull out your lawn chairs and get your popcorn. We are in it for a show!
  7. Im blind! Im deaf! I wanna be a ref!

  8. People tell me that George Forrester is a copy off of GOT, but nay, he isn't. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clan_Forrester

    1. Morinehtar


      George is Richard, just a name change. I never started Richard and I want to start the path of Chivalry.

    2. Heff
    3. -♣- Ƙindled -♣-

      -♣- Ƙindled -♣-

      "Blaw, Hunter, Blaw Thy Horn" I do hope they mean the type of horn I'm thinking of.

  9. What culture is 'Heartlander' based off of? (Real life culture)

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    2. Morinehtar


      I'm asking for a Name Generator, that someone could link me to, for a character's name.

    3. AGiantPie


      Heartlander is primarily English and French medieval culture I'd say.

    4. Guy d'Yood of Mann

      Guy d'Yood of Mann

      What Constantine said. Kinda... Norman, I guess. Cliché meshy mediyvul.

  10. I just upgraded to Windows 10, liking it so far.

    1. KoTo


      its pretty good

  11. Instead of the Duke's war, why not The War of the Three Lords. Savoie ; Vanir ; Sakerzoic (Shrekt that so badly)

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    2. Privet


      as that one guy said, 'war for/of the sun throne'

    3. leave me alone

      leave me alone

      war of dank memes

    4. Ser Paul Ryan

      Ser Paul Ryan

      2016 shitstorm of nations

  12. Papers, scatter Richard's desk, but the font of the poster catches his Eyes. Gripping the poster, with both hands he begins to read "...Giant Squid." He mutters to himself as his eyes follow downward the poster. With his left hand he begins to burn the paper on his candle sighing, "If only.." For a war, was on his mind.
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