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  1. See ya dad :/
  2. Denied.
  3. Denied.
  4. Denied.
  5. Denied.
  6. hhhhmmmmmmmmm....
  7. ;(
  8. On the application team, Jandy does tremendous work reaching out to new players and completing a big portion of the whitelist applications. I believe Jandy has the work ethic to do well on the FM team, and is a nice enough dude to get along with our tight knit group.
  9. Johanne signs.
  10. What up
  11. Huh it's my buddy drazker of kandarin! It is i, leslie of burthorpe! Let's be alljes
  12. Jandy is an impressive member of the AT that I am proud to work alongside. He does an enormous amount of work, and tries very hard to integrate new players into the server restlessly every day. He would be a wonderful and unique addition to this team!
  13. HB, and even you, Tirenas, both have interpreted the situations regarding myself incorrectly, and saw it through a standpoint that didn't disclose the full details. Jaeden, I'll message you or Sky later.
  14. Yes I will let you know.