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  1. The Dragur library is a lovely idea but it needs activity, my character would die for the chance to work there and tend to the books. It simply needs active people that are willing to dedicate their time to it. - Some Qalibrarian
  2. Of course the “average necromancer” have moral conflicts. Few dark arts user kills blindly, some might not hurt children, some might not hurt elderly people and so on. I would seem that you have an issue with magic and their users in general, am I right to assume so? Holy versus Unholy magic is the bane of roleplay you say, what would be the next move onto something better and what would that be?
  3. Judging by your response it is most likely just what you think. Just the other day there were blood magic student applications being posted, Dark Shamanism is active. Perhaps not visible to you but it is there. The Paladin-Ascended ordeal was as I saw it a concoction consisting of some moderators and their friends which was the Paladins who competed with Ascended and Clerics. The Paladins did a lot to push both Ascended and Clerics to try and put them out of being relevant as by the time there were three “Holy” communities. The Paladins were more in the loop, (Known players, staff members) which gave them the upper hand to show off their work. You forth your emotional opinion and it’s like saying “The server is dead because I can’t find any roleplay” when in fact you perhaps need to widen your perception a little bit. This is further cemented by calling Clerics for SJW Clerics, elaborate?
  4. Where can you based on evidence tell me where “evil” have been shelved? Evil still exist.
  5. I do not share your opinion that they have served their purpose because there doesn’t need to be a server wide purpose. I am not angered at all, this is only a debate and no reason to get stirred up. Your reasons for not wanting Ascended is based on your own personal negative encounters with this group but that doesn’t mean the concept is bad which the topic is about and not the players playing them. An example would be my experience with this group have been positive but it is still just my experience, doesn’t correlate to the post objectively. The old way the recruitment used to work was good because it took time, it took effort and produced a qualitative player composition in which I enjoyed within this group. I will not deny that it has lost it’s touch however, they might need some work.
  6. Well, it would not be evil per action but more evil of soul. A perverted soul, Fjarriagua, Shade and so on, does that give clarity of my personal definition? I do find this odd, but surely an agenda behind the request.
  7. The Ascended may have served their time in regards to your view. Their goal was to be the counterpart of Iblees and Evil. Now they provide roleplay for people with a different approach, the recruiting process is quite exciting, their magic is exciting and it brings diversity which is good. There doesn’t need to be a “greater meaning” to things with everything, with that view then a lot of things could just be removed. If the lore is bad or perhaps the magic overpowered then yes, changes could be made but to simply raise your voice and say they “Served their time” offers nothing but negative feedback and not a rather productive opinion in whether or not this should exit. Only based on emotion. Underlined section is worrying, I do believe that the Ascended could possibly take a few steps back, back when it was about a community working to protect men and women from evil. I am under the impression that this is no longer true and that defining evil for an Ascended has become a purely philosophical question based on persona and not whether the persona in question is evil.
  8. Because it takes away the exclusiveness of the magic if it's flooded to begin with hence why it's guild locked unlike common mage magic. There is not a HARD cap but there is a cap on what people FEEL is enough. People want their magic to be exclusive, while there are issues with that which is another topic it is very much a legit concern. So yes..it does stop groups from recruiting when you got inactive people cause all of a sudden if they come back you got more than the desired amount of members.
  9. No because they still holds the powers and their actions speaks for the entirely of the group? It also stops you from recruiting new so that you don't flood the magic. But hey ignoring people surely works, kappa.
  10. Cause for reasons state already by OP it brings the rest of them down.
  11. Things have changed since that post so it's not accurate. Much like a shade and necromancer a witch doesn't blend with the public, you've been at the wrong places. We're in fact highly active in many places right now, but any villainous acts are obviously done out of the public. You've and many others got to stop expecting witches to act some sort of antagonist which we certainly isn't. I could say the same about you, I've not come across you from what I can remember. Everything is situational here.
  12. That means we are successfully hiding then. What is it you expect exactly? That we waltz into Felsen undisguised..?
  13. Witches are not inactive and frankly got plenty of activity, just because you obviously do not see our deeds public doesn't mean we are inactive. We recruit through someone asking OOCly to let us know they are interested yes, that is what pretty much every dark art does for many reasons. All for this, a good ET creature.
  14. Keep them non player based and remove the existing ones.
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