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    Curonia Prints , Seventh Edition

    Atandt Irongrinder, the author of the OLDEST and HIGHEST RATED newspaper nods in agreement with Daisy.
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    DNN #11

    Edition #11 Dye and Wool Prices Rise Dwedmar around the realm of Arcas have mysteriously started stockpiling not only orange and gray dye but also wool. DNN investigators looked around and interviewed a few different dwarves about why they would stockpile these objects. The investigators discovered that wool prices increased by half a mina in some stores and a full mina in others. The mysterious reason as to why these items have increased in price may never be found out. Just know that the price has increased in the realms of the dwedmar when you go to visit there. Grandaxe and Metalfist Merge The dwarven clans of Grandaxe and Metalfist have merged together. The smaller Metalfist clan under the leadership of the Marshal, Gimli ‘Gimler’ Metalfist, will take on the Grandaxe name. It is uncertain whether the Metalfist clan will receive full membership or beardling status within the Grandaxe’s. This will only help both the Metalfists and Grandaxe’s as it brings unity and prosperity. Urguan Returns It is not a shock to any human, orc, elf, or even dwarf that the mighty realm of Urguan has returned to the realm. In a not shocking announcement his majesty, King Fimlin Grandaxe, has announced that Urguan has returned. Although, the one shock to the people of Arcas was that King Fimlin Grandaxe announced that the new name of the nation would become the Underrealms of Urguan and that the Kingdom of Agnarum would go under it. Majority of the dwedmar had expected the announcement to be the return of the fifth or sixth Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Some dwedmar had a problem with the name Underrealms of Urguan, as they claimed it was stupid. Other dwedmar had stated to DNN that the appreciated the change in name. All dwarves that DNN interviewed said that they were happy the Urguan returned. Sponsors Zahrer ‘The Merciful’ Irongrinder, The Snow Elven Patron God of Unreasonable Warmongering, Former Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and Hero of the Dwarven People, Most Merciful of Dwedmar, Arbiter of the Age of Industry, Sky-Dwarf, CEO of a business that has not been announced yet.
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    A Map of Arcas

    this is really cool, you did a really nice job m8
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    DNN #10

    Edition #10 Old Dwed Celebrates City Opening Legendary dwarf, Kalgrimmor, celebrates the opening of Kal’Varoth. For Kalgrimmor, the opening of the city meant a lot to him. In the recent stone years, he has recently started turning to a different color and no longer feels as well as he did in the past. Kal’Varoth is the capital of the Kingdom of Agnarum and was constructed and designed by the best team of dwarven architects and engineers. Dwarven Tavern Controversy Local dwarves and citizens of the Kingdom of Agnarum have started making their voices heard about the pressing issue at hand. The pressing issue raised is that the new tavern, The Bearded Lady, is not named the Dancing Igor. For many generations and many years in dwarven history it has been tradition to name the tavern of the dwarven capital, The Dancing Igor. However, in the new capital of the Kingdom of Agnarum the tradition has been broken. Some citizens have started petitions to change the name but not much is expected and Grand King Fimlin Grandaxe has expressed that he doesn't care that much about the name of the tavern. The honor of naming the local tavern after dwarven and legend, Paragon Igor Ireheart, has been broken for now. Dwarven Economy on the Rise The economy of the Kingdom of Agnarum has skyrocketed recently in the past few days. Many of the previously empty stalls have now seen new occupants take over. Fimlin Grandaxe has expressed that he is happy about this and also would like to state that there are still stalls available and people and interested entrepreneurs should come talk to him as soon as possible. Sponsors Dr Beard - Refreshing and Delicious drink brewed by the best of dwarves. At&T Root Beer - A great and beloved drink brewed by dwarves. Darek Hammerfist - Legendary dwarf and former King of Ord, former farmer also but was one of the worst farmers ever to exist.
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    The End of The ET & The New Team System

    I can’t wait for all of these new teams to eventually fail.
  6. gandalfo

    HoI4 LotC Mod?

    i think hoi4 is actually the best paradox game to do this with as it has national focuses. i would totally play the mod if you made it. @Papa Liam do it dad plz
  7. the only elf nation next map is the snelf nation. 

  8. if the orcs get free land then everyone should

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      The moment that the staff started giving out land based on activity instead of based on races is the moment that the server’s attitude towards roleplay shifted from a qualitative focus to a quantitative focus. Groups that recruit like mad to meet activity quotas are now favored over calmer groups who only roleplay for roleplay’s sake.


      The issue is no longer whether the RP is any good, but whether there’s a lot of it or not. Many people type out massive emotes to extend the length of roleplay, yet very rarely add anything interesting enough to justify such length. People will stand around for hours waiting for RP to come to them in their own settlement (pushing them closer to activity quotas), yet rarely journey outwards to find RP in other’s settlements. Etc.

    2. Lirro


      They were always going to cave. It was only a matter of time

    3. TheNanMan2000


      If a main, staple race of the server with around 7-8 years of history since the server’s founding gets a plot of land, every single person and group should also, despite age or relatively to the server as whole


      Sarcasm by the way ^


  9. gandalfo

    The Atraedean Response

    Atandt ‘the Honorable’ Irongrinder states “I do nothing asides for the glory of the great leader ZAHRER IRONGRINDER the MERCIFUL. You can blame some elf for me chopping your kings head off but I would’ve done it again if I had the chance. Also not kingslayers. just kingslayer.”
  10. So we have so many broken systems on LoTC yet the most important change is to make Global Moderators again and you don’t get to choose what team you apply to anymore? really?

    1. Rickson


      Not being able to apply to a team just feels like a wrong decision.

      It’s literally the sketch from the first 5 minutes of I.T Crowd.


      Sure you get to decide what role you want IF your application is accepted, but the difference between say a GM and ET Builder are completely different and should have suitably varying application processes. Also, if community feedback on someones staff position is really valued as much as the admins say, then this change goes completely against that as the community have no clue what role someone might go into.

  11. gandalfo

    The World Timeline [ET Story]

    unwillingly definitely states it best. also a player event imo is something like a festival or maybe even a hunting trip i’m not sure if you actually mean to try and do this or not because you put it in creative writing
  12. gandalfo

    Clan Hartgarde

    @gamingfishtv looks cool, rp what you want man and don’t let others drag you down
  13. all i want for christmas is a grand kingdom of urguan plz

  14. Forum Name gandalfo https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/66790-gandalfo/ Username Urguan Warning Reason https://gyazo.com/aa1bfcb03fd4dee865783568d76269c6 This warning came as a shock, honestly. The warning claims I was verbally warned not to post on threads that I was not suppose to but I had received no verbal warning, no message on discord about these events, nor had I been contacted in-game. This is not trying however to take off any wrongness that I did to receive the warning. I targeted a member of the GM team who I believed to have done something wrong, I went about everything at that time the wrong way, and I was punished for it. Why do you believe your warning should be removed? I believe this warning point should be removed as I truly believe that I have learned my lesson and that I have changed since the the events that lead up to this warning point. I believe that I can continue on with the good behavior and attitude that if this warning point is removed.
  15. gandalfo

    It was good.

  16. gandalfo


    sorry to hear m8, stay strong.
  17. gandalfo

    On Imperial Godhood

    a dwarf named atandt says “maybe i should become the emperor of man, my great great great grand uncle was Horen himself”
  18. gandalfo

    Ulhart's Oddities Now Selling a Bunch of Crap!

    “oh so thats the a**hole that stole my stuff” atandt says.
  19. gandalfo

    Grudges Settled

    “LADEDADEDA DEATH TO ULRAH!!! WE’VE WON!!!” atandt screams in excitement
  20. ladedadeda, death to ulrah

  21. charles the bald did nothing wrong, you can’t change my mind.

  22. if you lie about your age to join a mineman roleplaying server, what else can’t we trust you with?