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    The Centrist Party of Holm

    "Who are these people?" Atandt says confused "I haven't seen them in Holm at all"
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    DNN #8

    Edition #8 Consul vows to reform doorways after bumping his head! The Reformist Consul, Caius Roswell-Rubens, has vowed to bring up a amendment that all doorways must be a minimum of 10 feet tall. This happened after the Reformist Consul hit his head on a doorway that was only 6 feet tall. Many people were shocked of such a drastic change to a dwarven built city. We contacted DUP spokesperson, Chief Magistrate Zahrer Irongrinder, who stated ‘Most folks are only six feet tall. I don’t see a reason to increase all doorways to ten feet tall.’ Fake News Runs Rampant In Holm! The DNN wishes for all Holmite readers to be aware of the rampant fake news that has been spreading around! The DNN was made the ‘Official’ news network of the Holmite state. The publisher of the DNN went on a break and then the fake news network that calls themself a competitor to the DNN has decided to run rampant with even more fake news. In the most recent act of it, the fake news network reported that 25,000 people had voted for the candidate for the position of Consul, Caius Roswell-Rubens. The DNN reports that infact, less then 250 senators had shown up. The DNN advises all people interested in Holm to only read the DNN, Holm's number one news source! DUP becomes HFP Following some arousing comments from patriot, Zahrer Irongrinder, the DUP was shook to the core and immediately underwent drastic internal reorganization. After a lengthy meeting of party leadership the decision was made to rename the party as a whole to the Holm First Party with the sentiment that the Dwarven United Party felt too xenophobic where the party was simply named to reflect how members themselves originally started as a dwarven majority. This move shocks many as it seems like the first step in proving just how important to them a multi-racial system is. After a brief interview with Chairman Atandt Irongrinder, the newly renamed Holm First Party highlighted their dedication to improving life for Holm citizens, expanding military defense, expanding financial opportunity for ordinary citizens, and upholding the neutrality that Holm was founded on.
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    “A brot’a ‘as been slain!”

    "'ow maneh moar uf us need t' die? Dis conflict can nae continue for longer until weh all die." Atandt says to his friend Darek.
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    HOLM HERALD [03] Election Results in Adria, Holm

    "12,000 votes? There was hardly 25 people that voted!" Atandt yells out.
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    Mcname(s): MCPancakes Why he/she is blacklisted: Providing poor villainy/ Condition of Unbanning. Conditions of blacklist (temporary, permanent, until appeal, etc.): 6 week blacklist, appealable in 3 weeks.
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    [✓] MCPancakes Ban Appeal

    Appeal accepted. Please remember that you will also be serving a villainy blacklist.
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    In with the New

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    Requesting Tile Negation

    This players questions have been answered and the situation resolved. Should you wish to have this reopened, please PM me your reasons why it should be so.
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    In need of Axios map download

    Hi, JBurg was the capital of Oren in Axios not Vailor. If your still looking for the Vailor map download though try this, I'm not sure if it works or not. EDIT: I couldn't find a map download of Axios on the forums anywhere but possibly somebody like Llir or 501 might be able to hook you up with it.
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    Through the Cold

    elrohir tundrak smiles at the news of his relatives return "I thought he would never return!"
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    what will you be putting on the map if multiple nations have the same area claimed? will some areas of the map be unclaimed or will you give it to the nearest nation? Also, what link are you talking about, I don't see one?
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    Raphael_Payne's World Developer Application

    I'd personally like to see some better non-texture packed pictures of your builds and from different angles. That is just me though.
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    Medvekoma's Lore Master Application

    You can privately message me on the forums or send me a PM on discord when you get around to looking at this application on why Medvekoma should not be added to a staff position. I know that this is already going to be quoted with some response such as 'You are apart of some dwarf clique' or something like 'you have fought against us'.
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    FM Update Log - July

    big change
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    AT Update Log- July

    good stuff
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    [Administration] Chalkalps Tile Merge

    I just went around to a couple different nations and looked at the regions. The one that your capital is set on is actually about the same size as others?
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    Soul Pillars

    major change
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    Runesmithing Revision - Proposing Alternatives

    runesmithing isn't race-locked and nor has it ever been race-locked. From what I've been told by several different runesmithing teachers, and the runesmithing lore holder, there is no 'dwarven' runes, there is a runesmithing language. I'm also 100% sure that the LT do NOT allow any aengul or daemon to have more then ONE deific magic.
  19. The actions of the Reformist Party are disgusting. This new constitution is disgusting. The slander coming from the Reformist Party towards members of the DUP is disgusting. It is sad that it has come to a time in this republics history where it comes to pushing your parties political agenda instead of what is actually right. This constitution is nothing more than treason and the author of it knows nothing of the actual place they live in. The author of the Constitution does not realize that the Despot is the Clan Father of the Ironguts. He attempts with this constitution to separate the Clan Father position from the Despot. The line of succession makes absolutely no sense in this constitution. The author clearly thought little of the proposed and then passed line of succession. The Reformist Party has constantly associated independent voters with the DUP. This is because the independent voters have voted against the Reformist Party. The Reformist Party has slandered the leadership of the DUP. The informal senate meeting was called to order by the Brigadier General Dimlin Irongut. Atandt Irongrinder is not able to call senate meetings because he is not a noble but the fliers going around have called him such and blamed him for the informal senate meeting. The Constitution has articles that only make it impossible to actually change it. The DUP is hereby filing a lawsuit against Caius Roswell-Rubens for slander against the party and Conspiracy to commit treason against the Consulary Republic of Holm. -DUP Leadership
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    A Tournament for the Ages!

    Name: Atandt IrongrinderAge: YoungAre you a patron or gladiator?: GladiatorWho is your patron/gladiator partner?: Dizzy IrongrinderIf you are a patron how much money are you betting on your gladiator?: Dizzy is placing 1,000 minas.
  21. IGN(s): GandalfDahWhite Age 16 Timezone CST Discord: gandalfo#0368 What map did you join during?: The Fringe Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? 2-5 Hours daily, although it really depends on the day. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: If so, for how long?: I’ve held the position of Forum Moderator twice, currently holding it for the second time. In my first tenure of Forum Moderator for about 3 ½ months, roughly about. My second tenure as Forum Moderator started roughly a month ago. In total I’ve been a Forum Moderator for about 4 ½ months. Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? I have modest experience in moderation. That moderate experience would be moderating the Lotc forums. I’ve also previous experience of moderation by being a Moderator and then an admin on a smaller server then LotC. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: For me, I wish to join the Game Moderation team because I wish to help the community further then I can already. I believe if I become Game Moderator, I can do exactly that, help out the server more then I can already. I believe that the I possess the ability to help moderate in game because of my experiences of a moderator. The main reason for me although as stated above, is that I believe I can help further than I can already. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: I have not applied for Game Moderator before. Anything else you want to tell us?: No.
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    "I thought the dominion already owned the land?" questions Atandt
  23. Will it go on sale soon? $60 is to much.
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