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  1. Format: RP Name: Mark Ezelsteen MC Username: Mark2282 Discord: Mark2282#7754 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Ruswick/Urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: I would like to explore the lands for two weeks. See what I missed. What Skills Can You Bring?: My character always carries food around, and isn't bad at archery.
  2. It's easy to slander someone as rapist but in Kleens case that's unjustified. The shown evidence is years old and looks like nothing more than meme rp. The ban period of three+ months was way over the top. The extra two weeks on top of that seem flawed.
  3. Im certainly no fan of Swifty but this ban doesn't make any sense. Either not all reasons for the ban were stated, or the ban was misjudged. Reading this post makes the ban look closer to a convenient way to get rid of a nuisance. To me this is proof that staff should take a look at the way bans are handled in lotc.
  4. Smiles as his eyes scan the document. He would then put an extra pouch of minae upon the table. "All are welcome to sit at the table and play cards, as long as they still carry minae to lose!"
  5. Resource pits are a wonderful thing but perhaps the CT should only contain basic resources. Other resources could be spread across the map and be camped by groups. This would make for interesting rp! Also, lotc is a better place without fast travel.
  6. Smiles as he signs the letter and puts down his pen "An unexpected party, but a welcome one to be sure. We will see how it works out!"
  7. Krugmas Preparations 'Twas the month before Krugmas, and all through the land, All of Arcas was cheering, things were going as planned! The walls were erected, the doors fastened tight, They knew that Ruswick would start preparing that night. The twang of a bowstring cut through the chill air, As a priest was repeating his bedtime prayer. The arrow hit and to the floor he was eased, That's the moment his possessions were seized. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of bandits danced around in their heads. The bandits assured them, they'd nothing to fear, It's Krugmas they said, presents are here! They gave presents to good and bad children alike, More presents were gathered hike after hike. Roads and cities would be safe for none, For Ruswicks Krugmas preparations had begun.
  8. Mark would rub his hands together as he laid his eyes upon the stacks of minae. He would then pick up the dice and hurl them over the table, praying for a victory. "Pity... Let's do another round!"
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