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  1. Happy birthday

  2. Why is your youtube channel down? I cant find your videos

  3. Thanks for everything Noz! Good luck in life
  4. mark ezelsteen moment

  5. A part of growing the player base in my settlement was guiding people there from ct. We would roleplay on our way and it was fun... for the first week. After some time the roleplay became more of a chore than a fun surprising experience. Even though the people and characters were different, the roleplay remained predictable and plain. One day this all changed. As I was guiding a greedy goblin, an elf and a dwarf out of ct towards Sutica, the elf started to scream. Up the road a band of mounted orcs appeared and came charging towards us. We tried to get away but were inevitably caught up with and halted. They demanded our items and the dwarf as sacrifice. After minutes of civil conversation we ended up fighting and then scattered, barely making it out alive as we did (they got the dwarf though). Everyone was filled with excitement as we entered our settlement! The following days consisted of enjoyable cat and mouse games between my group of new players and the orc bandits attempting to catch us. Sometimes we would win and sometimes we would lose but having those bandits on the road was what made lotc enjoyable to me. conflict roleplay makes lotc a better server and should not be killed off through even stricter rules.
  6. MC Name: Mark2282 Character Name: Mark Ireheart Character Age: 60 Appearance: Ginger hair and green eyes Bloodline - Feel free to contact Utak (Mickaelhz) or Axel (LeftyBojengles) for help: Bloodline Olaf Define who you shall be related to inside the bloodline (E.g, Son of , grandson of _ etc): Mark, Son of Ober Ireheart Do you agree to follow the Clan Tenets OOC’ly and IC’ly and face the consequences for their breaking?: yes What is your Discord?: Mark2282#7754
  7. My favorite moderator is gone now 🙃

  8. I will sign to put an end to this injustice.
  9. Ezelsteen nods approvingly "It's good to see the Seaguard expand!" He'd then resume preparing recruits for their first training.
  10. Wait why is Frill being demoted? I thought he was in the top of handled modreqs...


  11. Mark Ezelsteen reads the missive during his morning stroll on the beach. He would nod and smile "I may have a quest for these adventurers..."
  12. What Elite did should be allowed and welcomed. It's harmless and fun for all sides involved. He should not be banned for it. Why don't raid rules only apply when there's violence?

    1. Elite_Snipes_


      The person was afk.... man we were REALLY were interrupting their RP!

  13. I believe A and C should be implemented. Can't wait to see what you work out.
  14. Sounds good Telanir, thanks for the effort. Perhaps a fireside discord channel could be introduced as well! I do feel like improved communication between admins is more warranted. As it is now there seem to be arguments and dumb politics between admins.
  15. We either see how often this will happen in practice. In that case will count as one nation and still hold themselves to the 3:5 ratio. If too many charters start vassalizing, the unfortunate decision can be made to see this in the same light as an alliance. Another option is to allow vassals to help but to lower the maximum ratio from 3:5 to a ratio closer to 1:1 if other charters push the numbers over the limit.
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