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  1. House Helane's Stance on the current Socio-Political Climate within the former Orenian Empire 1st of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1868 House Helane does not and will not recognize Peter Augustus as legitimate direct heir to the throne of Oren. For the stability of the Grandmarch of Westfall and the Kingdom of Oren, Frederick I has been found to be the the most suitable heir. While our house acknowledges both Peter Augustus and Frederick I to be kind and sympathetic men, the former would be less capable of fulfilling their duties than the latter. We understand Peters wishes for this nation to hold on to its former glory but it is not his position to decide so. Only the rightful heir and king of Oren may set course for the future of our people. IN NOMINE DEI, Little Tony Helane, by the grace of God, Patriarch of the Imperial House of Helane, Heir to Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duke of Ves, Helena, Furnestock and Lorraine, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera, former bodyguard to Philip III himself
  2. I want a warzone without fortresses/save spots. No running away and hiding!

  3. Prince Little Tony Helane is not invited.
  4. I think the crp change is for the worse but I'm biased I guess. The idea of people locking me into a crp session at will scares me!
  5. Tournament Sign-up Please respond to this thread with the following information MC Username: Mark2282 RP Name: Little Tony Helane
  6. RP Name: Little Tony Helane MC Name: Mark2282 Voted: Yes
  7. Kees Frostbeard laughs loudly upon reading the missive "These humans are no match for our grand king Bakir!"
  8. Almaris would do well to send minas, weapons and humanitarian supplies towards Norland so that they may defend themselves.
  9. Little Tony Helane goes quiet as he receives word of what transpired in the Haensetti throneroom. "Sigismund the merciful! Perhaps Oren should reconsider their tendency to execute captives without considering other alternatives. Haense seems to at least understand the value of human life."
  10. "In Sha Allah" Says Little Tony
  11. [!] A public letter would be sent to all Orenian citizens My Third Act As Lord Mayor 10th of Owyn's Flame 1856 I hereby thank every New Providence resident who has supported me in my plans for church taxation. I nominate Treble de Murat as acting Deputy Mayor and trust him to enforce the Canonist Equalisation Act in my absence. He shall rule as I would have due to our shared canonist values. I, Bub'Mog, shall be absent for an unspecified time period due to a holiday trip to the mountains. In Nomine Dei, Bub'Mog, acting Lord Mayor of New Providence Mack Bersk, Imperial blah to common transcriber
  12. Werew0lf is muslim

    Edited by Mark2282
  13. Bub'Mog is looking for a new deputy mayor, although he does miss his great friend Sir Alexander Antler.
  14. MAYORAL DECREE 8th of Horen’s Calling, 1857 CANONIST EQUALISATION ACT We, New Providence, do so release, in accordance with the Public Record Act of 1751 & beneath the authorization of the Crown, this Act of Mayoral decree. It shall, as assented within the purview of the Crown, henceforth be enacted and executed as city law, as this document shall serve as the official confirmation of ascension of the Crown. And so it shall, as demanded of the Crown, be transcribed within the Orenian Revised Code. As a devout canonist myself, I have always shared the canonist belief that burdens we bear are burdens we share. According to the equity principle the distribution of benefits and burdens is just if the benefits and burdens in question are allocated according to individuals contribution and efforts. The foundation upon which our great city stands is the taxes of its people. Its people pay taxes and in return they enjoy the protection of the ISA, the Imperial sewage system, medical aid, and regular festivities. New Providence supports one certain organisation which does not follow these rules, or any rules for that matter. The canonist church reaps the same benefits without paying any taxes in return. My first decree as Lord Mayor of New Providence is to tax the canonist church 300 minas a year for their use of the Basilica of The Argentate Star. Refusal or delay in payment will result in immediate eviction and locking of all entrances. In case of eviction the building shall lose its status as a church as to not violate any canonist laws. Obviously the glorious canonist church would like to know where this new income stream of taxes would be allocated to, and so I shall concur. A (this was scribbled out) will be formed and it shall act as the(this was scribbled out) the canonist church, their command only superseded by the emperor Philip III himself. Philip III is a good lad and I, acting Grand Marshal of (this was scribbled out) ve the Pontiff, may he rest in peace, may have been mistaken in judgement by opting for excommunication.(this was scribbled out) d more intensively than (this was scribbled out) oth the a(this was scribbled out) d canonist teachings. They will be subjected to increased pay according to key performance indicators. All are expected to be performing and devout canonists such as I, Bub’Mog, am myself. IN NOMINE DEI, Bub’Mog, acting Lord Mayor of New Providence, Haensetti crown taker, Haensetti crown wearer, Grand Marshal of t(this was scribbled out) . (this was scribbled out) (this was scribbled out) Mack Bersk, Imperial blah to common transcriber. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [!] An application form would be attached to fill out. ------------------- Race: Name: Age:
  15. Upon reading the letter Bub'Mog would gesture for his Imperial blah to common transcriber to get to work on a response. "To the Former Lady Mayor of New Providence. I appreciate the hard work you have put into taking care of our city but I hereby decide that Sir Alexander Antler shall stay Deputy Mayor. I shall firmly ignore and remove any statutes regarding the abolishment of this position. Sir Alexander Antler has my approval for any changes he sees fit making in my absence."
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