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  1. *A simple notice has been pinned up near the Cloud Temple.* Purchasing brewing stands. Prices can be negotiated. Please contact Azorella Coulissante.
  2. kuroi13

    [Accepted] Dohvi's Trial Gm App

    Dohbs has always had a consistently fantastic work ethic. He's thoughtful in his perspective on things and he's overall been a pretty down-to-earth fellow insofar as I've known him. He seems to have excelled in previous projects and I'm sure he'd continue to do the same in the future! Bestest fluffy dragon anyone could ask for!!
  3. So long, and thanks for all the fish

  4. kuroi13

    Dohvi's Fm App.

    The more and more I get to know Dohvi, the more level headed and spectacularly awesome I find him to be. He has a good head on his shoulders and makes sound decisions when need be. +1!
  5. kuroi13

    Uhm.. Starry's At App?

    Starry is super friendly and is always very nice and courteous to others! I think she would make an excellent AT! +1!!
  6. kuroi13

    Recovering The Ancient Tongue Of The Elves.

    I was trying to understand some of the grammar structure for Elven today and I got a little confused by sentences with a syntax similar to that of "valmiran saneyreyae." For sentences similar to the example, I wasn't sure if it was more correct to interpret it as "The artists discuss." or "They discuss the artists." due to the possibility of an inferred subject. Is there a way to specify when something is the subject or object of a sentence to avoid ambiguity?
  7. I don't suppose there's any way to create a table in a forum post?

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    2. Nekkore



      That. If that is what you're looking for.

    3. pbuh


      I'm pretty sure this site uses BBcode. Look up that and see if there's any way to make a table.

    4. Space
  8. #asweinpride!! :DD


  10. Kalenz and Azorella require a High Elven spawn. Would anyone like to try it out?

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    2. Pinsir99


      If Piercing doesn't work out. PM me. :3

    3. ¤Arzota¤


      I'l accept the offer, why not right? Piercing me and you against each other.

    4. Tayelikel


      oh sounds interesting, id like a try at it!