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  1. Come back home, I miss you.

  2. “i agree with this” says bill
  3. “yeah oh nice look how he do good it wow” says bill
  4. :J Sammy 

    1. Kaldwin_


      good riddance.

  5. i dont eat. i dont sleep. i do nothing but think of you.




  6. Roland, son of Billy, son of Sammy, continues his search for his mate Gavin; he was, after all, his best friend.
  7. i fell in love with a lesbian? advice?

    1. Nolan_


      pump and dump

      **** and chuck

    2. Anumidium


      Sleep with her girlfriend to assert dominance.

  8. Pepin suddenly feels a pressing urge to seek out solace in bottle bottoms, his timeworn features contorted in confusion. "... What is a broski?"

    1. chaotikal


      He was too young. 20 years old. Had a genuine passion for his music, ignoring the norms of pop rap and modern bizz music. A great loss.

    2. seannie


      play stupid games win stupid prizes 

  10. missed u bro



    1. Dantory


      damn wish that fuggin n word would return already

    2. Pond


      im fuckin back B what you mean

    3. Dantory


      oh s word bro wtf goin on rn

  11. When are you appealing?

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