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  1. did you die?

  2. sure taking your time buying those cigarettes, dad


    come back though i miss our conversations :(

  3. follow 4 follow normango

  4. A rush of cold air gusted over the mountaintop relentlessly, blanketing the windswept terrain in layered snow. The unforgiving peaks of the elevation did, for those willing to brave its ascent, grant a boundless view- the expansive vista of Summerhall visible from atop the mountain. A fair place for a forktail's nest. The daunting reptile, with scales the color of flesh-tone and the luster of burnished steel, descended unceremoniously from the sky and landed near its roost. The nest was littered with the bones of foolhardy adventurers and errant travelers past- their broken swords a
  5. Wanted: Serpent of Summerhall. Threat level: Medium-High. Description of beast(s): A large draconid, with matte colored scales, a burly tail, resembling a fork at it’s rear. Location: North of Summerhall, found in the peaks of the snow-cloaked mountains. Rewards: 1500 minas.
  6. Rest in peace InternalFacis.

  7. Wanted: The Lord of the Wood Threat level: Medium Description of beast(s): The primeval creature is wrought with a body made of oak and vines, the horned skull of an equine animal adorning it's head. Location: The creature has been sighted in the tucklemore forests eastwards of Geldern Castle, the holdfast of Peremont. Rewards: 1250 minas.
  8. http://tinyurl.com/nqo265r a part of our heritage
    1. DelaneyG


      Nabooian Battle chants are powerful

  9. a part of our heritage
  10. I was going to eat the fellow if you did not mind fellow.

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