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  1. Needs some work. Better Scenery with detailing. Smoother animations would also make this almost professional tier. P good otherwise
  2. Imperialism 8/10
  3. These are the tools I use. This -> http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/mcskin3d/ It is an application that lets you edit your skin in 3d offering tools catering specifically for skin making. I specifically use this for detailing and shading. The darken and lighten tools are perfect for it. Also This -> http://www.getpaint.net/index.html Paint.net is great for rearranging skin parts, changing overall saturation, contrasts, hues, recolor, and brightness. I suggest getting familiar with what that stuff is. Typically when I start making a skin, I do some research of my idea and look for similar skins to check out techniques and how to approach making a depiction of something such as a photo reference. Then I start going to town by laying out base colors and outlines. I switch between paint.net and mcskinedit 3d frequently, using the 3d visual as a good representation of what it would look like in game while also being able to draw on it for accurate placement with ease of toggling various layers. When I am unsatisfied with a color of a clothing piece on the skin or something of the like, I head into paint.net, make my selection of the piece with the selection tool and then mix up the brightness and contrast. Normally when I lower the brightness I raise some contrast or lower some contrast depending if I want distinct value ranges or even to dull down the shadows. I more than often lower the saturation as you don't want to typically have really saturated colors. I also utilize the Sepia filter when creating plain gray scales for armor. It turns the selection into a dull neutral brown from which I unsaturate it to create grays and mess with the brightness and contrast for the values I want. When I want to do some shading, I hop into the 3d skin editing application and use the darken and lighten tool setting the value to the desired value change, clicking various times in shapes of where shadows would realistically be. I also use it to break up the straight entirely one solid color values. Most skins avoid having solid colors without slight variations everywhere in the color value. It generally looks better. I also save my progress along the way in case I ever wish to revert to a previous rendition of the skin. Typically I enjoy the more 'busy' skins which utilize the layers heavily to create depth.
  4. Square up. Bring the fight to the frontier and defend Axios from the ever growing undead menace. *After the nationalistic propaganda is posted before you, another flier directs you to the Westerlands.*
  5. zhulik doesnt even rp anymore. how would he ever arrange a meeting? let alone leave the westerlands to go to a meeting at that? people come to the westerlands if they want to talk, not vice versa. also judging by the screenshots there isnt a single person from the westerlands present in any of them. neither do we really care for global ooc politics, we just simply stick to our rp and it turns out were probably one of, if not, the most active playerbase rp wise currently. but you know, rp fraud is rp i guess. also, i am 100% certain that it isn't someone in the westerlands trying to get you banned either. I have not heard your name uttered once since this event, and a few of the top ranks dont even know who you are. idk what else to say tbh. theres nothing here. -Exit-
  6. "Still more active than the rest of Axios, defending it from the vile necrotics... Where's your contribution to the world?" asks a devout Westerlands Company man who fights to preserve the future greater good as he reads the pamphlet sitting in the local Tavern booth. "Who even is this writer? I don't believe anyone has even seen them before. It's like they don't exist? Fiction!" He then asks to a tavern goer at Death's End who also gives a shrug and spews, "No idea, must be another nobody necrotic. Honestly I am not sure why they even bother. The Company of the Westerlands has better conflicts to fight than some petty squabbles with those who defend degeneracy," the tavern goer states. "I hadn't even seen any assaults on the Westerlands or even raid parties during my stay here either. It's like they knew they couldn't breach the walls with their petty pitchforks." The Westerlands Company man-at-arms grunts as he tosses the horribly written weak show of propaganda into the hearth fire, "So nice of them to deliver more heating for our homes though. It's almost like they care for our stay out here in the cold even when we ignore them anyway."
  7. "Zis propaganda ist poor. Try harder," claims Romane Letus Niwarsay II as he posts his own propaganda over the Rebel's.
  8. "Bah, poor propaganda. Zis ist some real scheisse!" states Ser Romane Letus Niwarsay II 'the unburned' as he posts superior westerlands propaganda over top of the lesser scribbles.
  10. "Ye mus' 'av dementiah. Ar' ya all righ'?" asks a no name huntsman watching the man speak to no one imparticular. "I can ge' ya sum help if ya need. I 'ere the Westalunds hav' sum good 'ealthcare."
  11. "Who 're ya? Oh ye', no 'un asked," says a lowly bumpkin squatting in the dirt shacks of Little Courland.
  12. The Westerlands Scribe 8th of The Amber Cold, circa 1593 Vol. 1 HUMANITY REIGNS SUPREME Human dissenters lack humanity; raiding continues. Lucienists bring the word of the creator to the pagans of Athera, circa 1473. What does it mean to be human? The answer is quite simple in nature. Being human is a privilege among sentient beings. It is a status admired by the other races, admired to such an extent that some have grown envious of humanity’s strength and prowess for they can not live to their expectations. The other races dream to have a certain substance that humans hold true. This is their their lack of status. Humanity is superior for they possess humanity. One can simply not have humanity without being human. Therefore, the other races are beasts of nature. Wicked to the stalwart standing strength that is the human conglomerate. They only wish to bring hate and war upon what they envy, humanity. Living day by day in the shadow of glorious humans. This is their barbaric envy. Humans venture from Vailor by ship to land in their new home in Tahn, circa 1571. Humans are simply better in everyway. For they possess limited lives to which they live to the fullest. How could a being truly live without knowing that their life will ultimately end if they never die from age? They lack guidance which humanity possesses. The guidance and willpower to persevere to better days on the horizon. This is their lack of strength. Yet, it seems in this day and age, some of humanity has forgotten these aspects of life. What it means to be human. Some humans side with the other races only to be enslaved by them. To follow the orders of non-humans and rather neglect to uphold their superior dominance which had been given to them at birth. Humanity should be united entirely in a bastion of strength and dominance over the lesser races. Not enslaved to the lesser creatures of folklore. This is Humanity’s might. Humans garner production outside the capital of Felsen in Vailor, circa 1539. Humans of old have always fought back against the envious oppressive non existential races who wish to assert malice upon them. Humans have pulled through thick and thin to heights unimaginable. Humans have stood as the one and only true bastion of strength against the cretinous undead and necrotics. Humans have always fought to preserve humanity and nothing more, as that is what it is to be human. To live. This is the truth of Humanity. Humanity has struggled against the inhumane oppressors for centuries to come. Humanity has always fought to the last man for every humane stronghold that has stood. The hard work of man as built wonders of the word that the other races could only dream of making. Humanity’s stone fortifications had protected them during sieges of the undead and onslaught by the degeneracy that lack morals. This is Humanity’s resistance. Humanity reigns supreme in crushing the dwarven aggressors at the siege of Rhewengrad, circa 1537. Even though the other lesser races have shown aggressive intent in the past, Humans have always made it a goal to forgive those non-sentients of their ill ways. Humans have even brought the word of the Creator to the misguided races. The true devout creator, no matter of denomination, to teach them what it is to be human. To hold humanity. This is the brotherhood of humanity. So I address you, rebels, dissenters, and separatists. Where is your humanity when you fight for non-humans, only to then be backstabbed by the snakes who are humanity’s threat? Where is your humanity when you side with the dark forces of the world? Where is your humanity when you are overwhelmed with envy and greed? This is why the creator teaches morals, to stray humanity away from the evil whispers of the degenerate motives. This is humanity’s question. Humanity prospers during Anthos gaining immense power, circa 1404. Humanity shall not falter. This is humanity’s inquisition.