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  1. OOC Minecraft Name: TheSilentRogue Timezone: PST or GMT -8 Skype: -will disclose upon PM- Anything you'd like us to know?: I have no life, tend to be on Skype most of my waking time via my cellphone, and love to help in any way. College can bite though, and I can be called away for things IC and OOC. IC Name: Ciera Lefevre Age: 19 Race: Farfolk, Human Gender: Female Alignments: Association: Aldersburg - Neutral/In Good Standing Skills: - Cooking - Herbalism/Knowledge with Herbal Medicine - Farm Work - Deductive Reasoning - Business Management - Intelligence Work - Novice Arcane Knowledge Anything you'd like us to know?: I own the Sun's Solace, which I would more than happily have open for Seeker use as long as members respect the laws of town. However, I seek adventure on my own accord, and to experience the world and learn.
  2. I still am baffled how a 12 foot tall Oolg can somehow manage to get through my 6-7 foot doorframe to my pub... but he was hitting his head on the support beams constantly. Interesting read. Don't have much input so I'm going to sit here with my popcorn and watch the discussion unfold. Perhaps put my two-cents in.
  3. http://puu.sh/bqoPp/b02f22fbcd.jpg Trolling TapeSauce's beautiful soup posts. FTW.
    1. Bagley


      Tapesauce's soup offends me deeply.

    2. Etan



    3. GodEmperorFlam
  4. OOC Minecraft Username: TheSilentRogue Age: 21 Please write a small portion of RP depicting you using magic of your choice, this should be done as if it were an emote and not include internal though processes: Ciera takes a moment to still herself, holding her hands before her. She takes a slow, and deep breath, her gaze becoming distant. The hem of her skirt begins to ruffle lightly around her feet, and the irises of her eyes begin to glow faintly. With a swift motion of her hands, a small puff of air rustles up dust and dirt into the air, breaking her concentration and bringing about a bout of coughing. ((Pardon for errors. First time in attempting magic RP on this server)) IC Name: Ciera Age: 18 Race: Human Known Magic: None Are you capable of teaching this magic: No ((Edit: Who is the weirdo who +1'd my app? XD))
  5. Redundant question time! What is the wait for name changes?

    1. Aagaron


      Too long, bud

    2. Hunwald


      Like a few days? I think.

    3. AGiantPie


      I think it's 5 hours?

  6. I finally found the library. BOOKS!

  7. The innkeeper's jimmies have been thoroughly rustled.

  8. No rudeness intended... but I got a feeling I need to start keeping a tally for how many men seem to fall in love at first sight with my human. Heh. Heh.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Gwynbleidd


      I need to make a tally of how many people think I'm a troll. :(

    3. Imam Faiz Kharadeen
    4. howard


      Welcome to Lord of The Craft.

      You applied.

  9. I think something ate my alchemy stand. QQ. Prolly shouldn't have put it on top of a crafting table...

  10. Wierd. For some reason I can't vote. I'll have to try again later.

  11. http://puu.sh/bj2Xz/f3a90c3b78.png Five hours later, I have an overglorified "doodle" (No, it's not a doodle. It started AS one.)
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kim


      Except she does noses a trillion times better than I do..... !__!

    3. Divinae


      I DO NOT!! *FLAILS!!!* The de Savoie portrait could kick my ass!

    4. Zarsies


      That is damn good. If you are interested, I know members occasionally ask for commissions of their characters, and will pay for it. :P More stuff going around the community is great so you could always draw AND get a little cash doing it!

  12. http://puu.sh/biNb4/287e85721f.jpg Well, the flats aren't too bad... Wheee
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    2. Space


      Whatever you prefer. And bleeped is test ic le.

    3. Hunwald
    4. Divinae



  13. http://puu.sh/biF8h/a340aff6cd.jpg People are doing the art thing, so I did a quickie. I don't want to ink. Q_Q
  14. How does one aqquire gravel for flint, without robbing the road?

    1. Divinae


      Pardon my spelling.

    2. KarmaDelta


      I think you can find it in the actual world. I dont believe gravel spawned in the mining world at all, so there may not be a huge surplus of it.

    3. Jistuma


      Mostly in the wilds.

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