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  1. Do not post on this unless you are the War Team or Nation Leader that's involved. Any more unnecessary posts will receive warning points! This is the only warning to be given from this point on. This includes RP posts, this is not a place to make rp posts.
  2. "1700" ((DAMN IT CALEB))
  3. Trade Completed.
  4. The high elven lass grumbles grumbles. "1300 for the Trial of Words."
  5. "875 for the Trial of Words." Andri'ante chirps, twirling a single mina on 'round her fingers.
  6. *screams*
  7. Trade Completed.
  8. *scrolls through friend list frantically* and ten days aaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA hey can I dedicate this to two people or is that like naahhh
  9. Denied.
  10. Moved to the correct sub-forum. Hello! If you are having trouble with something, it is better to place it in the 'support' section of the forums. Could you please elaborate as to what you mean? In-game name? Forums name?
  11. Trade Completed.