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  1. Extended Cards update.

    Looks like the Lich card did not get included in the initial pass. This is pretty heckin sweet.
  2. Thanhic Alloys

  3. The Eternal Court

    "No no no no no." A short figure, draped in ragged robes and an absurdly large hat shakes its head. "Malineer was mad as a starving ghoul, and this decision madder still. To organize behind walls is an invitation for lightbearers and maleficar."
  4. [CA] Hektor Becomes a Morghuul!

    Well, this was unexpected.
  5. Morghuuls

    Right, but if Morghuul are going around to towns chatting up the locals then it tends to devalue the experience when you get jumped on the road by a necro-bro and his gaggle of ghoulish sidekicks.
  6. Tech lock

    Swords and sorcery are great and all, but there comes a point where arbitrary limitations are arbitrary. If guns are going to be banned for lore reasons, then magitech should be heavily moderated. If we can have magical elevators, and flamethrower-gloves, then there is no logical reason that firearms or their equivalent should not exist. On the other hand, if guns are a no-no, then we need to prune the applications of magitech.
  7. Morghuuls

    Ehhh... I don't like to tell people how to play their characters, but if you are intent on playing a pacifist ghoul, that kind of defeats the purpose of a shambling necrotic monstrosity... Ironic I know, coming from a zombified Halfling, but sentience does not a civilized being make. Ghouls are savage creatures, driven by hunger as much as they are any personal goals.
  8. Smelly Corpses

    Gotta agree with this point, as a totally bias spooky spook. The re-implementation of unlimited food does not seem like it would sway PvP matches to the extend some of the past buffs would.
  9. Morghuuls

    Wait, when did this become a thing? To my (albeit limited) knowledge, only things that can drain lifeforce through tethers of touchdrain can do this...
  10. Racial Bonuses & Actives

    The idea of persona-specific buffs seems like an interesting idea. Non-combat buffs such as increased mining speeds that can be chosen on character creation seems to strike a balance between what people are looking for. Perhaps certain races like spooks or constructs could have specific buffs assigned to their card, such as a lack of hunger. The caveat to this would be, while these races may have a buff unobtainable outside those sub-types, they do not get to choose from the larger pool.
  11. Wilven Wisps

  12. The Buchteln

    This looks pretty dang great. It's unique, interesting, balanced, and just silly enough.
  13. Zarsies' Biased LM Application

    As a part of the spook circlejerk, that's a hearty +1 from me.
  14. The Morrow's Eve

    "I told that old fool this city was a fool's gambit," a short, cloaked figure mutters, tugging the brim of an absurdly large hat low over its face. "Madder than a starving ghoul, he was..."
  15. Happy spooktober folks!