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  1. Laden with flowers and accompanied by the shallow clip-clopping of hooves, a casket is drawn through the town of Reedsborough. Within sits the still frame of one of the greatest Halflings to ever walk the earth, Perdric John Paul George Ringo Wanderwine. The Thief of Giants and the Slayer of the Boggle Wolf. The Hobbit who sailed beyond the sun, and did battle with the beasts of Arugula. One of the last survivors of the great Valorian Migrations and the Skygods' wrath. An adventurer without equal and a master thief to boot, surely the world would miss his constant, kleptomaniac presence. The coffin is brought beside a small tree, fitting for one of such a small stature. Under the boughs stands Lee Wanderwine, heading the crowd that has no doubt gathered to mourn his loss. The ginger-topped halfling, the spitting image of the uncle who was now interred. He clears his throat with a brief cough before addressing the crowd: "Thank'ee all fer gatherin' 'ere t'day. I'm sure uncle Perdric would 'preciate the lot o' ye. Now, b'fore we put 'im in th' ground," The small figure coughs briefly, scrubbing at his face with a dampened sleeve, "I's gonna be readin' his last words fer ye." Well, if you happen to be reading this, then I suppose this is the end. I have no idea how I am going to go out, I can only hope to do so in the most exciting way possible. If my death is boring, feel free to embellish the details when you finally read this. Tell them I went out fighting a greenskin, or wrestling a bear. I will never forget the adventures I had. Looking back, it's been a good life: good food and good friends tend to leave great memories. I will never forget the journeys had with good companions by my side. Larry Shortoak, Pippin Mousiki, and even good old Fumble Willowbottom were the greatest mates a Halfling could have. Everybody in the village was so friendly, always offering to lend a hand to a halfling in need. I will truly miss all of you, and it's a grand shame I have to leave you behind. Miss Beth and Elvi were the ones who showed me the world beyond the fences of our village, and for that I will be eternally grateful. They weren't too bad for bigguns. Now I'm sure you are all chomping at the bit for me to get to the juicy stuff. Forgive an old, senile hobbit his reminiscing. As for inheritance, well... THERE IS NONE! Lee stops reading for a moment, turning to survey the silent crowd. A faint muttering breaks out among the gathered hobbits, each turning to their neighbor in disappointment: "Is tha' little bugger serious?" "Nothin' left! But wot 'bout 'is treasure?" "Ol' Perdric, a rascal t' th' end!" The nephew turns back to the will, clearing his throat once again as he picks up reading where he left off: That's right! I bet you all though I would give up on things easily, didn't you? If so, you clearly didn't know me well enough! I leave the family burrow to Lee, my nephew. I also leave him my magic box, assuming that wizard ever finishes it. But as for all the loot, that's hidden in a secret spot. It's buried deep, deeper than even the dwarves could find. It's wrapped in a riddle, tied up in a mystery, and sunk in the ocean with a stone of confusion. GOOD LUCK FINDING IT! Perdric John Paul George Ringo Wanderwine, Slayer of Giants and Drinker of Ale. The only Hobbit to sail beyond the sun and back again. Tricker of Bigguns and Stealer of Shiny Things. Survivor of the Skygods and the Pipeweed Prince of Pumpkin Thieves! ((I ah... Would have added music, but for some reason the forums are borked...))
  2. The main issue I see with this whole Nathanbarnett debacle is a lack of communication. Nathan was given a warning point, and when he attempted to contact someone about the issue, he was shut down, censored, and silenced. Now we have a plethora of bad feels going around, and quite a lot of resentment geared towards the forum team. Talk it over in a public thread. Seriously. Hiding this issue can only make things worse.
  3. Just throwing my two cents into the ring here, but this seems to be the crux of the issue. Posts were hidden with little to no explanation, and honestly that is not something any rational person would take lying down, especially if the posts being removed seem innocent. Also, no. This is another huge issue. This should be handled in public, so that all parties will be held accountable for what they do. Communication between the playerbase and administration has been tenuous at best, and drama such as this should not be swept under the rug. Rebecca, I don't know you personally and you probably don't know me, but as a player to the staff, this should be addressed in the public eye.
  4. MC Name: ForeverGinger Character's Name: Perdric Wanderwine Character's Age: 72 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Halfling Transformed form: Morghuul Creator's MC Name: Geoboy66 Creator's RP Name: Gravelord Chrodraeous Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Shambling husks doomed to walk the earth once more, Morghuul are corpses reanimated through necrotic means. These creatures act as a final chance for some; The opportunity to walk the lands of the living once more as a soulless undead. They subsist on lifeforce; it is what fuels their decaying forms and halts the degradation of their soul-shadows. They derive this energy from corpses, gnawing on fresh flesh to absorb the lifeforce that remains. Alternatively, they may offer themselves into the thrall of one who can provide them nourishment. Morghuul exist in a constant state of undeath. They fear neither blade nor flame, as undeath has dulled their senses. They are able to endure trials far beyond that which a living body could, though the decaying state of their bodies leave them with a significant disadvantage. Plate armor and heavy weapons are beyond the strength of rotting muscle and sinew, as is the casting of any magic. Instead they must rely on lighter armaments such as short swords and chainmail to carry the day. While they may withstand strikes from a normal blade with little issue, gold acts as a minor ward against them, causing great pain when it strikes. Holy magic is the true bane of these creatures, and in its presence a Morghuul is likely to flee. Though they can be killed, Morghuul can never truly die. Drowning, evisceration, even fire cannot stem the march of unnatural life for long. Even it they fall in battle, eventually these necrotic beings will reform. Nobody truly knows how this happens, but there are several theories. Some say their mind locks itself in a deathly slumber while the body lurches away to a secluded place to repair itself. This process takes roughly a month before the creature is in functioning order, meaning that for the time being they are incapable of even the simplest movements. OOCly, this means that once a Morghuul has died, they are unable to be RPed for an IRL day or longer. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Sure. Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Of course. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Big negatorio.
  5. U wanna fite m8?
  6. Cough-Halfling-Cough
  7. This, please. This is a fantastic idea.
  8. Upon returning from the Orcish city, Ju'Ketzawl forces open the doors to the Temple of Metztli and steps inside. He lowers himself besides the waters, drawing his robes tight around himself as he does so. Those eyes, the eyes that had first welcomed him into the Priesthood. Eyes that had seemed so friendly, so welcoming at the time. The eyes that watched, cold and uncaring, as he was beaten within inches of life. The eyes that stared at him over the rim of a poisoned cup, daring him to drink. The eyes that had broken him, had shattered the priest that once was into a million pieces, and then scattered them to the winds. Ketzawl would not miss those eyes, nor their owner. He stares into the waters of the temple, muttering faintly to himself; A quiet prayer to a goddess who had finally answered: "Mukar ees with thee stars na'ow... May his justice be swift and suure."
  9. [!] A letter sits at the base of a tree in the Wandering Grove. Should one break the seal and scan the contents, they would be greeted with a smudged, messy scrawl would read: Dear Droods of the Wandering Grove, My name is mister Perdric Wanderwine. I used to be a Deddycant back in Athera. I studied under Miss Beth, the Snow Drood, before she went away. I left the Order for a bit, just to figure things out, and now I want to come back and finish my eddycation. That is, if you will have me back. Mister Perdric Wanderwine
  10. I'll give it a shot, I have some moderate experience with structures and medieval forts. PM me with reference pictures and the like, I'll slap something together and we can see if you like it.
  11. A certain ginger halfling mutters angrily under his breath, "Stinkin' guild, turnin' me inta' some sorta 'ipster tool. I wus stealin' things b'for it wus cool!"
  12. Whooo boy, I've tried to stay out of these issues for a while now, but this is actually ridiculous. If this is the attitude GMs take with ban reports, something needs to change. This 'guilty until proven innocent' attitude cannot be acceptable. A GM should never be able to ban anyone without going through the proper channels. Every single ban decision should be in the public eye, because the entire purpose of a ban report is to allow the accused a chance to defend themselves. It should not matter if the witness is a GM, Admin, or player, every single person should be required to post a ban report if they have an issue with a player. When someone higher up the ladder fails to do this it simply looks like abuse, regardless of the justification or intent. What everyone needs to realize is that GMs are people too. They are just as prone to flaws as the rest of us. That is why ban reports exist in the first place. The entire purpose of them is to give the accused a chance to speak their mind before they are punished. If a GM bans someone without adhering to procedure, it feels like a giant middle finger to the rest of the playerbase. Anywho, I have said my piece. ~Ginger <3
  13. Ju'Ketzawl ((ForeverGinger))
  14. Upon further reflection, I would like to revoke this lore. Thanks to some internal Kha'nversation among the playerbase, we have decided that we want another stab at this topic. ((Yes, this is copy-pasted from the other post. I'm lazy.))
  15. Upon further reflection, I would like to revoke this lore. Thanks to some internal Kha'nversation among the playerbase, we have decided that we want another stab at this topic. ((Probs would have been denied anyways, this is just me leaving with my pride intact.))