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  1. As seems to be the popular opinion, I really enjoyed the whole 'Mordring and the West' eventline. It was big, flashy, and with the fall of Bastion felt like there was a lot at stake. Building the philosophy around reclamation and Xionism put a neat spin on things, as did the recruitment efforts of the Black Sun. People were getting involved in the world, either working to aid or undermine the efforts of the antagonists. That being said, don't bring back Iblees. The big bad evil guy escaping from his ancient prison is done to death and frankly, boring. The West was intriguing, a dead horse is not.
  2. K0llu, it's been a pleasure RPing with you. That being said, now with Karry gone I can finally start haunting the streets!
  3. From the forests of Sutica, a ghoul mutters darkly under its breath: "You've stolen my puns for the last time..."
  4. He's a cool dude with a 'tude. +1 from me.
  5. Things were kinda a disaster this map, I'll agree. Little people really need to stick together, and I can only hope the Lorrain village is going to last us until the end.
  6. This is pretty accurate. I've played a halfling for three maps now, and the best time I ever had was during Athera. Gimblewood was a short stroll from the Cloud Temple, everyone was happy, and there was a fair amount of activity.
  7. Personally, I like the island concept that was utilized for the isles of Axios. The issue with that is, as stated above, the islands are too darn big. The fact that we have travel hubs within travel hubs just goes to show how spread out people are. On the other hand, smaller maps come with their own set of problems. With less land available, there is going to be less opportunity for people to create their own start-up villages, like we see cropping up in Tahn. Personally, I do not see the concept of smaller towns to be a bad thing, as long as they stay close to a main RP hub. While we were in Athera, land was extremely difficult to come by in the later ages of the map. Smaller guilds and groups were not able to build themselves a base because all of the existing regions were already occupied. I know everyone and their dog has said this before, but the key to a good map seems to be striking a balance between these factors. RP should be centralized, but a large enough group should have the opportunity to carve a place for themselves as well.
  8. Somewhere far from the Westlands, upon the isle of Sutica a ghoul raises its head, peering into the distance. The crack of the keystone, shattering as the skeletal paw tore the gate from this realm, echos through its empty skull. The creature glances down to the corpse at its feet, some unfortunate traveler of little consequence. Its eyes trace over the lakeside, the bridge, the city. There was more than enough for a hungry ghoul there... "Still work to do..." The necrotic being grumbles under its breath, resuming its gruesome feast, "Fear Old Dark..."
  9. Minecraft IGN: ForeverGinger Forum Username: See above Skype Username: Jenja (the one with the Steam Pug art) Link to examples of past work: I'll do you one better. This is the ghoul I currently play.
  10. Not bad, for a corpse-murderer. +1 from me.
  11. Fair point, I certainly won't deny the fact that villainry begets edgelords.
  12. Throwing my two cents into the ring, option three is definitely the best in my eyes. Perhaps we could take it even further, and implement a villain orientation program, similar to the new player mentoring system that was tossed around a while ago. Experienced RPers could volunteer to take newer players under their wing, and teach them the basics of good evil-doing.
  13. As ghoul, can confirm. Kids these days are too liberal with hammers, and the applications thereof.
  14. I can get behind this. As a spook, I can't begin to explain how obnoxious it is having to wait a full day before RPing as my character, simply because people don't want to loose. I have done my best to avoid encounters with non-spooks at times, simply because I wanted to be able to continue roleplaying for the rest of the day. No matter the odds, death is inevitable for the wandering ghoul. That being said, the issue of 'white knight' swarming is another faucet that contributes to less-than-satisfying villain RP. It just isn't fun when the odds go from a one-v.-one to a one-v.-three, plus a cleric, plus whoever happens to walk by at the time.
  15. The main issue I see with this whole Nathanbarnett debacle is a lack of communication. Nathan was given a warning point, and when he attempted to contact someone about the issue, he was shut down, censored, and silenced. Now we have a plethora of bad feels going around, and quite a lot of resentment geared towards the forum team. Talk it over in a public thread. Seriously. Hiding this issue can only make things worse.