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  1. What is dead can never die but comes back, stronger and more caffeinated than ever before.
  2. Buckle up boys, ****’s about to get spooky.
  3. Strap in boys. Things are about to get... spooky
  4. Here’s a 200iq idea – Work to fix lore instead of trying to shelve everything and letting the players figure it out. Looks like combat magic’s up on the chopping block now.
  5. Can’t wait for LOTC Endgame, when the not-LT finally get around to reviewing the lore rewrites that have been piling up.

    1. LeoRabbit99


      it’s been nearly a year since I submitted mine, and not even a response :o

    2. NotEvilAtAll
    3. GavinH


      I hope they’re all denied

  6. This is great. It’s a very unique magic system, and I’ve always been a sucker for charms and trinkets.
  7. Didn’t you read the post? There’s an evil inside him waiting to be freed.
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