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  1. Here’s a 200iq idea – Work to fix lore instead of trying to shelve everything and letting the players figure it out. Looks like combat magic’s up on the chopping block now.
  2. Can’t wait for LOTC Endgame, when the not-LT finally get around to reviewing the lore rewrites that have been piling up.

    1. LeoRabbit99


      it’s been nearly a year since I submitted mine, and not even a response :o

    2. NotEvilAtAll
    3. Elennanore


      I hope they’re all denied

  3. This is great. It’s a very unique magic system, and I’ve always been a sucker for charms and trinkets.
  4. Didn’t you read the post? There’s an evil inside him waiting to be freed.
  5. Has someone been hiding old Necro MAs?  I went back into my log to try and find my old app, and it seems to have vanished.  If I’ve suddenly developed dementia, I’d like to know.  Starting to think I need my head examined.

    1. Delmodan


      Necromancy was shelved. the apps are moving moved to a location along with cleric apps which is why you can’t see it.

    2. ForeverGinger


      Oh thank goodness.  I though I was going mad there for a second.

  6. Can we take a minute to talk about the massive lore purge going on right now.  Seems like it does more harm than good to just revert people out of nowhere, especially when there’s no chance to save characters that people have put quite a bit of time into.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. James



      Why are purges necessary. 

    3. ForeverGinger


      LoTC is ultimately a collaborative writing project.  With any piece of fiction like this, it is inevitable that  there comes a point where we find ourselves with cooks in the kitchen.  The LT is correct when they say the lore of LoTC is incredibly bloated, with articles and mechanics that have not aged well.   Things need to be fixed, but that does not mean we need to wage a ‘salted-earth’ war against any pieces of lore than are not applicable to the entire server.  Some things fill a niche, and will only ever be interacted with by a few members of the community. @James

    4. James


      @ForeverGinger Nothings wrong with pieces of lore that only interact with certain portions of the community. It only becomes a problem when roleplay isn’t given to the rest of the server. The bigger issue is when not everyone does their job and provide lore to the entirety of the community. The creative process by which both the writer and event team member create an event is ultimately their choice in where and how the event occurs. Whether or not pre-determined bias is something wrong in and of itself is a completely separate issue entirely. Bloating of the lore holds no issue whatsoever unless the lore has an exploit that wasn’t thought out by the lore-team, and needs to be addressed. The idea that the lore-team should be allowed to arbitrarily remove lore because they deem it unnecessary is completely contrary to actively creating new lore. Removing old lore for the sake of order rather than quantity holds not rationalism whatsoever. Removing lore is only done with the motive of a proclivity of hatred towards specific writing and holds no claim other than laziness to improve upon the piece. To claim yourself to be an arbiter capable of proving that a lore is unnecessary is reprehensible as a notion within writing. A flawed piece of lore is the responsibility of the lore-team to fix however, as they caused the problem by accepting it. It is ultimately their choice in accepting it in the first place, and have no right to remove it from the story and pretend it never existed. Especially when the writing that is given is never shown, and makes absolutely no sense. Out-of-roleplay should never be the cause of somethings complete removal in-game, rather out-of-character reasons should be responsible for the fixing of abusable lore. You do not cast aside continuity by destroying lore, you fix the issue you created by writing it or accepting it. 

  7. This is a really interesting idea, and I’ve always been a sucker for giant runestones. That being said, from what I can see there are a handful of issues with the lore that jump out at me when I read it. Every good deity magic has a strong aengudaemon behind it. They need a place in the universe, and the magic should reflect not only their domain, but their personalities and goals in the material realm. Garumdir seems interesting in concept, but there is not much meat on the bone when it comes to what exactly his goals are. Why did the daemon create these stones, and why would he give away portions of his power to mortals? You state that he did so to ‘protect his great works’, but that does not exactly say much. The abilities that come with this magic seem a bit broad. The Lore Team is generally very hesitant when it comes to accepting disciplines that can do a little bit of everything. From what I can see here, you are trying to paint with a bit too broad of a brush in terms of abilities. Also, no time shenanigans. Take it from me, anything that manipulates time is just begging to be abused. A lot of aspects of this lore seems similar to Runesmithing, which is an existing magic that has much of the same flavor as this one. Like Jenny said above, I would suggest that if you are looking for something along these lines that already exists, you should reach out to the community and see what their thoughts on the matter are. In all, I feel like something like this has potential, but you have a long ways to go. I can’t see this being accepted in its current state (especially considering the complete restructuring of magic that is currently in the works) but that does not mean that something like this could never be implemented. Keep writing, and I’m sure you’ll come up with something special.
  8. What’s the status on the recent lorewipes?  Has the LT offered any explanation as to what the heck is going on with necro/holy magic recently?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Farryn


      What Flambo said, though Paladins have been accepted, Ascended is still in the works, and clerics have been denied. Necromancy is gone though too.

    3. Nummy
    4. ForeverGinger


      @FlamboyantRageWell then call me Patrick Star because I haven’t heard anything about the rewrites.

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