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  1. This thread is really cool so far. Great submissions. But @frankdh, your submission must win. It has to win. Just like me over the paladins. Incredible stuff. So beyond impressed. :)
  2. A nameless adherent of the Archdrakaar toiled madly in the dark, dank recesses of a cavern lair. He scrawled red paints and slashed white marks of chalk upon the stone walls of the place, detailing his very favorite of the Aurelects in frenzied splendor. This perhaps was uncouth to some, but it was his Asioth, and until something greater than himself proved otherwise, it would remain as fact. (nice post fella)
  3. woe is me I can longer contribute to vast political upheavals as a comical peasant type goon

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    2. rukio


      @argonian there's a song you might like, I think the title is 'hoes mad' idk why a farming tool would be mad buuut

    3. argonian


      ^ another perma-spook btw

    4. rukio


      @argonian ??? What timeline am I in that I'm a spook player. Damn

  4. I thought we said elves were physically mature at 50 and thus the concept of an 18 year old elf is irrelevant ban elves
  5. Acrid vapors curled and smoked from dark and noisome pools. The sulfurous reek of them hung stifling in the still air. Due south, the mountain-walls of the Firelands loomed like a black bar of rugged clouds floating above a dangerous fog-bound sea. Far away from where the treachery had unfolded, the Maker and Master of the slain servant rested idle. A furnace of great power was he, Azdromoth, the Arch-Drakaar, who suffered no rival and laughed at flattery, biding its time, secure in its pride and its immeasurable strength. A light went out in the vast chamber within which it rested -- a quick death and the stifling of a flame. When it was relit, the fell light it produced would shine on Sunbreak.
  6. A vast evil stirred in the blasted lands far to the east. Great earthen plates rumbled and shook as the earth trembled with anticipation.
  7. A concerned Azdrazi worries that this might affect the dragon population.
  9. Malaise

    On Safety

    Will be interesting see the excuses pile up from within the Orenian community. Hold EVERYONE responsible accountable.
  10. hoping to see a few not cringe responses from people responsible for dealing with these issues
  11. I've told you this many times in the past, and I will now say it again Mr Jentos You did not only succeed at making them complicated They are incomprehensibly complex To this day I cannot fathom a single facet of Varg culture beyond deeply esoteric monk circle chanting and a strange, somewhat out-of-place (Xion) oogabooga relationship with Creation itself Still love you
  12. I would like a word with the builder responsible for the first one.
  13. "No Koltira? Whack." Said a dark elf.
  14. Being entirely honest, I think that the average player will have a very difficult time role-playing these creatures in a way that does justice to the lore and theme. I foresee lots of cringe and lots of tomfoolery. That said, I also think this piece is super cool, and believe that those who do play them right will knock it out of the park. A very optimistic +1 from me.
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