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  1. If anyone is interested in Feudal Japan themed role-play, contact Chrysorrhoas#5680 on Discord!

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      do you have body pillows?

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      tbh considering 

  2. Ishikawa “Twice-Dead” Tomoe sat knelt before a shrine to the most high kami nestled snugly away in the northern boreal woods of Arcas. A silk-soft breeze carried through the pines and firs, pervading the Oyashiman’s quaint domicile. He raised his head from a shallow bow, steeling his gaze. “Glory be unto the true-blooded scions of Shogun Ishikawa Kais.”
  3. Orc horns are cool. Unless every other orc suddenly began to appear with red horns, I wouldn’t think twice of them. Neat aesthetic. Thank you for your concerns, @BrandNewKitten. Valid critique.
  4. Malaise

    The Summons

    Music: ♫ The world heaved and shook intermittently, staggered by the tumultuous chaos of the Arcasian Firelands. Great, gaping wounds stretched across the blackened earth, filling and emptying time and time again with the molten blood that illuminated the air. Where few mortals dare tread, the calling began. It started as a whisper, no greater than the soft susurrus of a tranquil forest. The message, if it could be described as such, carried with the wind, dancing across the infinite sky to grace each bastion of civilization on Arcas. Like the distant pattering of rain, it swelled and drew nearer – became more. “They come now as they did before,” The wind hissed with a serpent tongue. Then came the flare. Visible to every living thing on the continental surface, a radiant spear of light erupted forth from beyond the peaks of the Firelands, subsuming the incandescent aura of flame and magma that frequented the hellish realm. Az’Uznath, the Black Ziggurat, parted its lips and spoke the beacon into being. It pierced the clouds, reaching high above their aethereal demesne and into, beyond, the firmament. “Light. Dark. They both come to take you,” The message whispered, arid as the dunes. Last came the decree. A terrible, thunderous roar. The forests of Arcas were rid of their birds, cast from their homes out of sheer fright. Loose mounds of snow tumbled down mountainsides, culminating into avalanches that swallowed the foothills. Loose brick was shaken free of its decrepit bonds, plummeting onto the streets of cities abroad. “Your father awaits you in the Black Ziggurat.” To most, the event was but a brief, striking act of paracausality. To those that would be dragon, it was law.
  5. tired of cringe big animal companion RP ngl
  6. Do you have the DSM? Good, that's one less loose end.

  7. A simplistically styled letter would reach Tanith’s Helena residence, sealed with the waxen stamp of the Warden. “To Tanith, of Helena, The office of the Warden of the Pale of Aldemar is seeking servile individuals of elven blood that are prepared to maintain the household of the incumbent Warden. If the company of your fellow elves is sought, look no further than Tor Eldar. Compensation may be discussed and debated upon received interest in the position. Return word to the Warden’s office for further inquiries. I remain, Keledan Laraethryn, Warden of the Pale of Aldemar Lord of Tor Eldar” ((My discord is Malaise#1701))
  8. I supported it before and I’ll support it again. Many of the issues raised with this lore were, in this team member’s opinion, asinine and born of pre-determined enmity towards the Kharajyr. The race isn’t the server’s favorite, and certainly not my favorite, but this is a step in the right direction towards making them less of a joke.
  9. i am torn between good writing and the fact that there will now be three classes of vampires on lord of the craft, which greatly diminishes the wonder and mystery of the idea of immortal blood drinkers
  10. The Warden of The Pale of Aldemar read HIM’s doctrine with a rising grin. Leuven would eventually be liberated of its infestation, and in so doing he would be liberated of his boredom. “The Ruberni bandit is a dog without a leash. It is time we strung them up by one.”
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