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  1. His Excellence Mattis de Brellad, The Princely Coroner fiddled nervously with a sealed letter, sliding it beneath the chamber door that neighbored his own. @Kiiwi
  2. Discord: Malaise_#1701 MC Name: Malaise_ RP Name: Mattis de Brellad RP Race: Human Timezone: EST
  3. It is cool lore -- but I have a hard time rationalizing two distinctly different Aengudaemons as sharing worshippers and magic. Tahariae and Aeriel are neat and they do both represent a spectrum of "virtue" and "light", but the concept is strange and hard to wrap my head around lore-wise. I like the magic and its mechanics, though. No trouble there. Best of luck. I'd like to see more holy magic around, and this has the potential to be just that. I only hope the origin story gets thought out a little more!
  4. “So perishes an elf worth living for. It is a shame I was not able to die for him.”
  5. Haelun’or vassal for those who enjoy the vibe but want to play non-high elves. Very epic.
  6. A hooded scholar remarked favorably upon the writing as he set sail for the eastern Sunsea. "My congregation thrives in spirit and thought!"
  7. Kiljarys stood atop the ramparts of Karinah'siol's impregnable walls, snacking idly on stuffed olives and sweet figs.
  8. Transfiguration is the only "mage" magic in my opinion. Everything else is, as said prior, flavorful cantrips and projectiles.
  9. my lord

    1. Ryloth


      yea thats right

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