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  1. Silver Praxis -- The Sohaer's Absence as issued by the office of the Okarir'sil on the 10th day of Malin's Welcome, Y24 2A ____________________________________________________________________________ It is with great sorrow that we, the Silver Council of Haelun’or, address our blessed and magnanimous state. An illness has befallen our righteous, silver-blooded Sohaer. Othelu Orrar is bedridden, wracked with the worldly poisons he so diligently exorcises for the sake of our race. Fret not, for silver blood is not so easily tarnished. Each and every heavenly cycle sees h
  2. Punished for role-play. Imagine.

  3. The Okarir'sil of Haelun'or eyed the swinging body warily, canting his head as he considered the message the elf had meant to send through her passing. "Do you recognize her, sir?" asked a uniformed private. "No. I don't," the commander muttered in response. "Cut her down. We will not mourn for crazed lunatics or would-be assassins."
  4. High elves have had a huge resurgence lately with a new city and an active, fresh regime. We’d love to have you for a spin. Can promise tons of magic in particular. ;) #Malaise1701
  5. I will invent a spell that makes her love me again
  6. why the **** all the auctions for girls man
  7. Malaise


    The decorated commander of the high elven army noted the invitation of his peers with a wry grin. He made preparations to attend the ceremony, pondering the brief spat of bloodshed his state had engaged in but a single decade prior. “The Woodland Realm awaits. As does its people.”
  8. The Okarir'sil pasted the missive on his refrigerator door.
  9. “Many came to seek the mighty’s favor. They hailed him from afar at the common grounds and sought to catch a glimpse of him preparing his hunting party. Gifts of food and gold were brought to curry favor. Weapons and jewelry were brought in his honor whenever they could be spared.” “Those that truly impressed him were made a part of his story, a grand tale where each night was a feast, each drink was a toast, and each lover a grand affair.” “Before the fall.”
  10. A high elven soldierly fondly recalled the first-ever signing of the Crimson-Silver pact and the late great men whose signatures were laid upon it. Surely they were this author's betters, he thought to himself.
  11. can we smarten up and remove vortex crafting now? has it been long enough?

    1. Ryloth


      i just spent 5 hours and 2 modreqs figuring out how to mine iron with a bronze pick axe using apple wood i cut into square and into tool rods only after mining copper and tin with wood and stone and smelted into a bucket to make into an ingot only to discover i need to make CLOTHES TO ******* MINE THE IRON I AM GOING TO PULL MY HAIR OUT WHY DO I NEED CLOTHES WHY CANT I MINE NAKED THIS IS UNREAL

    2. Kuila


      you don't understand, this is just nexus 0.8.0. We haven't even seen the full release yet! :) (please help)

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      can we get rid of the minas cost for starting up settlements while we're at it 'cause 1% server activity is already stupid steep and adding the high minas fine on top of that just means that there's very few new political entities being created when compared to previous maps.

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