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  1. Astrawla passes through the city of the orcs, recognizing her father's head as she stands there in bewilderment, looking around for the source as there seemingly is none, she knew she couldn't remain here. Growling at this, she makes her way to Canahedo, grabbing as much values as she could, and left. "T-They.. they'll pay for their crime." she pouts.
  2. I'd like this, nothing too big but yeah +1
  3. I really like this, good job on it. ;p
  4. Lanhua, being adorned in leather and warpaint, growls. She would be gathering weapons with her fei'zhu child. "No fear, Se. We fight, and with that retake our city."
  5. Signed an easterner.
  6. Astrawla groans, walking to her home, only happy to actually be alive and the denizens surviving, none harmed. "Muukarla and Zahbus, you are okay. Come with mother now, we shall rest another glory day." she smiles warmly to her children, overjoyed that they managed to survive once more, they both jump onto the bed and snuggle against their mother. "Good night, loves."
  7. This is different, lol
  8. micbox is a blessing
  9. I like it, like it a lot. Clerics do need something cool to mess around with +1
  10. this is cool
  11. Name? Astrawla Title? Ja' Professions? None at the moment, will get what's needed though. Reasons for joining the priesthood? Because i'm already a priest, and wish to continue spreading Metztli's religion far beyond even kha themselves. Are you capable of holding public sacrifices? Yes.
  12. rpd with him a lot before, pretty nice dude, he knows his stuff +1
  13. thanks for that, i agree with this ^ u dont have a random bird come nd then u send it