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  1. Mabah

    raphael/lothryc ask me anything

    House information and bank address?
  2. Aereis notes, "Damn, all the slavers are hell of artists. I don't see what they're doing in the slavery job when they could do portraits."
  3. what version is lotc on? 1.12.2 or 1.12.1?

  4. Mabah

    LT App

    I quite enjoy Avacyn and the lore he has created.
  5. Mabah

    The Kōkuaʻia

    Here's the only thing I dislike. I'm not a fan of different languages for small cultures, but otherwise, I quite like this. Completely immersive languages are usually what makes me say, "No, I don't want to do this." This is due to the fact of the difficulty of having to alt+tab every time I wish to say say something until I learn the language. The only immersive language that has worked is Blah and Blah is basically just a jumble of a few new words and someone speaking like they have tusks because orcs have... Surprise! Tusks. Even Blah has turned many heads from becoming an orc and is why at a few points in the history, OOCly we orcs have allowed people to speak common until they grasp the language.
  6. Mounsidians - Haiti Creole (for farfolk)
  7. Mabah

    [✗] Umbra Distortion [Magic]

    Ever heard of magic?
  8. Mabah

    Sander's attempt at WT

  9. Mabah

    [Denied] Z3r05t4r's Eleventh GM App

    You know, I've never met the guy, but I'd assume that spending his time writing 11 applications for a god damn pixelated position with no reward besides an occasional "Thanks, man," gives him some credit.
  10. Mabah

    [Pending]Dark's LM Application

    You know, I usually hate Canadians because of their false advertising bacon which is really ham, but if he brings some syrup lore to the team, I'll be good with it. +1
  11. TL;DR I dont have a life so accept me pls +1
  12. Mabah

    [✓] Land Charter App

    Evie signs. (Mabah)
  13. Mabah

    Sticks and Stones Guild

    "Who even owns this guild?" asks the mixed elf man.