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  1. Mabah

    raphael/lothryc ask me anything

    House information and bank address?
  2. Mabah

    [Submission] The Origins of Shamanism

    Quality 10/10
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  4. Aereis notes, "Damn, all the slavers are hell of artists. I don't see what they're doing in the slavery job when they could do portraits."
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    Poor Leadership

  6. Mabah

    Poor Leadership

    Girl, you need to sleep and stop worrying ?
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    Swampgoth Bogush'Lak hears of this transgression to Laklul and his will. He idly sits on a swampy log before snarling and getting up. He definitely did not like the doings of this elf. Bogush swore to himself that he wouldn't accept these wrongdoings. "Preyze. Laklul."
  8. what version is lotc on? 1.12.2 or 1.12.1?

  9. Mabah

    [CA] [Feral] Murlocs

    very very furry
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    LT App

    I quite enjoy Avacyn and the lore he has created.
  11. Mabah

    The Kōkuaʻia

    Here's the only thing I dislike. I'm not a fan of different languages for small cultures, but otherwise, I quite like this. Completely immersive languages are usually what makes me say, "No, I don't want to do this." This is due to the fact of the difficulty of having to alt+tab every time I wish to say say something until I learn the language. The only immersive language that has worked is Blah and Blah is basically just a jumble of a few new words and someone speaking like they have tusks because orcs have... Surprise! Tusks. Even Blah has turned many heads from becoming an orc and is why at a few points in the history, OOCly we orcs have allowed people to speak common until they grasp the language.
  12. Mounsidians - Haiti Creole (for farfolk)
  13. MC Name: Mabah Character's Name: Hsieh-Shu Character's Age: 23 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): N/A Transformed form: Hou-Zi (Laobai-Zhu) Creator's MC Name: N/A Creator's RP Name: Metztli Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Metztli created the Hou-Zi before she created the Kharajyr in an experiment of life, looking for someone to serve her. The deity blessed one Hou-Zi the knowledge and wisdom, his name being Hou-Shen. Currently, most Hou-Zi are loyal to him as their deity and pray for his return to this world. In the past the Hou-Zi were peaceful and isolate but they had one enemy, being Malin and his children. The Hou-Zi left the jungle quickly and invaded Asul, catching the elves by surprise, tearing through small towns and villages. The elves retreated to Asul'onn and so the Hou-Zi went there, and the elves denied the choice of surrender so the Hou-Zi fought with them there for seventy days, and then the walls fell, from the Hou-Zi's rocket contraptions, and they murdered the elves inside. The Hou-Zi continued to spread, heading for Ceru. At the northern part of Ceru, the Hou-Zi lost for the first time, never controlling the northern part of Ceru but keeping the southern area to themselves. After a while, both Kings met with a treaty to agree that all land conquered will be kept and no advances will be made. This was kept for more than a hundred years before this ceasefire ended. The Hou-Zi attacked the island of Malin and heading for the city of Malinor. This battle was long and bloody, destroying the entire island. No one really knows how it happened but all people conclude that Hou-Shen died in battle. This gave all of his army a huge blow to their moral. The entire army retreated, some being murdered while attempting this retreat, or taken prisoner. The elves began to massacre all the Hou-Zi they could find. They took all their land and destroyed all the Hou-Zi villages they could possibly find. They decided to hide in Asul in a single city. Metztli decided that the Hou-Zi should be able to try again at a life as a race, creating a new body for him which he inhabited. The Hou-Zi were living like their previous ancestors, like monkeys, eating bugs and fruit. Hou-Shen's children, Hou-Da, Hou-Wang, and Hou-Xiao, were delighted to see their father once more. The God King decided to rebuild the city they had lived in, in Asul, Jing-Taiyun. They worked very hard to repair the city, but finished with it absolutely beautiful. They made wonderful gear for themselves. This was made up of jade crafts, and gunpowder rockets like before. Hou-Zi decided to attack the High Elven people first, taking out their small outposts and villages first like they had before. They quickly took over most of their territory and headed for the Wood Elven area, but were met with strong resistance, but managed to take their land around them, and the same happened with the Dark Elves, but they retreated to their capital almost immediately. The High Elves started the turn of this war, using their strong magic to push the Hou-Zi back. The Hou-Zi grew impatient with the Dark Elves and headed for their cave, but were met with near immediate destruction. Druids and archers from the Wood Elves quickly forced the Hou-Zi to be pushed back into a retreat. The elves united and defeated the Hou-Zi but gave them a deal, which was that he would stay in Jing-Taiyun and never leave, so Hou-Shen agreed shamefully. After a long time of internal conflict, the Hou-Zi were met with crumbling buildings, weared by time, and sickness and plague. Hou-Shen, having had enough, simply walked into the jungle and was never seen again. This caused all the conflict to stop and over time, they spread throughout the jungle into small villages, Jing-Taiyun being sunk into the ground by the old god, Poison. The people believed that Hou-Shen would return to avenge them with the elves but he never returned. The Golden Palace, known as Jing-Taiyun, was sunk into the ground with only a little bit of ruins visible. Hou-Shen, the blessed Hou-Zi, is shown as a God King. He is the very center of Hou-Zi worship. People pray to him, praying and hoping for his return to this world. Hou-Zi, in general, are bipedal monkey-like people. They have a full body of fur, excluding the immediate area around their face. Their nose and mouth protrude their face and their ears are rounded and larger. They also have tails that are very long, with feet that look similar to hands. Their eyes are void of a pupil and sclera, leaving only an iris on their eye. One of the sub-races of Hou-Zi, specifically, Laobai-Zhu, the one I am applying for, were and are the most common Hou-Zi. Their fur is all shades of brown, and are found in all shapes and sizes. They are the most adaptable of all the sub-races and come from Hou-Wang, the first son born to Hou-Shen. This one lives the shortest, at a mere lifespan of 80-100 years old. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
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    [✗] Umbra Distortion [Magic]

    Ever heard of magic?
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    Sander's attempt at WT