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  1. Mabah

    [Submission] The Origins of Shamanism

    Quality 10/10
  2. Mabah

    Clickbait, probably

    High elves usually remind me as a more passive Aryan race.
  3. Mabah


  4. Aereis notes, "Damn, all the slavers are hell of artists. I don't see what they're doing in the slavery job when they could do portraits."
  5. Aereis chuckles to himself. "The orcs are at a peek in society, I see."
  6. Mabah

    A Flock, A Herald, An Invitation

    Aereis, the elderly mali'aheral, recieves the note and ponders over what it means.
  7. Mabah

    Poor Leadership

  8. Mabah

    Poor Leadership

    Girl, you need to sleep and stop worrying 😉
  9. Mabah


    Swampgoth Bogush'Lak hears of this transgression to Laklul and his will. He idly sits on a swampy log before snarling and getting up. He definitely did not like the doings of this elf. Bogush swore to himself that he wouldn't accept these wrongdoings. "Preyze. Laklul."
  10. what version is lotc on? 1.12.2 or 1.12.1?

  11. Mabah

    [CA] [Feral] Murlocs

    very very furry
  12. Mabah

    LT App

    I quite enjoy Avacyn and the lore he has created.
  13. Mabah

    The Kōkuaʻia

    Here's the only thing I dislike. I'm not a fan of different languages for small cultures, but otherwise, I quite like this. Completely immersive languages are usually what makes me say, "No, I don't want to do this." This is due to the fact of the difficulty of having to alt+tab every time I wish to say say something until I learn the language. The only immersive language that has worked is Blah and Blah is basically just a jumble of a few new words and someone speaking like they have tusks because orcs have... Surprise! Tusks. Even Blah has turned many heads from becoming an orc and is why at a few points in the history, OOCly we orcs have allowed people to speak common until they grasp the language.
  14. Mounsidians - Haiti Creole (for farfolk)