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Found 16 results

  1. [!] A notice is posted to the Honeyhill Noticeboard, its writing scribbled on coarse paper. A Day o' Work ~The new tailoring area in Honeyhill!~ For much too long have we partied and tussled with the rats who wish to oust us from our homeland. It is time that we get back to work and do what needs to be done 'round the village! Afterwards, we can all share a drink in the tavern, o' course. This next Pumpkin Day ought to be a good one! -Filibert Applefoot ((Event at 8 PM EST, TOMORROW on Friday the 21st of January, 2022. Located in Honeyhill, the home of the halflings))
  2. The Mines Of Kal’Darakaan - Regarding Permits & Gaining Access - “When the Sons of Yemekar struck the first vein of Kal’Darakaan, they rejoiced as their lives would soon be filled with an abundance of wealth and honest work. So shall the Sons of Yemekar justly protect what acts as a source of untold opportunities beneath their sacred mountains.” From The Office Of Yemekar’s Pick The workers of Kal’Darakaan have unanimously decided to protect their interests by privatizing the mines of Urguan. No longer will outsiders and unvetted ‘miners’ make their way into our sacred mines, defiling them with uncaring swings of a pickaxe, and threatening the security of what provides so much work here in our city beneath the mountain. To maintain a firm hand on the mines, a familiar system of mining permits will be reinstated and enforced. From now on, those who would like to access the mines of Kal’Darakaan will have to purchase a permit from the office of Yemekar’s Pick with the exception of those belonging to the Workforce and enlistees of the Legion. More details can be found below. Permits & Guidelines To better ensure that the mines of Urguan are protected, would-be miners will have to purchase a permit of 25 minas at the office of Yemekar’s Pick. These permits act as a promissory to ensure that only those with a responsible mind and pocket will have access to our treasured veins. If you are found in the mines or accused of trespassing without a permit, you will be brought before the Lord Justiciar and trialed. Permits may not be shared between two or more people. Each permit is only valid for the singular person that purchased it. Unlike previous iterations, permit holders DO NOT have to fulfill a weekly quota or join the workforce in any official capacity. For Workers & Legion Enlistees For those who work under Yemekar’s Workforce and Legionnaires of Urguan, you do not have to purchase a permit to access the mines. Speak with either Yemekar’s Pick or the Grand Marshal to receive your permit and keys. For Past Permits For those who’ve purchased permits in the past from previous Prospectors and Foremen, those permits are still valid. To retain the validity of the said permit, the permit or proof of purchase must be sent to the office of Yemekar’s Pick with additional paperwork. If you do not have the physical permit or proof of purchase, the permit will not be valid and will need to be purchased again from the office of Yemekar’s Pick. Accessing The Mines After purchasing your permit, it must be sent along with all required paperwork to the office of Yemekar’s Pick. Once everything has been verified, you will be sent a key, giving you access to the mines. It may take up to two stone days for your paperwork to be received and verified. (OOC) Please use the mine-perms chat in the Urguan Discord and follow this format: Name: Character: Allegiance: Proof of permit: Signed, Torsun Goldhand Yemekar’s Pick Acting Lodemaster Of Kal’Darakaan Ulfar Starbreaker High Overseer Of Yemekar’s Workforce
  3. =-< Yemekar’s Workforce >-= - The Working Guilds of Kal’Darakaan - “There is one group of hardworking dwarves that holds the entirety of the Dwarven Grand Kingdom upon their broad shoulders, a group of dwarves that truly know the meaning of “a hard day’s work.” They are the workforce of Yemekar’s Pick, they are those who dedicate their hands to the service of The Maker. Woodcutting, mining, and farming are not merely traded skills to be learned and then performed sluggishly from day to day in monotonous drudgery but they are skills to be cherished. The common worker is not lowly or insignificant in the grand scheme of the Grand Kingdom but they are what keeps the Grand Kingdom moving forward, for without supplies how would goods and profits be made? Most importantly, without farmers how would we produce ale?! This is why any dwarf should be honored to join the workforce of the Grand Kingdom, for they not only honor themselves but they honor their clan, the Grand Kingdom, and Yemekar himself.” ~ Thoak Goldhand, Yemekar's Pick of the Second Grand Kingdom of Urguan Prospectors of The Treasured Hoard The backbone of the dwarven workforce, the miners are what supply the Grand Kingdom with precious minerals for the crafting of objects of practicality, beauty, and strength. Even though there is no job that is greater than the rest in terms of its usefulness, mining is certainly one of the most dangerous and rewarding positions within the labor force. Whether it be collapsing tunnels, a nest of spiders, or a demanding quota, the miner’s job is never done. But with a good head on your shoulders and strict planning, you’ll come out of the mines with your beard still attached to your jaw, a hefty load of ore, and maybe even a bonus if you work exceptionally well. Current Lodemaster: Enryn Blackhammer (DixieDemolisher) Blacksmiths of The White Anvil The most treasured and sacred art of the khazadmar, passed down by the ancestors to their children. The life of a blacksmith begins at an early age under the apprenticeship and watchful eye of a master blacksmith. Only by taking and shaping the metals of the earth for several lifetimes could they gain the reputation of being the best throughout the lands. It is up to the blacksmiths of Urguan to maintain the prestige set by their ancestors by ensuring the Legion is equipped with only the best, and that the denizens far beyond clamor in envy at their crafts. Current Forgemaster: Ulfar Starbreaker (XxEnderking) Blacksmiths of The White Anvil Hierarchy: <Link> Artisans of The Gilded Hammer Not quite as renowned as blacksmiths, but equally impressive in both skill and artistry. Artisans are those who can shape almost any material they desire into an item of practicality. A blanket to cover a babe, a ring to fit the hands of an unsuspecting recipient, a tombstone to mark the burial grounds of the fallen. All are things that an artisan will eventually create as the cycle of life continues. So will the demand of an artisan ever be, and their importance within the workforce. Current Goldmaster: Kragdin Starbreaker (Prifter) Farmers & Herdsmen of The Sacred Hearth Although agriculture may not have the more clear and present dangers that mining does, it is no less crucial to the survival of the rest of the workforce and the Grand Kingdom. Without adequate food and ale, the loggers and miners would not be able to gather the materials used for building our stout stonework and masterwork tools. Meats, vegetables, bread, fish, and other baked goods are all necessities for a healthy dwarven diet, and let us not forget our most cherished drink, ale. These staples are what the farmers and herdsmen will gather, and therefore do not think of it as merely farming or butchering but fueling an entire Nation with food and drink. Current Harvest Master: Argnos Frostbeard (Frostbeard)
  4. STICKS & STONES Working - Merchant - Trading The Sticks and Stones Guild is a guild created for workers of any profession looking for work or a home; most jobs will be offered to anyone with skill in their certain profession. Currently, we are located in the small Village of Reims, where anyone wanted housing/lodging will be living in a mill with others. Soon, however, once we gain more recollection, we hope to move our HQ into a larger city so that it will be easy to access. The reason I believe one should join this guild instead of working by themselves is that with other people you will have support and friendship. The harder you work the more money you will get, and there is always guaranteed money (in most of the professions.) For the miners, we have an almost untouched mine that is great for harvesting resources, it is private to just our guild at the moment and is found relatively close to the Village. We have a large farm on sight with animals, crops and will be able to spread the word of products much faster together. The reason I brought myself into this guild is that I believe if more workers come to unity there will be a very positive atmosphere within the brethren. The owner of this guild is none other than Naxos Promfrey, growing from a wealth of parents. Currently, we are looking for: - Skilled Miners - Skilled Farmers - Skilled Tinkerers - Skilled Alchemists - Skilled Mercenaries - Skilled Craftsmen - Skilled Blacksmith - Skilled Cooks [!] A quota will be installed per profession so that you maintain your position in the guild! If you believe that you have any other skill that we might worth useless, please feel free to fill out an application aswell! Payment to be discussed based on profession. Please Fill out and put below: IG NAME: IC NAME: WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN STICKS AND STONES: POSSESSED SKILL:
  5. The Guild is gone!! The leader had died!! ~Golden Knights~ The golden Knights Are a small Group That seek Minas and land and to help the common man. The main Goal Of the golden Knights is simple to protect the common man and make minas and glory, defend what they think is right in the world as well as roads and becoming a merc group to one day claim land and build a small village and protect all roads from monsters. We shall Protect any man from beast or a bandit. We are here to make sure every man and woman of every race has a chance to make big Mians And that is why our starting pay is 40 mians a day!!!!!!! Send a Bird to Ser Hoska Grimson ((Kingaff96)) if ya wish to join -~-~-~Ranks~-~-~- ((General's)) ((Pay:100 per mc day)) There will be Two Generals with in the Golden knights there job is to make sure every thing is going smoothly with in the company and make plans for when war is to come they send out orders to the Officers it ranges from gather ores,logs to make sure each Squadron Is in tiptop shape ((Officers)) There Job is to make sure the units with in there Squadron Are trained and always have something to do From just patrolling to finding recruits to even making armor and weapons and even fighting monsters at night there are up to three types of officers Recruiters,Field Commanders,Resource ((Recruiters)) ((Pay 100 per eleven week)) There job is to go out and find new recruits to enlist They get paid the highest Out of the officers for they get 20 minas per recruit ((Field Commanders)) ((Pay:60 per mc day)) These guys handle The Units on the field they train The men to march on the field in formations And Train the men how to fight Ony the best out of the best can become one of these men For each Formation they train a Squadron in they gain 10 minas ((Resource Officers)) ((Pay:100 per elven week)) They Handel the amounts of ore or Resource's That come in. they keep track and watch the books and hand out the ore's and such to each Person that needs them they also gather groups of Recruits to go gather Resource's ((Footmen)) ((Pay:40 a mc day)) These guys are the backbone of the Unit They complete task And train daily to become the best of the best they seek out jobs for the unit or just trade agreements ((Recruits)) ((Pay:10 a mc day)) New men enlisted to seek glory or gain minas there pay starts off small but grows as they rank up ((Ps. seeking some one to make this look all fancy and what not i do not know how make these look great :/ Also seeking some one who can make nice skins)) ((OOC)) Ign: Is this a alt persona: Timezone: Skype: Teamspeak: Age((Optional)): ((Rp)) Name: Age: Reason to join: Race: ((Crafting and such)) Skills:
  6. Dear Builders of Axios, I am in need of builders who are able to fit the interior of a building, alongside a possible extension. It is imperative that the builders supply their own materials for the construction. It should not take too long and the sum of payment will be decided upon prior to the construction, then finally, payed after the work is completed. The purpose of this building will be revealed to the builder(s) before the construction. If you are interested then please, fill this form below: Name: Race: ((Skype Name:)) Any Previous Works?:
  7. The Honor Guard of Summerhall History Several Honour Guard’s rush to relieve Orenian forces near the Dunamis Fort, dated 1548 The origins of the Honour Guard stem from the events preceding the Duke’s War, when Lord Marshal Augustus d'Amaury’s nascent noble house was granted a considerate holding in the former fiefdom of Adria. The hardened bannermen of the Lord’s personal retinue remained staunch servants to the strong leader, and continued to serve him in the newly formed county of Amaury as the first of his prestigious entourage. Garrisoned alongside their liege within the imposing keep of Summerhall, the veterans were offered service by the Lord Marshal- to form an Honor Guard with the goal of maintaining order in the county and protecting the House d’Amaury if need be. This company of stalwart and honorable men consists mainly of the experienced cavalrymen and halberdiers that saw service alongside the Lord Marshal during the Duke’s War, though apt newcomers in search of virtuous employ are encouraged to join the ranks of the capable band. Serving the House d’Amaury as Summerhall’s peacekeepers and their liege lord’s elite bannermen, the Honour Guard is tasked with maintaining order in times of internal and external turbulence. With the return now of both Lothaire and Jacques d’Amaury, the Honour Guard finds itself being lead by the latter under his Marshalship. Role in Amaury Portrait of Augustus d’Amaury, founder of the Honour Guard and the 1st Archduke of Lorraine, dated 1545 Since the birth of the intrepid House d’Amaury, the Honor Guard has been charged with protecting the Archduchy of Lorraine and ensuring stability over their Lord’s holdings. Patrolling the burgh- oft on horseback - the brave men of Summerhall watch over their lands with a wary gaze, protecting the denizens of Amaury from ruthless bandits and savage marauders. The men of the Honor Guard are also graced with the task of guaranteeing their the safety of their lieges,the honorable aristocracy of House d’Amaury. Acting as an armed escort and guard force when the need arises, the soldiers garrisoned within Summerhall’s walls serve the Lord Marshal and his kinfolk with zeal and ardor, upholding the virtues of their commander while protecting his family. Comprised mostly of the tested veterans of the Duke’s War, the Honor Guard is gracious to bear a large number of weathered combatants under its service. The brave footsoldiers of a vicious and bloody conflict, the Lord Marshal’s banner force boasts a capable number of courageous and valiant combatants who are well-suited to fighting wars with skillful organization and unfaltering loyalty. Duty to the Lords of Lorraine Depiction of assorted Lorrainian nobility, date unknown. In seeing the military largely centralized, lords who chose to contribute men to the Honour Guard are given more than just respect; they receive protection, save minae on wages, and save resources in our arming of these men. Lords of the realm will receive, upon request, a number of men to come protect them. Patrols will be sent through the lands as well to ensure the continued safety of all fiefs who contribute men to the force. Men who have risen to the esteemed rank of Honour Guard will also serve lords personally, acting with the authority and regal manner of a knight, but with the servitude of a page. A lord may suggest someone to act as their first Honour Guard, but all subsequent Honour Guards in service to such a lord would have to opt into it. Guardsmen will uphold the law of the Duchy wherever they are or are sent, and may actively garrison a fief if need be. Lords may approach the Commander to negotiate/make requests at any time. Ranks Men of varying rank saddle up for patrol, dated 1537 Initiate The starting rank of the Honour Guard. This rank is given to the fledgling guardsmen who have recently began their tenure within the Honour Guard, and as such they have yet to prove their aptitude and valor. Payment: 100 Footman Those who have been tested as able-bodied and loyal levies of the House d’Amaury, the Honour Guard’s Footmen make up the auxiliary of the force, and carry out their duties with coordination and devotion. Payment: 150 Man at Arms Often regarded as the more gifted and skilled counterparts to the footmen, the Men at Arms of Summerhall boast considerable competence and are proficient soldiers. A service of considerable longitude under the Lord Marshal is usually rewarded with this respectable ranking. Payment: 200 minae Sergeant The men of Summerhall who have displayed an aptitude for leadership and an ample amount of confidence and zeal are repaid for their prowess with this rank. Sergeants of the Honour Guard are shrewd disciplinarians and soldiers capable of relaying orders and maintaining authority. Payment: 250 minae. All positions hereafter do not recieve regular payment. Honour Guardsmen With the steely vigor and unflinching obedience long regarded as traits of exemplary soldiers, these ironclad cavalrymen carry the banners of House d’Amaury into combat and are professional soldiers with a heightened finesse and a prolonged service under the Lord Marshal, in times of warfare and peace alike. Guard Captain A second in command rank, the most senior of officers within the Honour Guard. Works in correlation with the Commander of the Guard. The Guard Captain beholds unrelentless loyalty to House d’Amaury and tenacity for leadership. They are the exemplary soldier within their ranks. Commander of Guard A highly prestigious rank, the Guard Captains of the Honour Guard work in tandem with Lord d’Amaury to ensure that their company maintains a reputable amount of respect and diligence. Only the Lord Marshal’s most trusted underlings have ascended the ranks of the Honour Guard to be graced with the status - and responsibility - that comes with becoming a Guard Captain. Every second Saint's Week, a muster will take place in Summerhall, where pay will be distributed and promotions announced. Failure to show up without announcing prior commitments forfeits ones pay, and could result in a promotion being reconsidered. Application MC Name: Race: Skype (PM if you’d like): Do you have Teamspeak?
  8. [!] A poster hangs in front of you, with the smell of ocean spray. The Shaken Sheep lounge! Located in Seahelm Come to relax! Read a book! Draw a picture! Or you can get work done! Host a meeting by renting us out! Enjoy amazing food! Need to talk with a friend about something that's been on your mind? Come here! Nice and quiet! Bring your pets! Looking to hire! Send a bird to Kajara if your interested! ((Hypersin_Gaming))
  9. *There is a flyer in populated cities with messy hand writing* IN NEED OF MERCENARY "I know of a man who is in grave danger but will not accept my help. Because of this i ask of a strong, powerful man or woman to watch over him. Each elven week that you watch over him, you will be paid 150 minas. If you do wish of this, contact Elynnus, a guard who lives in the snow elven lands." ~A Ooc info: Elynnus's ING is Harleyx and for those of you who may not know, a elven week is a ooc week. Also please make sure your character is skilled and not a imbecile who won't properly do his/her job.
  10. A small sign is posted on a wall in Cloud Temple, it reads... I have no large amounts of mina but i am a masterfull farmer. My home was robbed and the theif has said that they will return my precious belongings if i give them two blueprints. I cant offer much but crops in return for a blueprint but i would also offer my services in exchange for one or two. If your feeling like you need to do a good need and have some extra lying around... or you need alot of crops, or maybe some land farmed. Send bird to Jace (squishybear7) if youd like my work or wish to help me out,
  11. Khalin Agriculture The primary farming and agriculture company of the deep South. Khalin Agriculture strives to produce the best and most stable crop of the Southern Lands. Not only does Khalin Agriculture produce a stable crop, but it is the premier livestock holder and fishing company in southern lands. With a large grant of land, Khalin Agriculture is located within the Republic of Salvus- it provides both livestock and soil products for the Republic as well as exporting their products on an international level. This company always seeks to expand and is currently hiring employees. If one becomes an employee of Khalin Agriculture, one will be provided with both weekly pay and cheap, reliable housing. Breeders will be provided animals and pens to house and breed their livestock. Fishermen will be provided with the necessary tools required to catch the local river fish along with shacks to keep their materials. Chefs will be given full access to a kitchen where they can turn the companies produce into edible delights. Farmers will be provided with hoes and the seeds required to help produce a stable and reliable food source for Salvus and Athera. Requirements for working Khalin Agriculture are very simple, and this is that the employees must simply make quota on a weekly basis. Quotas are determined the company’s owner Roopak Khalin himself, however, quotas generally remain a set amount. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] Khalin Agriculture Wages 100 Mina Excess Production Above Quota (EPAQ) (EPAQ) can be traded for a pay raise [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] Khalin Agriculture Application MC Name: RP Name: Current Residence: Desired Position: For any questions or concerns, direct them to Roopak Khalin, company owner. Trade deals are open, please refer to Roopak Khalin if purchases would like to be made.
  12. *A missive is spread throughout the land. To all cities, states, corners and edges of the civilized world. Pinned on boards and taped to walls, it is visible to all.* The Dragons' Guard The House of Horen seeks the strongest, brightest, and most dedicated men and women to serve under its banner. To brave the harsh cold of the north and defend the hardy people therein. To safeguard the city of Ayr, and the grand keep of Edmund’s Watch. Why Join? -To serve under one of the oldest and most noble families known to the realm. -To find fulfillment in protecting the innocent, and in turn serving humanity. -To gain the admiration of all your peers. -To call the soon-to-be keep of Edmund’s Watch your home, if you so desire. -To hone your skills as a soldier and kickstart your career as a man-at-arms. -To be free of prejudice under the watchful eyes of Peter and Robert Horen. How to Join: If you wish to reap the benefits listed above, and prove your worth, you need only send a letter to Robert Horen ((Kowaman/Namawok)) including the following ((Reply to the thread or PM)): - Your Name: Your Experience: What you can Contribute / Your Skills: - *At the bottom of each missive is a stamp of green wax, emblazened with the Horenian insignia. Beside it, are the signatures of Robert and Peter Horen.* Regards, Peter Horen & Robert Horen
  13. Scattered by the wind and courier alike, a number of posters are scene scattered throughout Thales, crisp and to the point. At the bottom, the seals of House Carrion and the Decterum Order can be seen. The Citizens Brigade "Produce & Protect" The Citizens Brigade is a newly formed guild offering security and job opportunities to increase the quality of life for all of her members. Jobs from basic labor to specialized trades will be offered to all members, with the added benefit of military protection from the Decterum Order and House Carrion. Stable work for all professions, apprentice, journeyman or master , as well as opportunities for younger children to be educated as stewards or trained as squires are offered to all folk. In cooperation with the Carrions, work shall immediately begin for the formation of a town charter and housing, with members of the guild electing their own chiefs and alderman. The Decterum Order shall appoint military officers and handle the protection of the Brigade and her assets, as well as offer free combatant training and emergency housing for members of the Brigade. Citizens of the Brigade may look forward to the following opportunities and perks: Job offerings for all current professions Payment for specialist trades such as dyers, weavers, tinkerers, chefs, maids and scribes Basic military lessons, similar to those taught to Imperial and Carrion levies, for free Emergency protection in Decterum and Carrion military fortifications Children and Young adults offered education and opportunities in noble offices And so much more! Join the Brigade today! Seek out the Carrion settlement in Thales! ( X: 140, Z: -60 ) Work for a brighter future! Join the Citizens Brigade!
  14. The Claxdons: House Claxdon is the House lead by His Lord Earl Matthew Claxdon the first of his name. His sister, Lucia Claxdon, also helps to run the House and serves as Lord Commander. His Brother, Lord Giovanni Claxdon, Also helps with the Military and helps run the House. *Criers are out in the major cities, they wear tunics with the Claxdon sigil on it. They speak out the following message. “The Lords of House Claxdon ask for men who are willing to fight for them! To serve and protect and to live under the Lords. The Lords promise to be fair and just in return for their peoples service. They promise them safety within their lands and pay for those who work underneath them. If you wish to join House Claxdon and share in its glory, come speak to us and we will give you the following notice to fill out then send to the Lords.” The Ranks: The ranks of the House are as follows, going from most powerful to least powerful. House Patriarch This is the leader of the House and all the lands that are under his House. When within his lands his word is law. Member of the Claxdon Bloodline These are as said, the Claxdons which have been born into the name, and those who have been married into the name. They are second in Command and there level of command goes in terms from eldest to youngest. Steward: The steward serves the House and acts directly upon the Lords Orders. He plays an important role of the keepings of the House. He also advises the Lord when it comes to warfare and political affairs. Lord Commander of the Claxdon Guard: These are normally men and women that are within the Claxdon Bloodline, although sometimes they are outsiders that have proven their loyalty to the Claxdons. Captain: The second in command of the army. They will each be in-charge of a squad of the Claxdon army which may be sent out on different missions. They will each be in-charge of up to a maximum of five men. Lieutenant: If the Captain is unavailable to lead the squad, the part falls down to the Lieutenant of the squad, which is chosen by the Captain. Bannermen: These men make up the squad and the main military force of the Claxdon army. These are the loyal men who serve the Claxdons and protect their lands. They are highly respected among the citizens and will not be disrespected by any of those below them within the Claxdon lands. The High Guard: These are men who have proven themselves in battle and have proven their loyalty to the Lords of the House. These men travel with the Lords as their personal body guards. They accompany the House Patriarch to meetings. They have sworn oaths of fealty to the Lords of the House and have vowed to protect them with their lives. Failure to do so, or the breaking of this oath will result in death. They take up masks of silver and are skilled warriors. Members House Patriarch: Earl Matthew Claxdon (Beast720) Steward of House Claxdon: Visha (Oblivionsbane) Lord Commander: Lucia Claxdon (Tekek) Giovanni Claxdon (kralek) Captains: Chirr Feta'iyat (guenther) Lieutenants: To be Chosen. Bannermen: Thomas Reid (colaone1) Elros Elanesse (Darez14) Toruug (Yopplwasupxxx) Edmure Parkins (77minerman) Ikur Chirr ((draguzz)) Leap Hikaru (Leap1) The High Guard: Visha (Oblivionsbane) Maletone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Application to become a Bannermen: In Character: Name: Age: Race: Short Biography (1-2 Paragraphs): Previous line of work: What are your professions and talents?: Why do you wish to join the Claxdon Bannermen? OOC: Apply here as well: https://docs.google....sted=true&pli=1 Upon acceptance you will be provided arms, armour and food. Payment: Shall be discussed IG. The Claxdons Need You! ((The other post was moved to "inactive" to be able to change owners of the post, House Claxdon IS still active.))
  15. The order of St Amyas. The Knights Chapter of The Grand Lorraine Truths The Knights of the Grand Lorraine recognize four basic truths of this world as absolute fact 1. The creator is the ultimate power and wisdom of this world, and all worlds. 2. The Creator’s word is law, in this world and, all worlds. 3. The creator’s word should be shared with all those who would choose to hear it. ​4. Those that Reject the word of The Creator and defy it are to be punished. The chapter exists in service to the The Almighty Creator, his Clergy and his Divines. The Chapter acts as Warriors, Clergy, and Historians for the Church of the True Faith and the Divines. Men of the order are taught to practice self-discipline, study scripture, armed combat, and record historical events. Vows Men of the order take vows to The Creator, The Divine Emperor, The church of the True Faith, and the High Pontiff himself. They are to ensure the stability and loyalty of the order. These vows are as follows: Celibacy. The vow to abstain from and avoid the temptations of lust, wicked is the temptation of fornication and leads men to stray from the creator's light. Poverty The vow to abstain from the sins of greed, to forsake worldly possessions and pledge all of one's self, material possessions and wealth to the church of the true faith. Obedience The vow to remain obedient to the faith, the Church and the order. Piety The vow to remain true to the creator’s word. To remain faithful to his law, his name and his glory. To follow scripture, pray and praise his name. Patience The vow of peace and temperament. To ensure no member of the order is needlessly bloodthirsty or angry, this vow is to ensure a calm mind and heart. Hierarchy Master of Order - Master of Arms- Master of Scrolls Knight of Lorraine - High Chaplain of the Lorraine High Sergeants - Chaplain Sergeants - Scholar Child of the Lorraine Rank Descriptions Council Master of Order: The Master of Order is responsible for maintaining political ties, managing the order’s finances and teaching High Knights and High Chaplain’s the importance of social interaction and patience with the outside world. Master of Arms The master of arms is responsible for the training of High Knights and High Sergeants as warriors and in discipline, planning battles and leading charges against enemies of the church. The Sentencing and prosecution of heretics, oath breakers and deserters. Master of Scrolls The Master of Scrolls is the head clergyman and Historian of the order, responsible for recording and safeguarding church and order declarations and history. Preaching the creator’s word to order members, overseeing the studies of High chaplains and Chaplains and dispersing clergy of the order to missionary work. Combative ranks: Knights of Lorraine. Responsible for the training of a child of the Lorraine, taking one of them under as a ‘squire’, leading small fighting forces comprised of Sergeants and High sergeants into battle. As well as physically conditioning themselves and attending chapel. High Sergeants. Responsible for the continuous training of Sergeants, reports to the Master of Arms for training and to update him on the progress of Sergeants. Sergeants The basic footmen of the order, responsible for their own upkeep and following the orders issued to them. Clergy ranks. High Chaplain. The followers of the faith, responsible for directing chaplains and scholars in activities, scripture readings and chapel sessions. May be called upon by the Master of Scrolls for missionary work, along with chaplains. Chaplain Responsible for recording small sections of history and scripture for the order’s collective library. As well as working alongside Sergeants to teach Children of the Lorraine the creator’s word. Scholar: Responsible for studying only, not allowed to preach the creator’s word until deemed fit by a high chaplain or the master of scrolls himself. At which time they become a chaplain. Child’s rank Child of the Lorraine: Children, usually orphans in the care of the order, taught scripture and made to work under a knight until adulthood. Where they may be promoted to Sergeant or Scholar based upon their preference. Application to the order:
  16. Grey Company In ages past, the rulers of Oren were protected by the Dragon Guard, who were later dismissed for a lack of need and incompetence. The duty fell to the Lion, who were disbanded into the Red Dragon, and they had other duties to attend to. This led to King William III of Horen to commission Grey Company, and elite bodyguard answerable only to him. The duty of Grey Company is to protect the Crown, and it's family, but firstly the Monarch. They take orders from the King alone, and not even the regent would command them. For if need arose, they would even remove a corrupt regent if he was threatening Royal power and rule. They would put the kings life above all, and risk anything to save him, even the capital or royal blood. Equipped with superior arms, armor, and skills, they make sure the king is never in danger, his tasks are completed or they die trying. Commander: Responsible for maintaining the guard and keeping it running smoothly, he is a veteran and excelled as a member of Grey Company. He distributed assignments to the Company. (( IC title would be [Grey Commander] )) Captain: Captains often lead field missions and act as leaders to Grey Company. They have shown to be excellent in their assignments and tasks, Along with showing an aptitude for leading. (( IC title would be [Grey Captain] )) Company guard: The basic rank of Grey Company. Those from veteran to newly inducted are seen as equals unless obviously promoted. Knowledge is expected to be shared, and lessons taught throughout the Company. (( IC title would be [Grey Company] )) Application of below, send it out to the Palace and we will find it
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