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  1. Looks Interesting, as someone who played a cleric of old and whos new character follows Tah even though hes a shut in now days would be nice to see him back in action even in a duet with ariel. +1 One concern, Not being able to wear plate armour over your augmented st signed item is a little weird. you go to all the trouble then can't use it if you wear plate.. which is the bread and butter of past clerical wargear.
  2. So, pvp groups just use discord comms to rally instead and 'happen' upon the conflict. Right atleast they had to pretend to not meta with the birds.
  3. Lunah Smiles and nods in approval as she reads over the document, "A good ending to our vassal ship and a great first chapter of our diplomatic relations."
  4. Lunah Walks through the new City of Elysium and inhales deeply taking in the sweet fresh forest air, "Its good to be home." she hums before wandering down towards the White Bear Tavern.
  5. Lunah looks over the publicised article then giggles to herself, "Well no one anywhere is surprised by this turn of events, this was the worst kept secret in Almaris." she hums before scanning over it once more, "Oh also this contract has been broken on at least 3 occasions as per article 3, Section 2-II it doesn't take a seer to spot the mareno's when they raided elysium with the ferrymen." pauses once more then scratches the print near the top, "Huh, this must be a printing error because this period would indicate that they were only paid 25 mina? they might want a new contract for two reasons now."
  6. Lunah watches Sinsio bite into the apple then checks her bag for her personal stash letting out a sigh of relief that it wasn't her apple that he was eating before giving the dark elf a nudge, "Just going to stand here and watch or going to help load the crates?" she jests before moving off to help the duke where she can.
  7. "Ah yes, maybe next time don't hire a band of ferrymen as your escort when visiting... although all things considered that would be impossible for the Mareno company to separate itself from the ferrymen." Hums Lunah before tossing the missive in then pile labeled cow ****.
  8. Lunah relaxed on the couch in the Vanari Clan house, watching her daugher Ellania and Ellathor play chasing around the room, chuckling to herself as ellania resorted to hiding beneath the dining table to avoid her older brother. Her head turned upon hearing Aylin Vanari's foot steps entering the premise. After a brief discourse Lunah turned her attention to the note aylin had handed her and began reading it letting out a soft sigh. "Well, this ought to be interesting.. and i was just starting to enjoy my forced retirement." She said with a shake of her head. Tossing the note on a side table before turning her attention back to where it belonged, on her children.. the real reason she had fought so hard in the War, not to destory oren, not so Norland conquer. She fought for her family, for Elysium and its defence.
  9. Matthew dreams of his newly tailored suit and all the lunarite buttons he'll be able to put on it.
  10. Rustler Matthew adjusts his coat before sitting down with a cup of tea in the local shop of talons port, taking a small bite of a pastry before looking over the missive, "Hrmm, nice riddle, although the first line gives away the location already." he hummed before he continued reading. "Ah, diplomacy between our groups, should be interesting, perhaps i'll try and make it, although i do so hate the heat of waterless seas." He hummed before continuing his morning routine enjoying his pastry and tea.
  11. *Hands a fish* one more before you fly off into space.
  12. "A beginning of the Hunts, not an End, we will purge these deviant sadistic that justify there actions as the will of their god. No god would ask its warriors to inflcit such horrors upon innocnents no matter the creed or religion they follow."
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