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  1. THE BATTLE FOR LUCIENSBURG SEIZURE OF THE UNDERGROUND PASS ________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ The men and women of Luciensburg waited in the abbey, watching as the Padre, Paco, give his sermon. Mixed amongst them were their allies from Hyspia and Yong Ping. Though few of them shared blood, battle had forged bonds not easily broken. The Lector walked amongst them, voice issuing from within his helm, splashing those around him with holy wate
  2. Grifter stands in the queue, checking the timepiece around his neck and spitting on the ground. "Go out on a hunt and things go to ****. ******* beautiful."
  3. Sarcof

    The Swamp

    From the city of Ves, a group of five men departed. They wore a variety of armor, carried a variety of weapons. The only consistent thing about them was that each carried along a pack and a fluid skin strapped to the top.They departed in the direction of the swamp. A day later, they returned, their number less by one. The men of the Jackal Sect were muddy, bodies spattered by gore. They smelled of burning flesh and rotten meat, and several of the fluid skins were empty. Their carried one of their number, dragging him through the streets, bandages wrapped around the belly of the young man.
  4. There's been a lot to read over. Plenty of fighting, and if I'd planned on making a reply from the start, I would have been collecting quotes the whole while. Honestly, I glossed over some of the longer responses, because it's late and I've no desire to read through 20+ quotes and responses in one post on this thread. If it's any indication of my mental state right now, I just had trouble finding the plus key. Horrid, I know. Now, I'm going to start by saying I'm in the grimdark RP crowd. My characters have PK'ed on RP deaths, as of about early Vailor. This has lead to some good RP on my
  5. Victor looks at the poster blankly, quite unable to read and not entirely sure why he has a feeling of needing to nod...
  6. Yes, conception, birth, and a child being formed is more complicated than that. It requires a myriad of cells, initially blank stem cells, replicating over time to form the body. Structures take shape, hormones are added, and eventually a baby is ready to pop out. But, this is a fantasy server, and some things are just allowed to happen. Something with much greater impact that can't happen on our lore is Slayer Steel. With metallurgy and alloying metals, the metals need to be of similar size in order to form a matrix which can hold each other together. This has been done before, but by using t
  7. So, to those of you wondering how this happens. I've seen a few points brought up, biggest thing is how they do it. The organs of a bryophite all work the same. They aren't terribly different from Descendants, except in having a few extra needs and what makes up their bodies. More sugar, more water, sunlight, and they'll create the moss by entering a trance-like state. Flowers bloom in their hair and they leave pollen from their hands everywhere they can touch. This trance is essentially just them walking around touching things. Another point brought up, which is a good one, is how plants
  8. Allow me to delve into a bit of history and ballistic theory here. Firstly, the initial method of making barrels, primarily for blunderbusses because they don't need as smooth of a bore to hold a single projectile, due to holding a cluster of small projectiles, was simply to hammer a bunch of nails and other scrap into a circular tube, welding all the while. That being said, this was a long, slow process, usually halted by the necessity of other, more urgent projects. A musket barrel, notice not a rifle barrel, took even longer, because the weapon first had to be forged, due to the fact that c
  9. I think this is the first status I've ever made. I don't have a character anymore. ****.

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      u wana play as my baby?

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  10. Username: Warmarcher Character Name: Oan of Brevis
  11. Leave for 3 months and come back with 337 notifications.

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  12. Name (Leave IG name as well): Gimdul (Sarcof) Race: Forest Dwarf Gender: Male Skills: Farming, cooking, no bad fighting habits Do you meet the criteria to join Hallowvale Contracting?: Yes. Leave an address for a return letter of accepted: Luciensport
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