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  1. Sarcof

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    There's been a lot to read over. Plenty of fighting, and if I'd planned on making a reply from the start, I would have been collecting quotes the whole while. Honestly, I glossed over some of the longer responses, because it's late and I've no desire to read through 20+ quotes and responses in one post on this thread. If it's any indication of my mental state right now, I just had trouble finding the plus key. Horrid, I know. Now, I'm going to start by saying I'm in the grimdark RP crowd. My characters have PK'ed on RP deaths, as of about early Vailor. This has lead to some good RP on my part and some abysmal RP on my part, which I apologized for when called out for it and corrected in subsequent emotes. Just ask Skylez, NJBB or Bromadan about one time they fought me. I've had characters lose hands, eyes, fingers, ears, take horrible scars and just generally severe damage. I've been healed in character through numerous different methods, some by myself, some from other people. Over my time RP'ing, which isn't as long as some people but still isn't anything to sniff at, I've experienced and performed both mundane and alchemical healing roleplay. I've performed surgery IC on several people, and have generally received a handful of compliments on the quality and enjoyment of the healing. My characters have been healed by mundane means, alchemy, some absurd time magic, and a bit of ascended magic. I took part in the Mordskov eventline, being one of the players that helped build it up, flesh out ideas, and roleplay creatures. With my bona fides established, on to the actual discussion. Grimdark RP The argument for PK on RP death has come up with it, and I've played both sides in the argument. PK'ing on an RP death is done, although not necessarily seen as death posts aren't always thrown up. Although few people most likely know it, Skylez has PK'ed at least two characters recently, a darkstalker and a young elf. I'm not keen on people PK'ing on death, because I believe the server would either devolve into just permanent slice of life and tavern RP, with no one wanting to go out and engage in an sort of RP conflict, or all conflict resorting to solely PvP. I'm bad at PvP, so it's a bit unpleasant to me. Sometimes, it even gets me quite tilted. I also believe it would stymie a good bit of character development, as most characters wouldn't live long enough in the current state of RP to craft any significant story. The people that would be affected by their death wouldn't last much longer, and unless you just turtled up or went only for events, story probably wouldn't develop, as CRP between players is hit or miss on survival and quality. Poor RP I've experienced a fair number of different mediums of RP. For the most part, provided the RP I have to interact with is of decent quality, I don't mind. And I do have low standards, where the only RP I generally dislike is meme RP or the minas or die RP done by most bandits on the server as a bare minimum to start PVP. The exception I make to this is when it breaks with what should fit with a creature. While I enjoyed the concept of Devirad, I disliked what it became. But there was a good bit of activity, so that was fun. Now, it's been brought up that the main issue with holy healing, according to it's defendants, is that the instances drawn up were cases of poor roleplayers. And while some people did bring up issuing player reports or ban reports in regards to powergaming, or contacting the LMs, the simple fact is no one wants to. They usually turn into an argument and degenerate into a toxic back and forth, ruining community cohesion. In some cases, proving the charge is difficult, should logs not be on hand or the actions performed only be able to be proven by a recording. On the actual topic of holy healing, any sort of healing magic is usually absurdly good. The reasoning is simple, in that you can do anything provided you have the energy and the knowledge. The ability to remove crippling injuries is obviously beneficial. It can also be circumvented through other forms of roleplay, such as golemancy. And I do agree with several of the people who advocate for consequences in RP. If something happens to your character, it should either affect roleplay down the line, or should breed roleplay through dealing with this. While it's much easier to brush it off, than to try and RP a recovery or adaptation, especially if you don't know what you're RP'ing, the more quality RP, the better. Quality RP builds characters and their stories, and by the time their stories end, in the event they end, they should have grown. They can't do that if nothing happens to them. But, I don't believe a character should be rendered unplayable. A blind nugget might as well be dead, and once a character can no longer grow, what's the point of the character? Which is why I'm in favor of maimed characters being able to be healed, but not as it is now. At this point, it's essentially a reset button, with nothing to show for it and little development afterwards. Not even a scar, in most cases. Healing Adjustments While nothing can be said for what changes have been made to the Ascended yet, and with nothing regarding the Paladins popping up, the focus of this lies in discussing the Clerics. What most appeals to me is numerous, in-depth sessions requiring healing of major or complex injuries. I say complex because, for example an eye, is a complex little organ. It involves numerous specialized cells, muscles, and tissues to perform it's job adequately. Mess up any one of these, and you might have a malfunctioning or entirely useless eye, which should then have to be removed and formed all over again. I'm also in favor of there being some sort of indication for a wound, and some sort of blow back for the healer. Perhaps a scar might be left behind, perhaps the tissue wouldn't be as flexible or would be numb, insensate. It might grow cold quicker or be more easily injured. The only way to quickly grow a limb might be to reattach it, and then there might be nerve issues in the limb below that point, it might be stiffer or might suffer phantom pains, things of that sort. As for blow back, while there is the issue with healers suffering exhaustion, given what I believe is an apparent bind between their healing and the soul of the person being healed, I think the healer should also feel the emotional trauma that came with that wound, and perhaps see a discoloration or marking on their own body of where the wound was. The concept of faith being necessary is extremely interesting to me, and it's somewhat logically sound. Why should an Aengul extend it's help to someone that places no stock in them, that doesn't worship them or make any sort of offering to them? But, how would it be regulated? Perhaps the person simply has to pray as well. The healer could ask in OOC if their faith is genuine. Of course, they could easily lie, which is against the rules, but a player report wouldn't be necessary. Should it be found out, those who find out, should they be clerics, could simply emote Tahariae withdrawing their blessing from the person who was healed. Whatever magic was worked would sour, the injury in question turning gangrenous or simply reverting.
  2. Sarcof

    Grim's Lore Team Application

    So, I'm just going to quietly slip in my opinion on this. Probably about two or three years ago, back in early Vailor, I pulled some sketchy PG with potions. Joel, politely but bluntly, called me out for it in PMs. Whenever I asked him other questions about lore, because he became the default person who I went to for lore questions at that point, he would either answer them, or refer me to someone else that could. Usually, it was Phil. I can't recall if he was LT or not at the time, but now he's taking a swing for the spot, and to put it simply, he's a good choice. He's been around for much of the original lore pieces that are being rewritten now, and so is familiar with the initial vision for monsters. He cares a good bit about RP quality on the server and enforcing lore, which is something that plenty of people will attest to, including a number of people in the Dominion of late. He isn't easily pushed around, usually strong-willed but not in the absolutely stubborn way as some of the others on the server. And, he won't just say yes because everyone else is or he's worried about his position. If he thinks some lore is trash, he will say so, and most likely give feedback how. He will answer questions, and he will call out issues that break lore. He's the sort of person that will enforce a higher standard of RP. And a higher standard of RP benefits all of us, because most everyone wants to be around that good, enjoyable roleplay.
  3. Sarcof

    The OUTERHAVEN Initiative

    Victor looks at the poster blankly, quite unable to read and not entirely sure why he has a feeling of needing to nod...
  4. If it's true, then it's not harassment. If it's false, then give some evidence countering it.
  5. Yes, conception, birth, and a child being formed is more complicated than that. It requires a myriad of cells, initially blank stem cells, replicating over time to form the body. Structures take shape, hormones are added, and eventually a baby is ready to pop out. But, this is a fantasy server, and some things are just allowed to happen. Something with much greater impact that can't happen on our lore is Slayer Steel. With metallurgy and alloying metals, the metals need to be of similar size in order to form a matrix which can hold each other together. This has been done before, but by using the metal of another element. One not used on LotC. A plant being able to eat meat in order to get the necessary ingredients for the body to make stem cells and form them is as realistic as gold and iron being an alloy without some sort of go between metal.
  6. So, to those of you wondering how this happens. I've seen a few points brought up, biggest thing is how they do it. The organs of a bryophite all work the same. They aren't terribly different from Descendants, except in having a few extra needs and what makes up their bodies. More sugar, more water, sunlight, and they'll create the moss by entering a trance-like state. Flowers bloom in their hair and they leave pollen from their hands everywhere they can touch. This trance is essentially just them walking around touching things. Another point brought up, which is a good one, is how plants can make flesh and blood. The pregnant bryophite has thought of this. The character's body is craving meat, fat, and milk, for the sole purpose of providing raw material that the body can use to make the baby's body. Other than that, stop belly-aching and crying so much. It's just RP, and most of you likely don't even have to interact with the people involved in it. Stop raining on someone else's RP with something that really isn't a big deal.
  7. Sarcof

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Temp

    +1. Dude put on good events helping in Mordskov. Ask Once, Lathe, or ScreamingDingo to back that claim up.
  8. Sarcof

    [Denied] ET Actor CharlieWhaleSheen

    +1 I approve.
  9. Good at building, and good at running events. +1
  10. Sarcof

    [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] AcidGoosey

    Add Goosey back. I'll also hose him down like the dirty hippie he is. +1
  11. Sarcof

    [Denied] [Actor] Warmarcher

    Current Username: Warmarcher Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): Sarcof#2491 Timezone(s) you mainly play: CST, although exceptions can be made with sufficient heads-up. GMT-6 What group/nation do you consider to be your main? None of them. Have you held a staff position before? No. Do you currently hold a staff position? Also no. Do you plan on applying for other staff positions? Possibly LM, but most likely not. Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason? No. What style of events do you feel you enjoy creating? (Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Quests, Dungeons, etc.) I enjoy high fantasy and running quests, as opposed to quick one-offs. However, I do enjoy the occasional quick monster's den. List three factors you feel play a part in a quality event and expand upon them. Story Without a solid story, an event is either something used to get some fast gold, with bounties, or something that doesn't capture someone's attention for very long afterwards. A one-off doesn't need a good story or any backstory, but if you want it to be memorable to a character, that means that slack has to be picked up in other sections, involving characters or rewards. However, it must be fluid, pliant, flexible to change and adapted to the reactions of the characters. Characters The characters shape the roleplay, to some extent. Setting and backstory help, but the players will be acting and reacting in according to the actions and reactions of the characters. The character might be a wyvern, a pack of wendigoes as done by Saveforthememories, a shady dealer or an illuminated priest. They'll be the ones the characters will be working with and fighting, and also the ones driving the story when they get lost. They're what the players are most likely to remember, and if they're bland, stale, or repetitive, the event becomes dull and people are less likely to continue. Motivation When I say motivation, I mean what's driving players in the event. Without a proper driving force, primarily for a long event line, players get burned out and tired and stop playing. You have to reward the players and you can never forget why the event was made, which was for their enjoyment. Which isn't always easy. Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate and why? Grim, oncenoeda, Skylez. I've played with them for a good bit, done several of their events. Pretty good actors to emulate, although they're more low fantasy in their events. Provide three event scenarios, in total, of the style(s) you listed above: The Wandering Trader (1-3) A mysterious figure arrives in town, broad and robed, carrying a pack laden with various wares and holding a strange glowing green lantern held in front by a bent pole.. A tarp is unrolled, some of the more interesting wares laid out for display, however there seems to be more to be offered than just what's seen. On display are various trinkets, including a ruby necklace, a gnarled silver dagger with a shining and ornate emerald, and a simple tea set. More wares lie within his pack, which can be acquired either through speaking with the man about other items to buy, should it come up, or by attempting to kill him and take the wares. Hidden within the pack's lining is a map, carried through thick and thin, leading to a mysterious location... The Mutated Alghoul (3-7) A fell beast, the size of a chort. Elevated from it's normal state and twisted to a madman's desires, this beast is something unseen before. Standing the size of a small house, with the strength to destroy supports holding up structures nearby, and speed to rival the most fleet-footed of characters, this beast is not something to be taken lightly. Spines bristle from it's back and limbs, bones have been hardened and reinforced, the ribs have been extended and flattened, some protruding beneath in sharp ridges, and a natural carapace covers the frame of the creature. It's capable of emitting a thick, green vapor, highly flammable, as a ringed attack in it's immediate space. Spines may be propelled with a tightening of muscles, but most dangerous is it's ability to manipulate the stability of the ground it stands on. With purple arcana arcing from it's hands, the creature can make the ground seem almost liquid in it's fluidity, and can cause it to coil and ripple from it's mass slamming into the ground. This fluidity doesn't persist, however it can also shift the ground in the opposite direction, forming stone within malformed hands. The Ruined Colony (9-15) An effort in being in more than one place at once, this would be the staging grounds for further quests and events beyond the colony into hostile territory with a sinister purpose. Parts of the town lay blocked off by rubble and barricades, difficult to bypass or remove. Each section of the colony must be cleared, new dangers, threats, and mysteries being found in each of the quarantined sections. Within might be found some of the ravaged corpses of the colonists, but far fewer than there should be. Eaten by the new abominations that inhabit this place, or taken for some sinister purpose? What happened here, and what created these monstrosities? Perhaps the answers can be found in the mage's tower floating over the town, or in the old ruins nearby. Why do you wish to become an ET Actor Member? I've been doing events in an around Mordskov, sometimes with an ET supervising, sometimes without. I'd like the tools of an actor at my disposal for it. What strengths would you bring to the team? I've been told I'm a good roleplayer, and people that've played in the small events I've done have commended me for it. What are your weaknesses? Prone to obsession at times. Workaholic when it comes to events, won't stop. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future? School's starting to wrap up, and I usually spend a good bit of time on server.
  12. Sarcof

    [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] Ebonsquire

    +1 He was once part of the ET and performed well. Was kicked for inactivity I believe when he stepped away, as opposed to toxicity or incompetence. And therefore deserves to return.
  13. Sarcof

    [Accepted] [ET ACTOR] Attempt number 2

    +1 Man should be returned out of hand given his reputation and history.
  14. Sarcof

    [Accepted] [Actor] Swgrclan, 11/7/2017

    +1 Good RP'er, bit focused on spooks.
  15. Sarcof

    [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] Skylez1

    +1 Good at roleplaying, good at running events.