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  1. If useless irl politicians can make

    public transportation why cant LOTC?

    #notmyGM #feminism

    Edited by grimmothy
  2. [Application] RP Name: Illidar MC Name: kinslaver (grimmothy) Known Arcane Arts: Pyromancy Arcane Illusion Artificery Alteration Position Desired: Scholar/Student When is the best time to contact you for an interview: Send a letter on a lizard whenever you desire ((my skype is grimmothy, I'm usually on between 4pm and 2am))
  3. So the issue is there aren't any redlines set for any of the blessings, which is a pretty significant issue with any prospective magic. Basically redlines normally consist of hard rules for a magic, spell, or ritual which sort of define it's limits and make it clear when something is being powergamed or taken beyond what it should be, I'll give a couple examples of where red lines could be needed. For Myro's blessings, its pretty unclear what the limits of it are, do people just hear them from farther away, and if not, how does the person speaking not immediately blow out their eardrums and harm everybody near them including themself For Eirik's blessing, how powerful is the spell, would it physically prevent people from committing violence or is it just the sort of thing where people would have a more level head Basically The lack of redlines is a serious problem, not to say I don't support the concept, I think the aesthetic and mechanics here are super interesting, I'm just worried it'll get abused without better limitations to the spells written into the lore.
  4. This is pretty interesting, but I'd like to see what the limitations of this are, a lot of the blessings are pretty ambiguous and that's a bit of a scary proposal for something people will be running around with, especially considering it'll make characters go insane. Edit: What's the duration for the final blessings? Do you degrade over like a week, or more like 10 emotes?
  5. Quick question, so I was trying to dry my cat off from it's bath faster, so I 

    slapped that bad boy in the 

    microwave but when I looked away

    to check snapchat I heard a weird 

    noise and now the window is all red

    and the door won't open please 


  6. "If I'm going to be euthanized I'd want my vegetable wheelchair ass to be

    pushed into a burning building" 

    @Killer Queen

  7. @devTeam where you at?

  8. High Elves who want magic should 

    work under Illidar in the new ethic.

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    2. Aeldrin


      Recruitment that can be done in-rp should probably be done in-rp.

    3. EdgyMagey


      high elves who want a blacklist, that is

    4. NotEvilAtAll


      Advertising your group in a status update! That's my idea!

  9. Ur...........gay

    1. Hero_


      Shouldn't have done that ....

  10. Guys the cops want luv, msg me for details, we need to find a place to help her staff safe from the cops


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