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  1. That's fuckin gay
  2. Denied, please refer to the policy on homosexuals occupying staff positions.
  3. grimmothy

    [Denied][W] Divinejustice's Game Moderator Application

    Get this good christian boy on your team
  4. If useless irl politicians can make

    public transportation why cant LOTC?

    #notmyGM #feminism

    Edited by grimmothy
  5. grimmothy

    [Druidism][MA] Sabeji

    why do people let you have things?
  6. grimmothy

    Feedback: Voidal Magic v2

    Because I can't rep I'll say this out I agree mostly with thomas and phil, but I also thought that perhaps adding a more prominent physical detraction to voidal magic might be pretty interesting to rp although I think at least part of the problem with magics is that people who don't practice and happen to interact with them usually haven't looked at their lore/guides and so don't really understand what is and isn't powergaming with it, which can leave people feeling defensive or liable to have their character overcome more than they realistically should be able to.
  7. I really like this, good stuff
  8. grimmothy

    Jacktheblue20's Wiki Team App

    I personally wouldn't support jack picking up another staff team, especially so soon after joining the last one. If you want more specific details feel free to pm me on the forums or @grimmothy on skype
  9. grimmothy

    Feedback Gathering: Transfiguration

    I mean I think a lot of the issues here stem from the fact that the current lore/guide is super vague in bad places. Also as someone who practices the magic I think perhaps putting some solid caps on what can and can not be accomplished using the magic could make everyone a little more happy. Also in terms of having wards that are illegitimate/shouldn't have been possible to create, I'd just say requiring the creators of the item to sign it so that it'd be possible to track that sort of thing.
  10. grimmothy

    The Mage's Institute

    [Application] RP Name: Illidar MC Name: kinslaver (grimmothy) Known Arcane Arts: Pyromancy Arcane Illusion Artificery Alteration Position Desired: Scholar/Student When is the best time to contact you for an interview: Send a letter on a lizard whenever you desire ((my skype is grimmothy, I'm usually on between 4pm and 2am))
  11. grimmothy

    [✗] [✗] Forum Suggestion

    At least they gave you your gold vip stuff.....