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  1. fighting evil by moonlight

    [Denied] [Pending] I always do this

    i love my good friend jakefsf +1
  2. fighting evil by moonlight

    gab's commissions OwO [closed] [also its an art thread] [wow]

    reserved even tho im poor
  3. fighting evil by moonlight

    The Curse of the Fjarriauga: Frost Witches

    I'd be open to making it take up more than one slot! The Frostie community doesn't want it to take up more than one (naturally), but if the MT pushes for it I won't protest too strongly.
  4. fighting evil by moonlight

    The Curse of the Fjarriauga: Frost Witches

    It's left relatively vague in this iteration! Past witch lore got pretty explicit with the origin story, which did nothing for our IC culture except take away the mystery. I did several surveys throughout the course of this rewrite and there were several discussions, both in chat and through PMs, and current Witches seemed to agree that a more vague origin story, where the identity of our creator is kept a secret, fits our theme better. Thank you so much! It's a long one, I know. I wanted to stay away from explicitly defining how long a Witch can go without eating. There are SO many factors that would change it! For example, if a Witch consumed an entire arm, she'd be good for longer than someone who just ate a finger. Plus, just like in real life, different Witches eat different amounts. My favorite Witch RP in Vailor was when we all met up in the cave and ate; half of us were pretty dignified and only ate a little bit, while the other half were literally gorging themselves like rabid animals... Pretty neat ? Those Witches are used to consuming different amounts, so the ones who gorge themselves every time they eat would probably have to eat more often than the ones who were used to eating just a little bit. Lastly, I didn't want this to turn into a forced "you have to kill someone every time you log on" type of scenario. The LT/MT is kind of mixed on whether forcing people to kill each other ICly creates good villainy RP-- and while this version of Frostie lore maintains that Witches have to eat flesh to survive, I want them to be able to participate in other RP and develop their character outside of being strictly killing machines. tl;dr I wanted to leave it up to the Witch, because everyone is different! Nope! Please PM me on discord so that we don't clutter up the post. ?
  5. fighting evil by moonlight

    The Curse of the Fjarriauga: Frost Witches

    yo how'd you read a 30 page piece of lore in two minutes
  6. fighting evil by moonlight

    The Curse of the Fjarriauga: Frost Witches

    Changelog: Google doc link Art edited by Gabuette Note: Anything that isn’t written in this rewrite will be wiped. This piece replaces all other Frost Witch pieces. ctrl+F is powerful. Introduction Summary It would be much smarter to read the lore piece and simply use this as a refresher if you need to find information quickly. However, understanding that this is a 30+ page piece of lore, it is possible to get the general idea of these creatures from the summary. Origin Art edited by Gabuette Anatomy A Witch Mother Tiers A Young Witch Entering Metamorphosis Specializing Spell list Miscellaneous Purpose Quick Reference Facts Links, OOC Notes, etc
  7. fighting evil by moonlight

    [Pending]Arzota's LT App [Take 2]

    i would give my left kidney for this man
  8. fighting evil by moonlight

    [✗] [Aengudaemon Rewrite] Wyrvun, Lord of the Deep Cold

  9. fighting evil by moonlight

    [✓] [Lore Addition] Strigae Enthrallment

  10. fighting evil by moonlight

    [Shelved][Magic] [Thallassos Addition] The Drowned

    my good friend panicatthecostco is so good at writing
  11. fighting evil by moonlight

    The Fjarriauga; Maidens of Ice

    This has been added. PM with any questions.
  12. fighting evil by moonlight

    [✓] Draught Amendment Proposal

    i'll find a way to make kawaii ghoul slice of life rp anyway........ just you wait............. ((really though i support))
  13. fighting evil by moonlight

    Necromancy Amendment Proposal

    will this work with just the necros that made the morghuul or any two necros?
  14. fighting evil by moonlight

    [Your View] Freebuild

    Add something that allows people to report ugly builds. Otherwise, I have no issues with it that I can think of.
  15. fighting evil by moonlight

    [✗] The Learned Elders of Azdromoth

    formatting is ass lore is good