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fighting evil by moonlight

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  1. [MArt] Uluamirzgai's Shell

    Artifact approved.
  2. [Fire Evocation] [TA] Hobolympic

  3. A thorn in our sides.

    "Ooh, how fun!" The tea-loving Witch responded. "Pass the cream, would you, dear? Seems we have writing of our own to do.."
  4. A thorn in our sides.

    "Oh no! If only I could change how I looked!" A rather unamused Mother murmured. "Drat. I guess he got us good!"
  5. I'll be sending out information regarding the Frost Witch survey to those who requested it after we're done collecting responses :) Thank you to the 42 people who have already completed it!  If you haven't yet, it only takes a minute or two and it would help me a lot!



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. dogbew


      If you want a FM can work with you to get the thread locked or moderated from the get go, just let one of us know

    3. Fireheart


      WOW What a great FM lead! Truly the man we need at this hour to save us :D

    4. Cruz ©

      Cruz ©

      I hate you Logan 

  6. hi friends, i know this is opening up a can of worms, but i'd really like to hear your opinions on something. if you have time, please respond to this quick survey regarding frost witches, as part of the rewrite has been super controversial.


  7. [Pending]Arzota's LT App [Take 2]

    i would give my left kidney for this man
  8. this is a real, published book http://prntscr.com/iwufk6

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    2. MickMeist


      You're a saint

    3. fighting evil by moonlight

      fighting evil by moonlight

      @Veist i was writing lore and i physically cannot anymore, im just sitting here like "huh"

    4. Aerial


      @fighting evil by moonlight imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  9. [MArt] Uluamirzgai's Shell

    Jk - please contact TaxSeason#7949 on discord to discuss the possibility of this MArt.
  10. [MArt] Skull of Gul

    Artifact approved.
  11. [MArt] Uluamirzgai's Shell

    Artifact approved.
  12. [MArt] Boring Drill

    Denied. PM me for more information!
  13. [MART(S)] Take a look into my twisted mind

    The first and last artifacts are approved. The middle, however, has been denied.
  14. [TA] [Fire Evo] Robyn Vulnear

  15. [MArt] Ward's Wondrous Wizardy v1

    JK, Artifact approved.