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  1. What's good peeps?

  2. When you BR someone for killaura but in your evidence it shows a PM of you saying you won't tell. Cheeky we are.

    1. Gundabad1


      is this about my report? Haha

  3. Accepted. Speak with the Commander to discuss your entrance.
  4. Accepted. Find the Commander to get oathed and your uniform
  5. Accepted. Visit the Apostolic Palace when ready to begin training.
  6. Holy Order of Saint Wilfriche Holy Order of the Black Mace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZGMqKLGFpA “In hoc signo vinces” HISTORIA THEOCRACIA MILITIUM ♔Command♔ High Pontiff The High Pontiff has absolute and supreme authority over the Holy Order of Saint Wilfriche. His Holiness, Sixtus IV Holy Knight Commander The Knight-Commandant is selected by the High Pontiff from among the Knights. He is the direct commander of the Order and manages their day to day operations. Holy Ser Edward d’Ambray 'the Austere' ♘Holy Knights of the Black Mace♘ The Holy Knights of the Black Mace are chosen from the current serving cadets as seen fit by the Holy See and Holy Knight Commander. Holy Knights are sworn to uphold the Palatine Code. Knights are expected to maintain the laws of the Church as well as those of the Imperium. A high priority is set on the members of the Church and its beliefs. As the members of the Black Mace are knights of the church they are title, "Holy Ser". Knight Banneret Bannerets serve as the leaders of the Order taking charge of a division of knights. Holy Dame Aquila Elendil 'the Humble' Holy Ser Alexander Gotthold 'the Ardent' Holy Dame Karina Gotthold 'the Beast' Knight Knights are the backbone of the Order. They are experienced in matters of protection. Each knight is expected to mentor a Cadet. Some knights may also choose to specialize with the inquisition and learning to keep heresy at bay. Holy Ser Maximillian Dawnstead 'the Truant' Holy Ser Alexander ‘the Savage’ Knight Errant Knights Errant are up-and-coming knights. They are the young blood continuing their education in the Church. No longer a cadet, they are more autonomous. Holy Ser Vaerath Leydon Knight Cadet Knights in training under the banner of the Holy See. They are yet to be fully initiated into the Order. Cadets are expected to follow the orders from those above them and to learn the ways of the Church. It would be beneficial to seek a brief mentorship with a priest. Cadets are expected to complete five trials. Pierre de Robineau Dorm Amador Dane Lester ♖Inquisitors♖ Canonists that serve as inquisitors are specially trained and qualified to root out heresy and find the unholy throughout the world. Many are to be feared as they can be ruthless in achieving success in the name of GOD. “Ordo ex chao” Superior The Superior is charged with maintaining the inquisition. A Superior is the most experienced of inquisitors as is to be expected of their position. Typical duties other than rooting out heresy can be more formal such as presenting investigations to the Synod and as simple as keeping the training of inquisitors and external aid. Inquisitor Tasked with rooting out heresy. An inquisitor might find himself working anywhere in the world seeking the unholy. Sometimes that which is unholy is to be destroyed other times, a more kind approach may be taken such as turning that which is unholy back into GOD’s light. Acolyte The title bestowed upon someone seeking to become an inquisitor. Following along with an experienced inquisitor to learn the ways and traditions. “Pro deo et patria” ♘Holy Knights of Visiga♘ The Palatine Code All members of the Order are expected to follow the stations and tenets as well as take the oath. I. STATIONS i. Stand as guardians of the High Pontiff and Holy See. ii. Protect the Creator's faithful from evil, whenever possible. iii. Hunt all worshippers of evil and practitioners of darkness. iv. Keep watch in the lands of the Holy See, and uphold peace and order. v. Be the Vanguard of any Holy Crusades and Inquisitions. vi. Carry out the sentences of those convicted of crimes against the Faith and the Holy See. II. TENETS i. Share, with tolerance and understanding, the word of the Lord. ii. Maintain a powerful and unwavering faith in the Creator and His word. iii. Seek to embody Horen's Virtue and Owyn's Spirit. iv. Strive to deliver upon the faithful the embodiments of Godfrey's Gospel and Siegmund's Auspices. v. Obey, without question, the hierarchy of the Order, and ultimately word of the High Pontiff. vi. Embrace our fellow Ordermen as Brothers, and treat them as such. vii. Know to violate the Palatine Code is to be stripped of his rank and to be exiled in disgrace. III. Oath If I should falter in my course, send me never to the skies above. If I should succeed, bestow unto me His blessings, forevermore. For, now I march into a valley through which there is no path. And the stones cascade behind me, to seal my retreat. Though in this valley, I find my Brothers; Now I am named Guardian of His Flock. Should I falter, my shield shall turn to ash; But I shall not falter. Testaments of Faith FIRST TRIAL : SACRED URN The creation of the Sacred Urn, holder of the martyr's ashes, is first amongst the tests. The Urn must be fired and molded by the squire himself, all resources and tools must be chiefly his own work. After, a bishop of the Canon must approve and give his blessing, lest the squire remake the Urn. SECOND TRIAL : TONGUE OF FIRE To speak the Creator's Will is to have a Tongue of Fire, the tongue which breaks all barriers of language and communication through His Power. In order to be considered to become a Knight of the Black Mace, one must convert a heathen, one who has not had the joy to hear the Canon, and bring him fully into the fold of our community. THIRD TRIAL : SWORD OF OWYN The Creator’s Wrath brings fear and awe across the plains of existence, in every heart and mind of every being which has walked and thought. Through discipline and faith, one may acquire the Creator’s Blessing in the art of combat, to spar and wield the weapons of His Divine Will. FOURTH TRIAL : HOLIEST DUTY The Vicar of GOD is the chief priest, representative of His Divine Will. Through his words mark the words of GOD Himself, and so the tasks delivered by him also Divine in nature and spirit. Accomplish the task given by His Holiness moves one ever further in achieving the ashes of the sacred. FIFTH TRIAL : ARMOR OF FAITH To truly believe in the Grace of GOD is to have true faith in Him. The test of faith marks a man from the commoner to the most devout. Weapons of the Faithful Fill out the following application and send it to the Knight-Commandant in the Apostolic Palace next to the Cathedral of St. Thomas. IC Name: Age: Race [Human/Elf]: Status of Blood (Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, etc.): Place of Residence: Martial Knowledge (if any): Skills: OOC MC Name: Skype ID:
  7. 01606cd1ad69a4ed224692cfa790b41e.png

    Put the sainthood in the bag.

  8. Accepted. Report to the keep in Luciensport.
  9. He's saying powergaming is acceptable if you are being tortured basically. +1 to this magic. I think everyone is just super critical of it because they hate/dislike canonism for whatever reason. Other magicks are cool but aren't canon approved. I believe it wasn't long ago that someone made a thread and magic was brought up as a remedy because the Creator doesn't do anything for people.
  10. ((Find me online one of these days. Otherwise its the keep in Luciensport. If you follow the signs I've put up you should find it. You can also talk to the Pontiff or one of the other knights.
  11. smirks savoyardly

  12. Does glitched weaponry include weightless armor that is glitched/duped? Seems pretty petty to complain about glitches when using glitches.

    1. Malgonious


      All glitched armour was taken from us prior by FinalHazard, the first person he TP'd to on your side had this weapon: http://i.imgur.com/05HHQ7M.png

      You're so ignorant it hurts.

    2. Gangrel1230


      I'm so ignorant? I was told that people were picking up weightless armor during the fight. But then again I'm Orenian I am inherently wrong because there is too much staff bias.

  13. 5e01f8b3936446355d62fbfd606efcd8.png

    gucko the secret genderbender

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