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  1. Arygon

    Veteran looking for work

    ”I hear Gladewynn is looking for experienced fighters.” A bystander remarked.
  2. Arygon


    Full name: Varon Kovachev Year of Birth: 1675 City of Primary Residency: Markev, Haense MC Name: Arygon
  3. Arygon

    Just got in a fist fight with my trashman

    wrothful emperor
  4. Arygon

    Activity, The Lastest Plugin

    lotc is selling our information to government agencies.
  5. Arygon

    Vacancies !!

    “no thanks.” said a renatian man who fought against the curonites after their rebellion.
  6. Arygon

    County Of Cyrilsburg

    A certain someone vomits a little.
  7. A man starts his bulldozer. “Bring it on tree-huggers.”
  8. Arygon

    The Markev Maer Election of 1685

    Varon reviews the document, agreeing with its context.
  9. Arygon

    [Denied][W] Treshure's Game Moderator Application

    Unsure whether he's matured since his Pugsy early Atlas, however, he deserves a chance. +1
  10. Arygon

    Reynald_'s Event Team Actor application

    coast guard = not military +1
  11. Arygon

    Melee of 1678

    I - What is your name? - Ulrich II - What is your age? - 26 III - What is your race? - Human IV - Do you profess to the Creator and the Prophets, and renounce the powers of Iblees and the demonic consorts? - Ja! V - Do you profess the Empire as the one true homeland of humanity? - Ja!
  12. Arygon

    Tournament of Haense, 1674

    Roleplay: Name: Ulrich Age: 22 Title(s): - Combat contest, 1v1 (Yes/No:) Yes Archery contest(Yes/No): No Combat contest(Yes/No): Yes Fellow team members: Ser Erik (Dewlox), Robert Denhardt (Hero_Prodigy) OOC: MC Name: Arygon Your discord if you have one:
  13. Arygon

    [Denied][I] N0tt's Game Moderator Application

    -1 bit too young to hold GM and can be toxic sometimes.
  14. Arygon

    The Second Seal

    good read
  15. Arygon

    The Vanguard of Kaz'Ulrah

    OOC MC Name: WarSnacks Discord: I'll pm it later Timezone: GMT +3 RP RP Name: Marmir Grandaxe Age: Unknown Ethnicity: Mountain Dwarf Do you have any experience in combat?: A decent amount