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  1. Enlistment Form | OOC | Minecraft Name: Numirya Discord ID: Numirya#5929 | IC | Name: Layla Arvellon Combat Experience: Virarim grunt. Gladewynn grunt. I beat Dpm once.
  2. The Royal Golden Band Seal of Clan Atraedes of Alderyn The Phoenix Seal of Seed Csarathiare The First Arcas Atraedean Games [Friday March 8 -8est] With the fresh start of a new city and soil, it is time again for a Ceremonial Atraedean games in which we are to commemorate our new city of Alderyn. These ceremonial games of combat among elves are meant to test the strength and ferocity of the Malin's warriors that seek honor and glory in the light of their gods, Morea and Moccus. The Empyreal Princess invites all children of Malin to participate, regardless of past animosity, and all citizens of the realm of Arcas to observe. The Champion of the duelists is said to represent the might of both the Wolf and Boar, and will gain the title Warlord of Tusk and Fang upon their victory in battle. This champion is set forth to all defeated warriors and onlookers as an example of the values and personification of these Mani, and bears said title until the next set of games, when others have the chance to regain the illustrious martial title. Any child of Malin who wish to fight will be permitted to participate in the combat upon the day of the spectacle, as well as any ally of Alderyn. The winners receive the following : First place: A cut of the Entrance Fees A good quality Alderyn Steed Set of Iron Armor Second Place: A cut of the entrance fees Two Tropical fish Set of Iron armor Each entry will cost 50 minas, payable before the fight.
  3. Gladewynn is dead. The city of Caras Eldar has been lost to the blizzards of Atlas, gone up in flames as the black banners burned to ash. Yet the Children of the Wild Gods hold strong to their faith, The Wolf walking alongside the Stag, the Eagle flying high above as the Raven leads the pack. The lush forests of Arcas bring hope to a people so ready to shake off the shackles of the past, to leave behind all that weakened us. We will not repeat the mistakes of the past crowned, and we will create a home for all Ame, and those Mali who seek shelter within our walls. It is with this that I, Layla Atraedes declare that there is no King but Malin. The Royarch of Alderyn will hold the title of Empyreal Princess. Gladewynn is dead. Alderyn Rises.
  4. Sign ups are now closed. Thank you all for entering!
  5. quality toaster

    1. Tofuus


      Sorry. I really needed my bagels toasted so i had to unplug the lotc server

    2. Sporadic


      what’d you put on the bagels?

  6. (IC) Name: Layla Ithelanen Age: 100 Race: Elf I do solemnly swear that I shall defend the Realm of Gladewynn from its foes, foreign and domestic, in times of peace or war. I will hold myself to the example of all those who have sworn this very oath before me, I will bear the crux of this burden forevermore, here and beyond. (OOC) IGN: Discord: Numirya#5929
  7. The azdrazi have admittedly been scattered in the past but as alty said, we are reclaiming our past ties to the horens and making a place for ourselves within human rp. We're admittedly a small group right now and hopefully with this rewrite we have the opportunity to bring more azdrazi in to make our presence more prominent.
  8. The dragoness looks at the poster, raising an eyebrow before going back to her hoard of Horen and draconian artifacts and rolling around in it.
  9. Yo I want my creative wizard rank back. -Thanks, Nummy. 

  10. Anyone got a **** ton of spare cobble lying about? 

    1. devvy


      i think i still do i'll have to check when i'm home

  11. My favorite part of the new map is the huge af cities with no one in them. 

    1. Pureimp10


      not all cities are empty!

    2. MysticalStranger


      13 nations was a great idea because......

      Oh wait.

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