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  1. Its ok. Im 26 hours in to my stardew valley farm.
  2. I just want a gm team.
  3. 1st of all. Its a RAVEN not an Eagle. 🙂
  4. Layla wakes up to the sound of mewing kittens. Crawling out of bed to give them cat-chow, she’d find the small letter upon her stoop. As she read the words upon the parchment, she would sink down onto her sofa, letting out a soft sigh. The Raven would hold the letter close to her, murmuring a prayer to the wild gods for her oldest and dearest friend. She’d pull a kitten into her lap, the feeling of loss overtaking her as she cradled the kitten close.
  5. MCName: Numirya RPName: Layla Arvellon Character Race: Bird
  6. Tournament: First place: 8k Minas + Trophy Second place : 2k minas ALL ARE WELCOME! Sign up on Tournament day with Therren (Limmz) by 4:30pm at the tournament grounds ! If you wish to run a stall or booth, please send me a message by Friday!
  7. -Submission Format- Mcname: Numirya Category: (Art, Creative Writing, Music, Building) Art Attach Content: https://imgur.com/BxZxO2G
  8. Application Format What is your name?: Layla Arvellon ((What is your Minecraft username?)): nummy ((Discord)): You know who I am
  9. New tab is actually garbage. 

  10. quality toaster

    1. Sporadic


      what’d you put on the bagels?

  11. The azdrazi have admittedly been scattered in the past but as alty said, we are reclaiming our past ties to the horens and making a place for ourselves within human rp. We're admittedly a small group right now and hopefully with this rewrite we have the opportunity to bring more azdrazi in to make our presence more prominent.
  12. The dragoness looks at the poster, raising an eyebrow before going back to her hoard of Horen and draconian artifacts and rolling around in it.
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