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  1. Nummy

    Nummy's Art Auction

    AND that ends the first nummy art auction. Congrats @FlemishSupremacy
  2. Nummy

    Nummy's Art Auction

    Nummy’s Art Auction It’s rather simple, folks. I’ve come across the need for minas, and since it’s end of map, why not spend them all on an art auction? What are you bidding on? You may ask? Well! Winner of today’s auction will walk away with a colored bust art! Like This!! Just post what you’d like to bid. Highest bid by the time I get home from work today (Tuesday) at 7est wins! The Minimum bid is set at 2000 minas.
  3. So from this I’m getting that this rewrite is indeed filling the azdrazi’s role, and it’s the fault of the azdrazi’s lore and not you writing it as such? The traits I agree are something that should go.
  4. Ah, my ninth post on the forums of 2020. While I do agree with heralds having a revamp, and more abilities, there are several issues I've had with this from the start. One of my biggest problems with this from the very beginning has been the issue brought up with the hierarchy of heralds and azdrazi. From the beginning you tried to write heralds into being more important to Azdromoth than Azdrazi, I see that has been changed yet the intention still remains. Instead of trying to earn respect and to change the way SOME azdrazi treat heralds, you are trying to write a change instead of actually doing such in roleplay. This I will remain not agreeing upon, and will have issues with. Heraldry is an amazing introduction into the azdrazi culture and life and is a great way of proving who can handle the change to azdrazi. I feel with this change, this will create more division between the two, creating a smaller need for azdrazi. I also disagree with Heralds gaining dragonic traits. If what you wish is a clear separation between herald and azdrazi, then making them azdrazi like doesn't make sense.What you’ve written, down to the behavior, is azdrazi, without the lizard. The traits you list are azdrazi characteristics, add in the abilities and it is too much like azdrazi to my liking.
  5. C sounds like the safest option. B sounds like it will break things more. A shouldnt be an option because people might need mineman rn in this crises.
  6. Its ok. Im 26 hours in to my stardew valley farm.
  7. 1st of all. Its a RAVEN not an Eagle. ?
  8. -Submission Format- Mcname: Numirya Category: (Art, Creative Writing, Music, Building) Art Attach Content: https://imgur.com/BxZxO2G
  9. New tab is actually garbage. 

  10. quality toaster

    1. Sporadic


      what’d you put on the bagels?

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