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  1. ((OOC)) MCName: _SuitAndTiie_ Click here to join our Discord ((RP)) Name: Hektor Blackwood Reason to Join: Spend some time with people who share similar interests. Please list your Magi Standard (Journeyman, Evoker, Etc): Journeyman Have you read and understood the Codex: Yes
  2. Hektor Blackwood would have been in a hike for the Elven Week, enjoying the scenery. He soon returns to civilization, realizing that he never claimed his prize. He makes a beeline for Sutica!
  3. Student Application format: Format your title as follows: [Type of Magic] [MA] MC or RP name MC Name: _SuitAndTie_ Character's Name: Hektor Blackwood Character's Age: 34 Character's Race: Highlander What magic(s) will you be learning?: Transfiguration (Transmutation) Teacher's MC Name: Emperor_Zufelt Teacher's RP Name: Gallidron Elindrow Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/a Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Sure Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Yes
  4. ((Is this still a thing, out of curiousity?))
  5. Format your title as follows: [Type of Magic] [ST] MC or RP name MC Name: _SuitAndTie_ Character's Name: Hektor Blackwood (Also known as The Red Wizard of The North, Winter's Bane, Jentos's Successor, The Conjurer of Courland, The Evoker of Axios, and various other dank Wizard titles that sound cool. Character's Age: 31ish Character's Race: Northerner Human What magic(s) will you be learning?: Conjuration Link a MA of a magic your character already uses that is in the same archetype as the magic you are self teaching: How did you learn this magic(s)?: Hektor Blackwood had mastered Fire Evocatrion, and earned the title of a Master Pyromancer. He now had his sights heralded towards the conjuration of living beings. Hektor started out small, dissecting roses and petals with precision tools, and then recording their anatomy. As someone with prior magical experience, an attunement to the void, and plentiful amounts of mana, he was able to summon these smaller beings with relative ease once the Northspawn was used to the idea of summoning living creatures instead of raw elements. He also had the assistance of his old predecessor, Jentos Blackwood's Grimore, which highlighted the nature and anatomy of various creatures. For an extra crutch to stand on in terms of notes, Hektor visited the Library of Dragur and gathered all the books he could find on the art of Conjuration. As he grew more confident, he started summoning more complex creatures. MC name of OOC overseer (Note: they must either have a TA in this magic on any character or be a member of the MT): Seisraz Offer an explanation of the magic(s) you are learning: Conjuration, by definition, is the summoning of living creatures from the Void. Obviously, this means that it is far more complex, meaning that it requires much more mana and study than evoking Fire or Stone. Like any other evocation, the wizard or witch must always continuously supply their creation with Mana, lest it dissipate back into the void. As a Conjurer becomes more studied and proficient in their craft, they can begin to construct Hyrbids. An example would be a Bear with deer antler, or perhaps a pig with wings (and people said Pigs can't fly :D). Of course, the Mage must have a sound understanding of what it is that they're evoking. Therefore, they must go about and study these creatures, dissect them, watch them. An exceptionally powerful Conjurer can go about making Elemental creatures, such as an Eagle wreathed in flame. Yet the Mage must already have a magic in the element they're combining their creation with in order to do so. Provide evidence you've a proper means of learning this magic(s): Here's a screenshot of the books I've read Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/a Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nein
  6. When a spell is introduced to the physical components, the alchemial signs 'fuse' with the magical energy that's unleashed upon the physical world. The spell gets 'altered' to a limited degree depending on what symbols were used in said casting. Might I argue, there have been a good deal of Magic-Alchemy related submissions in the past that have gotten accepted. Take the Draught of Incite as an example. It deals with the workings of Light and Dark, which is obviously magic related. There was also the Afflicted, which actually ended up getting accepted for an activity trial run. They would have most likely succeeded had Skylez not self-denied the lore. His lore was magic-alchemy related by clearly stating in the lore that the Afflicted parasite that resides within a person slowly but surely gnaws away at their soul. I'd like to disagree. The idea isn't to force people to make 10+ emotes with the detail of an ET/LT, but more so the theme that goes along with it. This lore, by the rituals listed above, involves a great amount a Fairy Tale inspirations, mythical ideals, and perhaps even a pinch of White/Black magic drawn from IRL. The idea is to make Magic, particularly Arcane Magic, more than just a science. Like the lore post says, most (not all) spells that involves herbs and tonics, are only truly effective in pre-meditated rituals. An example would be a group of Necromancers infusing Symbols with their lifeforce to give abominable mutations to a Ghoul or Lich. Now, there are exceptions to this. An example would be a Necromancer fusing ground down Flametongue Root dust pinched in their finger, with a tiny bit of lifeforce. Though keep in mind that with the ideal system I have in mind, every individual spell MUST go through lore in order to be used. Either way, thank you for your support. Thank you for your support, though I'd just like to clarify something. Like I said with Luxury, every spell must go through the LT at said LT's discretion. Therefore, any unfair spells would quickly be rooted out. Spells and rituals that are very powerful (cataclysmic-ally so) must go through an independent lore submission.
  7. I'm very glad you enjoy the lore, I had a good deal of fun making it. I hope many people can share the same pleasure I have with it!
  8. it has been done
  9. “For warding off evil spirits you will need: -The eyes of an Eagle -The feathers of a Dove Grind both of them down, and then mix them together with water to the point of being a fine liquid. Then sprinkle Aurum shavings into the water. Have a Holy Man (or woman) charge their positive energy through the water, and it should be a golden colored ichor of the Gods.” - A Wizard’s Textbook, Pg. 188 Origins It is often thought that tonics and concoctions could only be used with spellcasting in fairy tales, with the wicked witch mixing the infusion of Virgin’s Blood with the shavings of Dragon Scale. Though the boundaries between Alchemy and Magic have faded slightly ever since the research of a lower-class Northspawn wizard. He theorized that certain alchemial concoctions and tonics would be more receptive to certain spells. This wizard, being a firm believer in the Scientific Method, needed to collect evidence that proved his thesis. He dabbled in the alchemial arts and combined it with his witchcraft. The wizard spent months recording his findings, yet one day he came up with a sound conclusion supported by incontrovertible evidence. He charged his usual flame on a specific concoction made specifically in a certain way. His flame bursted into a vibrant green, and instead of burning the flammable material, the materials ended up decaying and rotting before being incinerated.Yet he needed more evidence, as the Fire Evocation could have simply combusted the tonic instead of the tonic altering the magic. The wizard proceeded to use a mixture of Eagle Eyes, Dove Feathers, and Aurum shavings along with Water as a base. All of those representing purity and vigilance. He captured some Ghouls that had been prowling the woods. The Northspawn then proceeded to have a Cleric charge the concoction with Tahaerie’s light. Upon introducing it to the caged Ghoul, it began to shrivel up and weaken. With this evidence, The Wizard concluded that the potions must alter the spell in some manner. Ever since, entire libraries were dedicated to this anonymous spellcaster’s discovery, many manuals and guides on how to enhance spells were made. The Workings The principle of this manner of spellcraft is quite simple in theory yet extremely complex in practice. The basis of it is a correlation between Alchemy and Magic. When a certain mixture or brew is fused with a spell, it instills certain properties into it. An example would be a Necromancer fusing various Fire symbols of Chaos and Destruction with his Lifeforce, creating something of a Necrotic Flame. Due to the premeditation of preparing the spell combined with the physical components, this branch of spellcraft is only practical in planned rituals, and therefore cannot be casted mid-combat. There are exceptions to this, but only if stated explicitly in the spell. The manner of which these tonics interact with spells is extremely diverse, due to the diverse and well-rounded nature of alchemy. Clearly there are limitations, such as a Necromancer charging corrupted Lifeforce through the ritual listed above. If that were to occur, the aurum shavings would most likely absorb the lifeforce and then the other re-agents would be tainted with a sickly, pitch black ichor of darkness, the reagents being rendered completely useless. Another example would be a Paladin’s mist being fused with symbols of Chaos and Destruction, as Xan’s blessing clearly contradicts this. Despite these shortcomings, the discipline of Physical Components is a force to be reckoned with in terms of pre-meditated rituals. Pros - Allows for pre-meditated yet extremely powerful and grand feats of magic, all depending on the symbols and signs that the Concoctions possess. -Adds more versatility and variety to a Magic User spell list. Neutral The different manners of achieving a certain effect are often very well hidden in the books and minds of the Spellcasters that invented or discovered them. This means that if a Mage must either have invented the method of achieving a certain spell, have it taught to them, or go out into the world and try to discover them. Cons The materials required for a ritual are often extremely expensive, rare, illegal (depending on which magic the tonic connects with), or most likely a combination of all of the three. The spells cannot be casted mid-combat, at least practically due to how the Mage much prepare the components with great care. There are exceptions to this, though only if it is explicitly stated in the spell. OOC Notes: You may be wondering… why? Well, when was the last time that you’ve felt magic hold any weight or power in their emotes. Magic, particularly Arcane Magic, in my opinion, has lost it’s “Fantastical” feeling and has just been broken down to *sweats, left ear twitching* for a few emotes, and then *A purple beam would launch towards the [Insert Antagonist Here]*. I feel that this manner of casting well infuse some sort of “Fairy Tale” theme into magic, give it the ‘Fantasy’ feeling once more. I understand that this manner of spells will be very difficult to monitor. This is why I propose to the LTs that they set up something akin to Jistuma’s Alchemy Potion Submission page (also known as the Potion Index), where for smaller, less significant spells, mages will submit a comment that states their spell, it’s function, and guidelines, and then the LT at their own discretion, accepts, denies, or alters the spell. For more powerful spells, specifically ones that revolve around the creation of new creatures or ones that are Cataclysmically power in design, a submission will be required. Lastly, I apologise if the thread was far too short. Alchemy, by nature, is a versatile art that can produce Pseudo-Spells of great variety. Logic and common sense would only dictate that I shorten the effects and variations of this art to a more broad scope, both for the freedom of the player and the simplicity of such as complex system. Any Mage can infuse Alchemial symbols into their spells, without the need of an MA nor App for Further Alchemy. This is due to how commonplace applications are, and would be completely unnecessary in this case as Physical Components would be just another way of casting spells with some added variations and aesthetics. This lore piece is open to any and all constructive criticism. Special thanks to Me, for coming up with the idea in the first place Idolomun (or Swgrclan), who helped verify and review the lore with his experience as a former LT And countless others, who all reviewed and adored this lore piece
  10. Jitz'Ox the Goblin would be sat upon his chair as he reads the newspaper in his Golin'Dar Intelligence Agency compound. "Ha, what goes around comes around, the lil' bugger got what he deserved" the Gobo would cackle maliciously as he plans for a mission.
  11. Aww, this is making me want to play him. Though I'm already pre-occupied with a Highlander scholar :/