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  1. Application What’s your MC Name? _SuitAndTie_ How long have you been a part of this server? 3 years approx Have you played a human child before? Have you ever been interested in playing a human child? Yes, and yes How much do you know about Human culture? Would you feel comfortable on your own? I have a PhD. in pixelman cultural studies.



    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Agreed, but only if u make Bom Tombadil into a Necromancer hobbit

  3. You're pretty cool, don't come to Holm tonight.

  4. OOC: I hate to be the devil's advocate, however I vividly remember killing your character IRP. Characters do not remember their deaths or the circumstances surrounding their deaths. You'll need to edit the part of him escaping and informing the Count if you wish for the scenario to be compliant and canon.
  5. Gonna change my user to _CoatAndTimbz_

  6. Initiate Application MC name: _SuitAndTie_ Character Name: Gunther Discord (Optional): Matthew#7207 Race: Human Age: 13 (can learn magic when 16, remaining 3 years can be filled with study) Do you know any magic currently?: Nope Which subject do you plan to learn?: Fire Evocation, Alchemy (War Tactics and Defense Against the Dark Arts would be preferable as well) Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Yes
  7. Wanted: Edward von Bergenheim, the Physician of Amberham Threat level: Hard Suggested party number: Any number of competent operatives Description of beast(s): Edward was a seemingly regular healer at a clinic in Amberham, a humble city in Aeldin. However, he had begun a string of murders throughout the next 4 years that would stir terror within the stone city. The body count was placed at 57 upon his arrest. Guards had cracked down on the merchants who had provided the plague doctor the tools necessary to commit the murders, and stormed the clinic. Within his room were various sketches and journals, clearly showing how he methodically recorded his prey's lifestyle. It is unknown as to why he committed the murders, though many people presumed it was for medical research, for the guards found the dumped bodies to be completely hollowed out of organs, brain, etc. Whatever the case may be, Edward was to be transported to an asylum for psychological study, to probe whether the murderous doctor was in suitable condition to participate in trial. After spending six months in the asylum, a mass break-out was staged, Edward being witnessed killing multiple guards as he made his escape. 25 years passed, Edward being aged around 60 at this point. Many presumed he had simply stopped killing and laid low. However, in Axios, murders surprisingly similar to those found in Amberham were discovered. Aeldinic magistrates have contacted officials of the various governments of Axios, declaring a reward for the plague doctor's swift death. Edward's Modus Apparatus is quite simple. He uses his charismatic demeanor to assimilate himself with the common folk. If he sees prey that catches his eye, he methodically observes and studies their lifestyle. When he feels he has enough knowledge to strike, he does so. Edward works quite a bit like a cat-burglar, scaling buildings and rooftops to gain advantageous access points even in his older age, as was observed by the locations his prey were murdered. His weapon of choice tends to be a syringe containing poison, the doctor being an ample alchemist. Though some crime scenes have shown Edward using a scalpel or even a knife if he is spotted. Overall, Edward is very sophisticated and calculated in his murders, therefore extreme caution is suggested. Edward has aged quite a bit from the last 25 years, so therefore a description cannot be provided. Location: Tends to flock towards major cities and hubs where prey is frequent Rewards: 600 minas, though be prepared to provide proof of the deed
  8. An anonymous letter is penned to the Druid whom wrote this fine piece of work. The person whom wrote the letter obviously had a disdain towards Druids, as the contents of letter were: "Is it true that Druids, both male and female don't shave or bathe? Your's truly, Anonymous."
  9. ((Is this still a thing, out of curiousity?))
  10. When a spell is introduced to the physical components, the alchemial signs 'fuse' with the magical energy that's unleashed upon the physical world. The spell gets 'altered' to a limited degree depending on what symbols were used in said casting. Might I argue, there have been a good deal of Magic-Alchemy related submissions in the past that have gotten accepted. Take the Draught of Incite as an example. It deals with the workings of Light and Dark, which is obviously magic related. There was also the Afflicted, which actually ended up getting accepted for an activity trial run. They would have most likely succeeded had Skylez not self-denied the lore. His lore was magic-alchemy related by clearly stating in the lore that the Afflicted parasite that resides within a person slowly but surely gnaws away at their soul. I'd like to disagree. The idea isn't to force people to make 10+ emotes with the detail of an ET/LT, but more so the theme that goes along with it. This lore, by the rituals listed above, involves a great amount a Fairy Tale inspirations, mythical ideals, and perhaps even a pinch of White/Black magic drawn from IRL. The idea is to make Magic, particularly Arcane Magic, more than just a science. Like the lore post says, most (not all) spells that involves herbs and tonics, are only truly effective in pre-meditated rituals. An example would be a group of Necromancers infusing Symbols with their lifeforce to give abominable mutations to a Ghoul or Lich. Now, there are exceptions to this. An example would be a Necromancer fusing ground down Flametongue Root dust pinched in their finger, with a tiny bit of lifeforce. Though keep in mind that with the ideal system I have in mind, every individual spell MUST go through lore in order to be used. Either way, thank you for your support. Thank you for your support, though I'd just like to clarify something. Like I said with Luxury, every spell must go through the LT at said LT's discretion. Therefore, any unfair spells would quickly be rooted out. Spells and rituals that are very powerful (cataclysmic-ally so) must go through an independent lore submission.
  11. I'm very glad you enjoy the lore, I had a good deal of fun making it. I hope many people can share the same pleasure I have with it!
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