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  1. _SuitAndTie_

    Seeking Player for Human Son!

    Application What’s your MC Name? _SuitAndTie_ How long have you been a part of this server? 3 years approx Have you played a human child before? Have you ever been interested in playing a human child? Yes, and yes How much do you know about Human culture? Would you feel comfortable on your own? I have a PhD. in pixelman cultural studies.



    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Agreed, but only if u make Bom Tombadil into a Necromancer hobbit

  3. You're pretty cool, don't come to Holm tonight.

  4. _SuitAndTie_

    Alkheim's Adventure #1

    OOC: I hate to be the devil's advocate, however I vividly remember killing your character IRP. Characters do not remember their deaths or the circumstances surrounding their deaths. You'll need to edit the part of him escaping and informing the Count if you wish for the scenario to be compliant and canon.
  5. Gonna change my user to _CoatAndTimbz_

  6. _SuitAndTie_

    The Academy of Khronheim

    Initiate Application MC name: _SuitAndTie_ Character Name: Gunther Discord (Optional): Matthew#7207 Race: Human Age: 13 (can learn magic when 16, remaining 3 years can be filled with study) Do you know any magic currently?: Nope Which subject do you plan to learn?: Fire Evocation, Alchemy (War Tactics and Defense Against the Dark Arts would be preferable as well) Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Yes
  7. _SuitAndTie_

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] PapaVesemir

    A good lad +1
  8. Wanted: Edward von Bergenheim, the Physician of Amberham Threat level: Hard Suggested party number: Any number of competent operatives Description of beast(s): Edward was a seemingly regular healer at a clinic in Amberham, a humble city in Aeldin. However, he had begun a string of murders throughout the next 4 years that would stir terror within the stone city. The body count was placed at 57 upon his arrest. Guards had cracked down on the merchants who had provided the plague doctor the tools necessary to commit the murders, and stormed the clinic. Within his room were various sketches and journals, clearly showing how he methodically recorded his prey's lifestyle. It is unknown as to why he committed the murders, though many people presumed it was for medical research, for the guards found the dumped bodies to be completely hollowed out of organs, brain, etc. Whatever the case may be, Edward was to be transported to an asylum for psychological study, to probe whether the murderous doctor was in suitable condition to participate in trial. After spending six months in the asylum, a mass break-out was staged, Edward being witnessed killing multiple guards as he made his escape. 25 years passed, Edward being aged around 60 at this point. Many presumed he had simply stopped killing and laid low. However, in Axios, murders surprisingly similar to those found in Amberham were discovered. Aeldinic magistrates have contacted officials of the various governments of Axios, declaring a reward for the plague doctor's swift death. Edward's Modus Apparatus is quite simple. He uses his charismatic demeanor to assimilate himself with the common folk. If he sees prey that catches his eye, he methodically observes and studies their lifestyle. When he feels he has enough knowledge to strike, he does so. Edward works quite a bit like a cat-burglar, scaling buildings and rooftops to gain advantageous access points even in his older age, as was observed by the locations his prey were murdered. His weapon of choice tends to be a syringe containing poison, the doctor being an ample alchemist. Though some crime scenes have shown Edward using a scalpel or even a knife if he is spotted. Overall, Edward is very sophisticated and calculated in his murders, therefore extreme caution is suggested. Edward has aged quite a bit from the last 25 years, so therefore a description cannot be provided. Location: Tends to flock towards major cities and hubs where prey is frequent Rewards: 600 minas, though be prepared to provide proof of the deed
  9. _SuitAndTie_

    [Accepted] [Pending]Boknice275's ET Actor re-application.

    I look forward to working with you +1
  10. Minecraft Name: _SuitAndTie_Discord: El Diablo#7207Time-zone: ESTDo you, or have you held, any other staff positions? Please mention if you are intending on applying for GM as an ET: This is my first attempt to become a staff member of any server. I do not really intend on applying for GM as an ET at the current moment as I'm more focused on RP-Based positions. Where do you grab inspiration from?: I tend to take after the major fantasy names (Witcher, D&D, LotR/Hobbit), though I am fond of the idea of implementing folklore and mythology into event and lore ideas.What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any?: Hektor Blackwood, a human wizard. Finnigan Brandybill, a Halfling Rogue. UgBlug Johnson, a Goblin Secret Agent, and Richard Reimarch, a Graven fighter. I'm willing to sacrifice virtually all the characters except for Hektor seeing as I don't play on Illion that much, UgBlug Johnson is more so a Skit/Meme character, and my gameplay on Richard is virtually nonexist.What race, or group, do your events best cater to?: I'm not entirely sure, as I have never really done events or found my 'Niche' in the ET spectrum. If I had to make a grope in the dark, I'd like to say that I'd be more than happy to do events for anyone who appreciates the event and bring some memorable and enjoyable roleplay to the table, be they New or Veteran players alike, and perhaps people who are still working on their roleplay and need a bit of a helping hand.What do you believe are the key factors for a successful event?: Improvisation: The beauty of roleplay is that it's spontaneous, random, and definitely not confined to a script. This means that RPers may perform an action that the ET does not expect. Therefore, the ET doing the event, be it a farmer requesting aid to rid his farm of Ghouls, all the way to an Aengul descending to the Physical World to warn the Realm of an impending doom (just an example), must be able to adapt to a decision made by the player. If the ET refuses to grant a player the reasonable freedom that they are entitled to, it becomes more of a bitter subjugation then a rich, friendly event. Preparation: while an ET cannot stubbornly block a player's unexpected twists of plot, they definitely cannot rely on the player to do everything and just 'wing it'. Events must be rationally broken down, with one thing leading to the next in a reasonable manner. Immersion/Creativity: Anyone can create a persona card and type *stabs wit swurd*, but it takes true artistic flare to build a scene with serene detail or breath life into a character. This applies especially for events. Give NPCs a personality instead of being one-dimensional Quest Givers. Describe the scene with glamorous detail. Even the smallest thing such as adding 'Eldritch' instead of 'Old' or 'Incantation' instead of 'Spell' can have the biggest affect on how a person views the event, by what I've seen.What strengths would you bring to the team?: For starters, I'd like to consider myself a creative genius. I've always aced English in school, adoring the idea of creating your own world to escape in via power of the written word, which is the reason I joined Lord of the Craft. I also naturally love communicating and working with people; debating with them, playing with them, improving with them. I am also extremely eager to prove myself, a craving which has stemmed from my earliest days on LotC. This compulsive need to show that I am worthy is somewhat of a double sided sword. It makes me determined to do what is right, yet also I sometimes seek approval from EVERYONE, and it is clearly impossible to gain 100 percent favor by the community with every decision you make, so that's a bit of a problem. Why do you want to be part of the team: I'm hoping to give something back to the community that has taught me everything about Roleplay and has made me what I am to this day. I also seek to learn from ETs on how to improve my attitude and roleplay, and maybe even teach a few people as well. Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: Small, 3-4 players Chickens have gone missing in Farmer Sammy's barn! Sammy says he will reward those whom find the Chicken-Nabber handsomely. Sammy is a rather dull, illiterate oaf yet has a big heart and strong family-sense. If they choose to accept this hardcore job, they may investigate the fields. They can find footprints in the grass and splatters of blood creating a trail into the vast hills and forests ahead. If they continue to follow the trail, they will find that it leads to small hobbit hole. If they go in, they can find that a Hobbit is dissecting a chicken, clad in long flowing robes. The room is a mess of chicken parts, books, and articles of clothing and furniture. The Hobbit will quickly explain that he is a Conjurer, who is studying Chickens in a hope to be able to summon them into existence! He pleads to not steal chickens from now on, and will instead trade for the chickens with belongings well earned. For those who are more violent, they can slay the Halfling, who will only put up a minimal amount of fight with rudimentary Evocation and Illusion spells. From there, they will find some spellbooks on really basic magics. The halfling also possesses a wand enchanted with Ice Spells. Either way, whether they kill the halfling or not, Farmer Sammy will be satisfied with the work they've done, and will reward them with Cheese and Grain. Medium, 5-10 players. Some travelers hear word of a wise old wizard who needs help from able-bodied people to wipe out a Cultist hideout. When they arrive at the Wizard's Tower, he gives off a generally friendly disposition, and a sagely demeanor. The Wizard gives them a map leading to the hideout, a fortified outpost that was a remnant from the Oren-Courland war. They can go two ways- sneak in or bust in. The lower levels of the castle and also the courtyard are guarded mainly by Morghuuls and the occasional Darkstalker. As they get further into the fortification, they find more tough foes such as Dark Mages, Dread/Paleknights, all up to the top of the tower, where they wind up finding a lone, unhusked and menacing Wraith. He will talk casually with the party members unless they attack, which if they do, he will unleash a bombardment of spells upon them. If they listen, he will tell them that the Wizard made a deal with him, to gain Wraithdom in exchange for eternal service, and that the old fool ran away after making the deal. This is merely to butter them up, let them lower their guard, which if they do, he will attack. After they deal with the Wraith, they can loot the castle. They will mainly find ruined weapons and armor wielded by the poorly equipped undead. They will find a few Spellbooks laying about, though they are all written in the Dark Language, and therefore cannot be read by any mortal man or woman. They will find documents that clearly show the Wraith's words being true, however. If they return back to the Tower and confront him with this information, he will deny it until it is incontrovertible, which from there he will attack with masterful spells and his nerve-racking Wraithdom. If they defeat him, they will find all sorts of valuable treasure. Magical artifacts, Gold, Spices, etc. A group of Gypsy Wizards/Witches are setting up camp near the edges of the forest, which from there they perform their charms and enchantments. The adventurers are there on interests of their magical artifacts. Wails and moaning screeches are heard from the deep chasms of the forest, and after a few minutes, an army of wild beasts charge out of the forests. A wood elven female voice would boom from the forests, ranting on about how the Arcane Experiments being conducted so close to the Aspect's domain is disgusting. A druidess clad in freshly flora-woven garb will be commanding the army of nature through her magic. All the forces will be fighting to the death, savagely. If the druidess knows that defeat is eminent, she will retreat and use her army as cover. The animals will have no valuables on them, though the druidess possesses great riches on her. She has a gigantic tome of Druidism describing the rituals and methods she uses to cast her incantations in great detail. The druidess will also have a bulk of the rarest alchemial reagents known to man, and many other ancient and odd trinkets on her. How long do you plan to be able to work on the team?: I'm not exactly sure about exact numbers, though I can definitely say I am here to stay if I join the ET. Tell me a joke: MattTheKid2003
  11. _SuitAndTie_

    [Denied]Dewper - Game Moderator Application

    Unless you can actually cite the Skype logs, I don't see how you can back this up. Also, I don't necessarily see how getting a bit hacked off and bitter about an IC occurrence automatically equates to one becoming some sort of notorious abuser if this can be backed up (I'm not saying it can be). Almost everyone engages in some sort of arbitrary bickering concerning IC occurrences, it's not that big of a deal. Now, if Dewper starts basing his decisions off of this exasperation, then he'd be unfit for the duties of a GM. He personally hasn't given me any reason to think he'd have the disregarding or undisciplined nature to do such, however. With how he carried himself while leading the Daelands, both ICly and OOCly, he definitely has a leadership mindset of growth. +1
  12. _SuitAndTie_

    [✓] _SuitAndTie_'s Ban Appeal

    Minecraft Name (s): _SuitAndTie_, Ithanian Ban Reason: Breaking blocks to get past LWC Individuals Involved: N/a Event Details: I used to play some halfling burglar, and I couldn't get into houses because of the lockpicking system which frustrated me greatly at the time. I decided to break glass windows/fences and leave emote signs so I could access unlocked chests that laid inside the house. I didn't know at the time you needed to roll to break windows/fences, so I did it quite frequently. Eventually the GMs caught on to my shenanigans and gave me a ban. Why should you be unbanned?: I did not know that a person needed to roll to break windows at the time, so I thought breaking the blocks and then leaving emote signs was alright. I know ignorance doesn't excuse my actions, though now that I know how the LWC system works, I won't break blocks to get past locked doors from this point forward. I will admit that frustration did fuel me to use that method as well, sheer exasperation that I could not acquire loot. From my time being banned, I've realized that villainy roleplay is about creating memorable plots, not about acquiring the most pixels. Additional Screenshots/Videos: N/a