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  1. Stefan Vladimirovich lay asleep in the barracks of the modest yet fortified keep of House Carrion, certainly a promotion for the Dobrovian footsoldier when contrasted to his destitute abode dug beneath the hamlet's granary. Rising from his bedroll and the slumber which confined him to it, that Raev bore witness to this strange parchment, pinned to the castle's wooden infrastructure. With the assistance of one local esoteric Saevel, the literately challenged strelt pieced together a response. Name: Stefan Vladimirovich Race: Human Age: Twenty six winters Past Accomplis
  2. [!] Numerous dark cloaked figures visit cities and settlements alike, nailing the following message written with letter stamps to any notice board they could find. [!] Let it be known by all that the Mali’ata Rowan Laetheryn has been discoverred a servant of the Titan, a Herald of Azdromoth in light of newly attained evidence. Offer her no quarter or entry to your lands, for she would see the Titan’s influence spread from Oyashima to the Rimevald.
  3. RP Name: Timothy Chambers MC Name: Suitblade Voted: Yes
  4. "There are no scraps in my scrapbook." - Philip "Phil" Leotardo

  5. I have constructed this long overdue survey in an attempt to gauge critically needed details as to the server's role-play climate. If you are feeling so inclined, please fill out the survey as objectively and impartially as you can.
  6. 20 years in the can.

    1. Esterlen


      Whatever happened there? Whatever happened there?! 

  7. The Masked Ranger sat in the snowy hovel in the Rimevaldian with three of his compatriots, a makeshift shelter of woolen tarp and packed snow meant to shield them from the unforgiving elements. He tossed more and more fuel into the fire constructed to keep them warm, though everyone in that hovel knew that there was no braving the Rimevald - only escaping it. The expedition team had constructed a bonfire of grease and ice in an attempt to attract a troll, both to study it's behavior and as a means to leave the Rimevald, as the group's own supplies were dwindling. It only made sense to kill two
  8. How this went from a Vortex announcement to a heated debate on gatekeeping is beyond me. You're right, Alchemy's philosophical nature is just wish-wash said to console those without the app, anything said otherwise is just Nozoa being a (epic, lovable) boomer. People want the potions, otherwise why take the Feat? Thing about LotC is that it's just a chaotic heap of players climbing and clawing over each other, trying to pull more and more BS in order to reach the top for a bit of momentary peace and serenity before someone right below them pulls at their ankles, and they go plummeting towa
  9. everything that has happened on this thread has happened according to my design
  10. IGN: _SuitAndTie_ Name: Merlin Sheldon Forrester ISA Rank: Private Event(s): All
  11. would you rather eat a PB&J with too much peanut butter, or too much jelly?

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