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  1. [Accepted] [Actor] SquirtGun's ET Application

    Lolololol! When you actual get some work ethic and less drama @Luv you may actually be able to make a valid point some day and be a valuable team member unlike when @SquirtGun tried to actual do what the team was suppose to be doing wile not being a fan of y'all holding hands and giving friends a kiss when they did 1/3 of the job. Not sure what your point is @animu since the only event I've ever gotten the 'pleasure' of enjoying from you was a disaster and the most poorly done power-game event done to date. When @SquirtGun creates her own events anybody is welcomed to enjoy it. It usually has a actual purpose or reason and doesn't always end with one of two endings like the majority of events right now. She is open to the interpretation of others when they ask to host events in Sutica or any of the surrounding areas. I've seen her bury lost suticans in funeral events but also pardon the halflings turkey to open a village festival. @SquirtGun seeks to create an experience and some immersion that shapes the event with each interaction. She worked hard for the AT and they didn't deserve her for all their laziness and friend promotions. @SquirtGun will bring her whole self to being a ET actor and what the job details but beware she will do the job and do it right wether it hurts lazy snowflakes feelings or advances what events can potentially be.
  2. The Adherents of Tahariae {Updated}

    (So as a new cleric guild is there like a crafter area or like a quartermaster. Don't want to be a cleric but it might be fun to be part of the guild as the guild chef or something. :D )
  3. The Cerulean Watch

    Timezone: (If you have a question, message me) Do you have Teamspeak?: yes Do you have Skype?: yes Username: Mrlollytime (( OOC Section)) Name: (Include Surname) Ale'shul Vanguard Race: High Elf Gender: Male Age: 120 Desired combat role: Archery or Calveryman Profession, or desired profession: Veteran tinkerer
  4. I love your MTG love happening on your profile.  :D

    1. Avacyn


      mtg is the only woman ill ever love

  5. Is the wiki link not working for anybody else?

  6. What will you be listening to while in the Johannesburg Warzone?



  7. Kha Mercenary for hire

    (Do you do assassinations or hits?)
  8. Wish there was a sick as f LOTC T-Shirt or swag I could get my secret santa!

    1. Hiebe


      There used to be lotc brand stuff

    2. Elindor


      I never saw a design that wouldn't be considered "totally uncool" by the kidz so shirts never really became a thing cause no one was buying them. There was a store though... somewhere in the webs.

  9. [Denied] [Pending][Builder] SeventhCircle's ET App

    +1 for that skype id and for the Sutican style that isn't so lick and stick like some other nations. Pick this ***** since he likes building and sometimes designing stuff. (When I'm not involved)
  10. All the cocaine! Woot! 

  11. [Denied] [AT Application] Haunter3

    +1 Good all around person, and always very helpful!
  12. 2016 World Chess Championship! 



    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      Nerd game for nerd spectators... blerg!

    2. Jonificus


      Magnus Carlsen. Norway BEST 

  13. [Denied] hi

    +1, Oath good sir
  14. When you can't have your beauty contest because of the PVPs! 








  16. Can we actually have the sunset/night on the Ceru Island?

  17. Make @SquirtGun a Clerical teacher already!  #SquirtTA2016








  18. Festival Woooh!




  19. #PumpkinRaid!



  20. [MArt] The Arm of Tahariae

    If students and teachers can not be accepted during the rewrite how can artifacts be submitted for acceptance? Just wondering as it seems like an artifact would be effect by said rewritten lore and in this case as a personal gain to the one party submitting it and not the clerics as a whole. Should this not have to wait for the rewrite to be complete in fairness to other clerics that have to also wait to submit anything to avoid special treatment of one party and to avoid borderline power gaming?
  21. The Hou-Zi Monkey Man Roleplay Guide!

    You are my new favorite!
  22. The Hou-Zi Monkey Man Roleplay Guide!

    I find this really interesting but even in the long run of players being able to play them, I would never be able to master the language. :/