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  1. Far East within the red sands, a particular Dark Elf heard news of the accusations from a local Qalasheen merchant. “I only pray those n’wahs in Calzone never have to deal with the Vermin-menace… Their people would lie abandoned… Their city in ruins… And their leader, having left the city without a word to pursue his own wretched ambition.” He paused, taking a welcome scoop of blue jelly from a closely held jar. “Who am I kidding, that s’wit would likely prevent anything happening to their reboot through the Sky-Daemon ritual of the Profligate Rabid Owner, or ‘PRO’ for short. CREATOR help that turbulent soul.”
  2. Somewhere beneath Du Loc, far past old passage ways of cracking stone and bricks black as the night, a throbbing heart beat ever so steadily. A throng of screams and the guttural sounds of the Gibbering Flesh lingered deep in the depths of the Underdark. -̯͕̳͔̬̍ͯͣ̎̆ͦ́+̼̫͍̼̉͑̀́̑̈ͦ-̶̫̲̄ͤ͒͋ T͏̥͙̘̜̮̯͇ẖ͎̤i̙̪̗͎͉͡ͅs͓͈̭̻̣̠ ͍̪̟̭̲w͎͇͠ͅa̙s͖ ̱̝ọ̟̺̱̙n̡̬̟͎ͅl̻͔͟y̙̺ ͉t̡̼̦̰̯h̝̬̗͈͙e͉̦̹̱ b̩̠̳̖̜͕e̞̯͓̤̣gi̼͖͜n͎̠̦̙͎͞nin͏g͏̞. -̯͕̳͔̬̍ͯͣ̎̆ͦ́+̼̫͍̼̉͑̀́̑̈ͦ-̶̫̲̄ͤ͒͋
  3. Jeez people are so afraid of interacting with others outside of their inner circle it’s insane removing bird SMS telephone rp would require you to be more involved in your community in game. You’d be more cognizant of the city you live in, and yknow actually having to ask strangers if they’ve seen so and so. stop hiding behind locked doors and rping with the same 3 people. it’s really grating when I’m in the middle of an event and someone emotes getting a bird when we’re in the depths of a dungeon, or in the middle of nowhere. +1 one step closer to the utopia ideal, rise of the Eastfleet Express
  4. [!] Found on shelves throughout Almaris: One might find this odd tale of a place dubbed "Boar Island". ((Complete writing credits to @Goon. Enjoy)) THE TALE OF BOAR ISLAND There once was a man, from the Bay of Crows, who had nothing to his name but his shame and his clothes. He had nothing to claim, save for those old tattered robes- a cloth that clung desperately to stave from the snows. Where the river meets ice, a vagrant’s garbs could never suffice. They did nothing to shield the frigid air’s frosts, and if worn for too long, surely his life would be lost. So he ventured out East to escape such a chill, he built up a raft and sailed down a hill- to stumble upon a newfoundland, with plenty to eat just beyond shore’s sand. “This world has it all, and it is ripe for the take! I shall return to my peoples, and lead them across this lake!” So that’s what he did, returning to home, only he’d no plans to stay for too long. He told all of those, afflicted the same, “Come, come with me! To stay is a shame! I’ve found a new place for you and your kin- to go hungry and cold? No, never again!” And they followed behind, to find peace of mind- landing on land they all would call ‘mine.’ Homage was due, and they named him the king- his first of decrees had been "Slay everything!" CHOP! And a SLASH! The occasional gash- but by night’s fall, they had a feast that would last. Boar chops and ham, loins, belly and hand- the first night’s feast in the new world was grand! The next was the same- and those boar were the game- and they stopped not until the sun had’a lain. They filled up their bellies with swine guts and swine bellies- shaping their guts to feel as if jelly. But enough was enough, for a nearby old hag- and she rode her own vessel to be such a drag. “You’ve more than enough pork for you and your friends. And yet you still hunt. When will your hunt end?” “Can you blame an old man who has only had nothing? For wanting a taste from all of the somethings? And besides, you old hag, it is only just boar. If you look through my forests, there are plenty o’ more.” “Hear me now, old Lord, and let me be blunt — cease, and stop now, your meaningless hunt. Reduce your hauls to only what you need, else you’ll become the very thing you bleed.” “Away from me, hag. I’ve heard enough of your whining. Return where you came, so we resume our dining.” “So be it, you hog.” She spit out of spite- turning to fog, and gone out of sight. And their hunts did not cease, no, there were plenty o’ more. And at the end of each one, he reeked of the boar. “My Lord, Oh Great Baron, take not as insult- but perhaps you should bathe, you smell of swine bathed in salt.” “I had only just ate, perhaps that is why? Nevertheless, there is boar that will die!” And the hunt had continued, they all rallied behind- into the fray, following his cry. That night, they had dined, a familiar sight- from around the island’s bend stared an old woman in spite. “I’ve told you, Old Lord, the blood shed is too much. You awaken a force without a light touch..” “And I’ve told you, Old Fool, I said you were banned! I care not what you think, now begone from my land!” “Very well, you old hog, then have it your way. Perhaps with those *ears*- you might hear what I say...” Their ears had hung low, and they started to flop, “Third time’s the charm, so surely they’ll stop…” “Curse that old woman! She knows not what she says! Ignore her vain pleas; enjoy our bounty instead!” The next was the same- those boar had been slain. And the old woman brought with her, this time, some rain. To extinguish their flames and to douse their game, this old woman sought to drive him insane. “What have you done? You’ve spoiled our spoils! Grab this old woman, it is HER we will boil!” “I’ve given you chance, and you’ve squandered it so. Perhaps it is time that you reap what you sow.” A clap of her hands and a brush of grand smoke- gone in flash, and causing a choke. “Next she arrives, only to nag, instead of those boar, it is her will nab..” Given a snout, that could smell his own greed- but far too late- gone was his desire to feed. “What has she done? We look not like ourselves! Curse that old woman for cursing our healths!” Given the wires that crept up their napes. “What has she done? We’re as hairy as apes!” Given a tail that swirled at its end, causing a murmur between all his friends. “This isn’t over, no, surely it’s not. If that foolish old woman thinks this will be forgot...” But amidst the king’s whining, it came to a stop. Thoughts replaced only with a desire for slop. Akin to a boar, he was given the tusks. The Old King- now, but a bestial husk.
  5. i want archi to win, mostly so we can get a sponsorship with reeses puffs at the archipelego network. i want to use this in my events now pls
  6. have you heard of the tale of BOAR island?

  7. The Wastrels of Glorious Story: Adventuring and Dungeoneering at It’s Finest Coordinated by obreeni (breeni#2442) The Wastrels of Glorious Story is an upcoming event project to add radiant dungeons throughout the lands of Almaris. With heavy inspiration from DnD one-off adventures, parties of 3-5 players will be gathered to seek out, travel, and delve into a variety of dungeons constructed around the map. Each dungeon and adventure will be themed to its environment, as well given a proper identity with supporting history. You will delve into dark caverns, scary ruins, through ramshackle camps, and past landmarks. The purpose? To build a story and facilitate the thrill that comes from a good quest! Locations of these dungeons will not be posted publicly. Be it an NPC that visits your settlement, a rumor that is passed to a tavern, an old journal discovered in the market square; all of these are but a few examples to how exactly players will discover the aforementioned dungeons. Firstly, the dungeons and quests will not just appeal to murderhobos. There will be equal parts exploration, puzzles, and a requirement for player ingenuity in order to proceed. Though there will be rewards and treasure to be found, the ultimate goal isn’t to appeal to loot-hoarders. Secondly, the goal of these delves isn’t for you to get some powerful loot or god-killing weapons. Sure, there will be instances where you will get some pretty neat treasure derived from my abundance of WoW and TES inspired inserts. Do not expect treasure or beg for it. Ultimately, these are built to provide a traditional fantasy experience and to have fun. Thirdly, that previously mentioned player cap of five participants will be enforced. This isn’t to exclude players, but to allow for practical and logical thought as to who should be brought with. Think of a typical dungeon party, of course you’ll want your great-sword wielding barbarian, but a mage might prove useful. Fourthly, your kit matters. If you want a grappling hook to scale a wall, you have to have it on you and represented by an item. Think of what you would bring if you were exploring a dingy crypt: Lightsource? Check. Rope? Rations? Check. Potions? Check. Finally, the goal of this project is to have fun. I love a good bounty run and killing a big baddie ala Dark Souls or Monster Hunter, but as I’ve played through Wildermyth, Baldurs Gate 1 & 2, done some dungeon delving in Oblivion, and worked some Dungeons into my eventline: I realized how fun they could be if implemented into LoTC.
  8. Arch Lector Galway sits within his tent at Outpost Ember, lofting a singular brow as the resident courier delivered news of the Fifth Scroll. "A Fifth Scroll? The blind leading the blind. Lucky for these damned sinners, our lantern will shine the way through this harrowing darkness. I suppose this does expedite things. Courier, send for Grand Inquisitor Swailes from the blasted sands. The Fire Rises."
  9. 🚨 newly minted ST alert 🚨 , any fledging hamlets desiring a questline? reach out to me…! breeni#2442

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