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  1. Gib reads the book, and in an inebriated state, imagines a particular scenario in a day dream. A single tear streamed down his face, he grasped his bottle of Luciensburg Pilsner © and spoke quietly to himself in his abode in Naperly. "The Age of Heroes. . ."
  2. i dont have anything to say other than ur formatting on this post is top tier and it was a pleasant read.
  3. “Not quite the work of MAP MAKER JOHN LYON, but a neat product nonetheless.” stated Gib Garak, author of the Brief History of the Westerlands Volumes I-V, and propitiator of Jib Jelly.
  4. DOES ANYONE have an Axios save of the ENTIRE map or TAHN from February 17th - March ?? 

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    2. breeni


      SADLY that one is post-Bastion siege : ( thank you anywho star <3 

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Is Death Ends the tavern in Oren or do I have it wrong

    4. breeni


      It might be @NotEvilAtAll, back in Axios when we settled the westerlands the rise it was settled on had a sign on it that was simply labeled “DEATHS END”, so we named our first keep after it prior to building the city of Bastion 

  5. Gib Garak of Quarryville, Westerlandic Historian and proprietor of Hallowglade Jelly, reads over the missive. Shortly after, he sits down at his desk in Naperly 4, penning a letter to the Director herself. Satisfied, he takes a finger full of Hallowglade Jelly, rubbing it on his gums. "Outlanders."
  6. Gib hopes the Musin don’t meet catastrophe any time soon, his conscience dubbed ‘Breeni’ finds them quite entertaining.
  7. Gib, aspiring Dark Elven author, makes his way to Talon's to submit his most recent work!
  8. lotc isn’t a historical sim stop comparing it to history. if it was i would have a Saint jul’iel of my own. 

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    2. breeni


      Based and it’s almost harvesting season pilled 

    3. seannie


      thats a nice head you have on your shoulders

    4. Shorsand


      i will drink from your skull

  9. so when we reach the year 2000 can i have an iPod irp? okay real constructive criticism time, i honesty DONT have much to say other than it isn’t my preference, just like getting knee deep in x player groups rp isnt my preference. i do believe once players get away from this strange obsession w/ nappy wars rp, the whole interest in this will go out. im in the camp that magic should be pretty damn powerful, and i liken LoTC more to TES than historically accurate sim. i wouldn’t have fun with a musket but i bet someone else would! with magic, the argument could be made th
  10. what mc item will represent a musket for my immersion
  11. Gib stared upon the missive. He squinted his eyes before opening them very wide. With that, he ran off to purchase as many rosaries from the Lector owned Cracker Barrel: Misinterpreting the meaning of this entirely.
  12. gonna be working on a project here shortly after the conclusion of the brief history of wlands project; the westerlandic martyrs. if you have any characters or short stories you would like to include from wlands, reach out to me calabreeni#2442 :) 

  13. Gib Garak of Quarryville Padre Padre Paco de Mantequilla Flaming Covenant Archive 2A 27, Sun’s Smile BRIEF HISTORY OF THE WESTERLANDS, VOLUME I For the Westerlandic Martyrs; Long may we remember the embers from which our own great flames were lit ablaze. ‡ AUTHOR'S NOTE: The relevance of the history of the Westerlands is as important to the modern descendent, and with that, the modern Lector as it was over three hundred years ago. Though our own timeline may be doomed as the threads of fate continue to sp
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