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  1. less than a week

    wot u doin

  2. @oren @urguan


    can I lead some of ur men in some skirms against the orcs and frostbeardz plz I gotta prove a point



    msg me if u have men I can lead this is no joke!!

    1. ImperialRoyalist


      shamefurl dishpray

    2. Harrison



      why would anyone willingly lose skirmishes

  3. [Accepted] [Trial]Sir_Niccum's New GM App

    word around town is niccum knows whats down +1
  4. The Coalition Siege

    oren you were outnumbered you were on the defense with the advantage you lost your entire force and only killed 5 guys on the enemy team 100+ of you guys only killed 5 out of their 100+ please just give me the welves so I can save u
  5. @AstralGoddess @sidmmvv @WuHanXianShi14




    ik I'm a bad man and I don't own the wood elves yet but plz, you guys cant be fighting each other like this! elves must stay together plz don't ban each other talk it out please. make a skype group with me and I will help if needed please with the threat of ggt conquering all the elves we cant be divided like this plz

    1. WuHanXianShi14


      I don't play my welf anymore let alone lead them fam

    2. Patu/SaintPaint


      Gg wanna 2 man raid elves like good ol' times?

    3. The Combatant
  6. #freemitch


    we might not c eye to eye anymore old friend, but I miss you in the fray... 





    1. ♛Lucas♛


      -1 after this one ggt i'm going to remove all my +1's on ur ****

    2. The Combatant
  7. Dismissal of Oren

    "Nice try," says Jacque de Felsen
  8. I vow to thee my Country

    "Brutal." Mutters Jacque de Felsen
  9. Norlandic Warclaim (LOTC Series)

    I like it
  10. I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight M's in my bank account, yeah (oh God)
    In my bank account, yeah (oh God)
    In my bank account, yeah (oh God)
    In my bank account, yeah (oh God)
    In my bank account, yeah (oh God)
    In my bank account, yeah (oh God)
    I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight shooters ready to gun you down, yeah (fast)
    Ready to gun you down, yeah (oh God)
    Ready to gun you down, yeah (oh God)
    Ready to gun you down, yeah (oh God)
    Ready to gun you down, yeah (oh God)
    Ready to gun you down, yeah (oh God)

  11. @oren




    can I plz have welves my chimps can save u all I need is the trees

  12. ive made a mistake and been betrayed by

    @Vege @WoodenApples 



    ii didn't know what I had with u @Tsuyose and @nazdus till I let u go


    with the elvez I will  make this all right..... I promise u guyz....





  13. Ariadni Lanyathir

    shes hot
  14. -= War Has Changed. =-

    The ring of hammers on anvils filled the High Elven artificery like automated thunder. Every third second there comes a unanimous ring of impacted force on steel, shaping the plates of the to-be combatants. At the head of the production lines stood two Elven aristocrats, speaking with one another and admiring the mechanical labourers hard at work. Before the two of them stood the first model. The creature was an inactive Atronach, forged out of hardened metals and alloys - thoroughly modeled after the skeletal frame of a man, gem inlaid sockets yet inactive. The first among Artificers kneeled before it, and the General - the man responsible for purchasing these arms - stood there, overwatching the process; and so the mage worked, imbuing the once-conscious mind of the alabaster captain into the body. In the background, the labourers frenzy continued.The command unit stood idle as preliminary systems booted up, and arcane energy flickered to life and burned through the veins of the arcane creation. Silent, distant words are exchanged between the agents; and the Atronach inspects its arms, it’s fingers. The limbs and joints flex and groan whilst experimenting with it’s full range of motion. A shrill, tinny voice interrupts the two. “Query: Where is the enemy?” In the distance, the command unit’s subordinates begin to roar to life.
  15. "Man keep saying that I'm overrated,
    I'm like yeah, cool, but I'm undefeated"

    1. DPM


      ggteixeira after listening to 1 of stormzys song, N I C E.

    2. Hero_Prodigy


      ggt blossoms into a roadman, circa 2017