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  1. word spreads of a new renatus amassdor being put in charge. word also spreads that he is a fair and just man who wants to prevent as much bloodshed as possible. he sends out letters to all orenian supporters and whatnot. “hello, my name is john ted II of house vimmark, i am the new renatus ambassdor. this war is obviously one-sided with the renatians soon to go on an unstoppable warpath. i can offer a way out, all you need to do is either join renatus or step out of the war and be neutral. those who join renatus will be offered land, coin, women and more, whatever you want. if you want to negotiate just send me a bird” ((Ggt#9757)) ooc: this letter would also be sent out to soldiers and peasants and lesser house leaders, not just big leaders.
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  4. The Sangmar Mercenary Company *A Sangmar Axeman charging into battle* The Sangmarian bloodline is a relatively new one, founded by Tariq Ibn Ziyad, an excellent military leader who had proved his mettle in various small skirmishes. He set out to rid the world of those who he deemed unfit to live in ‘Allah’s Garden’. With this mission on his mind, he set out to find willing warriors that would fight in the name of Allah, and would not be afraid to lay their lives down for Him. The men he would find would join forth under his banner fighting for his glorious cause, travelling across the northern deserts of Atlas cleansing the sands beneath them with the blood of infidels. With Allah favoring the Sangmarian warband evermore they would begin to travel out of the sands having deemed them cleansed from those who set themselves apart from Allah. Now before them lay the treacherous Wonka woods. Disgusted at the sight of such inhabitants of the forest they deemed it a insult to Allah, a land that plagued his beautiful garden. However it seemed that the God they were ever so faithful to had abandoned them in this cursed land. The furious climate of the Wonkawoods caused Tariq great misfortune, his men dying from the encounters with the wild beasts of the forest and many more of his men succumbing to jungle fever. By the end, his men came to but a fraction of what they once were, all that Tariq worked for he lost before his eyes. He set to building a mighty fort within the woods to protect what men he had managed to keep. On the final days of construction on the fortress he made a vow to his men and to Allah that they would set forth from this day the cleansing of these woods in the name of Allah, as they did with the northern sands, however he would be forced to resort to guerilla tactics due to his loss of manpower, a strategy he once thought foolish and cowardly. And from there begins the journey of Tariq and his band of holy mercenaries, struggling for survival in the deadly terrain and climate of the Wonkawoods in their quest of holy cleansing. “Bows for everyone!!!” - Tariq Ibn Ziyad speaking to his men after a successful siege at Seaclaw against the pagans. OOC: Minecraft name: Discord: RP: Name: Race: Subrace: Age: Faith:
  5. whoever made the degenerztez video made a true work of art

  6. anyone else want to come with me to Tanacon next year?

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  7. I am the bandit lord, I should reform the dreadlands...


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