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  1. where did you go

  2. Lets all meet up in real life!
  3. The Combatant

    Abusing Hunting

    You find enjoyment in exploiting a plugin? Maybe you misread the post. I didn't say remove the plugin, I said remove free-build on the hunting grounds so people don't build to exploit the mobs. Unless you actually like exploiting the mobs. If that's the case all the power to you.
  4. The Combatant

    Abusing Hunting

    On this server I find that most nice plugins or additions after a while are exploited and abused. The current hunting plugin is currently one of the most prominent examples. People are using the map's free-build to nullify any challenge or risk from most of the mobs while also multiplying the efficiency of the grind tenfold. This creates a massive pump of 'free' minas (Because we all know that's not how the plugin was meant to be used) into the banks of people who choose to abuse this. This damages the economy. A simple solution I've thought up would be to ban free-build in hunting grounds and ban players caught abusing this exploit. It's not fair game or role-play to create a stupid platform that mobs can't figure out how to get around in where you can just simply spam click them worry free. Please fix this staff, preferably sooner then later. Also, please don't make this thread about how free-build is bad. That's another topic I don't want being argued here. Thanks.
  5. +1 He'd be good for it
  6. whoever made the degenerztez video made a true work of art

  7. anyone else want to come with me to Tanacon next year?

    1. drfate786


      Depends, will I end up in the hospital?

    2. The Combatant
    3. UnusualBrit


      Tana Mongoose

  8. The Combatant

    [Denied]GusanoArentonio's Game Moderator Application

    He's a good man, with a good heart. +1
  9. I am the bandit lord, I should reform the dreadlands...


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    2. Dewper


      ye no ur not

    3. chaotikal


      no you're not.

    4. drfate786


      He is the bandit lord, fear him.


    nice try scholar


  11. @Dewper don't forget about yesterday my friend, stay safe on roads... next one decides the bandit lord

    1. Dewper


      4v8 yday lal? i also wasnt there

    2. Hero_Prodigal


      submit dewpee or face the full wrath of autismo sensei ggteixeira..

    3. Babadooks


      damn dewper get fucked @Dewper