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  1. The Combatant

    -= on 14th of Sun’s Smile, 1707. =-

    Groka fell to his knees. “Libz by duh zword--,” a bloodied cough interrupted his sentence. “Diez by duh zword.” on 14th of Sun’s Smile, 1707, a half-orc fell and would not rise again.
  2. Nah I’m just kidding. You guys should add in some sort of rule where if a player is killed while committing villainy role-play, they’re put on a 60 minute timer restricting them from doing anymore villainy role-play (Similar to how you can’t return to where you died for 30 minutes). An example of this in action would be: Five bandits are robbing people on the roads. A group of soldiers rally and slay the bandits. Those five bandit-players killed for the next hour are not allowed to bandit anymore or commit villainous role-play. Let me know what you guys think below and make sure to +1 if you agree!
  3. The Combatant

    Meat is Back on the Menu: Two Slaves

    Both slaves have been sold!
  4. What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game Ban Minecraft Usernames ggteixeira Reason for punishment Over 10 warning points on the forum, automatic 1 month IG/Forum ban Players Involved The Combatant By your own understanding, why did you recieve a punishment? I received my punishment because I harassed someone over the forums. I got my forum warning points put over 10 points, which at the time automatically gave me a 1 month forum ban and 1 month in-game ban. Why should you be pardoned? Because I've realized the errors in my ways and changed as a person to better fit into this Minecraft community. I'm sorry What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? I'll keep my rude remarks and opinions to myself instead of sharing them with others, especially others on LoTC. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. I believe that following the 'Community Guidelines' is important in promoting and creating a healthy Minecraft community. Players being laid back and considerate lots of the time will help release and remove tension. Remember that Lord of the Craft is a game you can't 'win,' it's a premium Minecraft role-play experience. I also think players should be encouraging and open, treating their fellow players the same way they would want to be treated, which is nicely. Players when playing should for sure be creative and authentic, detached yet enthusiastic and independent plus proactive, all great traits players should be striving towards. Finally I think that players shouldn't be deceitful or have too much narcissism in role-play.
  5. The Combatant

    The Combatant

  6. The Combatant

    Mournstone Declaration of Vassalization and Relocation

    Alrik the Fisherman looks between a decapitated head with an awfully close resemblance to Valencia, then back at Valencia, then the head again, continuing this cycles a few more dozen times. “I think she’s undead,” mutters Alrik in disbelief.
  7. The Combatant

    The Exhaustion of War

    THE EXHAUSTION OF WAR The half-orc snickered upon hearing the news, a scowl apparent on his face. He was no stranger to war, to Groka war was a constant. He knew war would come, sowing hatred inside the hearts of many. He knew it would take and he knew it would leave only to come back again, eventually. The sounds of war were singed into his memory; the chorus of arrows coursing through the atmosphere, the sound of flesh ripping and tearing, crackling of flames upon armor, and the agony of men’s screams resonating across the warfields. Many a friend he knew had perished in war, exhaling their final breaths for a good cause, a well-thought cause. Yet, these causes had grown dormant, war was waged without meaning, life tossed into the well of death without care. War had lost it’s meaning, senseless hate. However, there was but one cause left to wage war on. Groka knew this cause well. The cause of striking at war itself, exhaustion of common death was not to be taken lightly, yet it was. Groka roared to a malnourished goblin, Imp’Raguk, to write a letter. The rallying of all nations in singularity against the main cause of war, the main peoples of which thrived on war. The same peoples that grew fat on rich delicacies whilst the common person starved; left in the mud.
  8. The Combatant

    Rule Proposal

    That’s a good idea, I agree.
  9. The Combatant

    Rule Proposal

    Just an idea I had but; what if people were denied the ability to join combat role-play scenarios after a certain amount of time had passed from when they first started. An example of this being two opposing soldiers getting in a role-play fight and after 10 IRL minutes pass from when they first emoted, no one who shows up after being allowed to join the combat. I think this would be a good way of stopping meta-rallying (When people meta-game OOCly to get more people to show up to an IC fight). If anyone wants to, I’d like to see what they think of this idea with a response below. Otherwise thanks for reading. Listen to this fire 🔥💯 -=- Ioannis – Make it so in settlements this rule doesn’t apply for the guards/citizens. Temp – Make it emote based instead of time based.

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      obama is dead :*(( no lie 

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  11. The Combatant

    -= Sangmar Mercenary Company. =-

    The Sangmar Mercenary Company *A Sangmar Axeman charging into battle* The Sangmarian bloodline is a relatively new one, founded by Tariq Ibn Ziyad, an excellent military leader who had proved his mettle in various small skirmishes. He set out to rid the world of those who he deemed unfit to live in ‘Allah’s Garden’. With this mission on his mind, he set out to find willing warriors that would fight in the name of Allah, and would not be afraid to lay their lives down for Him. The men he would find would join forth under his banner fighting for his glorious cause, travelling across the northern deserts of Atlas cleansing the sands beneath them with the blood of infidels. With Allah favoring the Sangmarian warband evermore they would begin to travel out of the sands having deemed them cleansed from those who set themselves apart from Allah. Now before them lay the treacherous Wonka woods. Disgusted at the sight of such inhabitants of the forest they deemed it a insult to Allah, a land that plagued his beautiful garden. However it seemed that the God they were ever so faithful to had abandoned them in this cursed land. The furious climate of the Wonkawoods caused Tariq great misfortune, his men dying from the encounters with the wild beasts of the forest and many more of his men succumbing to jungle fever. By the end, his men came to but a fraction of what they once were, all that Tariq worked for he lost before his eyes. He set to building a mighty fort within the woods to protect what men he had managed to keep. On the final days of construction on the fortress he made a vow to his men and to Allah that they would set forth from this day the cleansing of these woods in the name of Allah, as they did with the northern sands, however he would be forced to resort to guerilla tactics due to his loss of manpower, a strategy he once thought foolish and cowardly. And from there begins the journey of Tariq and his band of holy mercenaries, struggling for survival in the deadly terrain and climate of the Wonkawoods in their quest of holy cleansing. “Bows for everyone!!!” - Tariq Ibn Ziyad speaking to his men after a successful siege at Seaclaw against the pagans. OOC: Minecraft name: Discord: RP: Name: Race: Subrace: Age: Faith: