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  1. if anyone disses my boy hero ill be coming on with some flame

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      New ggt distract coming out?

  2. Defender Default and the joke it's become

    this is honestly why we need pvp magic
  3. I'm a seven figuh, self-made nigguh



  4. why don't we just give the pvpers their own magic that lets them force mechanics once a day on people and every tier u can do it 1 more time

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      wow that's... wow!

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      my braincell is throbbing

  5. [Denied]Dewper - Game Moderator Application

    +1 strong
  6. -= Old Friends, New Enemies. =-

    17th of Malin's Welcome, 1598 - The General alongside his dwarven comrades made quick work of the remaining Imperial soldiers, the rest routing off into the forest's outskirts in a hasty retreat. "Yeh got sum f'iote in yeh, Jahque deh Felshen." Chuckled one of the blue-paint adorned dwarves as he clipped his war-axe to his side. "Hah. . ." Laughed the young Jacque whilst panting heavily, he'd fall to a crouch afterwards continuing on; "Damn. . . How do you Frostbeards do this all day without breaking a sweat?" Another dwarf walked over smacking the adolescent on the back sending him from his crouch and face-first into the dirt. "IT'S IN TEH FROSTBEARDZ BLOOD BOOOOY!" Bellowed out the warrior, the rest of the dwarves raising their fists and weapons up in victory, cheering aloud. - 1st of the Deep Cold,1623 The Imperials slowly stumbled back as their ranking officer muttered out; "It's. . . Jacque de Felsen. . . Retreat if you value your life, and the Empire's! Get behind the wall's safety!" And with that the Imperial soldiers fell back behind their cities' gates! "YEH FOOKIN' COWARDZ, C'OMERE 'EHN F'IOTE!" Barked out one of the Frostbeards, the Imperials begging their allies into the city once more to no avail before crashing down the gates. "Fook'em, weh can take ehm!" The dwarves drew their weapons raising them high in pride as they charged forth towards the group of undead. - No mortal survived the skirmish. The dwarves were mauled down without mercy as the ranks of ghouls fought without tire or hesitation. The Imperials would do nothing, watching from atop their walls in horrors as dwarves no matter dead or alive were devoured and fresh corpses dragged off into the forests never to be seen again-- alive at least. Amongst all the chaos, a single Morghoul simply starred up at the humans before snarling under his breath; "Yooouu, diiiiddd, thiiissss. . . Yooooouuu, areee. . . The monsstterrss." He'd look down towards a fresh dwed corpse beside him, a hint of humanity sparking in the ghoul's eyes as he'd slowly recognize the face of an old friend. . . But he had to feed.
  7. lookin 2 make a good character 2 counter my bad char and neutral monkey ppref paladin plz  hit me up ill rp I promise

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      Man of Respect

      oi lindeza achei vc muinto bonitar quer ser minha namorada no minecraft por favor eu tenho diamantes

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  8. @Harrison I was gonna make a cringe post after and everything you coward

  9. [Denied]iMattyz tries again

    As a PvPer who if iMattyz goes rogue will suffer tremendously at the hands of his power, I; +1
  10. [Denied]Treshure GM Application

    +1 strong man
  11. -= Conscription. =-

    A wild cackle escaped the figure's mouth, his lips soon after twisting into a misshaped devious smile. The creature would afterwards slowly rise from a blood splattered throne stepping on then over a noble's mangled corpse. In shambled strides he'd move forth, all around him a pack of ghouls breaking from their feast on fallen soldiers. The undead would all rise stumbling after their 'leader' who would soon leave the fort and stop atop a hillside overlooking the burning village infested with horrors running rampant. A dark and armor clad-figure would find his way beside the morghoul; "Jacque. . . What do we do about the flayed Horen?" Questioned the resonant knight. . . . "Fiiiiinnnddd, hiiiiiiiimmm." Croaked the undead Jacque of Felsen.
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    why you hiding my thread, I did nothing wrong!! I want answers!!!



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      FM logic: SO fkn hard to understand ggt when he makes sense I fkn hate when players tell the truth I hate it I hate it I hate it gonna go hide his thread rq brb


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      hm..... hummm.... ok

  13. MC Name: GgTexeira Character's Name: Jacque de Felsen Character's Age: 50 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Human Transformed form: Morghuul Creator's MC Name: KBR Creator's RP Name: Faenor Morghuuls are creatures afflicted with a soul-shadow, shambling creatures damned to walk the world without true mortality. They are entites that have been brought back to life through the powers of necromancy, offering another opportunity to unfortunate souls. As such, they feed off of life-force and use such energy for locomotion and existing. Albeit, no amount stems the gradual rot of their corpses. Their bodies are able to sustain grievous injuries that Humans would not, for the sheer fact that they are already dead. Though this rot leaves their muscle and physical power weaker for it’s presence, they are formidable for their endurance. When slain, they eventually reanimate - the method, and the whys and hows, are unclear. After said death, there is a twenty four hour period where the Morghuul is incapacitated. Ghouls are weak to gold/Aurum, holy magic and fire. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Sure. Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: nein nein nein