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  1. Gaylord the ‘Salmon,’ a Lorranian soldier, tears his one-handed blade from an Adrian corpse while reading the missive using his other hand. “Huh,” chuckled the man. “Perhaps all the Imperials aren’t so ignorant after all. Boys, if you ever catch his Majesty’s mother travelling the roads, or anyone with her, escort them.” After giving the command, Gaylord pulled the green bandana slung around his neck up and over his nose, “the others though, well, the d’Amaury gave us our orders.” https://streamable.com/8m7iw
  2. The men of Lorraine stood patiently on the roads, lined up and ready to march. At the front their ranking officer, Lewis of Lorraine, sat on top his warhorse waiting. The man appeared to be reading over a letter, a large frown on the grizzled warrior’s face. On the horizon the red and white flags of Kaedrin could be seen moving towards the duchy of Lorraine. “PREPARE TO MARCH,” barked out Lewis. -=- -=- Dwarven legionnaires shouted back and forth with the soldiers of Kaedrin. The Lorranians although beside their loud Kaedrin allies remained silent, looking around at disgust as rotting heads could be seen impaled on spikes surrounding the dwarven fortress, heads of Imperial soldiers and citizens. The dwarves for some time now had been harboring Blackhill bandits, bandits who have actively been attacking and killing people from the Empire’s vassals. “IT HAS COME TO NO SURPRISE THAT THE BLACKHILL BRIGANDS HAVE BEEN USING THIS BASE AS AN OUTPOST WITH SKULLS GAINED BY CHEAP KILLS, THOUGH, IT SEEMS TO ME THAT WAR MIGHT BE DECLARED – GOD WILLS IT,” cried out Arnold de Langford. The Lorranian silence was broken, their soldiers crying out for war and justice alongside the Kaedrins. “GOD WILLS IT, GOD WILLS IT, REEEEE, GOD WILLS IT!”
  3. “Taxes are negotiable. A grace period is also negotiable. The more active the tavern, the lower the tax. If the tavern is very active, the tax will be heavily discounted.”
  4. A nighttime screenshot of the Nine Wench Inn with the d’Amaury castle in the background. The pious and proud men of Lorraine have recently constructed a roadside inn beside the active road to the Empire’s capital city, Helena. They have decided to auction off the ownership license to the Nine Wench Inn. Not only is the Inn located in an amazing location, it’s also constantly under the protection from the men of Lorraine. Bidding for the tavern is currently at 5,000 minas. The tavern once sold will be taxed every saint week. (Bid with posts below)
  5. As you walk past the Duchy of Lorraine, a group of Lorranian krug-breeders can be seen rehabilitating a wild krug. They whip him every time he speaks and give him a treat every time he barks or growls. One of the breeders approach you, a large smile on their face. “Welcome, I hope your travels on the road have been trouble free. Would you perhaps be interested in buying yourself a krug-shepherd? Only 600 minas. A fine loyal breed, once their trained of course. Great for guarding your property or even great for the family.”
  6. MC NAME: ggteixeira WHEN CAN YOU PLAY?: 5+ hours a week
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