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  1. Jacque de Felsen will be voting for this man and he strongly urges all others to do the same as he marches his levy up and down the streets handing out fliers saying so.
  2. "Eh fookin' 'ate panzehs." Says dain
  3. Word spreads that Jacque the Great is selling double crates (chests) of dark oak logs for two hundred each.
  4. conquer the elves
  5. DECLARATION OF A UNIFORM PACT, AS PUBLISHED BY THE RIGHT HONORABLE TITULAR LORD OF NEW FELSEN, JACQUES DE FELSEN A Statement of Intent, A trifecta has formed! The right honorable true heir of the last Duke of Savoy, Reynauld de Savoie, and the notable Staunton cadet branch headed by Jacques de Felsen (accompanied by) and his nephew John Ted Staunton Vimmark-Horen came together to create a new state for those otherwise dispirited by modern events. Within deliberation and time, the parties have unilaterally declared their support for Reynaulds’ claim on the true Princedom of Ariamys, with the condition of a limited parliament in place. It is with light hearts and a great zeal that we claim the once-decayed hold of Winters Watch to be the staging ground for our great city and it’s Serene Prince to expand out into the world at large. From there the noble Aryms intend to expand across the river Rhoym and escape to a less barren and hellish winter landscape to the promised land of Zion! To that means, any extreme that must be taken shall be embraced wholeheartedly. From here forth the bright reds and oranges of Arym bannerman will be seen from sea to shining sea, mounted atop the finest destriers and the most extravagantly coloured banners borne atop the soldiers of their Landsknechts. The message to those who would treat with our fair home is one of acceptance. All will be let within the walls, and there will be no enemies whose past slights will go unforgotten; though that is not to say that the Orange Dragon is without precaution, for any new slights shall be met with steel. Jacques de Felsen, Count of Ostwick, Proprietor of the Felsen Acquisition Guild, Titan of Humanity, Notable War Hero, Former Lord General of Courland John Ted Staunton Vimmark Horen,
  6. -= Jacque thinks some people need to hire some mercenaries. He is also quick to blame Haense for civil unrest within the Rexdom. =-
  7. http://imgur.com/a/TKUo5
  8. Jacque de Felsen would make the sign of the Lothranian cross. As of today, he had just lost a close friend. He sends his regards to the family and his aid in the nearby future if any is needed.
  9. -= 1,130 487 posts =-