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The Combatant

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  1. First day at the Warzone

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching that mzbd guy get downed
  2. Ladders and Raids.

    Because it seems like a good middle-ground for everyone debating their sides on this thread.
  3. Ladders and Raids.

    Why not just make it so a GM can be called over and the raiding party rolls out of 20 or something, 15+ allowing them to place a temporary ladder to scale the walls that a GM builds (No matter how the wall is built, whether it be spammed with buttons or curved at the top).
  4. im sry about all this give your mom my best ok? 

    1. The Combatant

      The Combatant

      don't worry I will thanks for understanding


  5. I really, really wanna be a guard captain

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. The Combatant

      The Combatant

      you got any suggestions? 

    3. DPM


      renatus i wouldnt suggest anything else due to bias lol

    4. Kaldwin


      i wanted to be king of lorraine too but we all know how maxgemini felt about that

  6. A Mayoral Ascension

    "Mayors don't fix bandits, guard Captains do," complains Jim of the low-born family Lahey.
  7. Preparing the Mother Land

    A picture depicting a knightly looking suit of armor rallying up a small group of Renatus citizens, est. 1660
  8. Seasons of Atlas Contest Results

    All three art pieces are FIRE.
  9. Wake me up when it's all over. 

    1. thankyousalvini


      when my nissan hits a boulder

  10. [Developers] NoCheat

    Your internet ever stop working after you've made fun of or defeated an infamous opponent? That's no-cheat.
  11. "Understand success gon' come with  hate just get that love out
    And don't be influenced just because  they pull some drugs out
    Stand up on your own two, know       certain things you won't do
    Everybody not a shooter understand   that title"





    @knox (ioannis @ him for me it wont work)
    I always believed in you, his Majesty. <|:^)


  12. Ioannis v. The Players of Lotc, 2018

    @Ioannis I still believe in you. Don't let these haters put you down
  13. Laid to Rest

    The old and rusted suit of armor idly crouched beside the Shrine, it's tabard bearing the Staunton colors of old. Inside the helmet's dark visor was a nothingness, a dark abyss filled with a blackness that's reach seemed to never end. From the suit a raspy voice began to talk, to no one person in particular. "So how'd it happen," the voice questioned. "An arrow from behind, hmph," pouted the voice. "At least you didn't feel it, right, that's good," the voice stated in a cheerful tone. It'd sigh. "I know, I know. . . Dying is no joke." A silence ensued as the plated-figure rose to it's feet. Two dim green lights sparked to life within the helmet's visor, positioned where a set of eyes would be. "But perhaps I could help you," the voice proclaimed. Around the Shrine both flowers and grass began to wither away. "It's the least I could do for someone whom I once shared blood."