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  1. "Poppin monkeys, popping bottles
    Make me swing

    Who the **** you walkin' in and out  my dreams

    I know I'm smart, you make me do some crazy things

    Monkey on my back, let a ****** be
    Please, niggas free out here but they  ain't free

    You out here physically, locked up     mentally

    Why everywhere I go, I gotta bring     the ski

    No face, no case, live everyday like    Halloween"

    1. Teegah
    2. The Combatant

      The Combatant

      <:^)  yo teegah lets duo today around 4 pm est, my girl called me and I had to listen 2 her lastnight all night <:^(

    3. Teegah
  2. "Baby, that's blasphemy, yeah
    Baby, you're bad for me, yeah
    Say you gon' clap for me, yeah
    Say you gon' blast for me, yeah
    Why you ain't show me none of the love you say you have for me, yeah
    I was goin' through tragedy"

  3. Tahmas' MT Application

    He's a good man! +1 And he's also one of those sickos who RP magic and know it better than most other special kids like me!
  4. looking 4 support league duo I am gold 1

    1. Narthok


      no ur a trash bin, stop playing jhin that champ is dog ****

  5. "They love me when I was stuck and hated when I was departed

    I go and get it regardless, draw it like I'm an artist"

  6. Quick Thought About Raids

    raids during war times between two enemy factions, no caps, but with some sort of early warning system for the settlement. say, 30 minutes heads up of an incoming raid otherwise, caps are mmkay
  7. @ascended @clerics



    its not too late

  8. Anti-Spook Ward Amendment Proposal

    Not bad! Thanks homie
  9. Anti-Spook Ward Amendment Proposal

    Ok so I'm going to go ahead and keep this rather simple. Anti-spook wards. They're made by holy people I guess but have no real cost or downside to them. I suggest making it so whenever someone makes a ward, say, Sutica for example, they have to pay a certain amount of golden blocks weekly or something to keep such ward active. The ward also needs GM approval. I'd also love to see an evil version of this ward stuff, that allows dark mages to create wards that weaken or negatively effect Holy magics. It's unfair if one side gets their home-field advantage, but the other is left with none.
  10. Clerical Ward Amendment Proposal

    this is dumb there should be a price to pay and gm moderation needed to make these op wards like say a stack of gold blocks and a gm sign of approval
  11. Necromancy Amendment Proposal

    why don't we remove clotting
  12. "I'm a G, it's in my genes
    Glock 23, it's in my jeans"

  13. "I ain't no demon semen, but I do evil deeds

    My daddy won't ever see me, I ain't no devil's seed

    I don't remember his ass try checking up on me

    Why you drop another album in a week

    I'm a wolf but I be dressing like a sheep

    Put on my monkey suit and go orangutan"