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  1. Reynauld de Croix stands at guard duty
  2. lookin 2 make serious rp char on my free persona slot plz this is no troll u wont regret



  3. 750xNxjake-paul-1500526234.png.pagespeed

    1. Hero_


      Jake Paul can burn in hell and so can Nick 'Want to suck my **** yet 😂😂' Crompton

  4. @norland

    metagaming, oocly closing gates and having no honor




    I'm looking for revenge (icly for hurting my empire)


  5. THE JOUST (NOBILITY ONLY) NAME: Reynauld de Croix AGE: 14 TITLE: Lothranian Man-at-Arms LAND OF ORIGIN/HOLDING: Some farmland in Lorraine with a nice estate. MC NAME: ggteixeira THE MELEE (FOR EVERYONE) NAME: Reynauld de Croix AGE: 14 TITLE (IF APPLICABLE) Lothranian Man-at-Arms LAND OF ORIGIN: Lorraine MC NAME: ggteixeira
  6. they better not b able 2 reproduce half men half undead mumbo jumbo
  7. Full Name: Drake de Felsen Age: 14 Residence: nowhere Prior Experience: son of legendary warlord
  8. +1 a strong and loyal man, traits hard 2 come by in these dark dayz
  9. +1 a strong man who works well with others and is very efficient. make lotc great again
  10. a strong good looking man who works well with others and has a strong personality. hes also very efficient and has a powerful jawline +1
  11. #SaveTheBandits

  12. OOC: Minecraft Name: gayguytranny Skype: fuckoff Do you have Teamspeak: superior to skype IC: Name: Reynuald de Croix Age: 14 Profession: None. Prior service: Farmer's son
  13. "nice" says john de felsen
  14. Nagger Goldhand plans a raid.