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  1. Sleep My Love

    A young farfolk awoke, pained sobs leaving his body as he awoke. His mind was filled with the fresh memories of the Glade, curling up in his bed.
  2. Wanted: T'a Pipeweed Thief!

    A young, former male put on his trench coat and fedora. He was the hero Dunshire needed, not the one they wanted.
  3. [CA] Graven - AlphaPie

    I was joking don't hurt me
  4. [CA] Graven - AlphaPie

    'im quitting the server' -alphapie 2k18
  5. A Not-So-Corporeal Courier

    A wandering Paleknight accepted the message -- Wandering off to find this master.
  6. A Letter to the Descendants

    A young, traveling, platinum-haired adult rubbed his chin. "Why doesn't he just disconnect and be done with it? Surely that won't harm his chances with the various elven ladies?" The gathered individuals around the fire shared a hearty laugh and continued speaking about the topic -- Throwing in their own two cents and such.
  7. AMA? OuO

    why wasn't I on your top five how are you doing bye
  8. "Soulfire?!" A perturbed darkstalker remarks, chucking the flyer away. "I didn't know that Ascended and clerics had fused together."
  9. An Art Stall [CLOSED]

    would you accept five dollars on paypal @UnBaed have a great day
  10. [Business] The Silver Stag

    "I hope those poor bastards figure it out." A wandering Professor said to the man that had handed him the flyer. With a soft huff -- The world traveler picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder, wandering off.
  11. Guardian Spirits of the Realm of the Fae

    no hate but this **** ain't needed -1
  12. A happy darkstalker realizes that he can hang out in the city AND use dark magics. Whooowee!
  13. [Feedback/Suggestion] Holy Mages

    when is somebody gonna talk about how you complained about ghouls that really long time ago
  14. Make AN Orc week! (By a hated plater)

  15. Make AN Orc week! (By a hated plater)

    i am also a hated plater