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  1. h e x

    [W] Divinejustice's Game Moderator Application

    what mr screamingdingo said but he decent
  2. h e x

    [I] Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    -1 gm team used to avoid picking up ur modreqs because of how annoying you were
  3. h e x

    N0tt's Game Moderator Application

    haha i remember dealing with this dude back in the day yeah hard no -1, pain in the ass
  4. whasts places anrnt empty on htis odumb server

    1. Karimir
    2. h e x
    3. Flamelynx


      Adria, Dominion, Renatus, Krugmar, Kaz'Ulrah. All active at different times, when the discord is active they're usually up and about, so you should join them. Renatus always has a few people around but gets some pretty nice numbers at hours and they say when they got rp happening. Krugmar is same thing as Renatus. Adria same thing as Renatus and Krugmar. Dominion always has people I guess lol. If you need invite to Renatus, Krugmar, or Adria hmu 👍. Currently banned from Dominion discord though . ..

  5. h e x

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    oh no not this again atleast its not in the hands of the cat folk +1
  6. h e x


    : ) +1
  7. h e x

    Americuck's Game Moderator Application

    the gm team has been consistently bad at communication with players and bias, nothings changed, it's just you and probably many others are starting to pick up on it again once more, be it because of bad happenings involving a GM and a friend or group of yours, or just the gradual realisation - it's always been there. there have been unbiased and good GMs, but never a full team of them. i've seen plenty of people go into the team with the want to make a change to this, and leave having accomplished little to nothing to do with it all, what do you plan on doing?
  8. h e x

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    i said that on my own accord sir w/e, +1 top lad.
  9. h e x

    Troll Re-Write

    Pathetic. -1
  10. h e x

    [Pending]Killmatronix's Lore Master Application

    not a dumbass +1
  11. h e x

    Fourth Generation Necromancy

    My personal issue with this rewrite is specifically to do with the creatures that originated from necromancy, Ghouls, or 'Fleshknights', and Darkstalkers, or 'Deathknights'. I've recently realized, after reading further into the section and discussing about it, that 3-4/5 of the 'Blackhand' abilites just do not sound good at all to me, especially when in put into comparison with the modifications offered to the Paleknights. I'll start with the Fleshsmithing ability. This is probably the one that I and those who I've discussed it with have the most issues with, as I see no point to taking it up since you could simply go to your necromancer for any situation you may need to use it in, making it very much redundant considering that the smithing is written to be frail and flawed, as well as any added appendages being much more costly for the creature. The next is Deadbreath, the ability which originates from mysticism, which is why it confuses me, since the Blackhand is going to usually be taken by the necrotic creatures, why are we being given a nerfed mystic spell which can also instantly kill us should it be dispelled? After that is Banishment, this ability is very unfinished, if you ask me, there's no writing describing how it functions and why it works, ontop of that it's kindof silly, spectrals and undeads are pretty much allies, which simply makes the ability more worthless as you'd be dedicating a slot towards combating your own comrades?.. And to be honest, I don't really know why it's been included? It's literally just an ability made to shoot yourself through the legs to kill off one specific... enemy? And if I'm not mistaken, Gaping Maw and Polluted Claw are already available to these creatures via the means of Necromancy as it is. And then there's Paleknights, who from what I can tell, have been given the most cool **** I've read from a rewrite in a while, like honestly. Menhir Crafting is pretty much Blackhand's fleshsmithing but for the stone blokes and made 10x better, Apparition Cradle which quite literally allows them to make fuckin' apparitions? Just try to tell me that isn't rad as ****. Congealing which allows them to eat Lich phylacteries or something, I think, and Cauterizing which makes them be able to heal?.. Not entirely sure since I'm not much of a mystic person. Hindering that allows them to become stone latern watchguards that can smell you the **** out. Hexing that's just, well, hexing - it's cool as **** already, and then Seance which I don't really know what that does. I understand that this is written to be the merging of Necromancy and Mysticism, but in the end, these creatures will still very likely be owned by their respective masters, so this definitely puts one set down, unless I'm being a 3am moron.
  12. snip[ good rewrite geo B^)
  13. h e x

    sick eyes only! ama

    wherei buy this game 'h' why did u decide to be a gm
  14. h e x


    B^) +1
  15. h e x

    sick eyes only! ama

    bro can i hit ur juul **** what was i gonna ask