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  1. What I was tryin to tell ya but written nicely instead of "boooo"
  2. Boooooo
  3. "It is a necessary evil. For there is no light without the darkness to illuminate it. Though misguided many fi mages do attempt to keep the balance of the realm." states Iatrilemar.
  4. Why not have a test run where you areonly able to use them in gun duels.
  5. Yar I have been misinformed. Doesn't excuse Jburg though.
  6. Thanhic nukes are not okay though. The LT already voted to change the explosive property of thanhium. The fact that a second thanhium bomb is being used blows my ******* mind. J-burg was a mistake.
  7. Why are people so obsessed with guns? Are people going to RP misfires?
  8. Isn't this basically just a "skin" for Necromancy? As in essentially the same thing but with a different set of minions.
  9. Yeah what's it like?
  10. Minecraft Account Names: BrandNewKitten, Stag Skype: andytheshrew How long have you played on LotC?: Since March 16th, 2012. Time zone and availability: PST. I am available everyday unless I have prior plans for the that day (Social gatherings, events, etc). I tend to be awake later in the PST timezone which seems to coincide with aussie timezones. What subgenre are you versed in most?: High Elves, some world Lore, most magic lore. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: I had the duties of GM for two or so years as well as being on and off the ET since a couple months after I joined back in 2012. I was also on the old developer team that was established towards the end of Anthos and for awhile I was on the MAT. This year I was already accepted as an LT but my time was cut short due to a forced move. My priorities shifted but things have settled and I have gotten over the hump for the year and I believe I am once again ready to take up my duties as LT. Have you ever written lore for LoTC?: I have written quite a bit over my years spent on LoTC. My style of lore has a tendency to revolve around magic but quite a fair amount has been devoted to world-building, creature listings and event happenings. I will always be writing lore for the roleplay I involve myself in and I am sure many will recognize me solely for those pieces but I would like to think I am capable of writing in just about any other category. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: I haven't yet and I don't plan to either. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: I can be blunt, I will play devil's advocate, and I most certainly can get defensive but I am also capable of compromise and I enjoy collaborative writing so if I don't get along with someone on the Lore Team I don't believe it would be animosity coming from me. I can't say I have anything against any of the current LT members. This is a reposting of my application. Not much has changed other than me now having time to devote to the team again. Perrin said he would allow me back on when I got settled back down but due to his absence I re-applying for the new manager, Caleb (sorry Caleb).
  11. It's the birthday of this thread so I am "selfie"ishly posting. My skin is breaking out, I am out of shape & haven't slept much this week but enjoy my milky slavic complexion anyways #whatistanning Happy Birthday, Selfie-page.
  12. Edit: I didn't pay attention to the wording
  13. Transfigs setting up void cages is weird. Bloodmages summon horrors. These seem to be an actual creature. The void is basically white-noise. So much information that it becomes null. Are you saying these creatures can eat things stored there? Why not involve translocationists and shifters more directly? Their magic lore much more closely ties in. Can they be warded? Can they be altered?
  14. what do i change my name to

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    3. Sir K Andruske

      Sir K Andruske

      qq I didn't even pick BrandNewKitten.


      My alt is Stag though and I think that is a dope account name. 

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      Cheerful Catman