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  1. The objective should not be "give players an antag." It should be "Tell a unique and interesting story that is relavent to the most amount of our playerbase." & "How do we get people engaged?" Antags should grow from circumstances. Not from necessity. That is why this is destined to fail if you travel down this path. On the other hand the Hou-Zi were meant to fill this space in my mind and I don't think they have done a fantastic job. Despite that I believe you can have faction based storylines. Just make their rp relavent to the server and not just themselves. Antag factions die when they interbreed their RP.
  2. Wait... So terracotta requires blacksmithing and not stonemason?
  3. Make LOTC simple again!! 

  4. Username: Brandnewkitten Group: Arcanism/Celestialism Explain why you're fit to be the lore representative: Already am the lore holder.
  5. An apology isn't used to force players to reflect. It is a test to see if the players can follow-up with wanting to be a part of the community again. To see if they can follow the rules or if they are still going to break them out of spite. If you can't give a simple apology as part of a formality then you are discrediting yourself.
  6. (( BrandNewKitten )) Name: Iatrilemar Elervathar Do you accept Ljhin Evergale as Okarir’maehr? ( ) Yes ( ) No (X) Abstain
  7. Name: Iat Thar Vote: Abstain
  8. GET IT TREELADY UMPHHH! I like it :-) Can I be Mani of Celestials? The answer is I already am. Accepted.
  9. "This unlawful upwelling of power is most displeasing and shows a lack of care towards the citizenry." States Iatrilemar.
  10. I see the reasoning behind he lore and heck the marked men have even talked about witcher based lore before with mutations but this seems like a cheap way of inserting your peeps into their equation. You can participate in all that you want without this lore & I feel like you should have involved or at least tried to involve the marked men
  11. I mean in core helf clubhouse chat we really didn't feel it was necessary to write lore like this at all. It is purely flavour lore that doesn't make a huge difference. We have an account of helf lore since Asulon and that is the stuff that is really important to us. It fits the style so the trio is complete. But also yes grrr bias leo grrr.
  12. I find it to be acceptable in its current version. Malinor wasn't originally against magic. Malin would have had reason to be wary of the void. He fought for however long against beings of a different realm. Beings like the Aspects and Aeriel are a different story because a level of trust has been built. The void would have been certainly in its youngest form and thus greatly unknown so while not against it he would have likely listened to his druidic advisors and his gut when dealing with the void and been careful and slow in his approach towards it. Larihei wanted to go full force and felt hampered. Progress was not being achieved because of fear and thus the rift formed. Back then rifts between elves were not dictated by war and blood but by debate and specific ideals. So I agree with the approach taken in this lore. Likewise Malin's trust in dieties over his advirsor adheres to the idea that helves dislike religion. I will update when I findthebright wording about a few things.
  13. You need to specify the consistency of weapon. You have placed what seems to be your typical arcane weaponry on an enchanted hilt to switch between forms. So it would make sense that the form is as fragile rather than the consistency of a "mana-blade" because in order to create a mana-blade you need to temper it which causes it to become static (the ability to hilt it lightsaber style may be a thing now but the same shape is always kept when drawn out). Sharpness can be achieved (you are lucky that I petitioned for it to be added back into the magic) but if your consistency is that of your average arcane weapon then it will need an awfully large amount of mana stored in those diamonds. Sharpness is a tier 5 spell and meant to be the hardest arcane weaponry spell to achieve. Brief moments of sharpness can be achieved at great strain to the mage but for the most part I believe your enchant should follow the redlines of arcane weaponry as well. If you hit your weapon against something it can and will break with just a few hits. TLDR; - Should follow the lines of arcane weaponry rather than manablades. This means the form is fragile and will need to be reformed - Sharpness will drain through your enchant rapidly and cannot be applied at all times. This obviously does not apply to any non-combat tools. - Sharpness is a tier 5 enchant. Your mana gems will need to be recharged if you ever use sharpness in combat Now onto the emotes. I redact what I said about 4 emotes. A sword from the arcane weaponry specialization takes 3-4 emotes. 4 is your larger, two handed swords and hammers. 1.) Begin casting, energy builds. 2.) Energy builds more, shape forms. 3.) Weapon is complete. Sorry for the large amount of text but I didn't feel as though you had a firm grip on what you actually created so I wanted to make sure the info is placed here for all parties. Then again a precendent seems to have been set. The difference is Magus' Melee cannot be withdrawn.
  14. That feel when someone uses the name you suggested. Yas. 2-3 emotes is not enough for hardened battle-ready weapons though. Le sorry but make it 4
  15. Celestialism section up. Format got fudged