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  1. Long overdue but I have been away. In the process of re-homing myself. A bit stressed out and completely forgot to tell peeps. Send me luck. I need it. 

  2. What book? No up to date book on arcanism exists in game from what I have seen. Only old copies with outdated writing that I have been trying to track down.
  3. Your shields additional abilities describe what arcane shielding does normally. Since when did we need marts for manablades?
  4. And it is aesthetics.
  5. 100 mina bid for each item. - Iatrilemar Elervathar
  6. Code-monkies get 5 mins of break. Max.
  7. Sorry but now it feels like you are just fishing. Have fun with this project and I encourage everyone to branch out if they haven't including non-staff. I will continue being a positive addition to the community in my own way. Also the statements posted don't relate to us shelving our main characters at all. I can promote all four statements while telling you that I think your idea isn't good. EDIT: I do agree that staff should meet and play with more players though. EDIT: Also it is the hope that my staff work pertains to the whole server (maybe not all at once) and thus is not influenced by the charcater I play. That being said I will also agree that i found a deeper appreciation for orcish culture after playing a goblin in Anthos. So there is merit in branching out. IT just doesn't require you to shelf your main character.
  8. Well I don't roleplay to play with friends. I don't roleplay as a staff member. It is my time and I will spend it how I wish. Not saying this to argue or because I don't care. This is just how it is. I just don't think this is a realistic expectation/goal. However like I said I will continue to play side characters in other factions.
  9. While a neat idea I know I won't stop playing my main character. I Plan on playing side characters of other factions/races but my main charcater is five years strong. No going back now.
  10. Yes, unless that population is consistently declining. You can't just rely on events to save some communities.
  11. I like how you got rid of Meg's post.
  12. I will pay the price
  13. Actually in order to use this new plugin to its full potential you need all of the following professions to craft: - Woodworker (adequate to start, legendary for highest tier) - Stonemason (adequate to start, legendary for highest tier) - Blacksmith (veteran tier for aurum ingots) EDIT: Just found out you need this for a single item :[ - Tinker (tiers go all the way up to aengulic) And then you need resource gathering professions - Mining (it is 16 emeralds per spell and you need to find crude gems, iron, gold, aurum) - Lumberjack (for all the special sticks And you have to collect alchemical ingredients I do enjoy the idea of staves and having them in professions makes sense. What I don't understand are these two things: 1.) Why isn't enchanting being used in the process? Perhaps I am missing a step (I haven't completed a staff yet) but enchanting is the magical profession and yet it seems you need what is essentially the least magical profession (tinkering is mechanical/science/etc...) to operate the magic plugin to its full extent. 2.) If the goal was to give those who play mages a way to interact with the mechanical/pvp environment why must the magic plugin require the most complicated recipe path in the professions system? Those who play mage characters are more likely to focus their time on roleplay instead of grinding and now that there is a magic plugin most won't be able to participate or will choose not to due to the sheer level of requirements necessary to get it set up. If the goal was to design a magic plugin for the server it seems counter intuitive to cater to non-mages while essentially (and what will likely be the reaction but is obviously not intended) flipping off magic users. That being said thanks for the effort. I am gonna give it a go and try to see what is up with this magic plugin & I am sure balancing and all that will come later. Best of luck to me.
  14. Tayl is not directly involved. He is just the one that started it and got it rolling. If you read his lore and the posts below you will see that through time Tayl has used certain opportunities to sway descendants into doing his dirty work for them achieving two goals. 1.) Take power away from other deities so their sphere of influence on the mortal realm decreases and 2.) Through some act or guideline achieve companionship. By inducting these descendants as Briars it not only connects those individuals but I suspect Tayl gets immense satisfaction in terms of Pride and maybe even power. He is ambiguous in that way. I have no qualm with Grigario becoming something of an aspect or anti-aspect but the only way that will ever happen if it comes through RP. No one in roleplay, not even those that practice this magic, understand the connection between Grigario and Tayl and Grigario himself isn't even the key focal point of Tayl's manifestation. Also you could say that this is a form of dark druidism. I am not saying my interpretation exactly matches the antithesis of druidism but there is definitely apart of the lore on how it seeks to work against the druids. Regarding being highly active out of the blue- This ritual is not something that is being researched and newly discovered but rather uncovered and will be found an event. It is not Tayl's direct involvement in this map that produces the effects of this magic.
  15. It is not compatible with holy magic (and druidism which is a pseudo holy magic) and if you are heartless (most undead I believe) this magic is not applicable to you. I don't think it will matter if you have voidal and this is well suited for people with necromancy, blood magic, soul puppetry, and maybe some mystics too. In the end I am awaiting MT feedback before magic restrictions are set in stone.