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Sir K Andruske

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  1. He called my lore enriching. +1
  2. Accurate to the "tea."
  3. Minecraft Name: BrandNewKittenSkype ID: N/A Time-zone: PSTDo you, or have you held, any other staff positions: ET for about 2 years total. GM for about 2 1/2 years total. MAT for a limited time. Dev team until it disbanded.Where do you grab inspiration from: Mostly from online art websites such as Deviantart & Pinterest. I tend to get on a topic of interest and stick with it across multiple platforms including LoTC.What type of building are you best with: Organics, terraforming, biome building and world layout are what interest me. I enjoy building ruins as well. What are some of your most treasured builds: The North in Anthos, The Red Realm, The Fringe and the plethora of biomes on Athera were all pretty fun to build. Are you capable of handling all aspects of a build: I usually work alone so yes. While I am not opposed to team building it can be difficult to find the cohesion between styles. Pick three building styles and show us a build of yours that corresponds to each choice: The Celestial Order in Haelun'or is what I dedicated some of my recent building time to (but also the entire upper district housing) that blends both the thematic style of the helves, the individualized style of Yuln (the builder of the lower district) and the high fantasy theme of my newly accepted Celestialism lore. @ /warp bnkwater Is a small underwater build that in a naturalistic style but also seeks to provide proper accessibility in case it was ever used for player needs. My unfinished project @ /warp bnks shows an enclosed build where instead of building up I am carving out a sewer system and adding detailing to it. How long does it take for you to complete a build: Depends on the project. Sometimes you get hyped for a project but it falls flat and sometimes that hype carries you through to build a massive build in a week or two. I am not a slow builder by any means but I also am not in a rush to constantly build so I fall somewhere in the middle. An average amount of time (a week to two or three) is needed for completion and I think realistic expectations of the building phase are extremely necessary in laying out event plans. Additional details: I am in the middle of planning an event line ;-; so random purges are disheartening. State what you want and be ready to negotiate rather than throw us out the door or at least notify us if you have other intentions. Personally I could care less about gaining popularity or fame or a leadership position through my work on the team (but I am still gonna get my chums to +1) and honestly before late November I was considered to be on the reserves till a project of my nature came up. Those projects seem to have come up and I feel I have been neglected so I have begun my own project to compensate. It would be a shame if I was actually getting purged and I would likely ask for the motives behind the removal. When it comes to my work I am passionate and when I find something that inspires me I will tend to follow that path blindly. I believe there are two types of individuals who roleplay. Instigators and Receptors. Instigators create and manipulate their roleplay environment causing change, progression and key moments for themselves and others. Receptors are passive and allow roleplay to find them even if that means nothing finds them at all. I am an instigator and I like to create things for others to use and I am selfish in that my enjoyment is directly connected to watching others use my lore/builds/etc for their own amusement. Tell me a trick about building: I doubt this is considered a trick but since Kowa didn't know; Use the snow command from WE then use the replace command from Voxel to plant flowers and grass easier (if you want fine detailing). You can always just use WE to do this but with Voxel you have a better ability to shape those targeted blocks. This is a work around for the finicky overlay brush. Previous App:
  4. take my +1
  5. I think a LT might ask for this to go into the creature index, buddy. Looks neat!
  6. Saiko meme belongs to helves. Leave Saiko out of this! You know nothing of Saiko!
  7. Cosmetic plugin though. Forget about combat. Cosmetic plugin. While a huge task it may be something that could help draw in new players. You know how enchanting in MC is semi-separate? Introduce the staff plugin I bring up from time-to-time (telanir seemed to have a similar idea when I asked him about it early 2016) and have those spells discover-able. While they don't do much they act as cosmetics and are attached as single spells to staffs. I personally could care less if it abides by all the lore. A neat little cosmetic staff plugin seems much more simple to code and the product is a new item that can be horded and traded IG. A MC representation for mages to play around with. What are the chances of this, Telanir? I know you wanted to do something like this but people **** on you but I think the correct answer is not to do a magic plugin based on ALL the lore but rather selective spells that are bound to the staff/sticks you can already get IG depending on environmental circumstances. Give me a wand that can place a temporary glass barrier and I will literally be your slave.
  8. I am not a fan that it is called warp9. Doesn't fit the theme.
  9. I just remembered that I was always a blood mage and must be GF-ed in. Just ask Phil. He will tell you to f u c k o f f that I am right.
  10. You meme bad today. Now that the LT and MT are one and you have no experience in anything non-magic subtype lore isn't it redundant to be an LT? You applied for the position you already have.
  11. No. Edit; Except for the Jax one.
  12. Next fix the nonexistent high elf racial!
  13. I could care less for combat representation. I just want cosmetics.
  14. THANK YOU FOR MAKINH THIS! My frustration has been growing over the last few weeks regarding the lack of archive search.
  15. While this is interesting it seems to be a way to clench down on roleplay that isn't the orcs rather then promote it as you claim it does & with that other silly submission regarding non-orcish spirits it seems this is the sole intention of the piece. So while elaborate and clever I don't quite agree with the purpose of the lore. If delves wanted you moderating their cultural RP for them they would have asked & if they are currently experiencing a spurt of inactivity and you are using that against them then shame. However if they are collectively in agreement that this lore is fine then sure. I think the concept itself is neat. I just do not like the idea that lore is being written with malcontent.