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  1. LT: Do you have another post coming our way?

    1. FlamboyantRage


      Yeah, should be out this weekend at some point (likely Sunday).

    2. Llir


      bnk i miss u

  2. Thank you for RPing with me today friends. ☀️

  3. Sir K Andruske

    Purple Tree Introduction & F.A.Q [Event Series]

    It is what it is. Why the salt?
  4. Sir K Andruske

    Purple Tree Introduction & F.A.Q [Event Series]

    Spin-off or rip-off of my celestial crystal gardens? Cannot tell but intrigued nonetheless.
  5. Sir K Andruske

    Make Kha a Creature Application

    1.) Useless idea imo. Hou-zi shouldn’t need an app. Kha had player ran applications. CAs are useless in general. 2.) Playerbase, especially staff, need to stop blasting kha players. You roleplay on a minecraft server & aren’t a superior form of life. We are all meme-lords in the end. 3.) Artifically removing something from a universe is the equivalent to a turd sandwhich. Asking for the artifical removal of something is the equivalent to eating that sandwhich.
  6. Sir K Andruske

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    I had to make sure that I posted a picture with the same crew from my last post. Been a bit tired lately. Sorry that I am a *****. Sleepy eyes. Limitless mind. p.s. find me a husband p.p.s. how to rock dark under-eye circles 101
  7. Sir K Andruske

    [✗] More Kha Types

    Just do it
  8. I play the only pure elf. The last dodo of LoTC 

  9. Anyone know why I can't connect? https://gyazo.com/2ab19ca28a4dba960347c671c59d75ee

    1. ImCookiie


      That means your client can't communicate to the server properly. It could be affected if you have mods installed or your firewall anti-virus, I believe. You should try adding/removing the port at the end of the IP, and direct connecting too.

    2. Sir K Andruske

      Sir K Andruske

      I was finally able to direct connect.  I don't have any mods and nothing has been changed since the last time I played. Too a solid two hours of trying to connect though


  10. Sir K Andruske

    [MART] Rho Aias

    What is this fate stay/night shiz doing here. At least it isn’t arcanism.
  11. Sir K Andruske

    [✗] Voidal Domains [Cognatism Addition] [Voidal Feat]

    Pocket dimensions aren’t really a thing we should be doing on LoTC. It is too complicated & requires too much assistance. Might be cool as an idea for an event though. You are also adding a powerful spell that costs the cognat absolutely nothing in return while crossing into other magics. Not to mention the spell itself is PG. Mental links require consent ICly or if they refuse ICly then OOC consent with extreme focus. This is essentially a circling spell that doesn’t do any of that. So I disaprove.
  12. Sir K Andruske

    Admin Update: January

    You all need a HumanResources Administrator. I can be that guy.
  13. Sir K Andruske

    [GM] The case against Child GMs

    By 16 I was the leader of my choir, theater and student council while working a part-time job. I joined the server at 17 and had I had more experience At that point I would have been fine as GM. Better than now even. I don’t think it is accurate to categorize anyone under 18 as incapable of holding the position. 16+ sure, but by 18 you are accepting GMs whose lives are about to change. Many members find that they don’t have time for LoTC after that. So I can agree with what is being said here but 16 should be the age requirement, not 18. (also I turned 23.... sigh)