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  1. Increase raid limits (for 6.0)

    As someone who has a **** laptop to play on I can’t really participate in pvp regardless. So to see more unwarranted pvp is really just adding roadblocks for my own enjoyment on the server. I tend to stick far away from raids and then there is no RP (because either everyone ended up hiding or died) so I end up logging off.
  2. Shades

    Why do you need to write up lore for it? I am saying lore is already accepted for it. Hence why I posted a link to accepted lore xD like idk if you took a look but there is a section on shades.
  3. Shades✓-magic-addition-celestialism-additions-clarifications/ Technically it is “incompatible” but there is an event clause albeit it might need slight altering. I worked with Tsu on it.
  4. ● Return of the Genderpearl Lore ●

    How are you not banned yet?
  5. Shades

    I have never agreed with the idea that shade based arcanism is automatically harder/stronger than non-shade arcanism. It seems as though while most other magics have additional effects there is no equal boon to arcanism. Also I would reference Celestialism lore on how it mixes sice it was left out here. Besides that there is a contradiction elsewhere in the lore. I believe I read that the substance must stay attached to the shade but how can it also take on a gaseous form? It seems to me that you would just be burning off amber.
  6. Tox's Magic Team App II

    I would like to think you are qualified but your magic resume isn’t appealing & your arcanism description is inaccurate.
  7. Meracahe - The Beaver Prince

    Beaver is my state animal. Approve approve approve!
  8. Sea Dwarf Subrace Lore Proposal

    So basically the dwarven version of snow elves?
  9. [MArt] Palace of the Mind / The Sanguine Wand

    Your blood magic wand doesn’t make sense. Blood magic turns spells green, right? Arcanism can be fluid already. So your redlines are essentially making it weaker. Doesn’t blood magic increase the ability power of a spell?
  10. Gunpower lore the third

    Meh not a fan tbh. I don’t enjoy how the forced rolling works.
  11. Your View: 6.0 Creature Discussions

    This is sort of redundant if the builders & ET do not implement them. Most creatures that are approved get RPed once or twice by niche communities as flavour RP. Are you going to tell those people they can’t take the inititiate to RP what they want and instead make them RP something that is a half-baked concept? We need a world-dev team that actively changes enviroments and constructs and populates it. Every map so far all we see are premade things (usually empty biomes) that we never touch and then we wait for event locations to pop up. The real issue is not about the flora or fauna we use. It is about how we use it.
  12. * ~ The Lynx Challenges the State ~ *

    *taps on the outhouse once more as his words seep through the thin wall. He saw nothing, just overheard what was being talked about.* ”The best discussions happen here.”
  13. * ~ The Lynx Challenges the State ~ *

    “There is but it was stated that because they are currently being rewritten that essentially no law couldhave been broken. This is not a lawless state. We have laws based on traditions that must be upheld.” States Iat
  14. * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * We live by the teachings passed down to us. This is our way. When we stray we must find the path once again. I, Iatrilemar Elervathar, challenge the state of Haelun'or for misconduct on the highest level. The council, under the guidance of the seated Maheral, have committed the grievous act murder against one of Larihei's followers. Mali'aheral blood is split and justified by the lack of updated laws. Yet there is no interim process for the rewriting of the laws and to act outside of un-amended laws is still to act in an illegal manner. There is no act more heinous than the burning of knowledge and yet this one has been committed behind closed doors and passed off as a minor legal issue. The execution and banishment of Cinh'llytn was done without fair trial. I do not justify crimes committed by the banished party but I condemn this repetition of violence. Should a trial find the party guilty the correct decision would be to enact the path of purity. To re-educate. Until this is amended you have blistered silver and tarnished tradition. End the cycle of violence. *** I call upon you, Council of Haelun'or, to repent your violent deeds and take responsibility. Believe in the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. It is our path. *** *** I call upon you, Maheral, to enact the teachings of our founder. Do what is right. Believe in the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. It is our path. *** *** I call upon you, Citizens of Haelun'or, to hold your government accountable and take pride in your state. Believe in the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. It is our path. *** I expect that a fair trial will be conducted to rectify this.
  15. Two Jolly Sparks

    Now that Paleo is an admin the inevitable takeover of Celestialism draws closer.