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  1. [Arcane][ST] Ceruberr Asul'Ailer

    I can confirm that the charcater is ready. Having been involved with the magic since its inception and having the knowledge/ability available to them ICly they can begin their own journey into Celestialism. I can coach them OOCly. I volunteer as tribute!
  2. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    With how prevalent the act of terrorism has become it was nice knowing LoTC was a place that wasn't about firearms. Even medeus were simply aesthetic wands. Just thematically speaking -1
  3. Spellblades currently run the server imo. This doesn't disallow it but rather makes the true masters of a magic actually mages whereas a spellblade could stay at tier 3-4 but still choose to wear armor. I don't agree with brittle bones at all. People will abuse/PG it. Having additional weight cause stress to a spellcaster makes sense but don't make it some weird vitamin deficiency.
  4. [MArt] Space Elven Magic, The First Iteration

    Seems to me that this is too OP. Saying something can be warded when it actually can't is pretty cheap as well.
  5. >community gets upset at world-events being flat

    >>roleplay during world event is 95% OOC and memes


    You guys kinda suck

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ambduscias


      >>et roleplay with themselves and spawn in hundreds of mobs for ""roleplay""

    3. _Jandy_


      >ET don't interact with players

      >Just spawn mobs and RP with each other

      >Players are left to entertain themselves

      >ET wonder what's going wrong

    4. antuopa


      im glad i didn't go

  6. I have goldvip. Somebody help fix my forum tag please!

  7. Did VIP tags break?

    1. Slayy


      For some reason I still have mine?

  8. Feedback Gathering: Transfiguration

    You can't cap enchants. That'd be lame. Learn a magic to ward a magic. OR Cap what you can ward. You can ward magic you know or if you have extra slots you can put other magics in those slots to ward them too? Idk Transfig seems fine to me
  9. I was born on this day 

    1. SuperDuckyGamer


      delete this day

    2. Esry


      happy birth this day

    3. LeoRabbit99
  10. Why not use the /cdonation for your storage chests? This is besides the point though. What happened was wrong and the rule should be clarified.
  11. [Mart] Aura Change

    What I was tryin to tell ya but written nicely instead of "boooo"
  12. [Mart] Aura Change

  13. The Menace of Fi Mages

    "It is a necessary evil. For there is no light without the darkness to illuminate it. Though misguided many fi mages do attempt to keep the balance of the realm." states Iatrilemar.
  14. regarding the techlock

    Why not have a test run where you areonly able to use them in gun duels.
  15. regarding the techlock

    Yar I have been misinformed. Doesn't excuse Jburg though.