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  1. Giving keem a run for her money!
  2. In terms of what you hope to accomplish you could also use this lore if you have some mages on hand. I may have missed it but what is the projectile?
  3. I have a few balancing issues with this piece. Due to possession (moreso with transient) being relatively powerful in this adaptation the requirement of three practioneers from any one sect seems like a lot to ask for. Namely because we are dealing with characters who have PKed, were brought back, and are now able to create a variety of negative effects towards other characters seemingly against their will all while masquerading as a normal person(ish). I would suggest lowering it to 2 or even just 1? Perhaps the number of successful possessions increases the haunts resistence and thus requires more cleric/shaman/fi users? I am also concerned about haunts forcing character suicide based off OOC grudges one may have (this type of player interaction isn't something we should focus on but will happen regardless of our intentions with this lore) and thus prevenitive measures may need to be detailed, yeah? I do enjoy the feeling of the piece, the focus on continuing/creating RP scenarios rather than playing a haunt just to continue existence. Though it might be rather difficult for the MT to moderate haunts to ensure they are meeting the requirements for continued existence.
  4. Or when you have a parent you supports and even encourages your mineman addictions like mine ((even though he doesn't support my general life decisions. I swear if I could make a living off of LoTC he would be happier with me doing that than me being a poor ass actor. lol))
  5. It has been years since I was on a staff team with my main man, zarsies. Viper andShiftnative would be so proud. ; o;

  6. Let me be a youtube star
  7. I wish my minecraft could look as pretty as yours does, dude!
  8. "Such an extrodrdinary creature may require more than a small band to deal with. Should those that hunt this beast require aid send word to Iatrilemar Elervathar in Haelun'or. I offer the ability to shield entire parties from attack as well as supplying unmatched firepower. No other caster matches my strength in Arcanism and if needed I will use my feats to assist a suitable party in this endeavor." *this note is tacked below Leric's
  9. No, don't listen to Ski. Be the better elf. FIGHT THE MAN!
  10. From what I can tell we don't have a proper way to request builds/terraforming from the Event Team Builders so please pardon my lack of format! The tiles a1 - a4 are the primary ones that I am looking at for this request. On these tiles sits the forest the borders Haelun'or and for the most part there is nothing there except for the same 3 or 4 copy&pasted trees (and a fief settlement). What I am hoping the Event Team Builders can do for us is spruce up the forest, give it some more life, make it more dynamic, and add points of interest. An ongoing project of mine as a player from this region is to design and build some camps/outposts/forts as points of interest/places to RP outside of a city setting. The idea I have for this forest isn't to overhaul but rather to give it a more magical&mystical feel that one would expect as they approach the high elven settlement. So if any assistance can be afforded it would be greatly appreciated! I know there is supposedly a "habitat" being built but what I am seeking is more of revamping the general aesthetic. The main rational for this is that we are on Axios, the home of the elves, and the elven blessing includes something along the lines of "forests shall be your haven" and despite the high elves drift towards magic I still feel we can better represent the blessing albeit with a "magical" twist. Thanks for your time and consideration!
  11. Behold our power! We shall derp across the land! From sea to shining sea! 

  12. Yes. Please handle this application in the same regard to this one that is also currently up After these are accepted my teaching status should be as follows: Arcanism: -Iaria Elervathar ( Halsi ) -Haadi Mubdee ( _Elad_ ) Celestialism: -Crumena Synalli ( Tahmas ) -Cinh'llytn ( Korus_Prime ) Feel free to PM me on Skype or over the forums!
  13. Yes. To clarify for the MT: Even though my additions part 2 were denied the section listed as "teaching" was merely a clarification as to how new users of the magic would be attuned to their greater aura. In the sections below taken from the denied lore I have outlined this initial learning process. I urge the MT to either go along with this as canon or address me in PM to talk about a solution. I have no wish of resubmitting my lore additions until I expand the playerbase but this single section is required (albeit should have already been apart of the general lore) to do just that. ______________________________________________________ Thank you. I should be listed as teaching the following: Arcanism: - Iaria Elervathar - Haadi Mubdee Celestialism: - Crumena Synalli
  14. 10 rep points a day isn't enough devs! I gave it all to Keem already. I need more!