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  1. Wait I don’t apply for the Application Team but the Community Team now??

    1. JokerLow


      Welcome to the best team

    2. Demotheus


      It sucks if all you wanna do is applications. They ain’t about that life anymore apparently. 

  2. A Kaedreni Guard proudly celebrates the birth of the twins, singing the Kaedreni National Anthem with his friends.
  3. Can there be lore for the Nether?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ixli


      @MythicFantasy it is the realm in which Iblee’s is doomed to spend eternity – that is, if he cannot find a way out.

    3. MythicFantasy


      WAIT Will Iblees ever return!??!?!

    4. Ixli


      @MythicFantasy it’s certainly possible!

  4. I would be frustrated and angered. How dare they have a Minecraft relationship that is obviouls far more important than real life!
  5. As long as the banditry is done in a non-toxic way it’s fine. I feel like it adds a level of excitement to the server that has been lacking since the removal of Nexus.
  6. “I thought Kaedrin was independent now?” A Kaedreni guard questions.
  7. do you do anything besides make pro-Nexus status updates twice a month

    1. MythicFantasy


       i didn’t say anything about nexus?

    2. Textarea
  8. I really do hope in the future we are able to have something of a profession system and racial buffs. In my opinion I believed it was a good thing. My opinion.

  9. bring back nexus


    1. Kaelan


      bring back nexus 

  10. i want ot be able to grind

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      grinding is not fun tho. Drinking tea is much more fun. we should have all PvP gear be gained through RPing the drinking of tea instead of through grinding.

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