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  1. I just want to level up something on the off times. The amount of items you could create with Nexus was insane. I thought that items had an actual value and that there were was an actual economy forcing me to take care of my pixels.
  2. Still think Nexus made the server better.

  3. MythicFantasy


    MCName:Mythicfantasy Name:Algass  Age:63 Race:Highlander 
  4. logged on for my daily 5 minutes and well uhhh

  5. Anyone miss Nexus?

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      It should take at least 100 hours to craft a door. The morons who thought vanilla crafting could be good did not realize that FACT.

    3. _Hexe_


      yeah i loved waiting ten minutes for the server to restart and crashes

    4. TarreBear


      It was discussed in the community meeting that you need to make a post or something giving feedback as to what specific parts of nexus you liked. Ex. custom food crafting etc. because saying nexus doesn’t help cause nexus encompassed a lot of things

  6. #BringbacksomethingtodoakaNexus

  7. When you open LOTC and have to walk for 30 minutes so you make a fat tiktok

    1. MadYeAd


      tik tok memes......

  8. Well, it was fun. Cya in another 3-4 years, possibly.

  9. It kinda sucks that people don’t play as much as they used to.

    1. Archipelego
    2. Medvekoma


      Maybe it's because the server is a toxic cesspool promoting cliques and harassment over RP.

  10. Do you guys regret the amount of time you have spent on LOTC, would you have preferred to spend that time on other things?

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    2. MythicFantasy
    3. Pogmeister


      I mean lotc vs. social life? Lotc wins, boys.


    4. NotEvilAtAll


      @Man of Respect grinding is kinda boring IMO. RP > grinding 

  11. MythicFantasy

    7.0 Annoucement!

    Yes, hype! I'm also hoping a professions system is implemented in this update.
  12. Half of my time spent on LOTC is trying to find RP.

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    2. HortonHeardAWho


      Nexus could be that something.

    3. Unwillingly


      That's a good point, also Nexus is never coming back even if it was a great plugin. Apparently it caused too many server issues. In your free time, you could head to the CT and do some of the missions there where you basically kill mobs, get their items, and sell them for minas. 

    4. NotEvilAtAll


      I just hang out in Dunshire all the time. The community is nice and it’s not too noisy or rowdy there.