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  1. Mehl

    The Prince of Mali'Ker

    Mor Ba'ikana only smirked at Ecaeris' comment, crumpling up the notice in her palm after reading its contents. "Everyone knows that Erolas is the true Prince. Who even is this 'ker?" She rolled her eyes, throwing the notice over her shoulder as she swaggered away.
  2. Mehl

    [Denied] I'm Persistent (FM APP)

    +1 because she’s an awesome choice for FM and is super sweet 💗
  3. Mehl

    [Denied] Cheshire tries to busy herself once more (FM App)

    Chesh is a brilliant choice for this role - if I could +100, I would, but I can’t...so +1
  4. When the Riverdale Season 2 trailer makes its appearance <3 :O 

  5. Mehl

    [Accepted] EsREEE's REEE-app

    Most awesome, nice and helpful person ever. Never has a bad word to say about anyone. Like Chesh said, if she doesn't make it onto the staff, I'll be really surprised. Mwah xx +1
  6. Mehl

    [Accepted] Allieice's AT App

    Absolutely great choice for an AT member. Nice, helpful and the best rp'er. Just add her to the team already. Love ya boo :3 +1
  7. Mehl

    [Accepted] Cheshire reapplies once more

    Absolutely great personality. Thoughtful, driven and excellent rp'er. She's more than competent for this position. You've got my vote, Chesh <3 +1
  8. Don't know if anyone else is having this problem...but I can't get back online, even after the restart.

  9. Mehl

    [Pending]Clayphish's Lore Team Application

    Very sweet, brilliant rp'er and just a great team member! <3 +1
  10. +1 - the nicest person you'll ever meet and an amazing builder! :3