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  1. Carolyn

    [ET Contest] Predict the Wall Event

    I think that there might be something to do with Dragons. One of fire and the other of ice. My other guess is of a stone that has not yet been completed but now they will try to complete it, and maybe that will awaken the dragons or something like that. My third guess also involves Dragons. Maybe they use these dragons to take over Constantinople. Either way, something that would shed more light onto the Vaeyl Order and their fight with the fallen Aengul. (I got these ideas from the books I found in an event area and the hint)
  2. Carolyn

    The Royal Household of Curon

    Name: Faylinn Race: Highlander Age: 10 What role are you applying for?: Servant Experience: When my parents were around I would help them cook and clean. Anything else we should know?: I may be young, but I'm willing to learn anything so I'll be able to serve the Royal household! OOC Information: N/A Username: ChiakiTheNeko
  3. Carolyn

    [Accepted] MadYeMagician AT Application

    I have only role-played with him one time, but from what I could tell he was a great person and would be a great help to new members! This is a very well put together application. +1 from me
  4. Carolyn

    [ET Art & Writing Contest] Seasons of Atlas

    My submission for The First Seed. Also, it's at the Inemho camp so the season is a little different from most of Atlas
  5. Carolyn

    Sleep My Love

    The dryad goes to sleep and awakens once again with Ash on her hand. "Didn't I have that same dream before? I wonder who the next Champion will be.." She shrugs, falling over and going back to sleep.
  6. Carolyn

    Awaken, My Nightmares

    A young dryad awakens with a start. She sits up and mumbles to herself "This is the second weird dream I've had about the Far Glade.." She lays back in bed, trying to fall asleep for a while with no success. "Well, even if it's not to be a Champion, facing your fears would be a good idea.."
  7. Carolyn

    Awaken, My Champions

    The Dryad squints, looking at the coded text. "I should go to the library and see if I can find something. And who is this Prince Septeber?" She would mumble before heading out on her search to find anything of use.
  8. Carolyn

    Sleep My Love

    The dryad wakes up in a cold sweat and frantically looks around. When she realizes there is no danger so lays back down. "It looked so real.." She mumbles, wiping her brow with her hand. "The far glade, huh? I should look further into this."
  9. I too love Danganronpa 2

  10. Carolyn

    [✗] Canahedo Land Charter

    Ami (CarolynTheCat) signs.
  11. Carolyn

    [Denied] Carolyn's AT App

    MC Name: CarolynTheCat Skype Name: vocaloid_miku011 Timezone: Mountain Standard Tine Age: 11 Do you have Discord? (you need to): Yes Do you feel that you have a solid grasp on our lore and an understanding of the application standards?: I do Why do you want to be an AT member and do you have the ability to work and collaborate with others?: I want to be an AT member for a few reasons. The first is because I want to give back to the server that I play on everyday. I feel like this is where I would belong. And another reason is because I love to help new members. I always love to welcome them and then help in any way I can. Yes, I do believe that I can work well with others. Pretty much everything I do everything, I do with other people. Though, sometimes I can be to dependent on people or the other way around. Beyond reviewing whitelist applications, what ways do you think you would enjoy helping new applicants?: I would love to help the new applicants by answering there questions and going over things with them that could help. Like the lore and such. Pretty much just helping them with anything. And then also if the application is pending I would like the part where I can tell them how to make it better and then hopefully accept the app. How do you think the server’s application process could be improved?: Right now when I look over the application standards and the lore and such, I don't really see anything that is in need of approving. I think that depending on the AT member they might need to improve something about themselves. Though, I'm not saying I see this, that's just what I think. Is there anything else you would like to add or that we should know about you?: I am an organized person and a good leader. Some people say that I am very mature for my age. Tell me a joke: My dog used to chase people on a bike. Eventually it got so bad, I had to take away his bike.
  12. Carolyn

    [Denied] Carolyn's ET Application

    Okay, I changed it a little so it was as grand.
  13. Carolyn

    [Denied] Carolyn's ET Application

    Okay! Thank you for the advice
  14. Carolyn

    [Denied] Carolyn's ET Application

    I changed the color a little. Is that better?
  15. Carolyn

    [Denied] Carolyn's ET Application

    Minecraft name(s): CarolynTheCat Skype ID: vocaloid_miku011 Time zone: MST Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: No Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions? No What MMORPG/video games have you / do you play? (Past and Present) Dungeons & Dragons, League of legends, and WOW. What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to because a Event Member? Right now I have two with a empty slot. My main persona is Idril Aureon, a Mali'Ame. My other one which I don't rp as often is Ami, a Kha'Panthera. I would be fine sacrificing Ami, even though she is close to being an adult. I would prefer not pking Idril but I would if I had to. What race / group do you think your events would best cater to? If none in particular, give an example of the type of group that your events would entertain: I wouldn't say the events would entertain any specific type of group. Though, I would say it would entertain Wood Elves, Khas, and maybe Humans. What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? I believe the key factors are the items you get from the event but also interesting plot. If a event doesn't have interesting plot no one would want to do it. Also many people go to events for the items. So, if they're bad and no one wants them, I believe that will lower the amount of people that go to one. When was the last time you saw a event? It was October 30th, the day before Halloween (today). It was the Festival of our Ancestors. What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing? I’m knowledgeable in the majority of Wood Elf and Kha lore. I also know ghost lore and a few other things like Ents. And right now I am studying more lore for other races so that I'll know more and such. Why do you want to be part of the ET? I would like to help the server that I play on every day and that I have been for a year or so. I have so much time on my hand and I would like to use that time to do something that would help. I feel the Event team is where I would best fit. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events based on LOTC lore that you would organize. These are pitches to the Managers and Realplayer, not to the community. Note: Not all of the group must be handled at once. Eg: 20+ people via 5 person increments in a dungeon. 1) For a group of 7-10 (Into The Lair) Monsters of many kind are attacking Sutica! Brave people from the city have to follow the monsters to their source, a cavern in the forest near by. The next day more monsters come but the time isn't right yet. Two days after. when the next group of monsters come through they fight them until there's only a few left. Those few retreat, going to cavern. They go through the cavern, slaying every monster in their way. Until they find the end. Waiting there for them is the dad of all monsters. He spits acid at them but they're too fast! They kill him and get the item, which is the head of the monster to keep as a trophy. 2) (Crazed Ghosts) For 20+ people To many people are becoming ghosts at once! This causes chaos to all ghosts so they have a meeting. The ghosts decide that it's everyone's fault, as long as they're living. They haunt many towns in hope to get revenge. The towns that are haunted have to team up to calm down the ghosts. They go through trying to calm all the ghosts. To do that they scare them with gold, not killing them. All the ghosts flee, though some stay to fight. Those that fight are the poltergeists. The poltergeists try to scare away them instead. This time they have to use the gold to slay them. Once all the ghosts are gone you get the item "Ghost Calmer" or gold. 3) (A Thing In The Sky) A shadow looms over Haria, blocking the sun. The citizens look up and see a flying warship. From it, people are firing canons. The city will get completely blown up, unless someone helps. Three sneaky people try to find a way up there. Then things get worse, or better. A dragon flies by. When they think it's going to attack it offers them a lift. To take over they threw them off the ship. They healed them after but some died. They found out that the warship was filled with enchantments so it could fly. The enchants were from a dark magic user so they needed to destroy it. They looted for treasure and found a book that thought them how to enchant it. They then blew up the ship! The item was, well the book. How long do you plan to stay in the ET? I would stay in the ET for a long time. I'm only in elementary so I have lots of time on my hands. Tell me a joke Can a kangaroo jump higher then a house? Yes, houses don't jump.