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  1. you are all valued in life even when you think you aren't

  2. Hey guys currently streaming some league with my co-hosts come for chill stream https://www.twitch.tv/ventaii


  3. Honestly I can't wait till all the frost witches can get back together again and celebrate the passing of this lore with their man slaves.
  4. You better mine down!

  5. "Thats my ******* sister." Screeches a red headed Mali'aheral.
  6. any artists lookin to draw a hot redheaded male hmu I got mina to spare C:

    1. Its_Just_Leap


      I hope you're not trying to get people to draw Cahir. That boi is more like a 6/10.

    2. Skylez


      No one wants to draw your elf soyboy........................

  7. I too love Danganronpa 2

  8. Even if someone is being attacked from behind this magic wouldn't really help them in that situation, the attack would probably hit. The disregard for sight is mostly due to the spell reaching out in a ten block radius, this prevents signaling out others and also provides a major risk for the caster. For example everyone around them will have to be transported into the Mindplane and if too many are brought in that'll effectively leave the caster worthless. The mindplane itself also has pre-built structures upon creation, they aren't being transported in. All the spell really provides is a change of scenery, making a group who were fighting in a city now fight in a dessert and so on. Also using Mental magic on it's own provides a mental link regardless of IC or OOC consent.
  9. You're an actual weeaboo

    1. Skylez


      I know you just didn't say that to my friend you fricker.........................

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