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  1. MC Name: Ventai Character's Name: Cahir Character's Age: 31 Character's Race: High Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Earth Evocation Teacher's MC Name: Skylez1 Teacher's RP Name: Kaevryn Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: You wish buddy Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yeah Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Its not on a trial Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  2. [DA][MA] Cahir

    MC Name: Ventai Character's Name: Cahir Character's Age: 32 Character's Race: High elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Blood magic Teacher's MC Name: Veist Teacher's RP Name: Cahir aep Ophael Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yeah Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yeah Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app No
  3. [DA] [MA] Cahir

    love you too
  4. [DA] [MA] Cahir

    MC Name: Ventai Character's Name: Cahir Character's Age: 30 Character's Race: High Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Shade Teacher's MC Name: Alfalah Teacher's RP Name: Eve/Rynch Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  5. Nice facebook type energy system
  6. Dark Stalker [CA] FunnyMann

    I approve
  7. Hevnoraak - Flesh Melders

    While necromancy focuses on the manipulation of life force Hevnoraak focuses on molding your own flesh into various shapes and forms, from weaponry to even tendril like extensions. I'd say that's fairly different as necromancy flesh smiting doesn't allow that.
  8. Hevnoraak - Flesh Melders

    Hevnoraak - Flesh Melding Mood music: __________________________________________________________________ Hevnoraak is a magic that is a specialization of Necromancy. The Magic began as an Ascended Hevnoraak offered a King his prowess plus more, corrupting him completely as a parasite took over, hungering for flesh he sought out the Elder once more, seeking for his help. The Old One simply returned with changing his two closest knights to artifacts known as Beherits. The egg shaped artifacts made of flesh are quite literally incubation chambers to create new parasites for aspiring Hevnoraaks. Bounded with an affliction, they are to feed on flesh and lifeforce to survive insanity from taking over, becoming feral. They have many abilities, creating extra limbs upon their own flesh, molding their own appendages to create weaponry with them, creating homes made of skin to withhold creatures that are also able to be made such as Shakar and Itriv. As well the ability to use extra flesh to patch your own from wounds. The magic has many curses and blessings to offer a Descendant or ascended beings. __________________________________________________________________ From an age long forgotten, four kingdoms ruled within ventured land - a name unbeknownst to most all historical books now written at this day. Two kingdoms found themselves lost at war for the ongoing years, a long dispute between rivals; Young King John II and King Asther I, the others are lost to time. Warfare raged against the duo - sending each kingdom spiraling to the ground. Poverty, famine, disease, many things became of the citizens that dwelled within each Empire. Unknown to the bloodthirsty two who only sought the destruction of the other one’s hand built monarchy. The battle raged on for thirty more years, King John continued his onslaught through his youthful lifestyle, whilst Asther dwindled upon old age, mind growing numb to most everything that was thrown his way. One night, among his living quarters, he took a notice that the war seemed far from over - sending him into a pitiful rage amongst the room, tossing much amuck, screaming and wailing on and on, it seemed he held nothing but ruins from his battles against his foe. He threw manuscripts, tomes, ink cartridges, paintings. Within the tantrum a window swung open that night, instantly suffocating each miniscule inferno that blazed upon the candle tops from the great amount of wind that howled and screeched through the opened curtains. A deeply chromatic violet seeped its way through the window frame, drifting about the room as the infamous King showed cowardice towards the now solidifying and reanimating to a sickly dehumanized figure. A hunch left upon his broad back, nine tendrils swaying to and fro as if slithering through the air, a hand shaped as a blade kept lowered at the abomination’s side, stuck within the grasp of his other hand held a sickly made staff, unknown of its origins or its makes due to the dimmed lighting. The king held himself curled in the corner as the deformed figure began its way to the middle of the room, appendages softly swaying through the air. “Hmm..” The sickly form protruded from its agape maw. Suddenly, purple flames erupted from each of the candles, offering a low, spectral glow to the bedroom. The staff seemed to be made of ragged flesh, peeling off of its sides, and sickly swinging through the dense air. A dense conversation allowed out from the two, a speech of immortality and victory coming to his Kingdom, offering all for a small price - his morality. He sought the assistance of dark arts to help the war wage for his side. From each mauve flame, crept out a flicker, the shape of insects delve downwards and lowly crawled forth towards the King, within grasp, the crawler began to ascend up the man’s body, each crawler colliding to make one bigger, a continuous process till they became whole. Throughout, agonizing pain was endured by the madness that drove the Noble, leaving soul scars riddled about his flesh. “Every Kingdom requires a Kaiser...” Unknown Creature The final form of the inferno created insect, took on an elongated centipede, crawling around with jittered movements, searching out the man’s heart. It sought to lift and delve itself through his chest, physically wrapping itself about the King’s organ of life, leaving him dazed and in a state of anger and what appeared to be hunger. The agitation drove him to accepting yet another offer from the disembodied figure, in return of accepting his “gift” he will assist his army and create them into monstrosities that will end the war with a victory. ______________________________________________________________________________ A truly humble army, changed through the night, creating monstrosities alike of all. Their common term had been set as Shakar, ghoulish abominations that were bound by flesh and bone, truly horrid creatures. The newly found army was set beneath the Mad King, created for the art of war, almost instantaneously ceasing all movement that escaped King John’s militia, who was soon slain in the oncoming year. Asther soon realised that he was in need of more, he seemed to be lost in a state of hunger for power. Shamefully, the deal created was simply for this war. It seemed as if the army had grown mad, lacking the ability to feed within a proper time, leaving them to all perish in the oncoming year. The king now took on a new title; Kaiser Asther, who had sought out anew, to create another army, but the army that size he shan't do it alone. He sought out three mad aspirants that wished to follow the dark powers of Hevnoraak, eventually finding a way to grant them the parasite as well. The Knights now shown their limitations, wished to delve farther, soon acquiring the abilities of greater creations, the ability to protrude limbs from their own figure, and create sharpened tendrils of old flesh and bone. Asther seemed to grow with rage, driven with the horrid emotion of jealousy, within the night of his old quarters, he sought out the Ascended Hevnoraak once more, screeching his name above the clouds, without notice or word a single jar of crimson ichor slammed to the floor, within a reaction the king sought out the noise, there standing next to the pooling blood, was the creature of yore. The Kaiser pleaded and pleaded to remove the parasite from his apprentices, but the Ascended held a better idea, he allows the three to be utilized as condensed flesh, a creation only known to offer itself to another aspiriant. With ignorance, the Kaiser agreed once more, only a mere second of silence before the screams of his knights echoed throughout the halls of the once merry halls. A soft sigh escaped as a final word became from his wide maw, “Hevnoraak.” the windows busted open akin to the one foolish night before, offering the king a quick glance and a return to where the creature once stood - he’d vanish. The Kaiser was alone. No students, no Ascended being, just himself and two newly created egg shaped creatures - Beherits, created by a lost tongue, the translation would be read as “Devils”. There, the man sat within his non withered body, but it seemed time has still taken toll on him within, his form gasped, grieving for air, seeking it out which bit of life remained, his skin began to lose its somewhat enjoyable color and grew a deep azure and violet. Within his sight, he caught glimpse of the Higher Hevnoraak once more, soon releasing his final breath of air, his form given, the parasite seemed to remain. A light cackle was what seemed to be his “final” hearing. Days later, the rotten corpse laid upon the table top, resting in pure agony. As days gone by, the Elder Hevnoraak waited, and waited, simply waiting for a sign of life, with the power of nine parasites flowing within the late Kaiser, they wished to take control and ascend with the unknown. Only a twitch became apparent from the fallen King, soon his form arose with its newly found ghoulish skin, a deep haze of blue riddle all about. “Walk… and I will guide..” -Unknown Hevnoraak So that is what he did, leading forth, forcing on two more to serve high with him, offering the prowess he could only give. They soon found their own to take beneath their wings, leaving a broken generation of Hevnoraaks. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Beherits and The Kaisers “Even in the face of death, I’ll regrow and return.” Kaiser Asther Beherits, artifacts of old that originate from the first Kaiser. They take the form of crude looking egg shaped faces, almost like an orb. It is these artifacts which define a Kaiser in his eternity, a king who may choose his knights and his kingdom. In the days of old it was Kaiser Asther who was granted the power and choose forth his knights. Altogether they battled their rivals until they found defeat, it was then when his goal was achieved the elder hevnoraak came. Using his vile sorcery he turned three of the Kaiser’s students into these artifacts so that those of a new generation could grant the gift unto others. And only two beherits exist as of currently. A Kaiser is merely a title given to one who is in possession of an artifact of old. The Beherits on the other hand have been crafted of the very flesh of others and serve as incubation chambers to brew a tainted parasite, as well as a special form of taint from lifeforce. Using such Artifact they have the means to grant the art of Hevnoraak unto others and create Hives. A crude process undergoes when one uses these artifacts, the intricately crafted and dormant mouth of the object opens and bites upon the living, consuming a decent amount of life essence. The Beherit will then begin to craft taint within from the stolen essence which then slowly becomes more “dense” and concentrated over time. The Beherit performs a sort of aging process, applying its effect to this taint until it brews into a purple flame which acts as a means for the parasite to burrow within one and craft a new knight of hevenoraak. A Kaiser may also use this “concentrated” form of taint to perform one other thing with the art, they may craft structures of flesh called Hives. A Beherit if ever lost or passed unto another can be used by that certain individual to “Self Teach” if by some means they came into knowing how to perform the connection ritual. If the Beherit is granted unto another Hevnoraak, the previous owner will simply degrade to the new Kaiser’s lowly Knight. Redline(s): -Self teaching the magic not only requires possession of a Beherit, but also the knowledge of how to connect yourself. __________________________________________________________________ Affliction “This is your chance to control the abomination dwelling within.” -Kaiser Asther The Affliction offers many abilities to the Hevnoraak, repeating over that of which the original lore held - the manipulation of skin and bone, though, created in a sense that differs. The manifestation creates to everyone’s sight, offering a horrid display of warping skin and bone, the weaponized appendage now taken forth, depending on the Hevnoraak’s abilities, the weaponry might become something of a longsword to a mighty warhammer. As from the original, limbs of flesh might manifest beneath the skin, allowing access flesh to withdraw from the being to create a gnarly look of flesh and bone, completely weaponizing the extra appendages. With the usage from a Kaiser/higher Hevnoraak, they might make the manifestation something much stronger than normal flesh, leaving it akin to a steel blade, though, gold would much more easily tear through it with ease. Mirroring the other as well, their skin would match the coldness of a corpse. This process has its own disadvantages and drawbacks that are granted to the Hevnoraak, alas the very use of Affliction shortens their lifespans and caused them to fatigue easier. As their flesh is always changing, so too is their veins and blood flow. The blood flowing in their bodies becomes unnatural and mismatched which in return causes their lifespan to shorten and their veins to change to a purplish coloring. This change in lifespan is shortened by about a quarter due to their bloodflow weakening, Elves will find themselves only living to 750 while Humans to 75 and so on. They’ll find themselves losing most muscle from when they started practicing, similar to most other dark arts. As well greater movements will cause them to fatigue more than the average man. Red Line(s): -No matter how much knowledge you’ve obtained, be it from the beginning of the parasite placement, to the rising as a Kaiser, only two afflictions might be set upon you at once. I.e. being as a weaponized arm and a tendril, or two tendrils and no weapon. -The creation varies many ways, you may create a tendril, or something as a hulking fist to crush opponents, though, with this practice, creating a key to fit a keyhole would be too difficult and impossible to maintain. __________________________________________________________________ Flesh Patching “Grow, so you’ve more to control.” -Kaiser Asther The war raged on day and night between the warring two kingdoms, many a man injured, many a man died. Terror and despair befell the two as the war continued on and on and had no end it sight. The lone Kaiser had no compromise but to simply watch as crimson ichor fell from his knights. Frustration and despair befell the Kaiser until he decided to create a solution, and so he did. Using his art of Affliction he performed experimentation upon the wounded, many found themselves dead and few found thanks for keeping their injured lifes. Until was only at the peak of his despair did he finally find his answer, his solution. The Kaiser came across a wounded soldier, one knocked into unconsciousness with an arrow resting in his gut. Asther ripped forth the arrow and gazed upon the wound before he performed his workings. The Hevnoraak molded and melded the soldier's flesh together, slowly but surely sealing the wound in his makeshift solution. The wounded arose shortly after in pain, letting grunts and screams spill into the air as he gazed at the mutated and unnatural scarred tissue that was his wound. Blood continued to rush within the hollowed wound inside, but the deed was done, the wound sealed. A Hevnoraak that has learned the art of Flesh Patching can make makeshift seals for injuries either on themselves or on the unconscious. Yet this act does not completely seal and heal the wound requiring treatment, at the very least it stops blood from flowing outwards, completely halting external bleeding. How this works is the Hevnoraak must simply focus on either themselves or an unconscious descendant and merely using their art, will the two opposites of flesh to close and combine with one another. This allows the wound to shut itself completely, halting any blood flow from exiting. However despite this fact the wound is still ever present, yet internal, much like how a band aid merely stops the exit of blood so too does this. Blood still gushing from within but not allowed to exit the now sealed flesh. Doing this leaves unnatural scarred tissue over the sealed patching of flesh that is easily differentiated from normal cauterized scars or otherwise. This process will cause irritating pain to those it is used on and may only work on the unconscious other than yourself. To mold, to form, such is the very description of those who practice the wretched Affliction. However there is a constant rule that must be obeyed, one can only mold as much flesh as they own. The Kaiser of old pondered this fact over and over after he had mastered the means to seal wounds to a small degree. After his success he devised a means to patch flesh unto his students and unto himself, granting them more flesh to mold albeit at a price, their appearance downgrading to nothing more than abominations and mere shadows of their former selves. Losing any sort of attractiveness they once held and becoming nothing more than a hideous hunchback. A hevnoraak can mold and combine dead flesh unto themselves, this allows them to have more flesh to mold but at the cost of attractiveness and appearance. This however is a worthy price to pay for more power. They patch on dead flesh unto themselves, weaving it into their very own so they may use it in their spells. The same thing can be done unto another descendant who has been placed into unconsciousness, generally molding them into horrific hunchback esque monsters if one so wished. All flesh patched onto either the Hevnoraak or another descendant/creature provide no functionality other than being used in Affliction, they are simply imobile piles of dead flesh. There is another function that a Kaiser or Hevnoraak can do to grant them more flesh yet keep their appearance in tact, yet still with it’s own disadvantages. One who has learned the art of Flesh-Binding in any sort may condense these extra patches of flesh together into their own, combining and condensing muscle tissue and flesh alike. This however serves no advantages other than having more flesh to use, in fact it provides the opposite. Those who have their flesh densed will find themselves having trouble moving about the limb that's been patched. Their strength remains unchanged as their physicality continues to degrade by the parasite. Hevnoraak who undergo this sort of patching will also find difficulty performing menial tasks with the densed limb and while using any sort of weaponry, as the joints of the limb have been condensed makes it hard to function properly. As well a Hevnoraak has a limitation to how much flesh they can dense unto themselves, as the more they dense unto their limbs the more struggling it’ll be to move it until they simply find themselves immobilized from the sheer amount of densed flesh. Whether one wishes to keep their functionality and degrade to the appearance of a monster or keep their appearance and loose their functionality is all up to the Hevnoraak, they merely need to pick their poison. Redlines: -When a Hevnoraak seals a wound they are only stopping the exit of blood, much like a band aid. The wound will still be present internally just no blood will exit. -Patched flesh provides no functionality outside of using Affliction, they are merely dead pieces of flesh put onto someone’s body. -Densed flesh does not add onto one’s strength or muscle, it also provides no function. Densed flesh also slows down the Hevnoraak, they’ll find it rather hard to move around the densed limb. -Sealing a wound or patching on flesh unto others requires them to first be unconscious. -One can not have unlimited flesh densed unto their bodies, lest they wish to become completely immobilized. -A Hevnoraak must have previously been taught Flesh-Binding in order to dense flesh together and combine it with their own. ____________________________________________________________________________ Flesh Binding Shakar “Every kingdom has it’s own band of mutants and fools.” -Kaiser Asther Every kingdom requires its subjects, it was upon this thought that drove the Kaiser to experiment with the flesh of others, molding and binding them to nothing more than monstrosities. This would become the very foundation of Flesh-Binding and begun with the creation of Shakar. The Shakar are beings that have been twisted and mutated by the art of Flesh-Binding. Wretched shadows of what they once were and now reduced to nothing more than a creature with a desire to consume and cannibalize flesh. In order for them to be birthed, a willing descendant must be chosen to undergo this twisted ritual if they for whatever reason desire the torment of becoming a Shakar. Two people must be sought and driven to the point of unconsciousness, so their flesh may be bended. It is then the Hevnoraak must mold and combine the duo’s flesh together, weaving their very bodies within each other. This unnatural process essentially mutates and binds the two souls together, yet the sacrifice would merely find themselves awakening later by the typical resurrection process. The two’s flesh become one in a mass of various functional protruding limbs and heads. These beings naturally have an addiction to consume life force found within flesh in order to supply their own need, much like a ghoul. The two or multiple minds wage war with one another, making their intelligence akin to a mindless thrall and usually driving them to attack their maker and anyone without warning. A multitude of people may be bound onto these beings, adding onto limbs and flesh and increasing their growth. They move in unnatural, slow ways due to the mass of flesh present on their bodies and still retain whatever lifespan the descendant once owned. Due to their twisted and mutated souls they bear weakness to Holy mage and gold alike, gold easily being able to cut through the mass of flesh and limbs while the holy arts sets them aflame with purple fire. Any pain they feel is also numbed to a certain degree for these beings, yet is still very noticeable. Also due to the twisted nature of their souls and bodies, mana doesn’t flow through them naturally causing them to be unable to use magic. Red Lines: -All forms of these Shakar must move unnaturally and slowly, weighed down due to their mutated bodies and mass of flesh. -Shakar are easily destroyed by Gold or Holy arts, it cuts through their mutated limbs easily and without struggle. -Shakar are nothing more than mindless thralls. One must roleplay their Shakar as a mindless creature that only wishes to cannibalize unless bound to a Hive and in the presence of a Hevnoraak. -Their strength is unchanging as it was in their descendancy -For the sake of simplicity, all Shakar receive a necrolyte buff -One must have an accepted CA to play as a Shakar -Can’t use magic at all _____________________________________________________________________________________ The Second Stage of Shakar Evolution, this was the design and project that the first Kaiser based these wretched creatures from. Through his twisted and makeshift workings with the Shakar, he discovered a fatal flaw with their design. Their mass of flesh made them slow, and blocked their passage when he tried to bind more and more limbs onto his subjects. It was then that he came up with this compromise. Once a Shakar has reached the point of having five people bound and matched up onto it’s form, they may then undergo this transition. The Hevnoraak must condense their flesh, combining muscle and skin together. They mold the mounds and extra limbs within one another, which in turn strengthens muscle and flesh alike. This process usually takes awhile to perform and generally is done after the fifth person is bound. Once completed, the previously mindless thrall would find themselves with a bit more intelligence, however still their addiction and mindless nature continues in which they hunger for flesh. They take on more humanoid appearances, yet still with a limb or two protruding from their bodies. Their skin is hardened due to the mass of condensed flesh and muscle tissue, granting these new Shakar a hardened shell of sorts that is no denser than rock. As well their strength becomes equal to that of an orc due to their muscles hardening. Despite the fact that they are no longer masses of limbs and are more perfected, they still find themselves slowed due to their hardened skin and joints which typically grant them difficulty moving. They gain a small resistance to fire yet retain their weaknesses to gold and the holy arts. At this point, any pain they once would be able to feel becomes neglected as their very minds and nerves are shrouded and twisted due to the mistreatment of their flesh. Red lines: -They still retain their slowness as they had before, yet now may move more humane. -Despite the fact that they gain some form of intelligence, they are still nothing more than mindless thralls. They still crave flesh and will strike anything that grants it. -Holy arts and Gold still can cut through them without much struggle. -Upon reaching the second stage of Shakar they will need to make a second CA and can be given the construct buff _____________________________________________________________________________________ Hives “What is a king without his kingdom?” -Kaiser Asther The second usage of Flesh-Binding is the creation of hives, structures crafted from flesh and bone to house the wretched Shakar. Hives are generally large domes or circular housing like establishments crafted by bone and flesh and hollowed out almost completely, resting within would be a singular pillar within its center that has branches stretching out in a multitude of supports to it’s walls. In order for a Hevnoraak to craft a hive they must gather an unnatural amount of flesh and then using their art, weave and mold it into these large structures. Supports must be erected made of flesh and veins and tied to its walls to support the structure. It is only then may the Hevnoraak construct the essential pillar and the heart which ties it all. These hearts are crafted in a means of flesh binding and then imbued with the taint crafted from the Beherits. They must mold together flesh and bone to form the heart and then coat it with the taint, the heart will become alight with purple flame and must then swiftly be placed within a pillar. Only those who call themselves Kaisers may bring forth these vile hearts into existence, as Kaisers are the only people who may draw out said taint using their artifacts. These hearts have the means to keep these Hives from toppling over as it sends concentrated life force throughout the fleshy hive, keeping it sturdy and condensed. However, these hearts must be fueled and renewed by a Kaiser once in awhile or else their kingdom will fall. Once a hive is crafted and the heart placed inside it’s pillar, it is only then may a Kaiser tie together a portion of their Shakar’s mind and twisted soul into the heart. Such an act is generally performed by the Kaiser drawing forth the brewed taint in a purple flame and tying the creature and the heart together in a tether like chain using it. Both will become alight with the vile flame in a harmless nature and the Shakar will be left with a branding mark along its chest, a circular spiral that resembles a burned scar. After this is done the Shakar will find themselves inclined to use these Hives as homes and nesting grounds. The grotesque creatures will gather flesh and bone and bring it towards their Hives. Piling up their food at the pillar and heart obediently. It is only through this means that Shakar will finally gain a sense of loyalty to their creator, or rather the Kaiser that has bound their very mind and soul to their heart. Hearts may only bind around five Shakar at a time, yet a Kaiser may errect more pillars about their Hives which of course requires much more corpses and flesh to condense and bind. These hearts however if by any means are struck or attacked will find themselves bursting and erupting in purple flames before turning into nothing more than ash. Any and all Shakar bound to the heart will also find themselves meeting the same fate, their mutated and unnatural souls vanishing into the soulstream in their demise. Hives generally range in size from a boulder to a small house or larger, they are more resistant to attacks and destruction as the flesh used to craft them are hardened and condensed. Giving them the properties of rock. Similar to the Shakar though they are easily perishable by holy arts and gold. The duo finding ease in destruction where gold slices through the flesh easily and the holy arts making the flesh erupt in purple flame before becoming ash. Red lines: -One must hoard enough flesh and bone to create a Hive where as a small hive could use at least 10 corpses and the greater sizes requiring at least 25 or more kills. -Only a Kaiser may craft Hives and their respective hearts, since Kaisers are the only people who have the artifact which can draw out the brewed taint found in a Beherit. Though any taught Hevnoraak can make Shakar -Hives are easily outdone by the holy arts and gold. -Hives have no other use then just being structures made of flesh, aesthetic bases that serve as nests or houses for Shakar. All of its flesh is dead and unmoving and may not be controlled by any means. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Itriv “Burrow within and consume.” -Kaiser Asther The Kaiser of old having experimented with these Hives and those of the Shakar eventually came to find another means to use the tainted life energies remaining dormant in the fleshy walls of their Hives. It was then he came upon a new ritual and a new creature in which he could utilize, these were known as the Itriv. Much as a kingdom houses subject so too does it house their pets, thus came the Itriv. They are small grotesque looking leeches that burn alight with harmless purple flame along their backs. Usually bearing small holes along their front and sharp teeth at their maw. These leeches like the growing trend of all thralls crafted from Hevnoraak have an addiction to cannibalize and consume life force. Upon the starting point of a Hevnoraak’s journey, a Kaiser will craft and grant them a set of three of these creatures which act as loyal pets. It is then when the pets are crafted that they are given to the practitioner who acts as a parental figure for them. The small creatures following the Hevenoraak wherever they go and aiding them in battle much like a familiar. The birthing process for these creatures serves as follows, firstly a Kaiser utilising their Beherit must begin the brewing process to age life energies into the specialized taint. They then focus upon a patch of flesh within the hive and carve out a nesting ground for these creatures, dangling flesh sacks that are similar to orbs in shape. It is then they must simply unleash the aged taint in a funnel into the flesh sack and allow it’s energies to enter within. At first nothing will occur but over the course of days one will start to hear hissing emit from the nest until the birthing process is complete. Upon it’s completion the sack will without notice burst into blood and purple fire and the three newly born Itriv emerge. All that remains would be the Kaiser to grant the Itriv to their knight to have them tame the creatures as a new master. Itriv are small leech like creatures that desire to consume flesh and cannibalize it. They like their many other brethren share weakness to holy magic and gold alike. Itriv are loyal creatures that serve their creating Kaiser and the granted Hevnoraak and tend to burrow themselves in flesh to begin their feast. They may burrow and be concealed within their Hevnoraak’s own flesh until called upon to emerge later on for combative purposes, however this act brings increasing pain and irritation to the Hevnoraak for each Itriv burrowed ((Unless they are undead)). Itriv aren't played by players but rather by the Hevnoraak or Kaiser themselves and one must be given a set of Itriv if they are not a Kaiser. Redlines: -Itriv are small leeches that are no bigger than a rock. Unlike the Shakar and Henoraaks, their outer layer is not dense, leaving them easily smashed. -The sapping of energy and flesh is very sluggish and weak, one on a single person would make it impossible to kill/defeat, but if multiple latch on, the draining would be processed in a much more rapid pace (i.e. a Kaiser placing all three Itriv on a single person, it would take at the least, 5 emotes before death.) -Despite the fact Itriv can be concealed underneath a Hevnoraak’s skin it will still cause an extreme irritation that must be roleplayed by the practicer unless they are undead. -Itriv are burned away by holy arts and easily slaughtered and sliced through by gold, yet iron would likely achieve the same result. -One must be granted their own Itriv by a Kaiser or find them themselves, a normal Hevnoraak can’t make Itriv without utilizing a Beherit. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Passing on the art _____________________________________________________________________________________ When Asther sought out those foolish enough to accept his gift of the Hevnoraak, he was without method of actually granting them such a power. He experimented on many loyal subjects, mostly ending up with a mess of blood and failure. Though as the mad king’s control over the parasite grew, he found that he could manipulate it within himself. He also discovered that he could bring a portion out of himself, and place it into his apprentices’ hearts, just as had happened to him when he was in his state of anger and sorrow. He drew forth purple flame from within him and shaped it into the very form of a wretched insect. Then the very thing shot forth in wild flaming motions to his desired student and found itself burrowing within, wrapping around their soul. Those Asther granted unto his boon found themselves left with nothing more than a burning scar in the shape of a spiral around the flesh before their heart. His student now having the boon. This became the method in which the Kaisers who own Beherits used to grant their boon to their own chosen students. A new student hungers greatly as the parasite is placed within them. Without someone or something to feed on after being connected to the foul being, the student would find they are incredibly weak and unable to use the magic altogether. As a result, it is almost impossible for a new user of the Hevnoraak to use their power over flesh without killing and feeding on someone prior. They must feed upon life force to fuel their withering bodies. Seemingly, only a Kaiser might seek out new victims for the parasite, one would not willingly take on the affliction but to be forced into it, soon taking on a new role - a new life with cannibalism as their lead. The Kaiser might only rip apart their own parasite to place the newly made creature into the aspiriant. How the process begins, The Kaiser takes on the Beherits, a few words from lost tongue are spouted, offering the disproportionate face to turn its expression from something odd to a horrid screeching expression, crimson ichor releasing beneath it’s sockets. From this, the Kaiser censors the loud emitting tongue by pressing the mouth upon his brand at his chest, allowing the process of a spectral level to begin. He allows the Beherit to snap it’s teeth down onto his flesh and take in a portion of his life essence, the amount needed to brew the parasite would leave the Kaiser near the point of unconsciousness. The Kaiser must then simply wait around an Elven week for the life to brew, a violent storm raging war inside the Beherit molding into various tethers to craft taint in a dense specialized form. The Beherit as something unnatural allows this taint to brew into something strange, something artificial; A parasite of hevnoraak. The kaiser then simply locates its potential knight and allows the Beherit to shoot forth the parasite in the shape of a flaming ethereal insect to burrow within the Knight’s heart and soul or phylactery. Flames ignite along their chest and a brand of a burning spiral forms around their heart as a eternal scar. The Knight now born would slowly begin to feel the symptoms of Hevnoraak, needing to consume life energies and their weakness to holy arts. ________________________________________________________________ Made by Jakefsf and Ventai
  9. [Morghuul] [CA] Zoran Ruric

    MC Name: Ventai Character's Name: Zoran Ruric Character's Age: 24 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Human Transformed form: Morghuul Creator's MC Name: SaltyGoblin Creator's RP Name: Malineer Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: A Morguul is a creature resurrected by a necromancer to be given a second chance at life. They have few memories of their past life and are fairly sentient beings. Morguuls feed upon others in order to fuel themselves of life force and if they do not it will send them into madness, becoming feral. Morguuls are as corpses and thus have no need to eat or drink, or sleep and they have a high tolerance to pain to the point it is non-existent. They also have weakness to aurum weaponry, holy magic and they can’t practice magic. Lastly a Morguul can eventually become a lich or Darkstalker if a necromancer so chooses to ascend them as such. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  10. [Ma][Da]Ciana

    Absolutely disgusting
  11. [Ma][Mental Magic]llira

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  12. Frost Witch Recruitment

    Please please. I've been waiting my entire life to play a frost lesbian
  13. MC Name: Ventai Character's Name: Hauxir Character's Age: 63 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): High Elf Transformed form: Azdrazi Creator's MC Name: NailmasterSpiffy Creator's RP Name: “Siawn” Adiza Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: The Azdrazi are descendants that through a ritual have been transformed by a Dragaar/Drakaar or another Azdrazi. They usually appear as mortals with some qualities of a dragon, mainly lizard esque eyes and dragonic horns sprouted from their head. The Azdrazi’s mana pool that they had before their transformation is reused as something called the innerflame, thus making them unable to perform magic of any kind. Yet they can manipulate this innerflame to aid them in a variety of ways, from breathing fire, to setting their weapons alight or even cauterising wounds. This draconic flame is also powerful against undead, performing concussive force comparable to an Olog. An Azdrazi is susceptible to corruption by necromancers and other forms of dark magic. They are also weak to Xan magic. An Azdrazi also has a superior form, they grow significantly and become up to 9-12 feet tall. Their skin turns into thick scales, though the scales on their stomachs are thinner. Overall they become more dragon-like then mortal. Lastly in cold climates Azdrazi find themselves unable to effectively use their magic other than kindling and staying too long in them can lead to their demise. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No