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  1. Bannerlord


    WRIT OF DISOWNMENT, 1685 Issued by Henrik Kovachev upon the 13th of Sunโ€™s Smile, 1685 TO THE REALM OF MAN AND HUMANITY... I, Henrik Kovachev, patriarch of the House of Kovachev, declare that Yulia Kovachev is hereby stripped of the noble name of Kovachev from this day forth, thereby annulling all of her claims to my name, titles and my bloodline. All of her offspring, apart from my firstborn son and heir, Varon Kovachev, shall be deemed bastards and illegitimate. And so I promulgate the following decrees, Yulia Kovachev shall no longer bear the name of Kovachev nor hold claim to my blood. All of her future offspring shall, too, be considered bastards without the right to bear my name. BY RIGHT OF FLAME, HIS LORDSHIP, Henrik Kovachev, Baron of Kovgrad and Lord of the Gryphonโ€™s Roost
  2. Bannerlord

    Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes

    "Could this be it...?" Form of interest: Your full name: Robert Race: Highlander Magical knowledge: None Other knowledge or experience: I've fought beasts from the dephts of the seventh hell, and Prince Darius knighted me during the war against the lycans. (Martial, medical, alchemical, and etcetera, list anything noteworthy.) Discord (for coordination): You got it
  3. Bannerlord

    Royal announcement

    Einar Stormbreaker cackles as he hears of the 'royal' announcement, slapping his knee. "Har har har, ye are out of yer fookin' mind, Edel. Teh sky gods might've silenced me last toime, but ye know Ah speak true. Ye clutch onto that fake crown o' yers as a beardlin' does to his toys, little Edel. Oh, wait! Yer a beardlin' yerself, har har har!"
  4. nexus was **** dont fool yourselves

    1. MythicFantasy


      bUTTT How else do I make Ale?

    2. GodOfPie


      mY aLe ThOuGh ReEeEeE

  5. WANTED: TWO MASKED ELVES Issued by Gwynevere, 14th of Harrenโ€™s Folley, 1682. TO THE CITIZENRY OF THE EMPIRE OF MAN AND NEIGHBORING REALMS... The House of Kovachev does offer a reward for the arrest of two masked high elves. Of names unknown and of high elven blood, they were last seen clothed in green garments in the Imperial City of Carolustadt. CRIMES, The murder of a youthful boy, the unlawful clipping of ears and beating an imperial citizen of wood elven blood, and possibly conspiring against the life of every elven citizen of the realm. REWARD, Two thousand minas shall be awarded to the man or woman who brings these elven outlaws to the Gryphonโ€™s Roost, the seat of House Kovachev, to face the Emperorโ€™s Justice. BY RIGHT OF FLAME, HIS LORDSHIP, Henrik Kovachev, Baron of Kovgrad and Lord of Gryphonโ€™s Roost
  6. Bannerlord

    Forum Moderator Update Log - May 2018

    You think that's a good ban appeal system, Chorale? It'll allow staff members to ignore a player who has been banned and completely restrict them from the game. You think that'll be good for the retention of players? People already complain on the forums that Admins ignore them through discord when they appeal their community guidelines violation. This won't be any different. You're doing things wrong, Chorale, and the fact that you styled yourself 'King of the Forums' within the day of being director says a lot about yourself.
  7. does anyone else see particles around themselves sometimes? what are they?

    1. DPM


      It's the speed buff from the road.

    2. Bannerlord


      oohh, alright thank you

    3. VonEbs


      The more you know!

  8. GodOfPie

    y u nuh haffย discordf76d6b0f50a0ef18c1c249db3c3af9cd.png

    1. Bannerlord


      i do but i dont want to add u

    2. GodOfPie
  9. Bannerlord

    [Denied] [Actor] Creamiest

    All right, Iโ€™ll start off by saying that Creamiest and I stopped being friends about a month ago, and that Iโ€™ll probably look like an ass by saying this, but that wonโ€™t change my opinion on the matter. As she has stated in the application, sheโ€™s somewhat new, and in many ways, unaware of how the server operates. As far as I could see when she and I roleplayed frequently, her knowledge on the serverโ€™s lore is really low, and the scenarios that she provided (the same scenarios she used in her previously denied application) are clichรฉ, aimless and unoriginal. Furthermore, she has shown an incredibly immature personality in the recent past. An example can be the obnoxious and pointless drama she caused on a daily basis in the Kazโ€™Ulrah discord server. She always resorts to powergame whenever she enters a roleplay fight, and when things do not go her way she goes berserk against you in the OOC chat. Her emotes are poorly written, and her characters are repetitive, as all of them share the same personality (hers). In conclusion, she is not, in any way, ready to be part of the ET. But if she corrects her issues, and if she spends some time thinking about fresh and innovative scenarios she could probably do well, but not at the moment or anytime soon. Iโ€™m sorry Creamiest. I appreciated you as a friend, but youโ€™re not the type of person Iโ€™d enjoy seeing in the ET and Iโ€™m sure many others agree with me on this one.
  10. this new sound it makes when you rep a status SUCKS!!







    (please rep)

    1. devvy


      i repped xx

    2. Sporadic


      downvoting your status made no sound though?

    3. GodOfPie


      You better rep my status boi


  11. can we get horses that are actually viable back inย the server? thanks xx

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    2. Aeldrin
    3. seannie


      ive always hated horse pvpย 

    4. GodOfPie


      how about, we offer free parrots in the ct?

  12. i forget that links in bio arent clickable anymore and it's like a slap in the face whenever i try to click one

    1. GodOfPie


      Ikr, it's a pain.

    2. HardstyleRaver2
    3. GodOfPie


      Oh hey ukalele


  13. Bannerlord

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] MrBamPow

    He's chill, active, friendly and always creates fun roleplay. We need more people like him providing events for our community. +1