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  1. Merisify

    New head shop items

    I still want the small head, fat body chicken head +1
  2. Merisify

    On the Topic of E-Girls and Lavender

    I- but what about roses.
  3. Merisify

    To All the Emperial Ladies!!!

    “What the hell” Tamar de Savin shakes her head in disapproval.
  4. Merisify


    Full Name: Rivaini Othan-Semaili Rutledge Prefecture: Ves Political Party: Independent
  5. Merisify


    Full Name: Rivaini Othan-Semaili Rutledge Prefecture: Belvitz Political Party: Independent
  6. Merisify

    Enough is enough.

    my parrot is cuter
  7. Merisify

    The 1698 Parliamentary Elections

    Full Name: Rivaini Othan-Semaili Rutledge Prefecture: Belvitz Political Party: Independent
  8. Merisify

    the flamboyant rant

    sicko mode or mo bamba whip?!?1?!
  9. Merisify

    [Culture] Southerons, Lore and Anthropology

    Love your work Ralph! +1
  10. Merisify

    It was good.

    F for my fellow fallen gamer.
  11. He is very well kept and sturdy with himself, and not biased with what I have seen from him. Leap’s work has been amazing overall, to put it. A bit fat +1 from me ❤️
  12. Merisify

    Another One Bites The Dust.

    A frail woman stands in silence, her eyes widened in shock. Bags seen under her pale blue eyes, a strand of red hair falling before her face. She has waited for days upon hearing news over her fiance, unsure if he was alive..Or dead. Yet, Merial tried to hope for the best. Pacing back and forth in the small room, fear striking her eyes. The girl knew she was lost. Lost for good, her heart broken in two. She was mute, at that. Albert was her voice, her soul to her heart and ways. Merial wanted him home, back in her arms. It was the last time she could silently speak between her peached lips and say ‘I love you.’ “In his honor, I will never marry. I will keep his name dear between the rings and necklace he gave me as gifts, and his love he shared with me. That man truly saved me, my love saved me. He was my voice, my way around this city he was passionate about. I love you, Albert Brussels. I miss you.” The now crying woman wrote in the leather bound book near her hip at all times, slowly falling her knees while bringing her hands to her face. She weeped silently, but her cries could be heard for miles in the mind of her own.
  13. Merisify

    Thanksgiving Day

  14. Merisify

    A Speech.

    A soft and frail woman listens closely to every word that left her fiancé’s lips, silent. She seemed content, her own curling into a gentle and proud smile watching the small gathering. Merial gently claps her hands together and hobbles up to Albert, setting a kiss onto his cheek before heading off along with him!