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  1. IGN (MC Username): Merisify Discord: oli#0981 Likes: Candles, clothing items, blankets, books, cool weapons, staffs, wine, herbs, medical kits, anything that smells good ngl Dislikes: just don’t give me stupid **** (please don’t pair me with anyone thats gonna bully me muffins I swear)
  2. Queen of all Dwarves, Darrega Ireheart, steadily glances at her husband while he sharpened his rusty blade. A sudden thought popped up into her head, blinking twice.
  3. Nu’Mesia’s raven brow perked while reading over the banishment list, only to run her finger across Vexalia’s name, then Auriel’s. A scarred frown formed seeing both with her dimly glowing eyes, gently setting the paper back onto the table soon after. ”Vexalia, a name I don’t even want to speak. This woman, a mali I called haelun at one point is here to only cause drama. She wants to see the world burn in her eyes. For my loving maln on the other hand, he’s been gone. A sorrowful man that all broke at once.” A smile plastered across Darrega’s lips as her orbs gazed over the note, sliding it over to her husband soon after. ”Jus’ more faces en te’ crowd..An’ soon, anoteh ‘ead on te’ wall an’ good deeds te’ Fenn!” The Under-Queen of Urguan chimed before taking a swig of whiskey.
  4. A mali'aheral couldn't help but chuckle. "Have fun catching him."
  5. Illyana couldn’t help but emit a chuckle. ”Look whos finally wrong. Check mate.”
  6. It needed a little refreshing from when I applied almost 3 years ago, I honestly thought the questions were a bit wack. I'm glad to see an improved one and overall well comments!
  7. Merisify

    Unfair Bans?

    Look, I don’t like him much. But still, it seems that he has served his time and has become more mature for what he has done. 2020? A bit much.
  8. Rivaini simply sat in silence, before tearing the letter between her heavily scarred fingertips. “I worry no more, I guess.”
  9. Nu'Mesia frowns hearing the bad news of her close friends, only to pass the note to her husband after a sip of tea. "I didn't know they would threat peoples lives, they seemed nice.." The druidess mumbled out.
  10. Fae frowns as she wasn’t on the list of staff.
  11. Merisify

    The Huntsmen

    Name: Nu’Mesia Elwing (Sister Reindeer) Race: Mixed elf Age: 112 ? Desired role: Medic Reason for enlistment: Mesia is well trained in the arts of healing and herbalism, from over her a hundred years alive. She grew up learning and training periodically on animals and her mother, often keeping them safe. The woman wishes to introduce her ways of herbalism to the common worlds of Arcas with one step at a time, along with her powers of being a druid under the aspects. OOC Username: Merisify Discord Tag (Example#3333): oli#0981 Timezone: EST
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