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  1. ((MC name: Merisify )) Name: Ellaine Glyn’rie Vote for Okarir’tir: ( ) Alluin Seregon ( ) Elrion Visaj ( ) Celiasil ( xx ) Storm Elibar’acal
  2. Tournament Registry Clan,Settlement,Nation – Norland Name -Marith Grimlee Notes - [OOC] Discord- oli#0981 [OOC] IGN – Lupid
  3. Name: Lyssandra OOC USERNAME: Merisify Allegience: Skill (low, medium, high): med
  4. Full Name: Lyssandra Date of Birth: who knows Place of Birth: ..who knows Race: human Gender: female Address [If not applicable; N/A]: N/A Imperial Census Completed, [Y/N]: No https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/189457-imperial-census-1757-1767/ Status of Blood [Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, Former Nobility, etc.]: Commoner State your purpose for enlisting: Serve the people of Haense OOC Username: Merisify Discord: oli#0981
  5. MEDICAL INSTITUTE OF URGUAN EST. 1762 A medical institute for the Under-Realms has been in work for many years now. The wellbeing of dwarves has been mistreated due to not many medics or doctors properly trained within the Kingdom. We are hoping that the hospital being open to the public soon will promote better healing practices watched under the Head Ward of the hospital, Under-Queen Darrega Ireheart. The hospital hosts multiple floors. Floor one - Reception desk Head Ward’s office Recovery ward/Emergency ward featuring four beds. Floor two - Surgical ward Lesson areas for classes Most training will be held within classrooms of the hospital, but some hands-on activities will also be held to prove the dwarf can handle the extremes of becoming a medic. If you pass on becoming a medic, you will be awarded armor and a medical band stating you are a medic of Urguan. These will be used on a daily basis or out in battle to support the legion and others of Urguan fighting. Speak to Under-Queen Darrega Ireheart if interested in becoming a medic to serve Urguan closely. Under-Queen of the Under-Realms of Urguan, Head Ward of the Urguan Medical Institute, Guardian of Urguan
  6. Darrega dipped the feather in ink, bobbing her head towards Utak, her husband. She wrote neatly upon the paper with a small smile, setting the feather down onto the table once more.
  7. Darrega shook her hands, taking a small sip of tea from the cup at the table. She hummed while scanning over her work, handing it to Utak, The King of Dwarves. “Realize w’o te’ true King ‘es te teh dwarves, an’ let moi ‘usband rule. T’e people o’ Mynebor, come ‘ome. Weh will beh united once more undeh ah peaceful kingdom.”
  8. RP Name:: Darrega Ireheart MC Username: Lupid Discord: oli#0981 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: Literally to not let Utak die What Skills Can You Bring?: Basic medical healing, shitton of dwarves
  9. IGN (MC Username): Merisify Discord: oli#0981 Likes: Candles, clothing items, blankets, books, cool weapons, staffs, wine, herbs, medical kits, anything that smells good ngl Dislikes: just don’t give me stupid **** (please don’t pair me with anyone thats gonna bully me muffins I swear)
  10. Queen of all Dwarves, Darrega Ireheart, steadily glances at her husband while he sharpened his rusty blade. A sudden thought popped up into her head, blinking twice.
  11. Nu’Mesia’s raven brow perked while reading over the banishment list, only to run her finger across Vexalia’s name, then Auriel’s. A scarred frown formed seeing both with her dimly glowing eyes, gently setting the paper back onto the table soon after. ”Vexalia, a name I don’t even want to speak. This woman, a mali I called haelun at one point is here to only cause drama. She wants to see the world burn in her eyes. For my loving maln on the other hand, he’s been gone. A sorrowful man that all broke at once.” A smile plastered across Darrega’s lips as her orbs gazed over the note, sliding it over to her husband soon after. ”Jus’ more faces en te’ crowd..An’ soon, anoteh ‘ead on te’ wall an’ good deeds te’ Fenn!” The Under-Queen of Urguan chimed before taking a swig of whiskey.
  12. A mali'aheral couldn't help but chuckle. "Have fun catching him."
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