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  1. RP Name:: Darrega Ireheart MC Username: Lupid Discord: oli#0981 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: Literally to not let Utak die What Skills Can You Bring?: Basic medical healing, shitton of dwarves
  2. Winter in the Under-Realms A festival. -=[]=- Winter has arrived in Under-Realms. Snow clings to the great firs and pines of the Hefrumm village, and the frost seeps deep into the ground. Hearth fires in the mountain city roar merrily and festivities have begun. High Queen, Darrega Ireheart, has invited all to come and celebrate upon the life of winter arriving within the Under-Realms. To show its glory, the halls have been decorated and gifts will be given. OPENING CEREMONY The King and Queen of the Under-Realms will host a small speech to begin the festival. ICE DUELS Randomized duels will happen with bare fists or a wooden sword. Each person will be paired with another for a fight, and the winner will move onto the next stage. Yet there is a catch. The ring will be coated in ice! Winners will also personally receive a gift from the King and Queen themselves. 1st place: 1,000 minas and a giant battleaxe-shaped cookie 2nd place: 500 minas 3rd place: 100 minas FEAST A feast will be held after the duels for everyone to enjoy. Many rows of tables and food will be lined up, along with an assortment of ales and other drinks. GIFT GIVING Gifts will be handed to everyone who attends the festival, personally made by the Queen herself. Each gift could range from a small reindeer statue, candles, alcohol, cookies, sweaters, and more! ENDING CEREMONY A small speech will be held by the King and Queen to conclude the festival. OOC Info The festival is to take place on December 13th, at 5 EST. Delays will be posted if needed.
  3. IGN (MC Username): Merisify Discord: oli#0981 Likes: Candles, clothing items, blankets, books, cool weapons, staffs, wine, herbs, medical kits, anything that smells good ngl Dislikes: just don’t give me stupid **** (please don’t pair me with anyone thats gonna bully me muffins I swear)
  4. Queen of all Dwarves, Darrega Ireheart, steadily glances at her husband while he sharpened his rusty blade. A sudden thought popped up into her head, blinking twice.
  5. Nu’Mesia’s raven brow perked while reading over the banishment list, only to run her finger across Vexalia’s name, then Auriel’s. A scarred frown formed seeing both with her dimly glowing eyes, gently setting the paper back onto the table soon after. ”Vexalia, a name I don’t even want to speak. This woman, a mali I called haelun at one point is here to only cause drama. She wants to see the world burn in her eyes. For my loving maln on the other hand, he’s been gone. A sorrowful man that all broke at once.” A smile plastered across Darrega’s lips as her orbs gazed over the note, sliding it over to her husband soon after. ”Jus’ more faces en te’ crowd..An’ soon, anoteh ‘ead on te’ wall an’ good deeds te’ Fenn!” The Under-Queen of Urguan chimed before taking a swig of whiskey.
  6. A mali'aheral couldn't help but chuckle. "Have fun catching him."
  7. Illyana couldn’t help but emit a chuckle. ”Look whos finally wrong. Check mate.”
  8. It needed a little refreshing from when I applied almost 3 years ago, I honestly thought the questions were a bit wack. I'm glad to see an improved one and overall well comments!
  9. Merisify

    Unfair Bans?

    Look, I don’t like him much. But still, it seems that he has served his time and has become more mature for what he has done. 2020? A bit much.
  10. Rivaini simply sat in silence, before tearing the letter between her heavily scarred fingertips. “I worry no more, I guess.”
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