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  1. Listen, the bugs were half the fun.
  2. Ign: ColdestPepsiCharacter Name: Astoro Jovanovsk Age: 48Place of Residence / Street Address: Valeriya 1Position: (Alderman, Tribune, or Maer): Tribune
  3. Drew_clone


    Astoro was born in Raevir to his mother Selise Jovanovsk and Marcon Jovanovsk and spent his early years on a farm. Astoro grew up hearing stories of adventure by brave heroes rescuing people. He followed his parent’s religion until he learned about the Great Schism. Disgusted by this he swore off affiliation to any church or group and instead decided to pray to whatever higher power he believed in. His life-changing moment came at 22 when helping out around his family’s farm he realized that he wanted something more than what he could get on the farm he grew up on. With the blessing of his parents Astoro set off to make a name for himself within the world. For around three years he joined up with a mercenary company. He was content with the mercenary company for his time there until he got into a fight with one of his peers and was slashed in the hand leaving a scar that remains to this day. he did odd jobs here and there for a year. Finally, though he decided to set off and make a name for himself within Arcas.
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