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  1. For these questions you can always ask the Story Team by dming them in discord or on the server. They have a green names.
  2. hey hey, welcome! (very cool artworks btw)
  3. A certain fatigued elf submits this parchment in desperate hopes that he can once more serve a master. No longer will he be without a purpose, he thought. Name : Noel Race: High Elf Age: 343 Past Accomplishments: Sat through many realms, returned from death, a past leader of a small mercenary group, and a retired soldier of Oren. ((Discord: Pan#9864 )) ((Username: _Pan ))
  4. Skin: Clashcolor Bid: 200 Discord: Pan#9864
  5. I'm looking for new communities to hang around and RP in

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Disheartened


      Depends what type of character and what type of roleplay you want, really. 

    3. AnonymousAlexa


      Haense is always welcoming! If you're interested, please reach out to me on discord at AnonymousAlexa#1509

    4. Kuila


      Come swing by the mother grove sometime. :) 

  6. "HAHAHAHA!" Vulmir cackles after hearing that William actually managed to make himself a slave
  7. what's your favorite show?
  8. Mcname: _Pan Talent: Guitar
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